ATWT Update Tuesday 8/21/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/21/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, Aaron is standing next to a customer, who is getting all worked up as he watches a video online of Allison and Dusty having sex. Aaron snarls for him to turn it off, but the man isn’t paying him any attention, so Aaron picks up his laptop and throws it across the room to the man’s horror.

At Will and Gwen’s, Allison is confused when Gwen clicks on email supposedly from Dusty and suddenly they are viewing she and Dusty having sex. She yells for them to turn it off. She demands to know where they got the DVD from? Will tries to calm her down and tell her that this is online. This isn’t something they have. People will know that it is not real, as Allison quietly admits that it is, to Will and Gwen’s shock. Dusty didn’t email them this link, but someone did this to her.

Downtown, Cheri is complimentary of Elwood’s Internet prowess, and to thank him for how great of a job he did, she is going to introduce him to a friend of hers, whose only job will be to please him. Elwood smiles broadly. She asks how he did it? He was able to gain access to Dusty’s email account and then he sent the video to all his contacts; Cheri smirks, which only widens when she sees Dusty. Elwood of course is petrified, but she races over to Dusty with a look of sheer delight on her face. Does she have a surprise for him.

At WOAK, Maddie is worried about how Luke is acting; did she do something wrong because he seems upset? Luke remembers the kiss that he and Noah shared. Luke starts to explain - something happened, he starts. Then they both see Noah’s father standing close by and he stops. Maddie introduces Luke and Noah’s father, but right away Noah’s father would like Luke to finish his thought about what he has to say about Noah. Luke looks unnerved.

At home, JJ, Jack and Carly walk inside, as they all breath a sigh of relief to finally be home. Sage races in to hug JJ and tell him how she and Parker, who is standing off to the side, baked him cookies. JJ smiles and then walks over to Parker and tells him that he really must have missed him if he is baking. Parker grins and tells him that he is happy he is home. They all head into the kitchen, leaving Carly and Jack in the living room. Jack and Carly admit to each other that they weren’t sure they would have this again, but they do and everyone is ok, as they both lock stares. They are interrupted as Katie comes rushing in and throws herself into Jack’s arms. She is so glad he is home safely, as Jack tells her that he didn’t expect to see her there. Carly looks as if she is gritting her teeth. She tells Katie to loosen her grip since Jack is still recovering. Katie remembers and steps back. When she asks what the doctor said, Carly starts to answer, so Jack takes Katie outside. They start to kiss, as Carly watches sadly. The kids come back in the room; where is dad, they wonder? He is outside with Katie, and she is going to head upstairs to freshen up, she lies as she quickly walks out of the room to hide her feelings.

The customer at the Lakeview is telling the manager that he needs to fire the ‘crazy bartender’ (Aaron). The manager assures the man that his property will be reimbursed. After the man leaves, the manager wants to know what happened? Aaron snaps that he is a pervert. He will pay for what he broke, but he is not going to apologize. The manager is not impressed with how contrite Aaron is. Is he going to fire him? He very well may, but for now, he needs to leave. Aaron stomps by Sophie and leaves.

Cheri is tickled about her surprise for Dusty, as she suggests that Elwood come and show him, but he can’t leave any faster if he tried. Dusty remarks that she is looking at the young ones now. Cheri is quick to ask how old Allison is? She is in her 20’s, but why is she going there? She had a good thing in town until he came and ruined things for her. He involved himself in her life, which was none of his business. What about his life? Is he with Emily or is it Allison now? He hits and she will hit back harder, she promises. Dusty sneers that she can’t hurt him or Emily anymore. Cheri doesn’t think he should be so sure of himself, as she strides off confidently.

Allison is mumbling to herself about how she did this! Who? Allison changes the subject – how may hits has this gotten? Gwen tells her that it has gotten 11,000. Allison is devastated; how can they get rid of this? Will suggests a lawyer, but Allison tells him that she doesn’t have time to wait. She instinctively starts to explain that she and Dusty aren’t together; it was one night. Gwen wonders who taped it? Allison explains that they didn’t know they were being taped. Gwen offers the phone if she needs to warn anyone. Should she call Aaron? He already knows and that is why he broke up with her. She just wants to be alone. A distraught Allison rushes out, as Will starts to go after her, but Gwen stops him. She said she wanted to be alone. Will looks confused.

Luke tries to explain that it was just intern stuff, as Maddie tries to change gears by singing Noah’s praises. Luke tries to leave because he claims he has work, but Noah’s father is like a dog with a bone. He would like to know what he was going to tell Maddie about his son; there shouldn’t be any secrets. Surely, he feels he can say it to him whatever he was going to tell Maddie. Everyone is a little uncomfortable with how intense Noah’s father seems. Noah walks up to them and again, Noah’s dad presses the issue. He can say to everyone what he wanted to tell Maddie to prove there are no secrets. Luke looks nervous and Noah looks a bit scared.

Jack and Katie are kissing on the front porch; Katie admits that she should have let him have some time with his kids first. Jack is happy that she is there and kisses her again; reporters interrupt them. Kim had called Jack and left a message about doing a story about JJ’s return. Jack goes inside to talk with the kids and Carly about this. Carly thinks it is a good idea, as do the kids. She thinks that they need to thank all the people that helped and sent well wishes. JJ needs to put this behind him. Jack agrees. Meanwhile, Katie is outside saying that she doesn’t think this is going to happen, but no sooner did she get it out of her mouth, than Carly opens the door and invites the reporters in. She asks Katie if she wants to stay? Of course, as Katie walks by her, and Carly smirks this time and mumbles to herself, “Perfect.” Cut to the interview and they are all sitting on the couch. JJ is in the middle of Jack and Carly. How does it feel to be home? It feels like Christmas to be a family again, as he takes a hold of both his parents’ hands. Carly and Jack are sitting on the couch in the next shot when she tells the reporters how close they still are even though they are divorced; they are still a family. In the next shot, Jack is asked what got him through this? He quickly answers that Carly did, to Carly’s pleasure and Katie’s surprise. He explains how she never gave up hope. The kids are playing in the next shot, as Jack and Carly watch. It is a warm scene that Katie has seen enough of when she starts to leave. Jack asks her where she is going? She has work to do and she doesn’t want to take him away from his kids tonight. She takes off quickly, as Jack looks confused and in the background, Carly looks victorious.

Noah wants his dad to give Luke a break; he was probably going to vent about what a tyrannical director he is. Luke explains that he wasn’t; he didn’t want to make a big deal about this and that is why he was talking to Maddie about it. He stalls for a moment before he says that he thinks that Noah lost a video. Maddie explains that it would be her fault if it went missing. Noah thanks Luke and goes to look for it. His dad goes with him slowly. Maddie wonders if they are ok? Yes. Luke tries to change the subject; is Noah’s dad always like that? He seems to be. Luke then asks if she is really going to move in with Noah? At first, she was nervous, but now she seems ok with it. Is she in love? She can be. He makes her happy and he gets her. They can talk for hours about school, books and movies. Luke wonders if that is romantic? Maddie thinks it could be. <Digital cable froze for a moment.>

Downtown, Sophie sits down next to a brooding Aaron on a bench. She must have heard what happened at work? He doesn’t want to talk about it though. He must have had his reasons; she will wait until he wants to talk. Why does she do that? She needs to stop being so nice and letting people push her around. They sit in silence for a while before Aaron admits that it is about Allison and a video the man was watching. He wants to be there for her, but they always seem to mess things up. He does want her to know that he is there for her though. She can keep him company while he figures this out, Sophie offers. He wants to be alone. When Sophie doesn’t move, he wonders what she is doing? She is not letting him push her around, as Aaron smiles. He tries to be there for her, and now she wants to return the favor.

At the Lakeview, Allison comes into the bar and asks an employee if he has seen Dusty. Men nearby comment about how they bet she is looking for him. Dusty walks up to her and wants to know what is up? Everyone is looking at them, Allison bemoans. So? Allison pulls him over to the corner. She wonders what the point is of getting out of Vegas and off the drugs for this life? Dusty doesn’t understand. A freaked out Allison explains that the whole world is watching them having sex online right now.

At the farm, Katie comes stomping in and wants the research for the show in Hawaii. Brad wonders why she is here instead of with Jack? He is heading over there now. She doesn’t want to talk about it. The day is about Jack and the kids and she shouldn’t get in the way. Brad understands suddenly why she is there and frustrated – “ Aaahh Carly!” Then he is annoyed that Jack let her leave in her condition. He didn’t and that is why he is here, Jack answers from the doorway. He couldn’t let her leave like that. What is going on? Katie tries to explain that he should be with his kids. Jack pulls her outside; they have to get back on track too. They have a wedding to plan. Katie pauses for a moment before she tells Jack that she thinks they should put that on hold for now. Jack looks upset. Doesn’t want to marry him? She doesn’t think right now they should. What happened between now and an hour ago, Jack wonders? She saw how his kids were acting around him; they didn’t want him out of their sight. Everyone has been through a lot; he is recovering still as well. Brad is listening just inside the door. Jack wonders how long she wants to postpone this? She needs to go to Hawaii for work. She is going to Hawaii with his brother, Jack asks confounded? No. By the time he gets back, people will be more healed. Jack pleads with her not to go.

Sage comes downstairs and walks over to Carly sitting on the couch; can her dad read her a bedtime story? He isn’t here right now, but she can fill in. Will he be coming back? She knows he will be. Is that because he said he would be, Sage presses? Carly confidently answers that Jack will be back because he knows that his family needs him.

Maddie tells Luke that she is heading out, but before she does, she wondered what he meant by what he said about Noah trying to make her happy? Before Luke can answer, Noah and his dad come back and interrupt them. They decide to go get some coffee and Maddie asks Luke if he wants to go? Luke tells them that he has too much work. As they are leaving, Noah hangs back and tells him thanks for everything, as Noah’s dad watches closely.

Will walks into the bedroom where Gwen is sitting on the bed; he knows she has this jealousy thing with Allison <Digital cable froze for another moment>

Dusty whips open his cell phone promising to find out who put the video up. Allison knows it was Cheri. She made some subtle comments, which all make sense now. It doesn’t matter if he tries to find out whom she got to put it up because they can just have it taken down on one site and then they will just put it back up on another site. People will still think she is a slut. Dusty is mad at himself; he never should have touched her. People think they taped this and are proud of this. Dusty reminds her that she was hurting and she just needed him. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Allison doesn’t think that matters or helps because she knew that Emily wanted him. She slept with him anyway; what kind of person does that? Dusty reminds her that he and Emily were just friends when this happened. He tries to build her back up so she isn’t down on herself so much. Allison knows it is because he thinks she is going to go get high. She is being honest when she admits that she doesn’t know why being sober is a good thing. She keeps having her mistakes thrown in her face repeatedly; she doesn’t want to deal with it anymore; she just wants it to stop.

Jack admits that he should have told the reporters that she was his fiancée and involved him in the family on camera. Katie reminds him that the kids didn’t need that. They need to put his kids first. She needs to go out of town to handle this. They will set a date when she gets back. Jack hugs her tightly and then pulls back; is this about Carly? No, she trusts him. Can he take her to the airport? She can get there herself, but he can pick her up at the airport when she comes back. Jack happily tells her that he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. Katie kisses and hugs him, as she tries to hold back her tears. She walks back inside after Jack leaves and Brad jumps away from the door. After she is in the kitchen, Brad tells her that she just made the dumbest mistake ever. Katie glares; she has a plane to catch. She is going to leave Jack in Carly’s clutches for a week after they just went through this emotional experience together? She trusts Jack. Does she trust Carly, Brad counters? An annoyed Katie tells him that he obviously doesn’t understand because he has never been in an adult relationship before. He would like to be, he replies. Katie stares and then tells him that she would like the research so she can leave. Brad wants to know what she means by the adult relationship crack? People choose to be faithful, to have faith in the other person and to keep promises. Brad and Katie are standing very closely as they talk. When Brad hands her the folder, their hands touch for a moment before Katie pulls her hand away gently. Brad explains that he can do that, but Katie is ready to leave, as she heads for the door.

Jack comes back to the house, as they kids crowd around him to hug him. Carly reminds them that he is still recovering. Where is Katie, Carly snugly asks? She has to go out of town to Hawaii for WOAK for a few days. He is all theirs, he says to the children. Carly strides happily out of the room.

Gwen asks Will about his jealousy of Casey; she just slept with him and had not been in love. He had been in love with Allison back then. Will smiles. Why is he smiling, she wonders? He is thinking about how he really had a crush on Allison, but what they share with each other and now with this baby is so much more. They should be thinking about this baby and the future they have together. They agree they have so much to look forward too, as they happily hug.

Sophie asks Aaron if the guy that was with Allison was the one that sent out the video? No, Dusty wouldn’t do that to her. It had to be her old boss. He should call her again, but Sophie reminds him that he already did. She didn’t call back though. Sophie thinks she may be embarrassed. She probably needs time to feel badly about what happened and then once she gets that out of her system, she needs to figure out her next move. That is when he should make himself available to her. She thinks he has done enough to show her that he is supporting her.

Allison and Dusty are talking at a table in the Lakeview bar; she tells him that she got a message from Aaron, but she didn’t listen to it. Why not? She is sure he is just telling her again how much he hates her. Dusty offers to listen for her, but she doesn’t want him to. She can’t take another person thinking she is a whore. She needs to get out of here. Dusty offers to go with her, but she tells him that she wants to be invisible and she can’t do that with him next to her. Does she have somewhere safe to go? Can she go to her mom’s? Allison panics when he says her name. What if she knows? Dusty is sure she wouldn’t. How about a meeting? They probably all know too. She needs to get out of here, as she rushes off as he tries to go after her, but he is interrupted when he comes across Cheri looking awfully proud of herself; what is the matter with them? Is it not happily ever after?

Gwen is reading a book about pregnancy on the couch. Will tells her that their child will be ok. They know that they aren’t perfect, so there are no illusions. In addition, they know their limitations. Gwen tries to find comfort in his words, but how are they going to get this right, she worries? They are going to love their child and each other and the rest will fall into place.

Allison is upset as she walks downtown. She hears her phone beep quietly, as she looks at the screen. It reads two missed calls from Aaron, as she shuts the phone and sits down on the bench as she starts to cry.

Dusty snarls when he asks Cheri if she knows what she did? He wrecked her business and now it is his turn. She did nothing but ruin an innocent young girl’s life. Doesn’t she realize that he isn’t going to let her get away with this? There isn’t anything more that he can do to her, Cheri snaps, but Dusty assures her coldly that she is dead wrong, as a few Lakeview employees overhear close by.

At WOAK, Brad comes into Katie’s offer with an offer that he thinks she would consider; he is going to do her a favor – he is going to keep an eye on Carly and Jack. The praise he might be expecting from this offer is not given and instead Katie is furious; didn’t he hear a word she said earlier? If he does anything to hurt her and Jack while she is away, he can kiss their partnership and his job goodbye, as she leaves in a huff. Brad looks confused and then answers to himself that he will take that as a yes.

Sage, Parker and JJ want Jack to stay; they would feel safer if he was there at night, as Carly can’t help but be thrilled with the children’s request. Carly adds that he also should have someone looking after him since he is still recovering. Jack finally gives in and agrees to stay at the house on the couch. The kids cheer and run upstairs so he can read a story to them. Jack and Carly catch each other’s eyes again before he heads upstairs. After he goes upstairs, Carly smiles broadly to herself.

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