ATWT Update Monday 8/20/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/20/07


Written By Eva
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(TV Station)  A phone call from Noahís father, Winston, interrupts the kiss between Noah and Luke, which leaves Noah more then a little nervous.  Noah explains to his father that he is sorry he is late but he lost track of time.  Winston puts Maddie on the phone so Noah can apologize to her and she tells Noah to calm down because she and his father have been having a nice talk.  Noah hangs up the phone and avoids the subject of what just happened between him and Luke.  Luke pushes Noah to talk about what happened so Noah tells him it was just a joke to help him loosen up since he is always so uptight about being gay.  Luke doesnít buy that excuse and thinks Noah is in deep denial about being gay but doesnít talk to Noah about it anymore since he knows that Noah is nervous about being late for lunch.

(Lakeview)  Noah arrives and gives a quick kiss to Maddie and once again apologizes to his father for being late for lunch.  Noahís dad tells him that Maddie is a wonderful girl and now he understands why he wants to stay in Oakdale.  Winston gets a call that he must take and Noah takes the opportunity to ask Maddie to move in with him.  Maddie is startled by the invitation.  Winston returns to the table and tells Noah that normally he wouldnít approve of him living with anyone but since itís Maddie, he tells Noah he has made a wise decision and even offers to help Noah pay for the apartment.  Winston also tells his son he has made some very wise choices since he has been living in Oakdale and he and his mother, who is watching from heaven, are very proud of him.  Noah is pleased to gain his fatherís approval and he gives Maddie a kiss.  Ht then picks her up and spins her around because he is so happy. 

(TV Station)  Maddie arrives and catches Luke writing on his computer and wonders if itís for their video project but Luke closes his computer and tells Maddie he is writing something personal.  Luke wonders how lunch went with Noahís father and Maddie smiles and says that she has the colonel eating out of her hand and things went so well, Noah asked her to move in with him.  Luke is both startled and troubled by the news and tells Maddie there is something she must know about Noah.  Luke and Maddie are both unaware that Noahís father is listening to their conversation. 

(Lakeview)  Dusty explains to Aaron that he tried to help Alison pay for an apartment but she wants to make it on her own so she turned down his offer to help her.  Dusty tells Aaron that Alison needs a little support from a friend right now and he thought that Aaron could be that friend.  He goes on to say that, he now thinks that Alison deserves better than someone who is so judgmental of her.  Cheri runs into Alison and tells her she is an old friend of Emily and tells her that soon a lot of people will see her work.  Alison is confused by the remark and ignores it.  She starts to leave until Dusty arrives and tells Alison to stay away from Cheri because she is a madam who used to do business with Emily.  Cheri tells Alison that she is a big fan of her porn movies and that she is sure that soon she will have lots of fans.  Dusty asks Alison to wait for him outside and he once again warns Cheri to stay away from Alison or she will regret it.  Cheri gets a call from Elwood who tells her he is having trouble breaking through the firewall on Dustyís computer but after a few minutes on the phone with her, he tells her that the video of Dusty and Alison having sex is being sent to every person in his address book.  Aaron considers Dustyís words to him and leaves a message on Alisonís cell phone that they need to talk.  One of the people in the bar gets a message from Dusty and is thrilled to see the video of Dusty and Alison.  The man turns the laptop around to show Aaron to show him how itís done.  Alison and Dusty talk outside the Lakeview and she tells him that she doesnít think she will ever move past her mistakes.  Dusty tells Alison that she is a strong woman and he is positive that she will get a fresh start in life. 

(Alís Diner)  Sophie meets Gwen and they start to talk since they are both pregnant and she needs to talk to someone who is having the same symptoms.  Sophie tells Gwen that the pregnancy wasnít planned and that she hasnít told her boyfriend about the baby yet.  Sophie also tells Gwen that her boyfriend is a songwriter and sometimes gets upset when she interrupts him while he is trying to work on a song.  Gwen tells Sophie that she is also a songwriter so Sophie asks her if songwriting is difficult to do and if she should leave her boyfriend alone while he is writing.  Gwen explains to Sophie that writers must write things down as soon as they get an idea or they will lose their inspiration.  Cole is about to walk into the restaurant when he sees Sophie talking to Gwen and wonders if Sophie is planning something by talking to his sister.  Cole decides not to go in to the restaurant and Will goes in to pick up Gwen for their movie date with Alison.  Gwen introduces Will to Sophie and then they both leave so they wonít be late for the movie.  Cole arrives and wonders why Sophie was talking to that girl.  Sophie explains that the girlís name is Gwen and they just started talking because Gwen was waiting for her husband.  Sophie tells Cole she told Gwen that he was a songwriter and she is a songwriter too.  She tells him that Gwen mentioned that she would love to meet him and help him with his songwriting.  Cole wonders if Sophie mentioned his name to Gwen and she tells him that she never told Gwen his name.  Cole gives Sophie a kiss and tells her how much he loves and needs her. 

(Will and Gwenís place)  Will, Gwen, and Alison arrive and Will tells Gwen he always gets worried when he sees Gwen talking to strange girls because it reminds him of what happened with Jade and Chloe but Gwen assures Will that Sophie would never hurt anyone.  Gwen checks her e-mail and finds it strange that she received an e-mail from Dusty so she opens it and they all see the video of Dusty with Alison.

(Idaho)  Carly tells J.J. not to try to save her and that she loves him very much as she sinks down into the quicksand.  Jack who checked himself out of the hospital against medical advice gets Carly out of the quicksand but he and J.J. are both worried when Carly isnít breathing.  Jack performs CPR and after a few minutes, Carly revives and tells Jack she knew he would find them.  Jack, Carly, and J.J. are ready to leave when Silas arrives and hits Jack in the back of the head with a shovel and grabs J.J. Silas tells them they should all get ready to meet their maker.  Carly distracts Silas by begging him to spare their lives giving Jack enough time to tackle Silas to the ground.  Jack wants to strangle Silas with his bare hands but Carly stops him by saying his name twice to remind him that the police should take care of Silas.  They hear the sirens approaching and Jack holds on to Silas until the police arrive to take him.  J.J. asks the police if he can talk to him before they take him away.  J.J. tells Silas that he will be very respectful and polite when he testifies against him in court.  The FBI informs Jack that they also caught Kit and Ava and will soon take the trio to jail.  Jack and Carly hug J.J. and tell him they are proud of him for being so brave.  The paramedics take J.J. to the ambulance to make sure he is okay.  The phone rings and Jack finally answers to tell Katie that he, J.J., and Carly are okay and they will be coming home soon.  Jack also tells Katie that he loves her very much and he canít wait to come home to her.  Jack hangs up the phone and Carly tells him that she was very scared that J.J. would have to watch her die.  Carly tells Jack that J.J. is a brave, good son who will grow up to be a good man just like his father.  Jack thinks J.J. wasnít afraid to stand up to the kidnappers just like his mother. 

(Farm)  Katie tells Brad the good news and thanks him for helping her through this crisis.  Brad goes to the stables to tell Parker the good news while Katie calls Sage to tell her the good news.  Vienna arrives and Katie gives her a hug and tells her the good news.  Vienna notices Katieís damaged ring and Vienna immediately takes her to the jewelry store where the jeweler fixes the ring and makes it look as good as new.  Vienna and Brad both advise Katie to marry Jack as soon as he arrives home because Carly will use what they have just been through to her advantage and if she waits much longer, it could be too late. 

(Idaho)  Carly gets ready to get scolded by Jack but he doesnít waste his energy because nothing he says ever affects her.  Carly tells Jack heís wrong because everything he says and does affects her because she loves him.  Jack tells Carly that he loves Katie and he is going back home to her but Carly knows that no matter what Jack says he still loves her.  Carly thinks Jack always has to make everything so complicated but he knows sooner or later he will come back to her. 

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