ATWT Update Friday 8/17/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/17/07


Written By Elayna

Maddie is really coming around to the idea of staying in Oakdale to attend college. Noah is doing his best to talk it up just so she won’t change her mind. It looks like they are going to be taking a lot of the same classes. Maddie decides she had better go to the admissions office before the classes she wants to take fills up. Noah stays at WOAK to work. Noah is paid a surprise visit by his father. Noah is uncomfortable at first when his insulting belittling father arrives but he begins to warm to his father until Winston states his business. He has come to offer Noah a large cash reward but the catch is Noah must enlist in the Army. Noah tries to explain to his father that he doesn’t feel the Army can provide the future he wants or needs. The conversation begins to get heated until Maddie returns. Noah introduces her as his girlfriend and Winston takes a different approach and attitude towards his son. Winston is very anxious to get to know Maddie. Noah is opposed to meeting for lunch afraid of what his father will grill Maddie about but she plays it of as politically correct as she can. Noah agrees to meet for lunch. Noah is in a panic to get a tie to wear to lunch just as his father ordered. Luke is willing to step in as a friend and lend a hand. Not only does he fetch a tie for Noah he ties it for him. Just as Luke is making the last minute adjustments to the knot Noah looks into his eyes and kisses him.

Cherie poses as a lobbyist to book a private wing at the Lakeview. She and Lily work out all of the details and it looks like they are going to have a deal until Dusty stumbles upon the meeting. Dusty doesn’t try to sugarcoat the truth when telling lily the mistake she was about to make. Lily feels like an idiot once again she was about to screw up. Dusty offers to handle Cherie but Lily steps up and very professionally and strong breaks the agreement and sends Cherie on her way. Cherie sees dusty grinning at his work over Lily’s shoulder.

Cherie has no problem approaching Dusty, calling him a hypocrite and dragging Emily and Allison into their personal vendetta. Cherie makes it known she is going to go after Allison the ex-porn star. Katie and brad wait for word on Jack. With every moment that passes Katie grows more convinced that something really bad is going on. Dallas comes to the farm with news, very little news but at least it is something. Dallas reports that Jack has been admitted to a hospital and JJ is missing again. Katie grows frantic as she and Brad call various hospitals in the region Jack and Carly were last known to be in but turn up nothing.

Kim comes by with a show idea. She would like for Katie to go on a location shoot in Hawaii, when Jack returns. Katie turns down the offer because she feels she has had bad luck with islands in the past. Katie tells Kim of her engagement but is ashamed to show her the ring. Katie is now wearing the ring around her neck after dropping it into the garbage disposal and mangling it. Katie fears that destroying the ring is an omen. Kim does her best to cheer Katie up and fill her with hope.

Silas and Ava are hiding out in a boiler room. Ava complains constantly. Silas is determined to raise JJ as his own son named Jacob. As they argue about what to do they hear a fumbling sound. Silas believes it is nothing because he thinks they killed Jack and Carly. JJ knows in his heart it is one of his parents and fakes an asthma attack to signal who ever is there that he is alive and waiting on them. Silas decides to go get JJ medicine. As soon as Silas is gone JJ is smart he talks Ava into taking the money and running. She likes that idea and follows through. Carly now has a clear path to JJ. She rushes over and talks to him calmly while untying his hands. It looks like they are going to get away but Silas returns. Carly hands JJ the cell phone and tells him to run and call the police. JJ runs off just as Carly told him to do. Carly lies in wait with a huge wrench in her hand. When Silas isn’t expecting she pops out smacking him in the chest with the wrench then running. Silas catches her and there is a struggle but Carly breaks free and accidentally hit’s a pipe releasing hot steam into Silas’ face. Silas falls to the floor in agony. Carly takes the wrench high above her head and beats Silas until he isn’t moving anymore.

Now she is off to find JJ and reunite him with the family but the drama isn’t over……….

After coming into a clearing Carly sees in horror JJ up to his neck in quicksand. Carly manages to free him from the consuming sand but falls in herself.

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