ATWT Update Thursday 8/16/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/16/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

Vienna is moping around the Lakeview over having to sell all of her jewelry to help pay off the debt that she and Henry have found themselves in. Henry arrives with the cash from the sale in his breast coat pocket, he has something else for his beloved Vienna. The tiny diamond necklace her mother gave her as a girl this was the one piece that she could not bare to part with but did it. Henry tells her he didn’t have the heart to take it from her. Vienna is happy and in love. Vienna scurries off to her room for a manicure leaving Henry to pay the check. Henry looks longingly at the cash he has, someone else notices as well. A local small time poker player sees Henry with the loot and invites him to a high stakes poker game just upstairs. Henry tries to resist but can’t after the guy, Bart, claims Henry could quadruple the amount of money he has. Henry is intrigued because they need more money to be in the black. Henry agrees to go. He losses his shirt. In the final hand everyone at the tables entire bankroll is in the pot and it is down to Henry and Bart. Henry throws his last hundred dollar bill in the pot. Bart is strapped and throws a set of keys as well as the last of his cash. The other players are in awe that Bart was willing to toss in “the keys” Vienna is banging at the door before Henry reveals his hand. Bart has laid down a full house. Believing Vienna is angry the guys ask what to do with her. Henry instructs them to let her in. Vienna tries to let into Henry but when he tells her all the money in the middle of the table is there is she is happy again. Henry lays down four of a kind. Bart thought his full house was a sure thing and instructs Henry to meet him in one hour at Al’s Diner for the remainder of what Bart owes Henry.

Vienna is disgusted by the looks and smell of Al’s when she walks in. She is beginning to believe Bart is going to flake on his poker debt but when Henry spots Bart he believes all is okay. Bart has a suitcase packed because there is nothing left for him in Oakdale. Henry is confused when Bart throws the set of keys on the table and proclaims “it’s all yours’. Take good care of her.” Bart is proud of the business he has built and lost. Vienna and Henry now own Al’s Diner.

Craig asks meg to go home with him and spend the night as a wife. Meg acts like she is insulted by the idea but Craig forces her to face her own feelings and ideas she is having regarding him and their marriage. Meg claims she is only staying married for business purposes but soon admits that she does like having a partner in life. On that note Craig asks her to dinner, a non committal dinner. She agrees and appears happy until they run into Barbara.

Paul is happy to see Rosanna awake. Rosanna has vague sporadic memories of her life before the coma. Paul, under the advisement of the doctor, doesn’t pressure her to remember things and keeps his answers very simple when she asks direct questions. While the doctor examines Rosanna Paul has a brief conversation with Barbara. Barbara is thrilled to hear Paul say “We will be home shortly.” she is happy to hear after all this time Rosanna is awake. Paul must get back to Rosanna and abruptly ends the call. Barbara calls after him “Paul?” Craig and meg walk up behind her. Barbara is happy and civil, traits she is not known for. Craig attempts to take her to the mat knowing she is acting peculiar. Barbara is glad to see meg and Craig together claiming they deserve each other. Barbara’s comments hurt meg and sent her back to the dark place that left her aching for Paul. Meg wants to skip dinner and just go home. Craig is understanding but surprised when she wants to go to Fairwinds. As much as he has wanted it Craig will not take her home and share his bed with her, claiming he can’t share his bed with a ghost. Meg cries.

Luke can’t get the incident with Noah in the kitchen at the arm out of his head. Maddie comes in with good news for Noah, she is staying in Oakdale. Luke gets upset not out of jealousy but out of concern for his friend who has dreamed of going away to college. Luke and Maddie argue over her decision which upsets Noah. Luke has had enough of Noah’s mixed messages and asks to speak with him. Without knowing what about Noah blurts out “I’m not gay!” and stomps off in frustration. Luke knows his assumption is right and goes to the farm where he talks to Aaron about his feelings and suspicions on Noah. Aaron is a kind, concerned brother and friend to Luke. Aaron plays the part of logical but understands what Luke is trying to say. It’s a good heart to heart.

Rosanna is resistant to letting Paul her only comfort out of her sight. Paul is glad to be whatever support she needs. Rosanna asks that Paul be close to her so she can feel his heart. Paul complies and gets in bed and holds her so she can sleep.

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