ATWT Update Wednesday 8/15/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/15/07


Written By Elayna

Downtown, Sophie hugs and thanks Aaron for listening to her, as Allison walks up. Aaron pulls back instinctively when he sees her, but Allison coldly tells him not to let her interrupt them. Sophie excuses herself so they can talk. Allison snarls that he didn’t waste any time.

At home, Will and Gwen are lounging on the couch when he asks her if she is feeling better yet about her mom and Allison. Gwen smiles and tells him that she had forgotten all about Allison until he felt the need to bring her name up. She tells him that she is kidding and that she is fine with it. She is convinced now that if anyone is going to ruin things, it will be her mom. Will doesn’t see Iris hanging out in Oakdale for babysitting duty. Gwen knows she has an agenda; there is a reason she came back to town; they just don’t know it yet.

At Al’s, Iris asks Cole if he has seen his sister yet? He has been to the hotel she works at, but she did not see him. Iris smirks; he always wanted to be a spy when he was growing up. She frowns though when she broaches the subject of how come he hasn’t called recently or didn’t visit her in jail. He tries to stutter out an explanation, but Iris lets him off the hook quickly. Why did he want to see her now? He has a favor to ask of her. Iris, acting all maternal, tells him that she will give him anything he needs.

At the Montgomery Enterprises offices, Meg and Craig are meeting with his attorney. Craig would like his overpriced lawyer to tell them what they need to do in order to get the annulment annulled? The lawyer is pleased to see that they are staying together. An awkward Meg explains that they are staying together for the business so they can show a united front. The lawyer tells them that the annulment is void as soon as they ripped up the papers, as long as it was mutual. It was. Then his work here is done and he will send Craig the bill he adds with a smirk. Craig wants to celebrate now, but Meg is busy looking through their mail. There is a mountain of work to go through, but Craig thinks it can wait until tomorrow. Noone will die if they take the night off. Meg looks up and asks if that includes Rosanna? Craig looks at her confused.

At the hospital, Paul is trying to will Rosanna’s eyes open. The doctor comes in and suggests that he take a break or gets something to eat since he hasn’t left her bedside to do either in 24 hours. Paul is more concerned about whether the drug is going to work and why it is taking so long? They were hoping for a more positive outcome, but after viewing her latest tests, they feel that her prognosis hasn’t changed. Paul restates the obvious; she opened her eyes and talked. That was before they administered the drug, and they feel the drug has probably already passed through her system. Paul nervously asks if he thinks Rosanna will never wake up?

Meg tells Craig there is a letter from Rosanna’s clinic about a past due bill. That was an oversight. Did he ever return the call to the clinic? No because he assumed it was about the bill. She is going to be taken care of; she is in the best facility. Meg reminds him that is thanks to Rosanna’s own money. He also used her money to buy Worldwide. That was a nice gift to himself. She thought he loved her? He does and always will – probably like how she feels for Paul. He is not coming back though. What if she does? Craig reminds her how remote the chances are with the kind of head trauma she has. Paul disagreed with that and whether it was an accident at all. He is not here now so why are they rehashing this? He thought she believed in him? Meg tells him that since she is his wife and cannot be compelled to testify against him, she would like the truth of what happened the night of the accident. Is this sudden request for honesty for her or for Paul?

Paul reminds the doctor that Rosanna spoke; she is trying to come back. The drug was experimental and not guaranteed to change anything. Paul explains that Rosanna is the strongest woman he knows. The doctor thinks that he should rest because it is what Rosanna would want. After the doctor leaves, Paul sits by her bedside again and holds her hand. Can she open her eyes or squeeze his hand? After a moment when nothing happens, Paul wonders outloud why he thought he could get through to her as she did for him? He stands, kisses her forehead and heads out the door. After he leaves, Rosanna moves her hand.

Will doesn’t want Gwen to be paranoid. Gwen reminds him that bad things happen when Iris is around. Will declares them an Iris-free zone. Gwen’s cell phone rings and Gwen worries it is her mom insinuating herself again, but it is Lisa. She asks Gwen to come in for an extra shift since one of her other employees is sick. Gwen agrees to head in and Will offers to drive her. Gwen likes the idea of him playing bodyguard.

Iris is babying Cole, but he is concerned about paying the bills for he and Sophie. Iris instantly wants to know who this girl is and she wants to meet her to see if she is good enough for her boy. Cole blows her off, so Iris wonders if he is ashamed of her? He isn’t unless she is drunk and/or disorderly. He then proceeds to lay it on thick about how great she looks and how the high life must be agreeing with her. This tactic is not lost on Iris. He needs help breaking into the music business. She thought he wanted to be a Sports agent? He is past that whole Jerry McGuire thing. How interesting that both her children are in the music industry. Really, Cole pretends? Iris suggests he not play dumb. This little meeting was all about Gwen.

Aaron is instantly annoyed; he doesn’t need her permission to hug someone. Allison snaps back that he can hug whomever he wants. She thought he loved her, but he seems to already have moved on. She has a boyfriend, Aaron instinctively explains. He doesn’t need to defend himself after her issues. Here we go again, she is the sinner and he is the saint. He should probably go after his friend. She is fine besides the time isn’t right for him and anyone. Why? He just doesn’t want it now. It sounds as if he is swearing off relationships, Allison sadly remarks. It isn’t because of her though. So, she can hang with anyone she wants including Dusty. Allison starts to say something, but then decides not to, as Aaron stomps away. Allison is upset, as she rifles through her purse. She has lost her cell phone, as she heads for the payphone.

Will and Gwen are headed for the door when they hear a cell phone ringing. Will finds it between the cushions and answers it. Allison is glad that he found her phone. Can they meet up so she can get it? They agree to meet at the Lakeview because that is where they are heading. Gwen remarks that if Allison is looking for a shoulder to cry on today, then she is going to have to take a backseat to him running interference with her mom. Will promises that is a deal.

Cole pretends he hardly knows his sister so it isn’t about her. He can be successful at writing lyrics, he just needs some support. He needs some money; he will pay her back with interest and he will even sign a contract. He doesn’t have to sign anything because she is not giving him a dime. Cole sarcastically thanks her. He is not taking her hard earned money. Didn’t he leave home when she would not fund the down payment for a new convertible? He needs to learn how to make it own his own – the way Gwen did. Cole snaps that her fancy bling and home on the Miami coast is all thanks to Gwen’s husband right? He doesn’t have anything else to say to her; he was just reminded what she taught him – to never trust in anyone. He gets up and starts to stomp away as Iris grabs him and wants to know what con he is going to run on Gwen?

Craig wants to know why Meg needs to unlock the real Craig? She just wants to know more about him then what she knows now. What if he lets her delve deep in his soul and she doesn’t like what she sees? What happens then? Does he think that might happen for some reason? Then she realizes something; Paul was right about him; he ran Rosanna off the road to silence her for good and that is why Rosanna wound up in a coma. Craig stares and says nothing.

Rosanna stops moving her hand right before the nurse comes into check on her. As the nurse is attending to her, Paul comes in with his contact information. He can’t help but wonder if the nurse feels there is any hope for Rosanna? She sadly shakes her head no. The nurse leaves and Paul takes one last look at her before he also heads for the door. He is almost out the door when he hears a weak voice asking him not to go, as he turns around to see Rosanna’s eyes fluttering open. Paul smiles broadly at her, as Rosanna faintly does the same. He rushes over to her; how does she feel? She feels strange. Was I dreaming, she wonders? Paul tells her how he was dreaming, they were in a corridor, and she told him to go back through the door to his life. She saved his life. He wants to help her now. He needs to get the doctor, but she stops him wondering what is wrong with her? She has been asleep for a long time. Where is she? She is in one of the best hospitals in Switzerland. Rosanna is looking more confused now. Why? They almost lost her, but she is ok now. How did she get there? Paul hesitates and tells her that there is plenty of time to talk, but she wants to know what happened?

Craig reminds Meg that Paul, Jennifer, Margo and half of Oakdale’s finest tried to prove he caused the accident deliberately, but it was only an accident and that is why he was released. Meg reminds him that just because he was released doesn’t mean he isn’t responsible. Only he and Rosanna know the truth. Craig is unhappy with her vote of confidence. He says he is in love with her, so she wants the truth. He did not run Rosanna off the road. He followed her in order to talk with her and explain. Paul is convinced otherwise, Meg says. Paul hates him! What about all the witnesses? The must have been paid off. Meg thinks that is unlikely because Paul wouldn’t do that. Craig sneers; does she think Paul is above doing something underhanded? How many times did he try to kill him? Paul is after him for one reason- he can’t forgive him for taking Rosanna away from him.

Cole claims that he isn’t going to con his sister… that is her deal. He doesn’t want to deal with her. He sounds like his sister, Iris complains. Cole starts to walk away, but Iris grabs his hand and his bag of CD’s falls on the table. There are only CD’s of Gwen’s in the bag. Iris eyes narrow because her precious son should be investing his time in acting classes because he just put on a winning performance.

Aaron bumps into Sophie downtown again. He thought she was headed home? She was but she decided to grab something to eat first. She apologizes to Aaron in case his ‘girlfriend’ got the wrong idea. He corrects her; Allison is his ex. She can see that Allison hurt him. She has no right to tell him at this point, whom he can hang out with, Aaron answers annoyed. He found out the truth about her though earlier enough on. Sophie thinks it is too bad since he is still in love with her.

Allison meets up with Will and Gwen at the Lakeview. Gwen is nice enough as she heads off to go punch in. Allison wonders why she is being so nice? Will explains that is who she is. Allison reminds him that she wasn’t always that way. What does that mean? She was pretty messed up when they first met her. Will reminds her that Gwen had a reason to be that way. How could she forget… she is perfect as Little Miss Sunshine. Why is she acting this way? She just thinks it is funny that he forgot how Gwen treated, lied and used him when she was first pregnant. She didn’t because he knew the deal and was more then willing to help her. Of course, he was and they all lived happily ever after, Allison coldly answers. She is right when she says that Gwen changed – for the better – but if she doesn’t get off of Gwen’s case then their friendship is not going to last, and from what he can tell, she needs all the friends she can get. Allison frowns; she will just take her phone and leave him alone. Will remarks that when she lashes out, she is only her own worst enemy. Allison sadly replies that she is sorry. She knows from her meetings what she is doing; she is misdirecting her anger. Will doesn’t think it would be in her best interest to push them away. Allison doesn’t think that Gwen really wants to be her friend. She seems as if she is trying, but she was very uncomfortable with what she did in Vegas. Will admits that he was too, as most people probably would be. That is why he doesn’t go around announcing that he had been in a psych ward. Allison thinks it isn’t just them, it is everyone who is going to have to deal with this. Will wonders if she is really talking about Aaron?

Aaron admits that he is still in love with Allison, but he wishes he wasn’t. Why not give her another chance? He just thinks too much has gone down. He is not like her; he can’t get kicked in the teeth and come back for more. Sophie looks hurt, as Aaron apologizes because that is not what he meant. She thinks that he doesn’t know as much about loving someone as he thought he did.

Cole is asking for Sophie at the Lakeview bar, as the bartender suggests he go check the schedule for when she is due back. As Cole is leaving, Gwen is walking over to the front desk. Cole stands there indecisively.

Craig explains that when he married Rosanna, Paul was still in love with her. He didn’t want to let go – kind of like how he was with her. Meg recalls how single-minded Paul could be. When Paul saw the accident, he saw this as another reason to blame him for taking Rosanna away from him. He couldn’t do that to Rosanna deliberately; he loved her. Meg decides she believes him. If he is truly not responsible for her death, then why hasn’t he visited her? He couldn’t stand to see her like that. She would never wake up and smile again, as Craig tears up. So not seeing her, was about a broken heart and not guilt? He corrects her; it also was about guilt. While he did not run her off the road, he was not blameless either. He had acted rash, stupid and desperately. To see Rosanna would mean he would have to face the man he was. He was not brave enough. If he is a changed man then why not close this chapter? He doesn’t have to now because of her.

Paul wonders what the last thing Rosanna remembers? She thinks for a moment and then answers that she remembers his voice begging her not to leave. She couldn’t move or speak though. She was supposed to tell him something important. Why can’t she remember, an emotional Rosanna wonders? She needs to get out of here, as she tries to sit up. Paul tries to sop her. She is getting more upset, as Paul tries to calm her.

Allison is sitting with Will explaining what happened with Aaron; he swore they were just friends, but seeing him with another woman made her feel very alone. She was going to a meeting when she realized she had lost her phone. Will reminds her that she has him and Gwen. She isn’t going to hold her breath with Gwen, but she is impressed with his new outlook on life. He thinks that marriage and now having a baby helps. If he can turn his life around, so can she.

Cole is standing in the Lakeview lobby debating whether to go talk to Gwen when he finally starts to walk over another employee walks past him and over to Gwen. A guest is a big fan of hers and would like an autograph. Gwen happily agrees, as Cole keeps out of sight.

Paul explains to Rosanna that she is in no condition to get up. Rosanna suddenly remembers something. She has to call Jen to tell her the truth. He has to save his sister before it is too late. Paul looks confused and concerned.

He is not going to revisit the past with Rosanna because that man is gone and he owes it to her. She believed in and trusted him. That made all the difference. He is ready to move on and he is wondering if she can do the same? Meg is getting emotional. He would like to go home and start their married life the right way; he doesn’t want it to be in name only. Does she think she can find it in her heart to do that? Meg looks emotionally conflicted.

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