ATWT Update Tuesday 8/14/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/14/07


Written By Elayna

At home, Will and Gwen are coming up their front walkway talking about Iris’ reappearance at Al’s. Gwen admits her showing up without notice threw her. Will assures her that she is not going to get near her. Allison, who is holding a plant, is walking up to them when she hears part of their conversation and teases Will that she hopes that he is not talking about her. They aren’t. Allison explains, as she thrusts forward this plant, that it is to apologize for ruining their party. Will answers that Maddie shouldn’t have said what she had heard. Allison awkwardly admits that all the stuff she heard was true though. Gwen and Will look surprised, as Allison tries to make a swift getaway, but Will stops her.

Downtown, Aaron and Cole are about to come to blows over Aaron’s dislike for how Cole treats Sophie and Cole’s anger that Aaron is sticking his nose into something that is none of his business. Sophie steps into the middle and pleads with them to stop. Cole demands to know why Aaron is acting as her bodyguard or boyfriend? Sophie stammers out a reply that they are just friends to Cole, and then turns to Aaron and tells him that he is just making things worse. Aaron wants to know why she lets him treat her like that?

At the Farm, Katie is outside on the porch getting more worried about Jack. She is trying to hold back tears as she calls Margo to ask if she has heard from him. She has earlier when he said he had a tip, Margo answers, but he hasn’t called back. Brad is listening through the open window in the kitchen, as Katie hangs up and stifles her cries. He soon joins her on the porch and asks her if she has heard any news? No, and she is scared to death and doesn’t know if she can take this anymore, as Brad pulls her into a hug and kisses her on the forehead.

In her car, Carly calls the FBI agent and asks how Jack is doing? He is resting. She doesn’t want him to worry because he needs to concentrate on getting better. He reminds her that Jack wants her to go home, but Carly has her mind made up. Does she know what kind of people she is dealing with? She does since they tried to kill them. She won’t stop until she finds her son though, as she then hangs up the phone. She mutters to herself that she is coming for JJ.

Allison is sitting with Will in his living room; Will assures her that he isn’t going to hold her past against her. She was there for him when he messed up years ago. Allison points out the difference was he was a child and she is an adult. Gwen is walking in behind them with some drinks as she stops and listens to them talking. Will is reminiscing about how much he liked Allison and how she could have gotten him into so much trouble, but she took pity on him. She recognized that he just wanted her attention. Will assures her that they all make mistakes, and her real friends will stand beside her and support her. Gwen walks over to the sofa and seems to be trying hard to hide her feelings on this. She takes a deep breath and tells Allison that they are her friends and goes even one step farther when she invites Allison to a movie with her and Will later in the week. Allison doesn’t want to intrude, but Gwen assures her that having another woman when going to the movies will assure her that she won’t end up at a ‘guy movie’. Allison accepts her invite and gives her a big hug, as she thanks her. Gwen still seems to be unsure.

Sophie hangs off of Cole and tells him that they are giving Aaron the wrong impression of how they are together, as she kisses him. Cole kisses her back, but then snidely remarks that he doesn’t care what her pal thinks and he is done with this because he has to go buy some CD’s; Cole stomps off as a nervous Sophie watches him go. Aaron apologizes to her for putting her on the spot. Sophie accepts it and reiterates Cole’s behavior is simply because of him having a bad day. All couples go through ups and downs. This doesn’t make her rethink her relationship? Sophie shakes her head no; she can’t now.

Brad plays the sympathetic friend; he reminds Katie that she has Jack’s ring on her finger and that gives her the right to worry, want him home or to at least check in. Katie tells him that Jack called earlier with a lead, but has not checked in again. Brad thinks that is positive news. Katie worries that he has walked into another trap. Why does she have to go to the worse case scenario? A weepy Katie explains that she just doesn’t want to be caught off guard, as her voice trails off. Brad reassures her that he has too much to live for to get hurt – he has her. Katie smiles through her tears. Brad is determined to come up with a plan; he is going to take a shower to clear his head and then he will have a plan. Katie appreciates his effort, but the only thing that is going to make things better is to know that Jack is ok.

At Kit’s bar, Carly is hiding and watching her through the window. She sees Kit take out a metal box and sees a lot of money. Carly mumbles to herself that must be part of the ransom money. After Kit leaves, Carly is able to make it to the door before it closes and then she lets herself in. She crosses over to the bar, starts to look around and then opens the box. She says to herself that she can see that Kit helped her friends lure Jack to the cabin, now she wants to see if she helped them take her son? She looks through everything and can’t find anything. Then she sees a blank writing tablet; she can tell that something was written on the page on top that was ripped off. She takes her pencil and runs the pencil over the words until she can see an address pop up, as Carly repeats it and smiles knowing this is probably the clue she was looking for. Kit coming back in interrupts her, as Carly ducks behind the bar to hide.

Aaron wants to know why Sophie says she can’t leave? She backpedals; she meant that she doesn’t want to because she loves him. Aaron has empathy for her; he understands what it is like to love someone who is bad for you. You can’t help yourself even though the signs are there. It seems the little things keep you there, and that you are sure that it will be different the next time. There is always a reason, such as the one she is using – that he is having a bad day. Sophie justifies this because he never hurts her at least. She realizes what she sounds like, but he is so creative and he can be like all of those types; he can be sensitive and insecure. He is frustrated by the lack of success right now. She can see that Aaron has made up his mind already about him though. Aaron just thinks there is more to it then she is saying. He is just offering friendship if she needs someone to listen.

Will and Gwen are showing Allison the beginning of their Baby Book, which she is thrilled to see. Will explains that they are trying to do it right because other then Hal, they didn’t have the best role models. Allison teases them by joking that they won’t be asking her to baby-sit if they are into that ‘role model thing.’ Allison continues to look awkward while Gwen seems unsure. Allison gets up to leave, but thanks them for their friendship. It is nice to be seen as a friend and not an embarrassment or lost cause. Will responds in kind. After Allison leaves, Will turns to a quiet Gwen and tells her that he is blown away. Gwen thinks he is talking about Allison’s past; she admits that she wasn’t because that is what Maddie was telling her. That is not what he was talking about. Gwen jokes; he is talking about the fact that his ex is an ex-porn star and ex-Meth addict? No, he smiles; he was talking about the fact that she invited Allison to hang out with them? She doesn’t know why he would be because she could tell that is what he wanted.

Katie leaves another sappy message for Jack. She is visibly upset as she tells him how much she loves him. She hangs up the phone and then has an idea, but quickly thinks to herself that she should discount it – she can’t call Carly because that would probably only make matters worse, but she still looks as if she is considering it.

Carly is hiding behind the bar as Kit is doing something around the bar. Kit starts to leave again, but suddenly, Carly’s cell phone starts to ring. She tries to shut it off, as Kit comes around the bar and asks Carly if she wants to answer it or should she? Carly tries to explain and tell her that the call is not going to be important, but Kit insists that she answer it. Carly slowly answers her phone. It is Katie; she realizes it may not be a good time, but she was wondering how things are going and if she knows if Jack is ok? Carly has to be careful so she gets rid of Katie as quickly as she knows how; thing are fine and she has to go is the gist of the conversation before she hangs up on her. Carly tries to explain, but Kit is obviously onto her. Carly then tries to make a quick exit saying that they won’t need a place to stay afterall because they are going to work things out at home. Kit knows she is lying. ‘Ned’ is waiting for her out in the car. Kit knows that is not true and tells her that right before she jumps in front of the door to stop Carly from getting by. She knows that Silas did not let her and Detective Jack Snyder go willingly. Carly looks nervous.

Brad comes downstairs and asks Katie if she was talking to Jack? Katie looks annoyed when she replies that she was talking to Carly. She said they were fine and then hung up. Brad thinks that is positive because she would have said if Jack were hurt. Katie smirks; Carly went out of her way to not tell her anything. She knows that she is playing games with her. She wants her to fall for this; she wants her to get upset so Carly can prove that she can’t handle the demands of Jack’s life. She is not going to let Carly and her fears get to her. She is going to be positive and cheerful, but Katie starting to get worked up interrupts that thought. She puts her hands over her face and starts to get emotional again. Brad comes over to her and tells her that she is in desperate need of a distraction. He looks around and then decides that when Emma has a lot on her mind, she cleans, as he hands Katie a mop and a pail. Katie looks at Brad for a while shaking her head; she seems to recall when they had to go to clean that family’s basement, he didn’t help at all. This time will be different; he will be right by her side. Katie calls him on his plan; he is just trying to get her to clean Emma’s kitchen so she won’t come home to the mess he made.

Gwen tells Will that it isn’t a big deal; he is a nice person who never judges people. He thinks Allison deserves a break. Gwen tells him that it is fine if he goes off with “Skinny, beautiful Allison while she sits at home with her swollen feet.” Will nods and pretends to head for the door, as Gwen looks nervous for a second. He teases her; he isn’t going anywhere. She realizes he has a complicated history with her and that he forgave her. Will explains that he had to in order for him to move on with her. Allison and he are different now. Gwen asks if she is since what happened in Vegas? Will thinks the only person she hurt was herself then. Gwen tries to explain that after Cleo and Jade, she just wants their lives to be about each other. She doesn’t want anymore problems in their lives.

Carly tells Kit how Silas tried to kill them actually, but luckily failed. Kit shakes her head; he can never do anything right. Why would she lure Jack to the cabin? She and Silas go back a long way and he didn’t try to pull the wool over her eyes. Carly demands that she tell her where they took JJ? She isn’t going to rat him out. She can tell the police then. Kit calls her bluff, or so she thinks, because she thinks she would have brought the police if they were involved. Carly unnerves her though when she explains that when Silas tried to kill them, he tried to achieve that by blowing up her nasty little cabin. The police are crawling around it sifting for evidence as they speak. Kit is stunned, as she mumbles to herself about what an idiot Silas is. She had nothing to do with what Silas is involved in. Carly just wants to know where her son is?

Gwen feels badly because she feels like the crazy jealous wife trying to keep her husband from his friends. Will laughs; it is ok with him. She doesn’t mean to guilt him into staying home. He knows she is just ‘nesting’. Gwen doesn’t like that term, but is happy he understands. He can’t believe that she would be jealous of Allison. He did have feelings for her, but that was a long time ago, and now he loves her. Gwen snuggles up next to him, but admits that she can’t this feeling that something is off. Will is sure that what is causing this is Iris.

Sophie doesn’t want to lose Aaron as a friend because other then Cole, he is the only friend she has. Her life is no longer as simple as whether she thinks she should leave Cole. What does she mean? Aaron wonders if Cole threatened her? No. She knows he has a temper, but he will change as soon as… her voice trails off. It is not about just her and Cole anymore. Aaron realizes what she is talking about; is she pregnant?

Brad is sitting behind Katie watching her scrub the floors. He teases her when he tells her that she missed a spot. Does she want to thank him now for getting Jack off her mind? She did stop thinking of him until he just said his name. She goes to dump the water in the kitchen sink and realizes there is a clog. He might have thrown ½ a pizza down there. Katie grabs the drain cleaner, but first takes off her ring and places it on the counter next to the sink. Brad comes over to help her out thinking she is doing it wrong when both of them knock the ring in the drain while the disposal is running. Katie is devastated, as she screams for Brad to turn it off. She tells Brad that ring is a sign of her and Jack’s future and how they are supposed to be together forever. It was just swept down the drain; that is a sign. Something bad is going to happen.

Carly demands Kit tell her where her son is? She doesn’t know, nor would she be keen on helping her anyway if she did. Carly slaps Kit hard; where is JJ? Kit isn’t going to answer so Carly punches her. Kit responds by hitting her. Kit heads for the door, but Carly stops her by breaking a bottle over her head.

Gwen admits that ever since they ran into her mom, she can’t stop thinking about her. Will thinks it is natural, but Gwen thinks her mother is the epitome of everything not natural. Will assures her that he won’t let Iris near her or their baby. She knows they are out of money, so the fact that she is trying to ingratiate herself in their lives, is what scares her.

At Al’s, Iris is ordering a Smoothie, as she jokes about not remembering how the other half lives. She looks up and sees someone sitting down at her table. She smiles and looks up to say hi to Cole, as he refers to her as his mom.

Sophie doesn’t want to make this into a big deal because she hasn’t even told Cole yet. It is a big deal though. She was just waiting until there was a less stressful time. She is sure the news will make him happy and that he will step up. Aaron remarks that she has a lot of faith in Cole after everything he has seen. She has to especially now that they are going to be parents. She thanks Aaron for listening and gives him a big hug, just as Allison is walking up.

Brad is under the sink taking apart the drain pipe. Katie is anxiously asking him if he can get to the ring? He is able to recover the ring, as Katie is thrilled, but upon closer inspection, he is nervous to have to hand over the mangled ring. When Katie sees the damage, she freaks out, but Brad tries to find the silver lining; the diamond is perfect still; all she has to do is fix the band. He adds that the diamond is like Jack – it has been through the ringer, taken a beating, but is still solid as a rock. Katie likes that comparison. He offers to help her get the ring fixed, but Katie is already one step ahead by saying that she and Jack will do it together when he comes home, as Brad hides his disappointment. Katie thanks him for getting her through this, as Brad jokes that he was drunk half the time. He hopes that he didn’t say anything embarrassing? He was fine. Brad walks in closer to Katie, as he talks about getting used to the fact that he is only going to be her brother-in-law. As he stands closer, Katie restates the obvious, as she seems uneasy as to how closely he is standing and possibly what she may be feeling, that her heart belongs to Jack.

Carly ties up Kit, as she threatens to call her friends who aren’t afraid of the police. Carly angrily tells her to go ahead and then yanks out the phone cord and all; she sarcastically snaps “Oops!” She is going to give her one last chance… where is JJ? A defiant Kit snarls that he is as good as gone. Carly assures her that she will not rest until she finds JJ, as she places take over Kit’s mouth and heads for the door. Outside, Carly pulls out the piece of paper with the address on it and starts to leave.

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