ATWT Update Monday 8/13/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/13/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Gwen and Willís Place)  Gwen is hungry and she eats while Will takes out the picture from the little picture frame that Sage made them and puts the sonogram inside the frame.  Will promises to put a collage Sage made on the refrigerator instead so that she feels like she helped with the decorations for the party.  Will is happy that he and Gwen finally told their friends about the baby because it helps him feel more like a father.  Gwen canít figure out why she is so hungry and Will jokes she might be eating for three instead of two, which makes Gwen, smile.  Will gives Gwen a present which is a t-shirt with the name Mergatroid on it.  Will also jokes that if she keeps eating like that he will have to get a second job in order to feed her and the baby.  Will and Gwen kiss and then she tells him she must have a milkshake now or else she will eat him.  Will proudly shows the waitress at Alís the sonogram of the baby.  Will thinks the baby is a boy because he can see it on the sonogram picture but Gwen reminds him it is too early to tell if the baby is a boy or a girl.  Iris arrives and instantly ruins Will and Gwenís happy mood as they both wonder why Iris is back in Oakdale.  Iris insists that she got tired of living the high life and missed her Gwennie but Will and Gwen suspect Iris is up to something they just donít know what it is yet.  The waitress comes back with Gwenís order of a hamburger, fries, onion rings, milkshake, and a free bowl of pickles and ice cream so Iris guesses that Gwen is pregnant.  Iris tells Gwen she is happy that she is going to have a grandchild but Gwen makes it clear that she will not come anywhere near her child because she would be a lousy grandmother.  Gwen and Will ask Iris to leave and she does, telling Gwen that it is her loss if she doesnít want to have a relationship with her.  Gwen continues to eat but she is sad and admits to Will that she wishes she had a normal mother with whom to share this pregnancy.  She wants a mother who would tell her stories of the things she liked to eat when she was pregnant with her.  Will assures Gwen that he wonít allow Iris to hurt her or the baby.  Iris calls someone to say that she has returned to Oakdale just as the person asked and that things are going to get a lot more interesting in town. 

(Lakeview)  Sophie tells Aaron that she thought the hotel was respectable but someone just asked her for sex on the bar.  Aaron smiles and tells Sophie sex on the bar is a drink and explains to her how to make the drink.  Sophie feels embarrassed but Aaron assures her that she will learn how things work the more she works at the bar.  Sophie borrows the bar phone to call her boyfriend, Cole, and invite him to a picnic in Old Town.  Cole is not happy that Sophie is bothering him while he is working on writing a song.  Sophie tells Cole she is happy for him and asks him to go to the picnic.  Cole tells her he will meet her in Old Town if that will get her to stop whining and hangs up the phone.  Sophie explains to Aaron that Cole is a songwriter who works at a gas station while he waits for his big break to happen.  Aaron still doesnít like Cole very much and Sophie tells him that Cole might seem rude but he only gets that way when he is under a lot of stress but when they are alone together he is very sweet and loving.  Aaron helps Sophie pick out some of the best food on the menu for her picnic and then he takes her to Old town since she doesnít know how to get there. 

(Old Town)  Aaron and Sophie arrive and Cole is nowhere to be found but arrives a few minutes later and apologizes to Sophie for being late.  Aaron tells Cole not to get upset that he and Sophie are just friends from work and he was just keeping her company so she wouldnít have to wait alone.  Aaron leaves Cole and Sophie alone but finds a spot where he canít be seen to watch them because he doesnít like how Cole treats Sophie.  Cole is excited that he finally figured out the bridge to the new song he is writing and explains that he canít stay because he needs to get back to finish the song before his inspiration is gone.  Sophie makes a joke and tells Cole that she is sure that even Beyoncť would make a little time to spend with her boyfriend.  Cole starts yelling at Sophie because he thinks she is making fun of him and never understands his career choice.  Sophie apologizes and tells Cole that isnít what she meant at all and asks him to calm down and stay with her.  Cole gets up to leave and throws the picnic basket with all the food aside.  Aaron gets out of his hiding spot to defend Sophie.  Cole gets even angrier because now he is sure Aaron has feelings for Sophie but Aaron tells Cole that it just makes him upset to see Sophie treated so badly by him.  Aaron tells Cole that someone should have taught him how to respect women but since nobody taught him about this, he is more then willing to do the job.  Cole tells Aaron he hasnít like him from the first day they met so he is more then ready to teach him a lesson of his own. 

(Farm)  Brad loses his pants to Katie and insists that he wonít get up from the table until he has won a hand of cards.  Katie puts a stop to the game and tells Brad she wonít let him lose any more clothes to her.  Katie turns around and notices Brad has passed out with his head on the kitchen table so she goes to find Bradís shirt and covers his shoulders with it.  Katie goes to the kitchen and empties the rest of the booze down the drain.  Brad comes up behind her and they almost kiss but Katie gently tells Brad no because she loves Jack.  Brad wonders if he would have a shot if Jack werenít in the picture but Katie reminds him that isnít an issue because Jack is her life.  Katie goes to finish cleaning up the kitchen and calls Jack to leave a message on his voicemail.  Katie tells Jack she hopes that he found J.J. and that Carly isnít causing him any trouble by doing things on her own without his help.  Katie finishes the message by telling Jack she loves him and she hopes that he comes home safely. 

(Kitís cabin)  Jack and Carly are having trouble getting themselves free from the handcuffs until Jack notices that Carly has a hair pin in her hair so he takes the hair pin out with his mouth and then drops it on the floor by Carlyís hand so she can pick it up and place it in his hand.  Silas arrives just as Jack starts to work on the lock to the handcuffs and wonders what the two lovebirds are doing.  Jack explains that they are just trying to get comfortable.  Jack asks Silas if they can talk about letting J.J. go home with his mother.  Silas explains that Les saved his life in prison when some prisoners wanted to gut him so he feels as if it is his duty to raise J.J., as Les would have if Jack hadnít killed him.  Jack tells Silas he understands how he feels because he lost his best friend recently and he wanted to get revenge on the people who killed him but he shouldnít make J.J. suffer because Les died.  Silas gets angry with Jack for saying that being raised by him would make J.J. suffer so he pours gasoline around the chairs where Jack and Carly are sitting and lights a match.  Silas tells Jack and Carly they need to make peace with their maker then he throws the match on the floor and shuts the door.  A panicked Carly begins to scream and cry but Jack tells her to calm down because she will inhale too much smoke.  Jack works to pick the lock on the handcuffs with the pin.  Jack gets him and Carly free and then falls to the floor and passes out.  Carly screams for Jack to wake up as she drags him from the cabin just before the cabin explodes. 

(Cutting Edge bar)  Silas and Ava beg Kit to let them rent a trailer for them to hide from the cops with J.J.  Once Kit learns from Silas that J.J. is Jackís son, Kit doesnít want to be involved in the kidnapping of a copís kid so she tells them she wonít rent them anything.  Silas reminds Kit how many times he has helped her out of a mess so Kit gives them the keys to an abandoned building but tells them that if they get caught she doesnít know them. 

(Outside Kitís cabin)  Carly pleads for Jack to wake up as the FBI agent Jack contacted for back up explains to Carly they were not exactly sure where they were until they saw the explosion.  The FBI agent arrives with an ambulance for Jack, and Carly tells the agent that Silas held them hostage and intended to kill them by blowing up the cabin but they managed to get out in time.  Carly tells the agent they donít know where J.J. is but that Silas intends to keep him and raise him as his own child.  Jack finally awakens and pleads with Carly to go home because she almost died tonight and Parker and Sage need their mother.  Jack tells Carly to let the FBI handle things from here because they are the best.  Carly refuses to listen to Jack and insists that she and Jack will get J.J. home together.  Jack wonders what Carly is going to do and before the ambulance takes him away, Jack asks Carly not to do anything reckless. 

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