ATWT Update Friday 8/10/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/10/07


Written By Elayna

Carly unties JJ just in time to get him out of the door before he becomes trapped inside the cabin by Silas. Carly yells for JJ to run. They hear a gunshot and Ava returns with JJ. He is okay but he is still in the hands of the kidnappers. Silas ties Carly up and calls Kit at the bar. Jack is desperately trying to locate Carly while dealing with the demands of the bar owner Kit. When Kit receives a phone call and is looking at jack strangely he knows it is in regards to him. Silas needs her to help them one last time. Kit sends jack into the waiting hands of Silas. He almost pulls a fast one on Silas and has him at gunpoint but Silas yells over Jack’s shoulder for Ava” to get that boy away from here”. Jack’s fatherly instinct forces him to look giving Silas the opportunity to overpower Jack and take his gun. Now he has jack and Carly tied back to back. He leaves them to join Ava and JJ in the back room of the bar. Kit is upset that she has been drug into Silas’ mess so much and tells him to “go back to the cabin and take care of the cop and lady for good”

Jack and Carly have to work together to free themselves. They struggle and try to get at least one of them free of the handcuffs.

Katie is exhausted and wants to go home to bed but Brad asks a favor of her. He asks her to come to the farm with him and help him deal with Parker who has been a terror not listening to Brad or meg. Katie really wants to go home and wallow in self-pity but agrees to go. When they get to the farm Katie learns from Luke that Parker is at a sleep over at a friends house. Brad pretends to be upset that Parker went without permission and using this as just one example but Luke asks him what he is talking about. Brad plays dumb when Luke reminds brad he gave Parker permission that morning. Katie gets upset that once again brad played her. Brad follows her out to the porch where they get to the root of Katie’s problems. Katie is feeling insecure about carly going with Jack to save JJ and feeling selfish she never got one second with Jack to celebrate their engagement. Brad thinks her emotions are justified and makes a deal with her if she will forget about his little white lie he told to get her out to the farm he will celebrate her engagement with her. She agrees and they go in to play poker and drink blueberry wine. Katie is having a good time kicking brad’s butt at poker. When he runs out of money he makes it interesting , peeling off his shirt and dancing around the kitchen. Katie smiles and blushes.

Lily is excited to give Holden his birthday present earlier. Holden likes the gift but turns to her telling her it will not erase the fact that she paid JJ’s ransom behind his back. Faith is watching as they argue over Lily’s constant hiding of things and secrets. When faith and Lily are alone at Al’s Faith ask if Lily and Holden are getting a divorce. Lily tells he of course not things are fine, then goes back to acting like nothing in the world is wrong. When Faith calls her out on the way she is acting again when it’s obvious things aren’t fine Lily promises she and Holden are not getting a divorce. Faith gets a phone call from a girlfriend inviting her to a barbeque. Lily gives faith permission to go. When Holden returns to the table Lily tells him how concerned Faith is that they are getting a divorce. All Holden says is “Hmmmp” Lily becomes on edge at his reaction and asks him to please tell her that she was telling Faith the truth when she promised that they weren’t getting a divorce. Holden readdresses his same issue he always has with Lily and it never seems to sink in. she doesn’t tell him anything and when a major family crisis is going on he has to pry information out of her and it is always too late. Lily blames her time in rehab for her recent behavior claiming she was forced to face the loss of Rose and all that she never got a chance to do with Rose. Holden doesn’t buy it and certainly won’t accept that excuse because she only knew rose three years but he has known her almost their entire lives.

Lily confides she also has the fear that if she relies on him too much or she tells him everything he won’t want her anymore. Holden explains he wants to be that for her and she has got to trust him and for some reason somewhere along the line she lost her trust in him. Lily swears she does trust him she is just afraid she can’t stand on her own until it is too late and she screws up. Without trust we don’t have a marriage Holden tells her. Lily promises no matter what big or small she will tell him everything from now on.

Noah pulls away and is uncomfortable when Maddie walks into the farm house and Noah is leaning on Luke. Noah tries to make a speedy exit with Maddie in tow but she wants to stay and visit with Luke or bring him along. Luke senses Noah’s discomfort and tells them to go along without him. Maddie immediately picks up that there is something wrong but both boys deny it.

In Old town as they eat ice cream Maddie brings the subject up again asking Noah if something happened. Noah is forcing himself to be more and more into Maddie. Everything is fine he just wanted to be alone with her. Out of the blue Noah asks Maddie to forgo her college plans and stay in Oakdale with him. Maddie is insulted and can’t believe he would ask her to let go of her dream. Noah is desperate to convince her to stay. Maddie even gets a little angry with Noah for making such a requests. He tries to compare Casey going to prison and her adjustment to life without him to the simple adjustment she would be making to stay in Oakdale with him. Maddie is really irritated that Noah would even begin to compare their relationship to what she had with Casey. When he continues to pressure her to stay she agrees to think about it just to shut him up, but Maddie is really disturbed he would make such an issue over something that he knew was so important to her.

Luke can’t get Noah and the moment they had in each other’s arms off his mind and turns to his writing to escape the thoughts and feelings.

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