ATWT Update Thursday 8/9/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/9/07


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(Lakeview)  Henry tells Vienna her accountant has taken all her money and left her broke.  Henry gives Vienna permission to leave him and find someone rich to be with so that she can continue to live in the lap of luxury.  Vienna tells Henry she will never leave him because she loves him and she would rather be with him then have all the money in the world.  Vienna tells Henry that he can go back to driving a limo and she will soon be famous for her massage technique.  Henry and Vienna make love to try and forget about their problems for a little while. 

(Gwen and Willís house)  Noah explains to Luke that his father wouldnít approve of two young people his age having a baby even if they are married because he is very old-fashioned and strict in his beliefs.  Alison tells Maddie and Gwen that she was a waitress in Los Angeles, which she waited for her big break in acting.  Maddie tells Alison that she heard a rumor about her but it doesnít matter now.  Alison wants to clear up the rumor and asks Maddie to tell her what she heard and she will tell her if the rumor is true.  Dusty arrives and tells Alison to stop thinking about the past and concentrate on the party.  Gwen and Maddie drop the subject and wish Gwen and Will well about the baby.  Will makes a toast to his baby and Gwen, who has taught him how to be happy even though he has lost so many people he loves this year.  Will also tells Dusty that he will always be a part of his family and be an uncle to his child.  Dusty decides to leave shortly after the toast and so does Alison because she has the late shift at the diner.  Maddie and Noah decide to go to the Snyder pond and have a swim to cool off because it is a hot night.  Maddie gets a call from Vienna who wants her to come over and try to cheer up Henry who is depressed about their money problems.  Maddie tells the guys they will have to go to the pond alone because she has to go see Henry.  Luke and Noah offer to help clean up but Will and Gwen tell them they donít have to do that and tell them to have fun at the pond.  Luke tells Noah that he doesnít have to go to the farm and he can do it another day if he wants to wait and go with Maddie.  Noah explains to Luke that the air conditioner at his place doesnít work and he would love a chance to cool off.

(Kitís cabin)  Silas, Ava, and J.J. arrive at a very dirty cabin and Ava complains about the cabin being filthy.  Ava is also angry that the stove doesnít work and she tells Silas that if he doesnít get the stove fixed she will leave him. 

(Cutting Edge bar)  Carly stops a jerk from grabbing her and trying to kiss her.  Jack is impressed by how Carly handles herself with the guy.  Carly tells Jack those guys donít scare her, but she is scared about a guy like that touching J.J.  Jack tells her not to think about that and to concentrate on keeping her eyes and ears open for clues.  Jack tells Carly not to try to play the hero and not follow any clues without his help.  Carly promises not to make any more mistakes and let him be the hero.  Kit arrives and tells Carly that her husband has been lying to her ever since he arrived at the bar.  Kit tells Carly that she heard Jack outside talking to some bimbo.  Carly tells Kit that Jack was talking to his sister and still loves her as much or more then ever.  Kit sends Jack to get a load of ice for the bar and before he leaves, Jack reminds Carly to call him if she finds out any information about J.J. 

(Kitís cabin)  Silas ties up J.J. who refuses to answer to the name Jacob and he tells him that Jack and Carly are his parents.  Silas gets very mad and starts to hit J.J. but stops himself because Ava reminds him he must call Kit.  Silas calls Kit who promises to come show Silas how to turn on the pilot light on the stove.  Carly tries to call Jack but he has no service on his phone so his voicemail picks up.  Carly decides to follow Kit on her own because she must find J.J. and save him from Silas. 

(Alís Diner)  Alison arrives for her shift and tells Dusty that it wasnít hard to see that he was missing Jennifer and Johnny tonight.  Alison gives Dusty a piece of banana cream pie with coffee ice cream on top because he got used to eating coffee ice cream when he went to get ice cream cones with Emily.  Alison apologizes for her part in having Emily leave town.  Dusty tells Alison he is happy that Gwen and Will are having a baby but it just made him miss Johnny. 

(Lakeview)  Vienna tells Maddie about her and Henryís money troubles and that Henry is a little sad and worried about their situation.)  Vienna orders what to her is a cheap bottle of champagne but it is still a very expensive bottle of champagne.  Henry arrives and tells Maddie that he and Vienna might have to go live in the closet of her dorm room when she goes to school.  Maddie tells Henry she loves him and she can give up her hotel room if that will help them.  Henry and Vienna refuse to kick Maddie out of her room.  Maddie tells Henry that he and Vienna must work out this problem themselves so she goes to get her bathing suit to meet Noah and Luke at the farm. 

(Gwen and Willís house)  Gwen and Will come up with a temporary name for the baby: Mergatroid.  Gwen and Will wonder if they will be good parents and they worry about Jack, Carly, and J.J.

(Kitís cabin)  Silas sends J.J. to the back room and tells him not to make any noise or he will be sorry.  Kit arrives to show Silas how to work the pilot light on the stove.  While their back is turned, Carly sneaks in the cabin and finds a hiding place.  Once Kit is gone, Silas and Ava tie up J.J. while they go and get wood. 

(Farm)  Luke allows Noah borrows a bathing suit and Noah thinks his mother would have enjoyed the farm.  Noah tells Luke he would have to write the screenplay for the movie.  Noah tells Luke that he always used movies as a way to escape his life full of rules.  The guys swim in the pond and after the swim, they raid the refrigerator and have a towel fight.  Noah and Luke share a close moment after the towel fight that lasts for a few minutes.

(Cutting edge bar)  Kit tells Jack that Carly took off and she thinks she probably left him because he is a no good cheater.  Jack checks his cell phone and sees that he has one missed call. 

(Kitís cabin)  Carly rushes in and unties J.J. and before she and J.J can escape, Silas and Ava come back inside the cabin.

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