ATWT Update Wednesday 8/8/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/8/07


Written By Elayna

At home, Will is listening to the answering machine with Sage; it is Jack and Carly sugarcoating how the search for JJ is going. Sage wonders why grownups always pretend that everything is ok when it isn’t necessarily. Will surmises it is try to get through the bad stuff. Will tries to divert her attention; he has thought of a name for the baby – how about Mini Mae Munson? Sage giggles, as Gwen walks in and wonders how everyone is? They were just talking. Gwen tells them that she has good news because she just came from the doctor and everything is ok with their baby; Will jumps up and hugs her tightly. She pulls out an ultrasound and shows it to him. Does it make him a bad father if he can’t find where his baby is in the picture? Sage looks at the picture and quickly points the baby out, as they all smile.

At WOAK, Noah and Luke are talking as Luke is putting down the monologue that he is writing. He shouldn’t be so hard on himself, Noah suggests. Noah broaches the subject of taking time off. Luke thought he needed all the money he could get? He does, but it looks like he is going to be sticking around afterall, and he needed to get away for a bit. Luke nervously asks if it is because of what he admitted to him? Noah assures him that it isn’t about him. It is about he, Maddie, and their plans to go away, as Maddie walks in. Luke hides his feelings.

Downtown, Allison and Susan are walking and talking. They talk honestly about getting and staying sober. They both agree that it is very easy to fool yourself. Susan laments that she wishes that they shared other things in common besides addiction. Allison makes a joke out of it. Susan takes this opportunity to ask Allison if she would entertain the thought of moving back home? Allison looks at her without saying anything.

At Montgomery Enterprises, Lucinda is being disparaging to Meg; why would they assume she could be a competent CEO? Craig intercedes on her behalf and starts challenging Lucinda, which ends up once again with insults being hurled at each other. Meg takes the opportunity to get up and walk out silently. Craig follows her, but Meg has no interest in going back inside. She shouldn’t be scared. She isn’t, she snaps; she is repulsed by their behavior. She will not be in the middle of their tug of war. She is finally really understanding what is going on; she knew that he took Lucinda’s Company as an act of revenge, but now she sees that by shoving her in Lucinda’s face with her lack of any experience, so Lucinda can have a front row seat to Meg ruining her life’s work is really just the icing on the cake; he has outdone himself this time.

At the hospital, Paul is harassing the doctor by asking repeatedly when he thinks the medicine will work? If there has been any change? What his opinion is on Rosanna’s waking up? The doctor can’t give him any definite answers, but they may see some changes within an hour. It was important that she said that man’s name, the doctor says. After the doctor leaves, Paul leans down next to Rosanna and tells her that he knows that she is in there thinking and listening. He takes her hand; he is going to stay until she comes back.

Allison walks back over with some drinks; Susan thinks that her sudden desire to get them Lattes is her way of avoiding the question. Allison teases her saying that she is now going to speak for her? She just figures that she wants to be treated as an adult then she had better start acting like one. She is not trying to get away from her though. Susan understands but asks that the next time they take in a meeting, maybe they could do dinner after? Allison readily agrees.

Sage asks Will and Gwen if she can tell her friends about the new baby? It will give everyone something happy to think about rather then on how JJ is still missing. Gwen hesitates because they haven’t told anyone, but Will thinks that since the doctor gave them the thumbs up, then maybe they should start sharing this news with friends and family. Sage is excited that they are going to plan a party. After she leaves the room, Gwen tells Will how impressed she is with how he is bonding with Sage. He feels blessed right now. The only thing left to wish for is that Paul would come home soon.

Paul tells Rosanna that the world just doesn’t seem as nice when she is not a part of it. When Craig tried to kill her, she used all her strength to do the right thing and tell the truth. He needs her to tap into that strength again and open her eyes.

Craig admits that he and Lucinda are cut from the same cloth, but he really feels that she can do some good with the Company. Meg explains that she can’t answer the questions that Lucinda is asking. Craig smiles – either can she or he for that matter; they fake it. He is doing it again. What? He is making her like him when she wants to hate him. Craig stares and then he says firmly that afterall Lucinda has done and said to her, she can’t let Lucinda run her out. Lucinda walks outside and asks Meg if she can call her a car? No, as she tells Lucinda to get the hell out of her way, as she stalks back into the boardroom.

Luke asks where they are going? They are going to the Indy Music Festival. Maddie asks if he wants to come? He sarcastically tells her why he doesn’t think it would be best for him to go. Maddie teases him about being a jerk so they won’t miss him. Luke awkwardly answers that is what his plan is – always thinking of others. He leaves and Luke again confuses Noah. Maddie thinks it is hard to be a third wheel. Noah remarks about how Luke thinks a relationship lands in people’s lap. He lives in his head, as Maddie understands because she lived there for a long time too. He really likes Luke, but he is always walking away. Gwen bounces happily into the office; she has something she wants to ask them. Maddie goes to get Luke. After she leaves, Noah tells her how he and Maddie are going to the Music Festival and how she should get onto the circuit. She picks up a picture of JJ and holds her stomach. She has a few other items on her plate right now, she adds with a smile. When Luke comes in with Maddie, Gwen asks them all to a party at her house with a surprise theme. Luke immediately tells her that he won’t be able to make it, as Noah watches him.

Allison and Susan are walking and bonding when suddenly Allison tells her that the way they have been talking today is different then ever before. It feels nice; she thinks that she wants to give them a second chance. Susan is confused, but Allison explains that if they can talk about all sorts of other things the way they are now, and then she really thinks it will work. Susan is thrilled and agrees; she will see her later at home. Allison sees Will walking with Sage carrying a box of cupcakes for a party. Sage goes to talk with one of her friends. Allison takes the opportunity to tell him how sorry she was to hear about Paul. Will appreciates that. Allison is worried that she was partly to blame for his death though. Will looks confused.

Lucinda continues with the smart alec remarks, saying that she can’t wait to see what the instant MBA CEO has to say. Can she retain anything from her cram session with Craig? Meg starts to weave a heartfelt tale about small businesses and how employer’s treatment affects employees thus creating a vicious circle. They are trying to increase their profit by cutting back on employees and the ones that they keep or bring on for less pay are poorly trained and lack the benefits they truly need. She has been on the other side of the coin then the people in the room and she feels that she brings a different prospective. If they give her a chance, she can turn things around. Lucinda looks around the table and sees the Board members really listening to her. They announce they are ready for a vote, as Craig adds snidely that they should also be ready for a change.

Paul beseeches Rosanna to open her eyes and talk to him. When she doesn’t, a frustrated Paul wonders why she would? He wasn’t there and couldn’t help her when she needed him. The truth is, she doesn’t need him, but rather that he needs her. He lays her hand down and starts to get up, but Rosanna reaches slowly up with her hand and touches his arm, as her eyes flutter open.

Allison explains briefly how she was high when she was helping Paul and that led to Craig finding out what they were up to. A guilty feeling Will tells her that it isn’t her fault; it isn’t even Craig’s fault. He changes the subject; he heard Aaron was back in town. Allison grimaces. He is, and they got back together for like 10 minutes, but then she did something to screw it up. Will smiles; everything seems to be her fault these days…what about Global warming? She smiles; he shouldn’t be the one doing the cheering up because he just lost his brother. Will changes the subject again; he and Gwen are having a party and he would like her to come; they have good news. Allison accepts because it is time for a change of pace.

Maddie is trying to convince Luke to come to the party. Gwen guilts him as well by saying it is for Sage to get her mind off of JJ. Luke gives in; he didn’t mean to be a downer. Gwen teases him saying that they are used to it. He declares smiling that he needs new friends. He is going to finish up his work so he is free later and Noah goes with him. Gwen asks Maddie about she and Noah going to the Music Festival. Maddie downplays it; it isn’t serious since she will be going away soon anyhow. Gwen thinks it is ok to enjoy time with someone who is cute and shares the same interests. Maddie isn’t thinking long term… not like she was with Casey. She realizes that she shouldn’t be comparing them, but with Casey, it just came naturally and easily, but with Noah, it feels somewhat forced.

Lucinda wonders if the Board members have lost their minds? They are considering letting an incompetent nurse run the Company. Meg exclaims that she can insult her all she wants, but she isn’t refuting what she has said – the need solutions. Craig and Lucinda take loud jabs at one another again when Meg stops them. This is not the place for a battleground between these two, she snaps. She may sneer at her for being a nurse, but when someone codes in the ICU, they are forced to keep a level head regardless if they are upset or mad. This business should not be an ego trip. The Board members applaud her, but Meg just wants them to vote. Everyone in the room except for Lucinda raises her hand to keep Meg as CEO. Lucinda gets up from the table and paces. After the other members have left, Lucinda tells Meg that she underestimated her, but in turn, she has underestimated the situation. She may thinks she has pulled off a coup, but she is forgetting that she has aligned herself with the likes of Craig, and in the process, she is going to lose her soul. Meg looks after Lucinda unsure if she is accurate.

Paul tells a half-conscious Rosanna that she is probably confused to see him there, but he is going to stay as long as it takes to get her better. They are going to get it right this time. Rosanna smiles faintly and then closes her eyes again.

Will starts to tell Gwen about inviting Allison when Sage interrupts asking if she can go to a friend’s house? They thought she was excited about the party? She is, but the planning was the best part. Now it is only going to be a bunch of grownups sitting around talking. Will and Gwen smile at being considered boring. Will offers to walk Sage to her friend’s house. Gwen is looking at her ultrasound when there is a knock. She opens the door to find Allison there. Allison can tell that she is surprised; Will obviously didn’t tell her that he invited her. Gwen smiles; it is fine and she wants her to come in. Allison jokes about their house having an interesting color scheme with pink and blue balloons and storks. As she is saying this, she realizes what it is implying, but Maddie, who had walked in with Noah behind her, is the one to verbalize it, as she rushes over and hugs Gwen exclaiming that she must be pregnant. Noah, who is standing next to Allison, introduces himself. Maddie whispers to Gwen asking what she is doing there, as Allison looks awkward?

At Al’s, Susan and Bob have grabbed a seat and are talking. She realizes that her irresponsible actions have consequences. Bob unfortunately has to agree. Ever since what happened with Meg, the Board has been under review. Even after all is said and done with that fiasco, he is sure that the O’Shaughnnessy family will be filing a wrongful death suit. Susan thinks that she knows where Bob is going with this; she will tender her resignation immediately. Bob tells her to hold it. Susan apologizes for having put him in this position.

Paul tells the doctor that Rosanna opened her eyes and smiled. Doesn’t that mean the medicine is working? The doctor is not able to give him a straight answer, which aggravates Paul. What they are experimenting with in Rosanna’s case is very unscientific. They aren’t even sure that if his wife wakes up, how long she will be awake for. Rosanna experiencing a full recovery is not a guarantee.

At the Lakeview, Craig orders champagne for the new CEO. He isn’t mad, Meg asks? No. When she tore him apart, it was a brilliant strategy. That was the point when she won the members over. She neutralized he and Lucinda and she was the only other viable option. She did mean what she said, Meg explains. She is right about him. It doesn’t instill a desire in him to change? No, because it never seems to stick. He raises his glass to toast the new CEO of Montgomery Enterprises; here is to Ms. Meg… and this is the tricky part. What is her last name? Meg answers that she was voted in as Meg Montgomery; they think they have a real marriage. Craig thinks it is time to talk about what they don’t seem to want to talk about – the papers – as he pats his coat pocket. He has signed them, all that is left on her part is to sign on the dotted line, and this ride is over. Meg stares at him confused.

Bob explains that they are only suspending her; that way, it is only temporary. They will document her drinking, but then they will also note that she is going to meetings. This is not a unique situation, but he needs to handle it by the book. When can she get her job back? They will have to play it by ear. Susan smiles; getting sober is a full time job, so it is probably for the best. He wishes he could do more for her. He has done more then he needed. A lot of things don’t make sense to her these days, but work has always remained a constant source of stability and he is to thank for that. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Gwen and Maddie are talking in the bedroom. Gwen wonders why she is acting weird about Allison? She doesn’t even know that much about her, right? Maddie tries to change the subject, but Gwen presses her. Maddie tells her that she heard that when Allison was in Las Vegas, she was doing porn movies. Allison is walking in the room from behind; she tells Maddie that if she has something to say then she should say it to her face.

Craig is trying to make light of this to hide his real feelings; he had the Board convinced they had a real marriage, he says laughing. All she needs to do is take his pen and the sham will end on both their parts. This is her get out of jail free card, as he holds out the pen and papers. He does not want her to feel tied to him. She can sign them and stick them in a drawer somewhere so she knows she has an out. Meg still does nothing, so Craig goes on; she is free. Meg quietly answers that the hell she is, as she rips up the papers to Craig’s shock.

Paul is back at Rosanna’s bedside. He knows she is going to come back. She will take back her life that Craig took from her. Together they will make Craig pay for what he has done, as he takes her hand to hold it again.

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