ATWT Update Tuesday 8/7/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/7/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Switzerland)  Rosannaís nurse notices that Rosanna has opened her eyes and quickly calls the doctor to come check on her.  The nurse tells him Rosannaís husband was just there but he left a few minutes ago.  The doctor asks the nurse to try to call him back to tell him about the change in Rosannaís condition.  The nurse calls Craigís phone and Meg answers it because Craig is busy looking over papers for the board meeting.  The nurse asks for Craig and when Meg tells him he is busy, the nurse tells him he has news about his wife.  Paul returns from looking for information about a cab and, after a few minutes of Paul not listening to her, the nurse manages to tell Paul there has been a change in Rosannaís condition.  Paul rushes into Rosannaís room and the doctor tells him that Rosanna woke up and said the name Paul.  The doctor also tells Paul, who is pretending to be Craig in order to see Rosanna, that Rosanna started responding to stimuli on July 30 but they have been unable to reach him to discuss the best treatment for his wife.  The doctor explains that a new experimental drug that could awaken Rosanna is available but she may die or not wake up at all.  The doctor also tells Paul that Rosanna could awaken but have other side effects and reactions but they donít know for sure what those effects could be because the drug hasnít been tested on humans.  Paul gives his consent to the doctor so that he can give Rosanna the drug.  He also tells the doctor to do whatever he must to keep Rosanna alive.  Paul tells Rosanna how she helped him come out of a coma because he had a dream about her.  Paul is convinced that Rosanna brought him out of the coma on July 30 so that he could help her come out of her coma.  Paul holds Rosannaís hand and begs her to wake up and come back to him.  A few minutes later the doctor returns and gives the shot of the experimental drug to Rosanna with Paul still in the room hoping that this drug will awaken Rosanna. 

(Farm)  Meg is disturbed by the call from Rosannaís nurse and canít believe Craig isnít interested in finding out why the hospital called him.  Craig tells Meg not to worry because the call is probably about the bill and he will take care of it later but now they must concentrate on getting ready for the board meeting. 

(Worldwide)  Lucinda talks to one of the board members and tells him that Craig plans to use his new wife as a figurehead and run everything from behind the scenes.  The board member thinks that Craig is smart to let Meg run the company.  Craig and Meg arrive and Lucinda is determined to prove that Meg isnít qualified to run the company.  Lucinda points out that Meg was fired from her job at the hospital because of an ethical violation and she was even unable to keep a job as a waitress at Alís Diner.  Meg asks to speak because she has some ideas for the companyís latest acquisition-Consolidated Foods.  Meg begins to explain that she wants to turn the company into a non-profit, giving the profits to women in third world countries to teach them how to grow their own crops.  Lucinda makes Meg nervous and she loses her place in her notes so Craig jumps in to explain the plan to the board.  Lucinda then points out to the board that Meg isnít even capable of explaining her idea and Craig will always need to help her.  Meg asks to speak again and Lucinda tells her she has wasted enough of the boardís time.  One of the board members tells Lucinda that he wants to hear more about Megís plans for Worldwide. 

(Idaho)  Carly tells Jack that since they have found J.J.ís ID and library card they should push Kit to tell them what she knows about Silas and Ava.  Jack tells Carly that this time they are going to do things his way so they can get their son home safely.  Jack tells Carly to gain Kitís trust so that they might find some information about Silas and Ava.  Jack tells Carly he is going to go downstairs to the car and call the FBI and the local police and ask them to stay in the background and be ready to help once he is ready for them.  Jack and Carly go downstairs and Jack goes outside telling Lee he is going to get some beers he has in a cooler.  Jack calls the local police and FBI and once he hangs up with them, he calls Katie to tell her thank you for the wonderful lead because it turned out to be wonderful and they are close to finding J.J.  Katie is curious whom he is working with and Jack tells her that Carly showed up and now they are both undercover as husband and wife.  Jack tells Katie he loves her and he will call when he has more news.  Carly tries to gently question Kit about the people who live in the little town but she makes it clear that although she knows everything about their lives, she has learned to keep details private for her own good.  Frank the busboy and handyman arrives late for work and Carly begins to flirt with him.  Carly turns on the charm and once she has promised Frank a date after work, he tells Carly about an ex-con friend of Kitís who arrived with their whiney brat of a twelve or 13-year old kid.  Jack arrives and Carly whispers to him what Frank told her and that she thinks she has a way to find J.J.  Carly wants to get close to Frank and see if he gives her more information.  Jack thinks that she should continue to try to gain Kitís trust.  Kit hears her name and Carly tells her that she and Ned have made up so Kit asks them to leave the bar because she needs the back room.  Kit discovers that Frank is stealing from her and fires him.  Once Kit throws Frank out of the bar, Carly offers her services as bartender and Jackís services as handyman and busboy.  Kit takes her up on her offer because she needs the help.  Carly and Jack discuss what to do from here and when Carly hears somebody open the back door of the bar, she takes advantage of the fact that she and Jack are undercover and gives Jack a passionate kiss. 

(TV Station)  Katie is upset because Jack is in Idaho with Carly so she is in a bad mood.  Brad tries to cheer her up by having a martial arts expert show what she would do if he attacked her.  The martial arts lady takes Bradís challenge and when he comes up behind her, she immediately does a karate-style flip which lands Brad on the floor hard.  The martial arts lady tells Brad she is sorry she hurt him and Katie smiles when she sees Brad on the floor.  Brad puts a pack of frozen peas on his aching and bruised head to end the segment on the show.  Katie thanks Brad for making her forget for a few minutes about her problems and Brad tells her he was glad he could make her laugh even if he had to make a fool of himself to do it.

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