ATWT Update Monday 8/6/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/6/07


Written By Elayna

At Will and Gwen’s, Barbara knocks and Gwen opens the door quickly greeting her with a big hug. Are she and the baby fine, Barbara asks? We are fine, as Gwen starts to babble a little. Barbara worriedly asks if she and Will fought? Gwen falls to the couch and seems to be on the verge of tears. Just then, Will walks in with some groceries. He sees Gwen looking emotional and asks if she is ok? She just wants him to stop worrying about her; he isn’t even sleeping and she wants Barbara to help convince him to take better care of himself. Will wants her not to worry about him because he is fine; she is the pregnant one. They are going back and forth, as Barbara tries to intercede with her news. They seem to be wrapped up in this debate until Barbara tells them that she has good news – Paul is alive, as Will and Gwen’s mouths drop open.

At the hospital, Paul shows up to see Rosanna, but only family is allowed. Paul claims that he is her husband – Craig Montgomery. The nurse happily shows him into her room, as she addresses Rosanna as if she were awake telling her that she has a visitor. After she leaves, Paul explains that he lied to get into see her. He had to come because he saw her in a vision and she has been on his mind ever since. She was trying to give him a message and now it is his turn. She needs to wake up!

Meg is at the Farm looking through her cookbook, as if miles away. She puts it down, goes to the oven and pulls out a pie – a burned pie – as she scowls. Craig calls wondering if she is going to make the meeting? She is. Why does she seem tense? Meg finally admits that she was making a pie. This is met with laughter, which makes Meg mad. Craig wants to know why Meg is making a pie? Everyone is so worried about JJ that she thought it would be a nice thing to do. Craig giggles; she thinks that is nice to subject her family to her cooking. His joking does not amuse Meg. She is capable of many things, but making a pie is not one of them. If she wants a pie, then she can buy 1,000 pies because she is a Mogul now. This is met by Meg hanging up the phone on him. Craig is about to call back, but he smiles gets up and leaves the restaurant on a mission.

In the back of the bar, Silas demands that JJ say the name he has now given him. His name is Jacob Jenkins. He defiantly repeats that his name is JJ Larrabee Snyder, and he wants to see his mom and dad. He better watch his tone because this is his new life now – with him as his father and Ava as his mother. He has a friend that is about to join them and he better behave himself. JJ doesn’t think they are going to hurt him because they want him as their son. They can always make a trip to the Farm though and hurt anyone there they want. JJ coils back and agrees… at least until his dad gets there.

In the bar, Jack walks in and asks for a beer, but the bartender is not interested in serving him, as the few burly men around her circle Jack at the same time. She thinks that he looks like a cop, and the last cop that stopped in her bar sniffing around disappeared. Jack tries to stay calm and claim he is simply looking for work, but he is not getting anywhere, so Jack tells them that he will be going then, as the men circle around him even closer. Before he leaves, she wants to know what he is in town for? Jack doesn’t seem to know what to say when a leather clad Carly appears in the door and announces that he is running from her. She walks towards him and slaps him on the face and tells him that was for cheating on her, and then back slaps him and tells him that is for thinking he could get away with it. Jack looks a cross between stunned and surprised.

Will repeats incredulously that Paul is alive? Then instantly is mad thinking that Paul intentionally led them to believe he was dead. Barbara quickly corrects him; there was no cover up; he barely survived the fall. He was seriously injured and was even in a coma. They had to ID him through his fingerprints. She wanted to tell them when she got the call, but at the time, she had no idea what she would be facing. Gwen reminds her that she didn’t need to go through it alone – they are family. Will wonders if he is going to be transferred to a hospital near Oakdale? Barbara explains he has progressed rapidly since her visit and has regained consciousness and has even been released. They are amazed – when will he be coming home? Barbara stalls, as she starts to explain. Will doesn’t understand why Paul isn’t with her. He had something to take care of. Will is annoyed – doesn’t he want to come back to the people that care about him? He only wants the three of them to know about his return from death. Gwen doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t want Meg to know since they were so in love? Barbara smiles sadly. Her name was the first one out of his mouth. Will realizes where this is going; what did she tell Paul? Barbara stalls and then admits to telling Paul that Meg is still married to Craig. Why would she do that? He needed to know what Meg was up to and how she had the audacity to bring Craig to Paul’s own Memorial. She wasn’t about to lie to him after he was brought back to them. Will wants to know then if they can at least call him? Barbara tries to explain that since Paul feels so lucky he wants to do some good. He is in Europe. Will realizes what he is doing. Isn’t it sick to go see Rosanna – in a twisted way it looks like he is trying to get back at Craig. He isn’t trying to do that; he had a feeling that he needed to help Rosanna, and that is what he is trying to do.

At the hospital, Paul sits by Rosanna’s bed; she is as beautiful as she has ever been. He goes onto tell her that he almost died and was stuck in between two worlds, and she helped him fight. It is her turn to fight now.

The bartender smiles; he should have simply told them that he was running from his wife because they had him pegged as a cop. The men want to hear about the other woman; why would he ever cheat on her? One of the bigger men tells Jack that he will take his wife since he doesn’t seem to want her – he will fight him for her. Jack glares at him and then sucker punches him. The bartender breaks it up and tells the man that he had it coming, as she separates them. This is her bar and she wants to give them some privacy, as the men disband. Carly and the bartender introduce themselves to one another; they are ‘Lee’ and Kit respectively. Kit wants to know what the other woman looked like? Jack tells her that they are going to leave, but Carly isn’t ready. Kit asks again, and Carly jokes that she was ok before, but now she has a couple of back eyes and some missing teeth, as Kit laughs. She can’t believe she thought he was a cop because now he is looking sneaky to her. Did he ever cheat before? Carly and Jack disagree. Did he ever hit her? They both agree that he wouldn’t do that at least. Kit thinks they should work things out. Carly tells her that they are going to sit and talk, as Kit tells her that the beers are on the house. Once they sit, Jack is immediately upset with Carly. He thought they agreed that she was going to stay behind and look after Parker and Sage. She changed her mind; he should be glad that she did. He will have an easier time finding JJ with her help then without it.

Kit walks into the back room and finds Silas, Ava and JJ; where did the kid come from, she snaps? Silas claims that he is their newly adopted son, but Kit looks suspicious. What took her so long? There was a bit of trouble in the bar. Were there cops? Kit angrily wonders if he is expecting cops? No. Silas changes the subject – he needs a place to stay. Kit explains that she still has the place, but it is isolated. They don’t mind that. Kit wonders what they are going to do with the kid going to school? They will home-school him. Kit agrees and then tells them they have to pay rent monthly and the first will be upfront. JJ quickly pulls out his wallet and tells them that he can help pay, but Ava is right by his side telling him to put away his wallet or else. Silas pulls out the money and pays her. Did he rob someone? He just smirks. She tells them where the house is and then leaves. After she leaves, Ava snarls at JJ for trying that trick. She pulls his wallet away from him and looks through it – he was trying to get her to see his library card and school ID. He better never try that again, as she rips up both items and tosses them in the trashcan. JJ snarls that he hates them, but Silas tells him that he should fear him, as they walk towards the back door.

Carly reminds Jack that when she walked in the, he was in trouble; she thought the cover she came up with was pretty good. She slapped him – twice. It was for effect. That was beside the point. A second pair of eyes would help in his search for JJ. Jack admits that she helped, but it doesn’t change anything – she needs to go home and he will continue to look for their son.

Paul is pleading with Rosanna to wake up; if she remembered what happened to cause her to be in a coma then she would wake up. If she got upset, then maybe she would wake up. He starts to relay the story; she just wanted to be a mom. She fell in love with the son she adopted. That was Gwen’s boy. Then she found out that Craig switched the babies to the one that he had with Jennifer. She called him and was frantically trying to get to him. Craig came after her and in her attempt to get away from Craig then she drove off the road. She still continues to fight. If she gives up now though, Craig will win. She can do this!

Craig arrives at the Farm with a big bag, but Meg is annoyed that he came prancing into her kitchen unannounced. Doesn’t he know manners? She started it when she hung up on him, he jokes. He was laughing at her cooking, she counters. She is not a cook. She snarls that she is going to love being annulled to him. She told everyone that she was making a pie. She can say thank you then, as he pulls out an Apple, Lemon Meringue and Peach pie. Meg glares. Which one would she like? She would like a Blueberry one; she answers clearly trying to be difficult. This is met with a broad smile; it is out in the car, as he heads for the door. Meg stops him; noone is going to believe she made them. She has to actually make the pie? Meg just stares at him in return. Craig takes off his jacket and starts to roll up his sleeves; they should get going because they have some time before their meeting. He picks up her cookbook and starts to thumb through it when Meg orders him to put it down. Why, he asks teasing her? She just wants him to give it to her. He holds it up above his head, as she tries to reach for it. Is it a family heirloom or a gift, as he looks at the front cover? He stops when he starts to read the message from Paul – “Someone as hot as her, needs to learn how to cook.” Craig grumbles and hands the book to Meg, who holds it close to her. Meg quietly explains that it was a joke between them. Craig tries to switch gears; who does she think she is as a person? She doesn’t get the question. What are her traits? Meg thinks for a moment; she is a daughter who always seems to disappoint her mother, an okay sister, a compassionate but unemployed nurse, an okay aunt, a terrible wife and a pretty good friend and good in bed. What does he think? He thinks she is excellent in bed, but then adds jokingly that maybe he is excellent and he makes her look good. She figures he would say that. What does he think? He starts to repeat her words, as Meg gets mad. He then adds however that she rarely gets anything right except for one thing. She is sure he is going to say something about sleeping together, but instead he tells her that she forgot that she is loved by her family, friends and patients…. and himself. She only ever sees what is lacking in herself, but always sees what is possible in the rest of them. Meg seems moved by his words, but rushes off claiming to need to wash her face. Should he leave while she is upstairs? He can do whatever he wants because he always does. After she leaves, a messenger comes to the door with an envelope for Meg. Craig signs for it and then can’t help himself so he looks at what she received. His face drops when he sees the annulment papers.

A stubborn Carly digs her heels in; she is not going anywhere. Every minute she is there, she puts JJ in danger Jack claims. It is a police investigation. Where is his backup or the FBI? He has it covered because he can’t afford to rattle the people that have JJ. She saw how the people in the bar responded to outsiders. She just needs to not be here. Carly stares at him; is it because Katie doesn’t want her to be? No, it is so he can concentrate on finding JJ and not worrying about protecting her. She doesn’t need his protection – Kit is on her side. Jack tries to remind her about Parker and Sage, but she reminds him that they also need him and JJ as well and she isn’t about to abandon either one of them. Jack tries another tactic; he will call the local cops on her. He will blow his cover, she counters. Kit comes over to make sure everything is ok. Jack answers her by saying that ‘Lee’ is leaving and he wants a room. Kit explains that she will either rent the room to the both of them or noone. Jack tries to pay her double, but it doesn’t work. Kit asks if they have kids? They have three, so Kit tells him that they owe it to their kids to work it out. Jack snaps that they aren’t even together anymore, but Kit explains that it is obvious that his wife wants to still be with him and she is not going to get in the way. Carly smirks at Jack,

Will is worried about Paul deluding himself into believing he can create a miracle with Rosanna since she has been in a coma for such a long time. Barbara isn’t sure that he can’t. Paul survived a fall that he shouldn’t have and the doctors told Gwen that she would never be able to have children; she thinks that miracles can happen. It isn’t going to hurt anyone. Gwen thinks it is going to hurt Meg when she finds out that Paul is alive, and that he didn’t tell her. None of them know why she is still with Craig, but she could have her reasons. Barbara is angry; she has been burned literally by Craig, and Meg is falling for him as so many before have done. She would never wish Craig on anyone, but she hopes he stays with Meg because wherever she goes he does and she has had enough of Craig for a lifetime. He has hurt everyone in their family and she doesn’t want Craig around anyone in her family ever again!

Meg comes back into the kitchen; did she hear someone at the door? She did, Craig stutters. There was a messenger with some papers. Craig tries to divert the line of questioning by suggesting she get him a slice of pie. When Meg asks again, what the papers are about, Craig walks over to them, touches the papers he tucked into his coat, then excuses himself for a moment and goes outside. Meg stares over in the direction of the papers that are sticking out of his jacket.

Paul tells Rosanna that he was just trying to help her, but he thinks that he is too late. He starts to get up when Rosanna suddenly tightens her grip on his hand. Paul yells at Rosanna to squeeze his hand again. There is no response so Paul continues to yell for her to come back. The nurse comes into the room hearing the commotion. The nurse explains to Paul that most likely Rosanna moved involuntarily. It happens with coma victims. Paul is sure that it is something else, but the nurse tells him that it has happened before. Paul is convinced that it is different. The nurse tells him that they will tell the doctor at least, but she is afraid to give him false hope. He is sure that she did it on purpose, but the nurse remains doubtful.

Kit takes Carly and Jack to the back room, which looks like a hole in the wall and tells them that they need to pay on a weekly basis. After she leaves, Jack spreads out his papers on the bed; this is a perfect location to search from without arising suspicions. Carly starts to look around the room, as she hesitantly tells him that this seems to be the only bed. Jack looks back at her nervously.

Meg keeps looking at the papers in Craig’s jacket, and she finally walks over to them and pulls them out to look at them. She sees that they are their annulment papers. Craig walks back into the kitchen and sees her with them, as Meg makes a valiant attempt to hide the fact that she was looking at them. Did she find what she was looking for?

Paul is staring at a still Rosanna; he should have told her this before… but he misses her. He hopes if she heard anything, he said to her today that would be it. He slowly heads for the door and leaves.

Carly tells Jack that she will take the floor, but he is sure that she won’t get any sleep thinking things are crawling on her. He can’t sleep on the floor since he is still recovering, she reminds him. In addition, JJ needs him strong. Jack takes a deep breath; they can share the bed; it will be fine, he unconvincingly states. Carly asks him if he is sure? Won’t Katie think that is a problem? She trusts him – now more then ever. Why? Before he left town, he went and proposed to her. He didn’t want to leave without doing that. Carly’s face goes ashen and her mouth drops open.

Craig wonders if Meg would like to review the papers? She awkwardly tells him that she already took a quick look. She could get her own copy if she needed? If she needed that, she could. Meg pauses for a moment, tells him that there is nothing in it that she needs right now and then asks Craig what about for him? He is good, as he looks at her strangely.

Will is worried about their baby boy, but Gwen teases him saying it good be a girl. They remark how they have to relax a little because their baby is going to grow up, drive a car, date… Their baby will also fall in love too or even get their heart broken. Will offers that their baby may be the heart breaker and not the heart breakee. Gwen asks does he mean like Meg? Will reminds her that they promised his mom that they wouldn’t say anything to her. She need not worry about her; it sounds like Paul will be back. She thought Barbara implied that he might not come back. He always comes back, Will remarks.

The nurse who only thinks that Paul is taking a lunch break meets him outside. He explains that he is heading home; there has been no change that he can see, and since the movement didn’t mean anything, there is nothing left for him to do there. The nurse thinks that he shouldn’t give up hope. Paul quietly answers that he will try not to forget that. Meanwhile, inside the room, Rosanna is lying in bed not moving when suddenly her eyes flutter open and she murmurs Paul’s name.

Carly tries to recover from Jack’s news. She swallows hard and tells him congratulations. He thanks her. They both must be so happy. He is. Carly tries to change the subject; she is going to clean up while he looks at his paperwork, as she picks up the trashcan. She is noticeably thrown, so Jack tells her that he shouldn’t have told her that news in that way. There is no other way he could have said it. She tries not to look into his eyes. Jack doesn’t know what to say other then to thank her for cleaning up. She heads out of the room, then rushes back in and dumps the contents of the trash can on the bed, as Jack asks her gruffly what she is doing? She picks up ripped up pieces of paper off the bed and shows Jack; JJ was here she says excitedly, as they look at JJ’s ID’s.

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