ATWT Update Friday 8/3/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/3/07


Written By Dani

Sage and Gwen play with Gwen’s old clothes from when she was in the band. Sage is having fun but turns sad when she finds a tie-dyed onesie that Gwen had bought for Johnny. Sage remembers Johnny was taken and never returned and wonders if that is what will happen with JJ. Gwen tells her about miracles that happen everyday, for example she and will are expecting a baby. Sage is excited and has a renewed sense of hope. Carly arrives with more hope. Carly tells them she and Jack think they know where JJ is and Jack is going to get him. Carly tells Gwen in private that she has a feeling there is something wrong Jack is acting too strange. Carly decides she is going with Jack no matter what he says. Gwen tries to talk Carly out of it but she has to go. Gwen asks what if something happens to you. Carly wants sage and Parker to know that both of their parents would do anything to make sure they were okay. Gwen can’t argue with that and agrees to watch parker and Sage.

Carly gets to the farm after Jack to tell Parker. Parker gets his typical attitude but understands that Carly must go and promises not to tell Jack. Parker is worried though he won’t admit it.

Katie finds a true sincere friend in brad as she worries about jack and JJ and even Carly for what she must feel as a mother. Brad comforts her, not for selfish reasons but because he really cares about Katie, Jack , and JJ. Katie is grateful for the friendship. After saying good-bye to Parker jack comes to WOAK to say good-bye to Katie. They talk about little unimportant things until Brad interceded and tells them to talk about what is important. Jack finally formally purposes to Katie who says yes. After Jack has left to catch his flight to Idaho Katie admits to brad she is the happiest she has ever been but also the most scared.

JJ is giving the kidnappers a hard time about taking him home. The male threatens him and tells him that he had better learn some manners. The female wants to dump JJ, they have the money so she doesn’t see why they need to hold onto him but the male promised Les that he would raise JJ as his own son and that is what he intends on doing.

Allison and Dusty confront Susan about her drinking at the hospital. Bob is made aware of the commotion amongst the family and tries to intervene. Embarrassed Susan makes the excuse she doesn’t feel well and agrees to leave with them. They take her to Al’s for a cup of coffee. Dusty excuses himself to let Allison and Susan talk. Susan is furious that either of them have the nerve to come to her place of work with their accusations. Allison doesn’t acknowledge she doubts for one minute that Susan isn’t drinking again. Susan admits she did have a couple of drinks over lunch and she had planned it days ago when she bought the bottle. Susan blames herself for all of Emily and Allison’s problems. Allison is mature and articulate as she tells Susan she hates her self the most for causing Susan to slip on her sobriety. Allison asks that Susan get sober and stay sober with her. She needs Susan to be the rock she has always been . Susan is hesitant but agrees to go to a meeting.

After the meeting Susan admits to bob that she had drank and came to work but she went to a meeting and she is committed to staying sober. Bob is proud of her for being strong enough to tell the truth. Allison goes to the Lake view to thank dusty for all of his help. Aaron walks upon them and gets an attitude not understanding what is really going on. It hurts Allison but she realizes she can’t run anymore from what Aaron thinks of her .

Aaron has already had a bad night after having a near physical confrontation with the over protective boyfriend of Sophie that is angry she is working after he told her not to. Aaron tries to explain things to Cole but it only makes things worse. When Sophie quickly steps in almost ashamed Aaron recognizes the dark haired beauty is being abused.

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