ATWT Update Thursday 8/2/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/2/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Lakeview) Vienna is very sad because she lost her money when the building that was going to be the spa exploded. Henry tries to persuade Vienna that things will be fine and she will find a better building for her spa. Vienna feels selfish because she is thinking about what she lost when Jack and Carly still haven’t found J.J. Henry gives Vienna a kiss and tells her she is the most unselfish person he knows, and it is perfectly natural that she should be sad about losing the building for her spa. Maddie arrives and from the look on her face, Vienna can tell she is having trouble with a boy, so Henry leaves because he doesn’t want to hear his little sister discuss her love life. Maddie tells Vienna that she slept with Noah and can’t understand why she got so annoyed when he called her his girlfriend. Maddie also tells Vienna that she still has feelings for Casey and can’t understand why she slept with Noah after only knowing him a couple of weeks. Vienna has a simple explanation for the way Maddie feels. Noah is her rebound guy, and she should enjoy her summer romance.

(Al’s Diner) Allison is a little upset with Susan, because she asked Aaron to check up on her especially since he isn’t her boyfriend anymore. Susan was just worried about her and wanted to make sure Allison was okay. Susan asks Allison not to be mad at her and gives her a hug before she goes to the hospital. Smelling alcohol on her mother’s breath, Allison asks her if she has been drinking. Hurt that Allison could think such a thing, Susan reminds her that she has never seen her take a drink her entire life. After Susan suggests that what she smelled on her breath was mouthwash, Allison apologizes for being so harsh. Allison asks to borrow her mother’s credit card, because she is a little short of cash until she gets paid the next day. Once Susan leaves the diner Allison calls the credit card company pretending to be Susan and asks to check the last few transactions, because her daughter borrowed her credit card. Then she calls Dusty and asks him to meet her at the diner, because she needs his help to find out the truth about Susan's suspected drinking.

(Hospital) Bob is surprised that Susan forgot about a patient consult she was supposed to have with him. She asks him to go on ahead, and she will catch up to him in a few minutes. Susan gives some files to a nurse then puts a breath mint in her mouth before going to catch up to Bob.

(TV Station) When Noah tells Luke that he isn’t gay, he appreciates his honesty about his feelings for him. Luke tells Noah that he knew he was straight when he caught him in bed with Maddie in Branson. Luke admits that he fell for a straight guy before, but once he told the guy about his feelings, they could never be friends again. Luke explains that he feels like the only gay guy in Oakdale and is tired of having to hide who he is to everyone except his family and friends. Luke sometimes feels like the poster child for the gay lifestyle who will be disappointing the entire gay population if he messes up. Luke is envious of Noah's friends who have someone special in their lives and thinks he will never find a special person for him. Noah knows exactly how Luke feels, because he and his dad moved around so much that he never had a chance to make friends. He didn't go out on many dates, because just when he was getting comfortable in a place, they would move again. Assuring Luke that he isn’t Kevin, Noah hopes they can still be friends.

(Police Station) Jack holds Carly and assures her they will find J.J. and bring him home safely. Jack then goes to check for news but returns shortly and reports to Carly that there are no new leads. Jack feels they need to be patient and wait, because he is sure they will get a lead soon. As Jack sits at his desk, Carly gives him two pain pills even though he insists he is okay.

(Old Town) A fan of Oakdale now tells Katie that she is a friend of Silas and Ava who may know where to find J.J. However, she doesn’t want to go to the police, because Silas is a very dangerous man. Pat Riley tells Katie that Silas may have gone to a big motorcycle race in Idaho, but he wouldn’t hide there because too many people go to the race and they may notice J.J. Pat advises Katie to tell the police to look for Silas at a biker bar called The Jagged Edge in a little town just outside Sturgess, Idaho where the motorcycle race is held every year. Pat asks Katie to autograph a part of her body that nobody sees, because she is thinking about getting a new tattoo.

(Police Station) Carly looks at a picture on Jack’s desk of Parker, J.J., and Sage with Jack, which was taken on Father’s Day, and notices how happy they all were then. When Jack wonders how the kids got his favorite pizza in the house without him smelling or seeing it, Carly explains that they ordered it thee night before and put it in the refrigerator, so Jack could have his favorite dish cold pizza for breakfast on Father’s Day. Carly offers to help Jack change his bandage, so that if he gets a lead, he won’t have to worry about changing it when he hurries out. In the interrogation room, Carly is changing Jack’s bandage when Katie walks in all excited about the new lead. Although Jack starts to explain what Katie has just walked in on, she says that it doesn’t matter and relays the information that Pat Riley told her. Jack is skeptical about the lead but Katie assures him that Pat is telling the truth. Jack wants to check out the lead himself and tells Katie not call the FBI yet. Jack gives Katie a kiss and thanks her for everything she did to help him. Jack is about to leave when Carly stops him and insists he take her to Idaho with him to find J.J.

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