ATWT Update Wednesday 8/1/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/1/07


Written By Elayna

At the hospital, a sad Carly looks through the window in Jack’s room at he and Katie kissing. Dallas walks up and she anxiously asks him if there is news on JJ? Dallas understands her desire for answers, but he can’t talk to her about this; he needs to talk directly with Jack. Dallas then walks by her and into Jack’s room; he tells him that they have a lead – an eyewitness. She saw a woman shove a child into a car and then a moment before the explosion – a man joins them and they drove off. Carly anxiously asks if the eyewitness saw JJ? The eyewitness said he looked scared, but he added the obvious – that is to be expected. The eyewitness is with a sketch artist now. An emotional Carly wonders why they took off with JJ when they have the ransom? Jack thinks that they aren’t done with him.

At WOAK, Noah, Brad and Luke are talking about JJ. Brad thanks them for all the help they have done by staffing the phones, passing out fliers, etc. They even talk about how these cases bring everyone out of the woodwork; there was a man that claimed JJ was abducted by aliens. Brad heads out leaving Luke and Noah there. Noah asks Luke what is wrong? He seems quiet. Luke just stares at him.

At the Lakeview, the new waitress, Sophie walks over to the table of one of her customers that just left; she picks up the money that is supposed to double as a tip and sighs. Aaron sees this and walks over. When he sees she got stiffed, he walks after the patron and asks him why he did that? He tips for service, and he wasn’t overly impressed. Aaron counters that she served him numerous Screwdrivers and never stopped smiling; Aaron then adds that he knows he is a regular there and he wonders if his service would be as good the next time? The man glares at Aaron, but then walks over to Sophie and hands her more money. Sophie smiles and thanks him, as the man walks off in a huff. He didn’t have to do that. Obviously agitated, Aaron explains that she didn’t deserve to be treated like that. That is not the only reason he is upset though.

At Al’s, Holden asks Lily if she gave Carly the money? Lily instead answers that they were terrified for JJ. By Carly giving the kidnappers the money, they played right into their hands, Holden restates the obvious. Lily explains again that she is also a mother and a friend. Holden takes that to mean what he already knew – she gave Carly the money. Lily nods, but doesn’t he get why she gave her the money at all? No, he actually does not get it.

Jack tries to get out of bed; he has to get out of there and help find his son. Dallas tries to lighten the situation by reminding him that ribs don’t heal when they are moved around. This is his case, his son and he is going to see it through. Dallas and Katie don’t want him to forget that he needs to be healthy in order for him to find JJ. Katie offers to go get the doctor. After she and Dallas leave, an emotional Carly tells Jack that she is sorry she messed this up; it is all her fault because she panicked. Jack reminds her that they don’t have time to play the blame game right now. This is not helping JJ. Carly admits that she knows that Margo and Dallas are doing the best they can right now, but they are not he. Jack smiles; if she can help him out of bed, then he will get to this, as Carly quickly does as he asks.

Sophie walks over to the bar and asks Aaron if the boy she heard that was kidnapped is really related to him? He is his cousin. Aaron is worried that JJ must be so scared; he explains that he also has a brother and sister who are so nervous for JJ to come home as well. He feels badly because he hasn’t been around that much for them because he has been in Seattle with his mom. Sophie asks if the girl from the lobby was someone he just met? No, and it is a long story there. He just needs to keep busy right now, and that is why he took on this extra shift. She understands because they need extra money too. They, Aaron asks? She lives with her boyfriend, Cole, and things are tight right now. She then sees Cole standing across the room and rushes over to give him a kiss. He eyes Aaron very quickly and then happily asks her if she is ready to go? She was going to call him because they asked her to take on an extra shift and she decided to do that since they need all the money they can get. Cole’s smile fades; she is leaving with him, as Aaron watches nearby.

Luke explains that he is just upset over JJ. Noah smiles; he didn’t mean to come across as it is all about him; of course, he is upset over that. Does he need any more help passing out fliers? He could head over to Oakdale University and hand them out there; it would be good to get comfortable with the surroundings. Luke doesn’t understand because he thought that he was going to Northwestern. Noah answers that he would have to serve in the military first in order for that to happen. Maddie walks over and hears the tail end of this; his dad hasn’t changed his mind? No. Luke excuses himself quickly soon after. Why doesn’t he try to call him? It is a waste of time for him to talk with his dad when he would much rather being doing this with her, as he pulls her into a kiss, as Luke walks back into the room just in time to see this.

Carly is helping Jack put on his shirt, as they stop and stare at one another. Katie and the doctor coming in interrupt them. Katie tries to shake it off, as she smiles. Katie tells the doctor that Jack is in pain. The doctor offers to give him medication, but Jack wants to have a clear head. She can give him something that wouldn’t interfere with his thinking. Carly wants to get the car, but Jack doesn’t think it would be a good idea to have her tagging along behind him as he is trying to do his job. He will call her when he finds something out. Katie can take him to the station, as Carly frowns. Katie and Carly head outside to give him a moment. Katie assures her that she wasn’t trying to stop Jack from leaving the hospital, but he needs medical attention. Carly snaps wondering when she got her medical degree? Jack will do anything to bring home his son. Katie tells her that she gets that. Maybe they should call a truce because they don’t need to waste their time and energy right now with this. Carly stares at her for a moment and then agrees right before she leaves. Jack comes out soon after and is ready to go, as a worried Katie walks after him.

Lily tries to explain that she thought about the hard life JJ has had and she felt partly responsible. Holden reminds her that she wasn’t to blame for what happened to his mom. Lily shakes her head. Did she think giving Carly the money would soothe her conscience? She doesn’t know; she does know that Carly was so sure that this would solve their problems that she did it without thinking. She made sure that Jack had no advantage now and they almost got Jack killed. She realizes that now; she should have told Jack what they did. Holden snaps that she should have told him; he is her husband. She could have told him last night, this morning, but instead he had to confront her. She was going to tell him. Holden looks at her suspiciously. She is hiding things from him and keeping him in the dark; it is happening all over again, from when she kept him in the dark regarding the diet pills. Lily looks surprised; this is totally different. Holden doesn’t see the difference; there are secrets and half-truths. She gave $100,000 to Carly without a word to him. Carly begged her to stay quiet. Is that supposed to make it all better? She still went behind his back. She was trying to help a friend save her son’s life. She put Carly ahead of their marriage. When she kept a secret for Carly, she kept a secret from him. Carly didn’t mean to make this worse Lily tries to explain. She did though. ---- Lily starts to tear up; she didn’t think of it the way he is putting it; she is so sorry. Holden wonders if she is just telling him what he wants to hear? He knows her; she is not a liar. When Holden doesn’t say a word, Lily looks very upset – can’t he forgive her?

The boyfriend, Cole, reminds Sophie that they have plans. She explains that she doesn’t have a choice; she is the new girl and has to be flexible. They can find someone else. Sophie shakes her head; they are not going to give the new waitress any favors yet because noone knows her yet. They have bills piling up in case he forgot. They could shut off the electricity. Cole snaps that she needs to find another job so she can be around for him at nights again, as he stomps off, Sophie sadly watches him go, and Aaron is still close by having heard all of this transpire.

Jack and Katie arrive at the station and Dallas immediately brings him up to speed. The car was stolen from near Statesville. Jack quickly mentions that Les did time up there and he is sure that isn’t a coincidence. He may have been chummy with someone there and he mentioned a jewelry box. Jack tells Dallas to go talk to prison officials about whom Les was friendly with. He tells Katie that maybe this is the break they are looking for.

Holden snaps that this is familiar to him – the part where she says that she is sorry and it won’t happen again. After she got out of Rehab, he was hoping that she wouldn’t hold back and she would trust him. However, he sees by this that she doesn’t seem to know what that means anymore. Lily looks devastated. She lied when she was addicted to the pills, but he stuck it out because ultimately he chose to have faith in her. He thought after Rehab, honesty would be her #1 priority. He just doesn’t understand why she doesn’t seem to know what that means anymore. He doesn’t know how to get past that, as he gets up and stomps out the door, as a distraught looking Lily watches after him for a moment before she gets up to go after him. An overwhelmed Carly walking into the diner waylays her. Has there been news on JJ Lily asks after seeing her face? No, but Jack doesn’t even want her around to help anymore; he just wants Katie. What is she going to do now? Lily sighs.

Downtown, Maddie and Noah are sitting on a bench kissing. She knows he is using this as a means to avoid the topic of his father. He just wants to have fun while he can before she head off to Connecticut and he is stuck here. Maddie doesn’t want to see him give up on his dream to go to Northwestern. Does she want him sent to Iraq? She doesn’t see that happening. His father doesn’t want him to go to war. She thinks he should try, but Noah doesn’t see the point. She could entice him, as she kisses him. She doesn’t play fair. He needs to make the call, as she holds out the cell phone. He will call him later. Maddie kisses him again; make the call, she urges. Noah reluctantly agrees and starts to call his dad, as Maddie stands by smiling.

Aaron asks Sophie if she is ok? She is. Is her boyfriend always that charming? She smiles sadly; things are tough right now; he is normally sweet. Aaron apologizes; he should not have said anything. Sophie smiles appreciatively and then heads out with her table’s order. After she leaves, Holden walks in and asks for a ‘double.’ Aaron wants to know a double of what? Anything, Holden answers simply. Is there news on JJ? No. What is this about? Lily, Holden answers plainly.

Carly tells Lily about the eyewitness and JJ being put in a car. He looked scare; she just wants him home. If it were up to Katie, Jack would be doing nothing but hanging out in the hospital. Lily reminds her that Katie is just worried. Carly wonders if she doesn’t think she is too? Lily doesn’t need to answer that. Carly is annoyed that Katie will know things before she will regarding her own child. Lily tries to remind her that isn’t the real problem; they went behind Jack’s back and that was wrong. JJ is her and Jack’s son and it is grating to her that Jack wants Katie at his side instead. Lily reminds her strongly that she is obsessing over Katie and it isn’t healthy. Didn’t she learn from what happened that the fallout isn’t a good one when you let fear dictate your decisions. They put JJ in more danger and almost got Jack killed. She didn’t mean to ever do that, but she needs Jack out of the hospital and helping with the search and Katie is getting in the way. She does care about Jack and doesn’t want him to hurt himself further, Lily explains. Carly is getting upset; whose side is she on? Lily sighs; she is on her, Jack and JJ’s side. She wants them to find their son above anything else.

Katie wants Jack to be careful as he searches for JJ, but he can’t promise to do that as long as JJ is out there, as Jack walks off. Brad wanders in. He is glad to see Jack up and back at work; it must be for the love of a good woman. Katie smiles appreciatively. She tells him about the lead. Brad doesn’t understand why they would blow the building up? Didn’t they want the ransom? Katie explains that they have the ransom because Carly paid it. Brad nods knowingly; it is her son. Katie just wishes she would back off. Brad reminds her that is never going to happen because it is her son that is missing. This isn’t a competition. She knows that. Is she sure that there isn’t a small part of her that thinks it is. Katie turns away from him; she is not that petty, as she starts to tear up. Is Jack ok, Brad asks? He is in pain, but he is covering it up. Brad thinks it must have been hard for her to see him after the explosion. Katie remembers leaning over Jack and declaring her love and the fact that she will marry him, as Jack murmurs that he loved… Carly. It was hard she truthfully answers. Jack comes over and tells them that they have a possible suspect named Silas, who was pals with Les when they were in jail together. What was he in jail for? Jack swallows hard before he answers that he was incarcerated on a manslaughter charge. Katie and Brad look at him nervously. Dallas interrupts to say that they have their man – it is Silas. Jack, Katie and Brad look at each other with looks of relief and concern.

Noah is on the phone with his dad, as Maddie stands nearby. He tells him that he is still working for the TV station to the disappointment of his dad. He has registered for classes too. He thought that he understood Northwestern was out? He didn’t register there – he is going to attend Oakdale University. He has a scholarship though, so he could still attend Northwestern if he changed his mind? He did not. He hasn’t enlisted into the military; he wants them to shape him into the man he can be. Noah wonders if it matters what he wants? He doesn’t want to improve himself? It was an honor to be accepted at Northwestern. It is an honor to serve your country, his dad adds. He needs to find a way to make peace with this because he isn’t changing his mind. Is there anything else he wants? Noah adds that he is just there with his girlfriend and he thought he would call again to see if his stance has changed and it is obvious that it hasn’t. The reference to Maddie did seem a bit forced or awkward, but noone noticed. After he hangs up, Maddie wonders why he called her his girlfriend? Why not put a label on it… they are sleeping together afterall? Maddie admits that putting a label on it makes it a bit more intense. He has to head back to the station, does she want to come with him? Maddie quickly tells him that she has plans with Henry, but she will call him later.

Brad offers to get a PSA going to get the word out and he rushes off. Jack admits to Katie that he is worried about finding JJ in time. Katie is worried about leaving him to deal with this alone. It is ok because she has to go help Brad get the PSA out. He has to call Carly anyway. Katie’s face shows a slight stressed look. Jack notices, but Katie tells him not to worry because they called a truce. Jack is happy and hugs her; she is incredible, he boasts.

Carly explains that she can’t help JJ if Jack won’t let her help. Lily explains that they are worried she will go off half-cocked. They shouldn’t have gone against Jack’s wishes. Carly realizes that there is more that meets the eye with Lily - how mad is Holden that she helped? Lily doesn’t answer. Lily just knows that they can’t put Jack or JJ in any more danger. Jack interrupts when he calls Carly’s cell phone. They have a solid lead and she should come in. Carly agrees and tells Lily about what Jack said. She is sorry that she got Lily mixed up in this. She is sure that Holden won’t stay mad long because he always comes around. Lily looks a little less convinced, as Carly races out the door.

Holden asks Aaron about Allison? Aaron wonders if they don’t have enough history. Holden reminds him that they have to stay together long enough to get that. They don’t have the staying power apparently that he and Lily have. Holden smirks. Aaron wonders when enough is enough? When do you run out of giving that other person enough second chances? Aaron thinks Holden wouldn’t know since he and Lily always find their way back together.

At WOAK, Noah and Luke are talking about the PSA. Noah wants to work together more for JJ, but Luke is blowing him off again. Why is he avoiding him today? Is he mad at him? He feels like he has the Plague, as he puts his hand on Luke’s shoulder. Does he hate him or something? No, of course not… then he pauses before he tells him that he likes him…. yes, in that way, as Noah looks stunned.

Lily calls Holden on his cell phone as he is about to down a shot, but he ignores it, which is not lost on Aaron. That is not like him to not want to talk. Holden admits that he just isn’t ready to fight his way back. A concerned Aaron wonders how long it might be before he is ready? He doesn’t know. Lily is leaving a contrite message for Holden. She doesn’t know where he is or why he isn’t picking up, but she is sorry and she wants to talk with him. She pleads with him to call her when he gets the message.

Carly is in the interrogation room with Jack as he recounts who they feel has JJ and his connection to him. Carly repeats Les’ name; she never thought she would hear it again. It is like he is reaching out from the grave to hurt JJ. She has a thought; does he think that out of a strange sense of loyalty that he would not hurt JJ? Jack nods and tells her that is what he is banking on. They have an APB out and his picture is being circulated. What are JJ’s chances, Carly nervously asks? He hopes they are good; they will find him, that is a promise. Carly apologizes again for paying the ransom. This is all her fault. Jack just wants to get past this for JJ. JJ is strong because he made it through with Les as a dad and he can be strong again. Carly and Jack hug again to comfort each other.

Brad and Katie are walking downtown talking about the PSA. Brad is going to get a bite to eat; does she want to join him? She isn’t hungry right now; she just wants to be alone, but she will see him later. Brad heads off and Katie starts to walk around a corner. Suddenly, she stops as if she feels someone is near or watching her. She whips around and calls out to Brad thinking it must be him. There is noone around. She turns back around and continues to walk thinking it is all in her head, but again feels a strange presence and whips around and calls out to Brad again. She stands there looking around her very nervously.

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