ATWT Update Tuesday 7/31/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/31/07


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(Hospital in British Columbia)  Barbara tries to avoid the subject of Meg and Craig.  She tells Paul that she doesnít want to call Meg because she wants to have him all to herself and not share him with her.  Paul senses something is wrong and insists that Barbara let him call Meg.  When she tells him he should wait until he is stronger, he tries to get out of bed.  The doctor arrives and tells Paul he has serious injuries still and he must stay calm and rest.  The doctor tells Paul that if he doesnít relax he will have to be sedated.  Paul promises the doctor he will stay calm and after the doctor leaves, he tells Barbara he will get on a plane and go to Oakdale if she doesnít tell him the truth about Meg.  Barbara tells Paul that Craig weaseled himself into Megís life by pretending he tried to save him (Paul) from falling instead of pushing him off the cliff.  Barbara goes on to explain to Paul that Craig paid for people to search for Paul and has been Megís rock and comfort in  helping her to deal with his death.  Barbara also tells Paul that Meg has decided to keep Worldwide and be CEO with Craig as her mentor.  Barbara finishes the bad news by telling Paul that Meg hasnít gotten an annulment although Craig offered her one and she is living and sleeping with Craig at Fairwinds.  Paul refuses to believe that Meg could stop loving him and fall in love with Craig so quickly after he was presumed dead.  Paul asks his mother for her cell phone and calls Fairwinds and one of the servants tells him that Meg and Craig arenít home because they spent the night at the farm.  Paul believes his mother after he gets off the phone and cries while she holds him and tells him the pain will go away.  Paul tells his mother about Rosanna coming to him in a dream and telling him he must live his life.  Paul also tells Barbara he saw Meg and Craig together in the dream.  He says that no matter how hard he tried, he couldnít get to her.  Paul tells Barbara he knows what he must do and asks her not to tell anyone, especially Meg, he is alive because he must stay dead for a little while.  Barbara agrees to keep Paulís secret because she is so happy that he is alive. 

(Farm)  Craig kisses Meg and then she kisses him back.  The two kisses last a few minutes until Craig stops himself from going any further and tells Meg that he doesnít want to pressure her.  Meg gets angry with Craig for not going through with what he has always wanted since they got married.  Meg thinks Craig was scared because his plan was actually working.  Meg tells Craig she knows perfectly well that he has been tricking her into thinking that she was calling all the shots because he thinks, by giving her space and letting her think she is making her own deaconship, she will want to be with him.  Craig doesnít deny that has been his plan the entire time and as long as he is telling the truth he also tells Meg that he loves her and wants a family and a future with her despite all the hurt they have caused each other.  Craig thinks Meg is angry with herself because she has feelings for him so soon after Paulís death.  Meg tells Craig that if Paul walked through the door she would run into his arms and not give him (Craig) a second thought.  Meg asks Craig to leave and Craig tells her she must face the fact that Paul is dead and he is the only man she has left. 

(Police Station)  Margo is upset that she has no new leads about J.J.  Katie arrives and tells Margo she isnít at the hospital because Jack said he loved Carly not her before he got into the ambulance.  Margo reminds Katie that Jack was hurt and probably on pain killers and she shouldnít pay any attention to his words.  Margo also advises Katie to step back and give Jack some room because he must concentrate on finding J.J. right now.  Henry arrives and wonders why Katie isnít at the hospital with Jack.  Katie explains that Carly is with Jack and she is trying to be a patient, selfless wimp and not do what she would normally do.  Henry tells Katie he needs a drink and she needs some sense knocked into her so they head to the Lakeview.  Margo gets a lead when a young lady named Melissa arrives to say that she saw J.J. being forced into a car by a man and a woman.  Melissa gives Margo a license plate number and a partial description of the kidnappers. 

(Hospital)  Jack awakens and Carly tells him of his injuries and he wonders why Katie isnít at the hospital.  Carly tells him that Katie thought he needed some time with his family and Holden and Lily are bringing Parker and Sage by to visit him.  A few minutes later, Holden and Lily arrive with Parker and Sage.  Carly goes outside in the hall and begs Lily not to tell Jack that she paid the ransom money to the kidnappers.  Lily persuades Carly to tell Jack the truth before Katie does so and makes things worse for her.  Carly promises Lily that she will not tell Jack where she got the money.  Carly goes into the room and tells Jack she paid the ransom money because she was desperate to bring J.J. home.  Jack is furious with Carly for doing what she wanted and not thinking of J.J.ís safety or his, for that matter, because he walked into a trap.  Carly tells Jack she would never intentionally hurt him because she loves him.  Holden, Lily, and Dallas arrive to take Jackís statement leave Jack and Carly alone to talk.  Carly tells Jack that she will never disobey him again and the two of them must work together to find their son.  Jack finds Carlyís words hard to believe and asks her to leave him alone to think. 

(Lakeview)  Henry tells Katie not to pay attention to what Jack said about loving Carly because, whether she likes it or not, Carly will always be a part of his life because she is the mother of his children.  Henry knows that Katie is scared of getting hurt but if she truly loves Jack, she must take the risk and fight for him.  Henry thinks Katie is good for Jack and he really needs her right now to help him get through this crisis. 

(Alís Diner)  Holden wonders why Carly did what she did against Jackís wishes.  Lily tells Holden that Carly was desperate and was thinking like any mother who just wanted to bring her child home.  Holden wonders where Carly got the ransom money and Lily responds that Carly is very resourceful and found a way to get the money.  Holden tells Lily that Carly didnít find a way to get the money because all she did was ask her for it.

(Hospital)  Carly tells Katie that she already told Jack she paid the ransom money to the kidnappers.  Katie looks into Jackís room for the hallway and remembers what he said before he got into the ambulance.  Jack sees Katie, who starts to leave, and he tells her not to go.  Katie goes in the room and tells Jack she hadnít been to see him because she thought he needed time with his family.  Katie wonders if Jack remembers anything and Jack explains that he only remembers seeing and speaking to her after the explosion and before he got into the ambulance but then he blacked out.  Jack wonders what he said to her and if it was important.  Katie tells Jack he only said I love you, but she leaves out the fact that he said Carlyís name.  Jack tells Katie those words are very important to him and pulls Katie into a kiss.  Carly watches Jack and Katie kissing as she looks into Jack's room from the hallway. 

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