ATWT Update Monday 7/30/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/30/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, Aaron is at the bar when his boss walks in with a new waitress. The man makes a snide comment about Aaron working a different schedule then the one he was given. Aaron explains that there is a family emergency. The manager rolls his eyes; can he show her the ropes? Aaron doesn’t seem in the mood, but he breezes over some basics; he gets annoyed when she grabs a cherry out of the container and eats it. Now he has to throw the rest of them away. She apologizes; he is going to go show her where she can changes into her uniform. As he is walking into the lobby with her, he sees Allison trying to leave a note and envelope for Dusty. She wants to make sure Dusty gets the note and the envelope isn’t sitting around. Aaron seems instantly angry as he approaches her. What is the big emergency to get this to Dusty, he asks? What is the secret note for? Are these the keys to her place? Allison looks stunned.

At the Farm, Meg meets up with Holden outside on the porch. How is Jack? He is stable now. She will have to get any other kind of medical information from the hospital. Have they heard anything on JJ? They have heard nothing. He is exhausted and he just wants to sit down and have a cup of coffee. Meg tries to stop him from heading into the kitchen because she has something to tell him, but Holden is already through the door only to find Craig in an apron putting pancakes onto Parker’s plate. Craig smiles; can he make him some breakfast or get him some coffee? Holden glares over at Meg.

Barbara arrives at the hospital in British Columbia. She asks the doctor how Paul is doing? There has been no change. Barbara comes into the room and sees Paul lying unconscious in the hospital bed. She races to his side, gently picks up his hand and assures him that she is there now and everything will be ok. She wants him to squeeze her hand. When he doesn’t, she desperately calls out his name. When he continues to lie motionless, Barbara asks the doctor why he is not responding? He told her that he hoped the sound of her voice would cause Paul to react; it was not a definite that would happen. He has suffered a major head trauma; they need to stay positive. Barbara snaps that she doesn’t need to be patronized. The doctor reminds her that he is also fighting a bad infection, which is causing him to have a high fever. Will there be permanent brain damage? They won’t know until they can give him more tests. He needs to awaken, but the downside is the longer he stay unconscious, the more likelihood of him staying in a vegetative state. Barbara drops to Paul’s side and appeals to him to fight. He needs to remember everyone that loves him. He has a family that needs him to come back. Will has good news to share; Will and Gwen are having a baby. The words resonate in Paul’s head, as we see him dreaming in black and white. He is in a hall looking through a hospital door; he sees Meg, in color, crying sitting by someone’s bed. He screams for her; he tells her that he can’t get in because the door is locked, but Meg never acknowledges him. He pounds on the door yelling to her that he is alive. Just then, Craig appears and stares at him through the door. He doesn’t say anything; he just whips the curtain closed in front of the door. Paul screams at him, as Paul seems to murmur something while unconscious. Barbara is elated; she calls out for the doctor across the room; she knows he is trying to wake up.

Parker asks Holden when he can see Jack? He can see him a little later, as Holden still watches Craig. He explains that Jack is anxious to get out and start looking for JJ again. Are there any new leads? No. Parker looks depressed, so Holden reminds him that there are many people who are out there looking for JJ. Who could have taken JJ? Was it someone who is upset with his mother? Was it a revenge thing since his dad is a cop? Holden doesn’t want Parker to worry; he is safe. Parker wants to go out too, but Holden doesn’t think his parents would like that. Craig pours Holden a cup pf coffee and then offers to take Parker fishing. Parker doesn’t want to do that. Meg thinks that it might help to get his mind off it for a while and get out of the house. Holden agrees slowly. Parker reluctantly goes with Craig. Meg thanks Holden for not getting upset in front of everyone that Craig was there. Holden wants to know what he is doing in their home – besides cooking, cleaning and apparently now single handedly catching their dinner? He is holding her together and she also thinks he helped Parker too. Does she think he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart?

Allison snaps that she thought he didn’t care what she did with her life? Then he shows up when she is talking with Jesse, and he knows Dusty gave her money. The waitress quietly excuses herself, which neither Allison nor Aaron much notice. Aaron tells her that her mother asked him to check up on her, and that is when he saw her with Dusty. Isn’t he a regular Superman, except he is certainly not trying to rescue her. Aaron snaps that is Dusty’s role. Speaking of Dusty, what does he get out of this little arrangement? Allison glares unbelievably at Aaron and then stomps away. Aaron catches up with her. She can’t believe he said that to her! He is so judgmental! She growls that she slept with Dusty when they were not even remotely together and before he and Emily were an item. Did he tell her about the girls he was with after her? No! That isn’t her business, she snaps. Aaron tells her that he was trying to help her mother. Allison starts to tear up; this is going to be hard no matter what, so maybe they can make it easier by trying to avoid each other in the future, as she rushes off. Aaron stomps back to the bar and starts to clean up. Soon, he is so angry that he whips a glass off the bar causing it to shatter on the floor, just as the waitress is coming back in. The waitress offers to help clean it up, but Aaron tells her that it is his mess. Their boss comes back in and sees the broken glass. He hopes that he isn’t going to regret not accepting his resignation? Aaron just stares at him for a moment before the waitress steps forward and tells him that she was the one the broke the glass. Meanwhile, in the lobby, Dusty is picking up his messages; the employee tells him about the note and envelope that Allison left for him. Dusty opens the envelope and sees the money he left for Allison back inside.

Dusty shows up at Al’s to see Allison; why won’t she accept his help? She has nothing to be ashamed of. She has everything to be ashamed of, she corrects him. She needs to do this herself. Her sister left town because she can’t stand to look at her, and men are attracted to her for all the wrong reasons. She needs to take care of herself to prove to herself that her life is worth living. She needs a support system, Dusty reminds her. The people that are supporting her are doing it because they either feel guilty or obligated. He thinks she is wrong; there are people that care about her. She shakes her head; Aaron already thinks she is his whore, let’s not make him right.

Meg is washing dishes and staring out the window deep in thought. She remembers Craig almost kissing her; she shakes it off. Because of her, Paul is dead. Holden corrects her; it is Craig’s fault. She saw the look on Craig’s face when Paul fell off the cliff. She feels his life changed at that moment, much like her own did. She pauses; then again, maybe he didn’t change. He could be the same person he was before. She was still drawn to him even after what she knew about him…even though she knew they could never be together. Right now though, she feels he is the only one who knows what she is feeling. Holden appreciates that he got her and Parker through the night, and she doesn’t have to figure out anything now at least. Meg admits that she keeps thinking about what Paul would say if he saw her now.

Paul’s doctor checks the monitors and tells Barbara that they will have to run more test on him to see if he is more alert. He can’t figure out why he seems agitated? It is not anything she is doing, Barbara snaps. He would assume not and that is why he thinks the movement might have been involuntary. He cautions her against getting her hopes up because of this. His long-term prognosis is still not good. Barbara growls that she did not come all the way there to watch her son give up and die; she came to take him back home, healthy. Therefore, she doesn’t want him to tell her not to be hopeful over this. Meanwhile, Paul is dreaming; he yells for Craig to stay away from Meg! He yells at Craig telling him that he didn’t win! He is alive! He continues to knock when he hears a voice from behind him telling him that she knows how he feels. Paul sees Rosanna, dressed in a flowing white dress, standing before him. She knows what it feels like to scream out and noone hears you. Paul stares in disbelief and then says Rosanna’s name. Meanwhile, Barbara is telling the doctor that all of his stats and clinical observations mean nothing to her. Her son has survived many times when others have not; he has beaten insurmountable odds; he sees things that others can’t. Back in Paul’s dream, an incredulous Paul tells Rosanna that he never thought he would see her face again, as she stares at him. Does she remember him? Finally, she says that she does remember him; she remembers loving him. He loved her too. Why does he use past tense? Does she know what happened after she left? He will tell her. First, where are they? They are somewhere between life and death. Paul thinks there has to be a reason they are both there. He needs to find a way out for them. A resigned Rosanna tells him that it is impossible. He can’t believe she is now giving up when she never did before. Paul looks back through the window and sees Barbara hovering over his bed. He tries the door, but it is locked still. What happened to… his voice trails off. Rosanna wonders what he was going to say? He tells her not to worry about it. He is going to get them both out of there. Rosanna admits that it has been so long that she barely remembers her life. She is here because she was trying to right a terrible wrong… and she did. Rosanna tells him that it is too late for her. Paul won’t hear of that; she is coming with him. Paul throws himself against the door. At the same time, in his hospital room, the alarms on the machines hooked up to Paul start going off. Barbara is immediately concerned. What is going on? The doctor explains that Paul’s blood pressure just spiked and he doesn’t know why. Barbara pleads with Paul to come back; she knows he is trying!

Craig and Parker are coming back in from being out at the pond fishing. Parker wonders why they fish only to throw them back? It beats gutting and cleaning them, Craig jokes. He tells a story of how he and his son, Bryant, used to go fishing at the Snyder Pond before he died and how they caught a fish 10 pounds. Parker doesn’t believe him, as Craig teases him about it being a fish tale. Parker starts to talk about JJ and then changes his mind, as he walks into the porch. Parker picks up a flier with JJ’s face on it and stares at it. Craig wants him to talk. He wishes Paul was here. Craig understands. Parker thinks that Paul would also possibly be able to tell them where JJ is. Craig admits that Paul was gifted when it came to that. Parker looks annoyed now; he doesn’t need to pretend that he likes Paul because he knows that he hated Paul and vice versa. Why did that ever start? Was it because of his Aunt Meg? Craig reluctantly explains that it goes further back. Was it because of Rosanna then? Craig wants to divert this line of questions. He knows that Craig is only doing this because of JJ and so Meg will notice. He is not really his friend, but Paul was. Craig looks upset. He can’t make things better by making pancakes, taking him fishing and buying him French fries. Craig addresses Parker as ‘son’, trying to sound warm, but Parker snaps that he isn’t his son; his son is dead… like Paul, his friend, and he doesn’t want him to try to be like him. A defeated and depressed looking Craig quietly tells him that he wasn’t trying to be. Holden comes out and tells Parker that they can go see Jack now, as they leave. Holden quickly thanks Craig for the coffee and then breezes by him. Craig looks rattled so when Meg starts to thank him, he quickly changes the subject and tries to walk away claiming there must be chores left, but Meg stops him. There is nothing left for him to do in the barn. Craig tries to regroup from his conversation with Parker. They talk about the Farm and how it would be a good place to have a work retreat because people can learn business values from watching a farm being run. Meg jokes about how she went on a retreat when she was a nurse that was complete with a trust circle. Then she adds laughing that they dropped her when she fell backwards. Craig answers that he would never drop her, as he walks back into the kitchen. She believes him, she admits, but then adds that she doesn’t want to live to regret that though.

Allison explains that Aaron saw him give her money and he thinks she is his kept woman. Dusty thinks that leap is dramatic. Does he know she gave it back? No, but he has reason to be thinking the way he does since she did try to sleep with him again. Dusty reminds her that she was drunk. That should not be an excuse. Dusty is annoyed that he is not giving Allison the respect that she deserves since he is supposed to love her. He starts to head for the door. Where is he going? He is going to have a word with Aaron. Allison grabs his arm and tells him please do not get involved.

The Lakeview manager asks sarcastically if this is the way the waitress is trying to impress him? She explains that she was just nervous with it being the first day on the job. The man shakes his head and walks away. Aaron assures her that she didn’t need to do that. She figured he would go easier on the new girl. Does he feel better now? What does she mean? He did shatter that glass into tiny little pieces. Aaron just glares off into the distance.

Dusty wonders if she still cares about Aaron? Yes. She just doesn’t want Aaron thinking that he needs to run interference for her. She hates how he looks at her now; the way they were and felt is gone and will never come back. Dusty feels she shouldn’t think like that; she has her whole life ahead of her. She just can’t let herself care what Aaron thinks anymore. Dusty takes Allison by the arm and tells her that they need to talk somewhere else.

Craig and Meg are washing the dishes by hand; who would have thought cooking pancakes would make so many dishes. Craig reminisces how he used to make pancakes for Lucy and Bryant every Sunday. He just got nostalgic and should have simply asked Parker what he wanted; it was self-indulgent. Meg seems moved, but she changes the subject and tells him that he should have put gloves on so he doesn’t have dishpan hands. He has blood on his hands so what is a little pruning, Craig coldly answers? She doesn’t think that is funny. He wants her to go get some rest since she didn’t sleep. He knows she probably doesn’t want or need him to stay, but he would like to; he doesn’t want to leave her or Parker alone after what happened. Meg appreciates that. He also wants to apologize for last night. Meg pretends to not know what he means at first, but then alludes to the almost-kiss. It won’t happen again. Meg smiles; yes it will because isn’t that the plan?

When the nurse sees Barbara leaning over Paul’s bed, she strongly suggests that she take a break. She will not abandon her son now after everything she and he went through. She pleads with Paul to open his eyes - please for her! Back in Paul’s dream, he is able to break through the door. He turns to get Rosanna, but she is nowhere to be found. Paul hesitates, but then walks through the door. In the hospital bed, at the same time, Paul’s eyes suddenly open. An ecstatic Barbara is thrilled and calls for the doctor to come over. Through tears, Barbara asks Paul if he can hear her?

Allison and Dusty are walking downtown. She needs to be back at work; there will be a rush for lunch. Dusty thinks she should cut herself a break. The manager means business; she was lucky to get her job back because he didn’t take Meg back. He must have a soft spot for porn stars, Allison bitterly remarks. Why does she need to put herself down? She admits that she is just mad that she still cares what Aaron thinks. Dusty agrees to back off then. If she needs him, she knows where to find him. He wants her to promise to have faith in her like he does. She will try. He tells her goodbye and heads off.

Aaron and the waitress are making small talk. He tells her that he is off the clock now and will see her later. She stops him from leaving by asking him if he is ok with the family problems he is having? It looked tough with the girl in the lobby. Aaron angrily answers that she has nothing to do with his family problems; she is not his family and she won’t ever be. He obviously has family and relationship problems. They have been over for a while; it is time to let go, Aaron says quietly.

Craig wonders what she wants? She wants Paul to be alive. How about she gives him an answer with something that is in the realm of possibilities. Meg is starting to get annoyed; how about he stops lying to her. What did he lie about? Meg stares. He is not sorry he kissed her, but he is sorry for how she feels, Craig admits. She also wants him to stop apologizing for stuff he isn’t sorry about. She wants him to stop saying things she wants to hear – like he will leave her alone, he will respect her grief, things between them will be strictly business and he will file for an annulment. She is getting worked up. She wants him to stop making himself indispensable, and saying wonderful and generous words. Is it his plan to wear her down so she stays with him and they start a family? Craig thinks that Meg is getting way ahead of herself. She is sure he has a plan for her, a worked up Meg blurts out. If he did, and she was the prize, how is he doing? Meg is overwhelmed; is he kidding? She is sleep deprived, upset and confused. How can he help, Craig asks quietly? She demands that he stop caring for her, helping her, and knowing when to step forward and assist her and when to step back, and to just stop being the person she needs him to be. Craig pulls her towards him to calm her down and then pulls her into a kiss.

Where is she, Paul asks? Who, Barbara wonders. Rosanna. He was just having a dream. Paul gives a knowing look. Where is he then? He is in a hospital in British Columbia. He took a bad fall. Does he remember? Paul mutters Craig’s name. It will be ok because he is going to get better so she can take him home. Paul suddenly smiles and quietly says Meg’s name. Barbara hears this and frowns.

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