ATWT Update Friday 7/27/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/27/07


Written By Elayna

Will and Gwen try to comfort Sage who is worried about JJ and longs for her family to be whole and normal again. Sage is startled when Barbara knocks at the door. Barbara has good news, she wants to set up a trust fund for the expected baby and provide a monthly allowance for Will and Gwen. Will is stubborn and does not want to take it though he is grateful. Gwen doesn’t turn the money down but does thank Barbara for thinking of them. After visiting Will and Gwen Barbara returns to the Lakeview and receives a call from a Dr. Voss. He tells her they have founds her son. This is the moment Barbara has been dreading since the news of Paul’s fall from the cliff. Oh no, the doctor corrects her, Paul is alive. He is in critical condition and is expected to die but he is alive and the doctor asks that she come immediately. Without hesitation Barbara agrees. Barbara goes to the farm to share the good and hopeful news with Meg but finds her son’s love in Craig’s arms. Barbara turns to leave without telling Meg that Paul is alive.

Meg is in charge of sitting with Parker while Carly and Jack are out looking for JJ. Craig arrives and tries to make peace with the young boy who hates Craig for multiple reasons. Craig speaks to him honestly yet on a level Parker can take in. Parker seems to lighten up and even loose some of his anger until Meg asks him to put away some pots and pans. Parker finds hidden away in a cupboard a Ouija board that belonged to Paul and retreats back into his own world. Parker promises not to run away but asks to be alone. Craig and meg are now left alone and fed up with everything Meg doesn’t hold back and talks to Craig as a friend about her feelings for Paul and how much she misses him. Craig confides how he blames himself for being a bad father and driving Lucy away with Johnny. Craig tells her that he had hopes of having children with her and if she were the mother he would be a better father. Meg realizes Craig wasn’t as evil as he had been made out to be and by doing what she did and plotting against him she stomped all over his dreams. Meg feels even more guilt now prompting Craig to hold her and comfort her.

Katie tries to lecture Carly and lay down the law when Carly returns from paying the ransom. Carly won’t listen and doesn’t want to hear it. She orders Katie out of her house but Katie stays pressing on and pushing every button Carly has left. Katie reveals that jack has gone to track down a lead. Carly becomes frightened and demands to know where jack went. Katie doesn’t know but she blames Carly for endangering Jack. Carly rushes out to find Jack. At the police station Dallas will not reveal where jack is but Carly finds out after sneaking a peak at a file. Carly goes to the empty dark building in search of Jack.

Jack has found the location of the kidnappers and JJ but they get wind of it and make a quick getaway taking JJ with them. JJ is smart and leaves his favorite baseball card behind as a clue, he is certain Jack and Carly will find him. Before the male kidnapper leaves he lights the fuse on a bomb inside of a cooler.

Henry drops by to see how Katie is doing. All she can complain about is Carly and how Carly is taking center stage to find her son. Katie has the nerve to complain that she was two seconds away from having that ring on her finger until now, she doesn’t even know if Jack is okay. And it is all Carly’s fault. Henry doesn’t want to tell the blonde but he knows where jack most likely is. Henry tells Katie how he had a strange powder on his shoes from looking at the building the night before and Jack took a sample off of his shoes. Katie goes to find Jack.

Carly makes her way to the empty building just as Jack finds the baseball card JJ left behind. Carly yells out for Jack who rushes to push her out of harm’s way when the bomb goes off. Carly is pushed to safety but the ceiling comes down burying Jack. When the dust settles Carly rushes to dig Jack out who is in and out of consciousness he manages to say one word only “card” Carly is confused unable to make heads or tales of what Jack meant by the single word. Carly begs and cries for Jack not to leave her because she needs him Katie has arrived and watches in jealousy as Carly cries at the limp body of Jack. Katie tells her that she has called 911 and asks Carly to leave jack alone until the ambulance arrives. Carly is trying to shake consciousness into Jack to ask him if JJ was there. Carly tells Katie with pure venom and motherly right to “get out” Katie doesn’t she stands and nags Carly not out of concern but jealousy.

When the police arrives Carly quickly abandons jack to go in search of JJ, giving Katie the opportunity to move in and comfort her soon-to- be fiancé. Katie falls to his side and tells Jack who is barely conscious “that question that is hanging in the air. The answer is yes! I can’t wait to be your wife.” Jack mumbles one thing …. “Carly?”

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