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(Gwen and Will’s house)  Will reads a book on natural ways to deal with pregnancy so he can keep Gwen and the baby healthy.  Gwen is so proud of the breakfast he made for Gwen but is makes Gwen nauseous so she heads for the bathroom.  Once Gwen returns, he tells her that he stocked the refrigerator with all the things she craved the first time she was pregnant.  Gwen thinks this pregnancy is different because she doesn’t crave those foods anymore.  Gwen promises will she is going to make sure the baby is healthy this time.  Gwen also tells Will she is happy that he is her baby’s father and the two lovebirds share a kiss.  Will tells Gwen they should take a walk because the natural remedies book says that fresh air is good for morning sickness.  Gwen asks Will not to tell anyone about the baby until she has passed the first trimester because she thinks it will bring them good luck.  Will agrees because he is determined to make sure that Gwen and the baby are healthy. 

(Al’s Diner)  Alison isn’t happy that Dusty came to pay her a visit, so she asks him to order, eat quickly, and then leave her alone.  Dusty tells Alison to take a break so they can have a talk.  Alison admits to Dusty she bought drugs from the dealer but then when she saw the drugs on the table she changed her mind and was about to throw them away when Susan arrived home.  Alison tells Dusty she fought with Susan because Susan wants her to go to rehab and she doesn’t think she needs to go away to get help.  Alison is hurt that nobody thinks she can stop taking drugs.  Dusty tells Alison he believes in her, but rehab might help her to understand what triggers her cravings for drugs.  Alison insists that she can stop taking drugs without going to rehab. 

(Old Town)  Susan asks Aaron to talk to Alison because she has started taking drugs again.  Aaron doesn’t think he can help Alison because they seem doomed to repeat the same pattern.  Alison makes a mistake and he judges her for it and she gets angry at him because she doesn’t think she is good enough to be his girlfriend.  Aaron suggests that Susan asks Dusty for help but Susan tells Aaron she will never ask Dusty for help again. 

(TV Station)  Brad and Katie make an on-air appeal for clues about J.J.’s location and offer a reward for any tips leading to the arrest of his kidnappers.  Brad and Katie give out the special hotline number that people can call with any clues about the kidnapping.  Jack arrives and tells Brad and Katie that the kidnappers are asking for one hundred thousand dollars for J.J.'s safe return and he has decided not to pay the ransom and hopes he is doing the right thing.  Jack explains to Katie that it is standard procedure in kidnapping cases not to pay the ransom because stalling keeps the victim alive so they have time to find and catch the kidnappers.  Jack also tells Katie that if they pay the ransom right away the kidnappers are more likely to hurt the victim or ask for more money.  Katie assures Jack that he is doing the right thing and J.J. will be brought home safely. 

(Construction site)  Once Silas has untied J.J. he tells Silas to look behind him the kidnapper falls for the trick.  He almost gets away but Ava catches him before he can leave and the two kidnappers tie J.J.'s hands and feet again.  Silas and Ava tell J.J. not to try to escape again or he will regret it. 

(Java)  Carly begs Lily to let her borrow the money to pay the ransom because Jack doesn’t want to pay the money.  Carly explains Jack’s theory to Lily and Lily thinks that Carly should take Jack’s advice because he is a cop and more experienced in these matters.  Lily also points out that if she pays the ransom, she risks the kidnappers hurting J.J.  Carly is desperate and sees no other way to save her son from danger so she reminds Lily of the time Damian kidnapped Luke and how she felt powerless to do anything.  Lily agrees to give Carly the money she needs to pay the kidnappers. 

(Lakeview)  Vienna decides to sell some of her jewelry to help get the reward money for any clues that will bring J.J. home.  Vienna explains to Henry that J.J. made her feel at home the first few days she lived at the farm because he gave her a frog and told her he knew how it felt to be the new kid in town.  Henry continues to be amazed at Vienna’s wonderful heart but he thinks they should go to the TV station first and offer their support before they consider selling her jewelry.  Henry sits down to wipe the construction site dust from his shoes before they leave but Vienna tells Henry he can do that later because they must go to the TV station now. 

(Al’s Diner)  Dusty assures Alison he thinks she can conquer her drug habit and he offers to give her money to stay at the Lakeview instead of the Wagon Wheel motel so that she can be safe while she goes to meetings.  Alison is grateful for Dusty’s offer but she insists she must learn how to do things on her own without help from anyone.  Alison also tells Dusty that she doesn’t want to see him, Susan, or Aaron until she learns how to handle her life without drugs.  Aaron is passing by and looks through the window to see Alison talking to Dusty then he watches Dusty pay his bill and leave a huge tip for Alison.  Aaron decides to go home and not talk to Alison. 

(TV Station)  Vienna and Henry arrive and tell Jack they are going to volunteer to answer phones as well as put up the reward money for clues.  Jack appreciates the kindness and when Vienna and Henry are walking toward the phone lines, Jack notices the dust on Henry’s shoes and asks him about the dust.  Henry tells him the dust is from a construction site of a new building Vienna is considering buying for her spa.  Henry tells Jack that while they were at the construction site, he and Vienna heard a noise that sounded like a yelp but assumed it was an animal.  Jack asks Henry where the construction site is located and Henry tells him the address.  Jack also takes a dust sample from Henry’s shoes to compare to the dust that was on the note the kidnappers sent to him.  Jack asks Henry not to say anything to anyone about their conversation and runs out of the TV station. 

(Construction Site)  Ava leaves to pick up the money while Silas stays with J.J.  Silas tells J.J. now is when he will find out if his parents really love him.  J.J. tells Silas that his dad is the best cop in the world and he will find him. 

(Old Town)  A cop catches Carly at the drop-off site, so Carly lies and tells the cop that she saw a woman who might be the kidnapper get in her car and head to Locust Street.  The cop goes to call in the false lead and chase the suspect.  A nervous Carly drops the money in a garbage can and is about to leave when she sees Will and Gwen.  Carly cries a little and tells them about J.J. being kidnapped.  Ava arrives and hides so Carly, Will, and Gwen won’t see her and Gwen tells Carly about the baby.  Carly asks Will and Gwen to pick up Sage and keep her at their house.  Once Carly, Will, and Gwen have left Ava calls Silas to tell him she has the money. 

(Construction Site)  Silas tells J.J. the news and tells him he won’t be going home because he has other plans for him. 

(Police Station)  Jack has the construction site dust tested to see if it matches the dust on the ransom note.  Jack leaves a message on Carly’s cell phone to call him back because he has important news.  Katie arrives and Jack asks her to tell Carly to stay at home until he calls her and he asks Katie to keep an eye on Carly to make sure she doesn’t make any desperate moves.  Once Jack is told the dust is a match, he gives Katie a kiss and runs out of the station. 

(TV Station)  Henry and Vienna are surprised because Brad seems relieved that Jack and Katie didn’t get engaged because of the kidnapping.  Brad is hurt that anyone would think such a thing and calls himself a jerk for not supporting Jack and Katie’s relationship. 

(Will and Gwen’s house)  Gwen reads Sage a story and after the story, Will assures a worried Sage that her daddy is going to find J.J.  Sage is scared so she asks Will to lock the doors so that nobody can get inside the house.  Gwen tells Sage that Will is very brave and if anything happens, he is going to protect her.  Gwen also tells Sage they are going to stay with her all night to make sure she is safe. 

(Carly’s house)  Carly is surprised that the kidnappers haven’t called or returned J.J.  Katie figures out that this newfound hope Carly has is because she paid the ransom money.  Katie tells Carly that she may have put Jack and J.J. in serious danger.

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