ATWT Update Wednesday 7/25/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/25/07


Written By Elayna

At Montgomery Enterprises, Craig walks back into the office talking to Meg about how he thinks they need refreshments so he made them Lattes. He stops when he sees her asleep with her head on his desk. She slowly awakens though and he teases her about how his crash course in Business wore her out. Meg smiles, but admits that she is not sure that she can do this. Craig disagrees; she can do it all. Meg wonders if she should just give the Company back to Lucinda? Craig agrees that she could, but he thinks that she will learn to love it. Who knows she may even end up a better businesswoman then Lucinda. They are interrupted by Lucinda’s laughter; Lucinda composes herself long enough to wonder if Meg is falling for this?

Downtown, Lily and Holden are handing out fliers with JJ’s face and information on it. Lily bemoans about their family getting a break. Holden thinks they need to stay positive to get through this. An Antique storeowner interrupts them; he has seen the boy in the poster. He was sitting on a bench near his store talking to an adult. Holden and Lily wonder if he could describe the man? Lily and Holden are surprised to find out it was a woman with red hair with whom JJ was speaking.

At the abandoned building, Silas worries that they aren’t going to get the money they are asking for in the time Ava is demanding. JJ pipes in that his parents don’t have a lot of money because his mother is just trying to get a job again and his dad is a cop. Ava snaps that if they want their son back they will get the money. Silas wonders if they will trace her handwriting? That is why she wrote it with her left hand. Does he think she is dumb? His parents have spent the night wondering what has happened to their son and imagining the worse; she is sure they have them right where they want.

At the Farm, Jack is finishing up his call. He tells an anxious Carly that they haven’t found any leads yet. Carly is getting more riled up; what if they know they don’t have this key and take it out on JJ? All Jack can do is hug her tightly. Katie tells them that she has breakfast on the table, as Carly sneers about how nobody can think of breakfast right now. Katie takes it in stride; she understands. Carly again snarls about how she could possibly understand since she is not a mother. Katie looks down and Jack is about to step in when Brad waltzes in. Why does everyone look upset…because of the engagement? Jack tries to stop Brad. He tells Carly she needs to get past this because if she can’t have Jack then at least she has the best part of him – their kids. Carly looks devastated and rushes out of the room. Brad doesn’t get it. He is just trying to lighten up the mood. Katie notices he is wearing the same outfit as yesterday; did he not come home? He has a coy comment to this. He sees everyone’s faces, still looking very upset. What is going on with everyone? Shouldn’t they be celebrating? Finally, Jack breaks the silence when he tells Brad that their celebration got interrupted because JJ has been kidnapped. Brad looks from Jack to Katie. Are they kidding? When he sees that they aren’t, he immediately wants to know what he can do? Nothing. They are waiting to hear from them. Brad tells Jack he will get changed and do whatever he needs him to do, as he heads upstairs after giving Jack a genuine brotherly hug. Right after he leaves, Jack’s phone rings and he quickly answers it. Holden tells him about the Antique storeowner; they will meet at the station to talk with this guy. Carly has come back into the room and anxiously wonders what that was about? Jack tells her that he needs to follow up a lead, but he needs her to stay at the Farm in case JJ can get to a phone or away. Katie starts to clean up, but Carly wants to do it to keep busy. Katie decides she will go see Margo instead, but Carly thinks she will be in the way; she has already done enough, she snarls. If it weren’t for her, none of this would be happening.

Silas is aggravated that Ava is going to ruin things, but she assures him in an annoyed tone that it will be fine. JJ reminds them that his family doesn’t have money. Ava has no sympathy; they will find a way to get it. As she is walking out, Silas reminds her to take off her wig; she whips it off to show medium length brunette colored hair. She rushes off to go deliver the letter. After she leaves, Silas looms over JJ promising now they will see how much his supposed dad loves him.

Craig explains that he is teaching Meg how to become a CEO. Lucinda wonders if he is including a class on how to make shady deals? Craig smirks; she is a great student. He still gave Meg the Company even though she asked for an annulment? He is a man of his word. Lucinda smirks. This must be a cover for something else. He never does anything without an ulterior motive. Craig answers part of the fun of this is watching her squirm now. Lucinda whips around to face Meg. He is training her to do his bidding now? Meg assures her that she can think for herself. Lucinda reminds Meg this isn’t Nursing School. She knows nothing about this business and frankly, she made a lot of mental lapses in judgment in her old field, which is why she was forced to become a waitress, and that is a far cry from being a CEO. Breaking news on this channel, which interrupts show for about 1 minute.

Lucinda tells her that what they are doing with her Company is a personal betrayal. Craig wants her to stop being dramatic. Did she make this decision because she is angry with her? Meg explains that her mother thought she could do something good with this Company. What does Emma know about business? Meg reminds her that she has single handedly ran the Farm for as long as she can remember. Her mother believes in her. Lucinda doesn’t understand; does she blame her for Paul’s death? By doing this, she is helping Craig. This is not about him, Meg answers. The actions that led to Paul’s death though were because of her own choices though, Meg explains. Lucinda thinks Meg should blame Craig; he lured Paul to the cliff. Craig snaps that Paul’s falling was an accident. Lucinda pleads with Meg to understand what her motives are and when Meg says nothing, Lucinda becomes indignant and wonders coldly if Craig is that good in bed? Meg glares at her for a moment before she slaps her across the face.

Katie tells Carly that she doesn’t blame her for being upset, but she didn’t set this in motion. She was so upset that Jack didn’t propose that she made him feel embarrassed and pushed into something he really wasn’t ready for…either were the kids. Katie doesn’t think Jack felt pushed. Carly snaps that she knows Jack and her kids. JJ agonized over their decision once he found out about it. Katie recognizes that it would be a big adjustment, but they were going to talk with the kids together. When were they going to do this – at some point after the engagement? Katie looks upset. JJ felt helpless and vulnerable Carly yells. His state of mind made him an easy prey for these kidnappers. Brad has come downstairs and is quietly listening behind the door, as Carly unleashes her tirade. Katie sadly tells Carly that she is sick over what has happened, but she would never do anything to hurt him. JJ, Parker and Sage are going to be part of her family now. Carly narrows her eyes and coldly tells her that she may become Jack’s wife, but she better not kid herself into believing she will ever be a part of JJ’s family. Katie looks devastated.

Silas angrily wonders why JJ is squirming? His leg is asleep. Why hasn’t he eaten his breakfast? He is not hungry. This is making Silas angrier. JJ innocently wonders how he can eat while he is tied up? Silas agrees to untie one hand. JJ spies a hammer on the floor not too far, from where he is sitting. JJ starts to eat to appease Silas all the while he is looking secretly at the hammer.

The storeowner tells Jack and Holden that he couldn’t help a sketch artist because he didn’t get a close look at the woman because her back was to him. He just saw her hair color. Did he see anything out of the ordinary? Did she follow JJ after he left? The storeowner doesn’t know; he assumed the woman was the boy’s mother. After the man leaves, Holden asks about how long it has been since they heard from the kidnappers? Jack worries it has been too long and he tried to keep Carly from going to the worst-case scenario earlier. He hopes the kidnappers have a plan so they don’t get nervous and do something bad. A police officer comes in and tells Jack that this note was just left for him; Jack puts on some gloves and starts to look at it. He looks at Holden and tells her that they are trying a new tactic.

Carly growls that JJ couldn’t be bribed or bought like Sage; what little girl wouldn’t want to go shopping or be a guest at a TV studio. JJ is less easily influenced. Katie wipes a tear away; her intention was never to do that. JJ wants his mother and father together. Katie gets that every child wants that, but she also thinks sometimes that is not always the best situation. Carly smirks. She doesn’t get anything about their family. All she gets is that she wants to be the center of attention and to always have the spotlight on her and she crumbles when Jack can’t devote all his time to her. She wonders how long the relationship will last anyway since Jack will always put his family first. The phone rings interrupting them, as Carly rushes to it. Jack wants her to meet him at the station as soon as she can. Carly hangs up and rushes out without practically a word to Katie. After she leaves, a distraught Katie sits there crying in silence. Brad comes into the room and Katie pleads with him not to say a word, as she walks out. Brad silently goes after her.

JJ asks to go to the bathroom, but Silas doesn’t want to let him. He has been tied up for hours, JJ pleads. Ava interrupts; mission accomplished, she states. She slipped a kid $20 to deliver the note. Silas wants assurances it actually got to Jack. Ava snaps that she watched the kid go inside; he has nothing to worry about. While they are talking, JJ uses his foot to pull the hammer towards him. Ava is sure that Jack will do what he can to get his son back.

Holden tells Jack that he can get him the money. They are interrupted when Carly races in; is JJ alive? Jack tells her about the note and how they no longer are interested in that key; they want $100,000. They have very explicit instructions on how this is going to go down. Carly immediately starts thinking; they can borrow against the house? No. Carly is adamant they have to do this quickly or they might hurt JJ. Holden offers the money again, but Jack tells them they may want the money but they aren’t going to get it.

Lucinda regains her composure after the slap. She wonders what has become of Meg? She is willing to trust Craig after what he has done to everyone in this town? She turns to Craig; he is a snake who is using Meg’s grief and pain to his own ends. Craig reminds her that this is all Meg’s decision. Meg explains that she can do a lot of good with this Company. Lucinda thinks that she is trying to redeem herself then with supposed good work and causes. She tells Craig that it is sad that he can’t keep his hands off of her Company. Craig thinks her bitterness isn’t attractive. Lucinda promises that if Meg sticks by him, then he will take her down with him. Craig thinks she should forget about it because it is a lost cause. Lucinda explains that he doesn’t get family because he chased his all away, but this Company was a heritage to her kids. She turns back to Meg and tells her that within two months this Company will go down in flames, as she stalks off. After she leaves, Meg explains how she was going to give the Company back to her, but after she talked to her like that. Craig finishes her thought… she needed to show her. Meg agrees with Lucinda’s assessment; she will probably run the Company into the ground. Craig reminds her that he will be by her side so it won’t happen. Meg smirks; Lucinda was right; he is helping her in order to help himself. She wants him to simply tell her how he sees this playing out. His expertise will support her vision, Craig answers. Meg translates it that he will indulge her and her minor contributions while he retains control. He is pretending that he wants her to make all the decisions. He knew she would get overwhelmed and be forced to turn to him. How manipulative to supposedly offer to give up the Company, but then to offer his services. Craig admits that he had his reasons, but he saw this scenario as a win-win one. He has become a global pariah thanks to Lucinda and with Meg in charge, the Snyder name would redeem the Company. She would retain ownership of course though. So, he conceded to her because he was going to crash and burn. Perhaps. Meg smiles; so, he needs her? She needs him. What if Lucinda hadn’t made her mad? It was a risk he was willing to take. That is why he is such a good businessman. Do they have a deal? He extends his hand to shake Meg’s. She looks at it and doesn’t say anything or move.

Brad walks over to Katie and offers her a tissue. She tells him that he can say it. Carly’s outburst is evidence to how much of an outsider she is to Jack and the kids. Brad doesn’t think it will always be like that. She can’t think past today now though. She is so worried about him. He is keeping it all inside. She is sure he is blaming himself somehow. Brad agrees; Jack tends to take responsibility for things that aren’t his to take responsibility for. Carly went after her because she is upset. Katie understands that, and that is why she held her tongue; she knows she resents her, but this seemed worse. Brad explains that in Carly’s mind, Jack is and will always be hers. There is no arguing with her and she can’t change her thought process. All she can do is be there for Jack. Katie worries that he is hardly talking to her. She needs to take a deep breath; she is smart when it comes to pushing him to talk and when stepping back and letting him handle it is the best course of action. She will do the right thing. She needs to pace herself because the longer this goes on, the more Jack is going to need her.

Ava tells Silas that he will be the lookout while she gets the money. Why is that the way she thinks they should play it, Silas wonders suspiciously? He doesn’t think on his feet. If she is rummaging through the trash, she can come up with a more plausible story then he would – she would come across as a poor woman looking for her deceased mother’s ring, which she unintentionally threw away. Silas growls that by the time she has woven this intricate story, the cops will already be on them and have a very specific description of her. JJ has now gotten the hammer over to him and has stuck it under his legs. They look over at him, as he is moving around as he is accomplishing this and demand to know what he is doing? He lies; he has to go to the bathroom. The hammer moves and makes a noise, as Silas and Ava look suspiciously at him, as JJ tries to hide his panic.

Jack doesn’t want them to rush the kidnappers; he wants to keep the advantage. They need to stall so they have more time to locate them. Carly doesn’t think they should risk this; it is just money. Jack doesn’t think it will end if they give them the money. They are relying on kidnappers who stole their son to keep their word. They need more time and they need to stay in the position of power. Holden excuses himself in order to keep Emma and Meg aware of what is going on. Jack explains that his experience with this tells him they need to play it this way. She needs to trust him. Carly stares at him for a moment before she tells him that she needs to check on Sage to make sure she is still unaware. Jack offers her the desk to make her call. After Jack steps away, Carly pauses for a moment, looks around and then rushes out of the station… obviously on a mission.

Meg turns away from Craig. If she says yes to this, are they partners? She will still be the CEO, Craig assures her. She will be front and center, as he is behind the scenes structuring the deal. Craig thinks they need to trust each other to make this work. Do they have a deal, Craig asks again? This time Meg agrees and shakes his hand. Craig holds onto her hand for a moment, as they stare at each other, but soon Meg pulls her hand away, as her cell phone rings. It is Holden telling her about JJ. Meg is very upset upon hearing this. She tells Holden that she will be right there. After she hangs up, Craig wonders if there is news on Paul? Meg explains very briefly that JJ has been kidnapped, her family needs her and she has to go, as she races out, a concerned Craig watches her go.

Brad is pouring Katie some coffee; does he think she is good for Jack? Brad pauses and then tells her that she is; he teases her that Jack is acting more human since he started up with her. He isn’t just saying that? He wouldn’t joke about something like that at a time like this. Katie wishes Jack would call with news; she feels helpless. Brad knows how she feels. He has an idea on how to change that though, as he takes her hand and leads her out the door.

Jack tells Holden that through their surveillance cameras, they tracked down the kid the woman gave the $20 to bring the note in. He is with a sketch artist. Was it the woman with the red hair? This woman had brown hair. Holden reminds him that there is more then one kidnapper. Faith calls Holden interrupting them. Holden has to go take care of her for a little bit, but he will be back. Jack takes out the note and reads it again. He sees an envelope with it and looks into it. A white powdery substance falls onto his desk, as Jack wonders where this came from?

Ava begins to sneeze; when JJ is the only one to acknowledge this with a “Bless you”, she snidely remarks that she is probably allergic to Silas. He is snippy saying that if she is coming down with something then she shouldn’t be the one to get the money. She is going to get a tissue in the car. After she leaves, Silas demands to know from JJ what that noise was that he heard? JJ suggests it might be rats. Silas reaches under his leg and pulls out the hammer. He coldly stares at him; what did he plan on doing with this?

Jack tells the officer to analyze the substance and get back to him. As the officer is about to leave, Jack asks him if he has seen Carly? No. Jack wonders to himself where Carly has gone?

At the Lakeview, Carly meets with Lily. She hopes that she didn’t tell anyone they were meeting? Lily explains that Holden called, but she didn’t answer the phone. She apologizes for putting her in this position. Lily knows things are tough with Jack. Carly warns that noone can know what she has planned…especially Jack. Lily looks concerned; what is she hiding? What is going on? Carly pauses for a moment before she tells her that she needs money – a lot of it - now!

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