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(Montgomery Enterprises)  Craig yells at one of his young executives because he made a mistake that cost the company a lot of money.  Meg arrives in the middle of Craigís tirade with the executive and is convinced she made the right decision.  She tells Craig he can keep his company because she would do anything worthwhile with it other then put it out of business.  Craig tells Meg to stay because before the night is over she will convince herself to keep the company.  Meg finds this hard to believe and accepts the dare from Craig because she is sure that she will never want to keep the company.  Craig asks Meg what she would do as a waitress if a fire put people out of their homes.  Meg tells Craig that she would donate time and money to help the people rebuild their homes and lives.  Craig shows Meg that if she was president of the company she could send the companyís construction crews to help rebuild their homes.  Craig also asks Meg what she would do to help people if she could do anything she wanted in order to help people.  Meg tells Craig she would love to start a literacy program and Craig shows her that one of the companyís subdivisions already funds a literacy program.  Meg is amazed that the company is so big and does so many good things to help people.  Meg tells Craig she doesnít know anything about business and he tells her that she could learn everything just as she learned to be a nurse because she is very smart.  A cleaning lady comes into the office and congratulates Meg and Craig on their marriage and tells them they make a nice couple.  Craig wonders why Meg didnít correct the woman on her mistake and she responds that she didnít want to waste the womanís time with a complicated explanation of their relationship.  Craig admits that he enjoyed thinking for one second that they had a real marriage.  Meg gets upset and tells Craig that she will move out of Fairwinds tonight because she doesnít want to lead him on to think that their relationship has any sort of future.  Meg makes it clear to Craig that she still loves Paul even though he is dead and she canít just turn off her feelings for him.  Craig tells Meg that he isnít easily led by anyone and heís well aware of their relationship so she can stay or leave Fairwinds anytime she wants to go.  Craig also tells Meg that she is free to do whatever she wishes with the company, but he believes she will make a great CEO and can do a lot of good for people if she decides to keep the company.  Meg wonders why Craig is so eager to give her the company and she thinks itís because he wants to keep her close to him hoping that some day she will fall in love with him.  Craig tells Meg that isnít the real reason at all, but rather that he wants to stick it to Lucinda and if he can help her (Meg) in the process, then so much the better.  Meg tells Craig that her mother also thinks that she should keep the company and do good with it.  She decides to take on the challenge and asks Craig to help her learn as she goes over the company files.  Craig goes to put on a pot of coffee for their all-night study session.  Craig looks at Meg at her desk and from the look on his face and the way he is smiling, the audience can tell that he does hope that Meg will eventually fall in love with him if they both work at the company together. 

(Carlyís house)  Jack, Carly, and Katie try to put clues together to try and figure out why the kidnappers kidnapped J.J. and where they may have taken him.  Jack tells Carly to tell him everything that happened from the time the kidnappers called to when she went to the Lakeview to tell him the news.  Carly tells Jack that the kidnapper asked to speak to detective Snyder and then put J.J. on the phone and J.J. told her that the kidnappers were looking for a key but that he didnít know where the key was.  Carly also noticed that J.J. was very scared and she didnít hear any background noises.  Carly starts to cry imagining a scared J.J. and then she wonders if the kidnappers will ever call back.  She gets hysterical, screaming at Jack that they must call the kidnappers to save J.J.  Jack takes Carly in his arms and gently rocks her to calm her nerves telling her to calm down because he is going to find J.J.  Katie watches Carly and Jack come together in a crisis and feels like she is intruding on their pain.  Once Carly is calm, Jack suggests that Carly stay home and wait for the police to come and hook up the equipment to trace any calls.  Jack wants to go to the farm with Katie to see if the kidnappers left any clues.  As he is about to leave with Katie, Carly reminds him that she would be more help to him because if anything is out of the ordinary at the farm, she will see it.  Jack thinks Carly is right and asks Katie if she would mind staying and waiting for the police.  Katie tells Jack not to worry about her because she will do anything she can to help find J.J.  Katie offers to pick up Parker and Sage and tell them what has happened to J.J.  Katie is once again a witness to the powerful connection that Carly and Jack share when they both shout no at the same time Katie assumes they had discussed this earlier but Jack tells her that he and Carly hadnít discussed it before that he just thinks its best that Parker and Sage stay with friends and not know anything unless it is absolutely necessary for them to know about the kidnapping.  Katie gives Jack a hug and a kiss and tells him she is there for him whenever he needs her. 

(Police Station)  Margo and Tom get back from visiting Casey, and Margo is depressed because prison is slowly changing Casey and he wonít be the same person when he gets out of prison.  Tom encourages Margo to come home with him so they can deal with their pain together but then Margo gets a call from Jack about J.J.ís kidnapping and she tells him she will put every available man on the case.  Margo also tells Jack that Tom will talk to Kim so she can help keep the press from finding out about the kidnapping.  Margo tells Tom she is glad he is with her now.  Jack tells Margo he is heading to the farm and if he thinks he needs a crew to lift fingerprints he will let her know later.

(Farm)  Carly and Jack arrive and see foot prints leading to the door but Jack tells Carly that a lot of people go through that door the police probably canít find anything out of the ordinary.  Carly remembers that Luke was the only person home when she called looking for J.J. so Jack calls Margo to get a forensics team to the farm to lift finger and footprints.  Jack and Carly go inside the kitchen and notice the broken music box that belonged to Julia.  Jack remembers that when he talked to the kidnapper he mentioned a key that was inside the music box.

(Lakeview)  One of Viennaís clients turns out to be a real estate agent and tells her she just got a new listing for a location that would be perfect for her spa.  She tells her that it needs to be fixed up because the building isnít completed yet.  Vienna canít wait to see it so she and Henry head over there right away. 

(Unfinished Dark Building)  Henry and Vienna look at the building with a flashlight and Henry tells the realtor they must think about things before they make a decision.  Vienna hears J.J. scream but since the kidnappers cover his mouth and Vienna doesnít hear the noise a second time, she and Henry leave.  J.J. tells the kidnappers that he doesnít know anything about a key to a safe deposit box and that Les probably lied to make people like him.  The kidnapper gets very angry because J.J. thinks of Jack as his dad and not Les.  Ava, the kidnapperís wife, tells him they should ask for a ransom just in case Les was lying about the safe deposit box full of money.  Ava tells her husband the phones are probably bugged at J.J.ís house, so she has a better idea. 

(Lakeview)  Henry encourages Vienna to be practical and not invest all her money in an unfinished building that will cost a lot to fix.  Henry also points out that she doesnít know how much it costs to run a business.  Henry tells Vienna that if she goes out of business, she will probably lose all her money and her luxurious lifestyle.  Vienna tells Henry that she doesnít care if she loses all her money, as long as, at the end of everything, they still have each other. 

(Carlyís house)  Margo arrives and Katie gives her all the details of the kidnapping.  She also tells Margo that she and Jack were going to get engaged tonight.  Margo advises Katie to wait a little longer to consider an engagement to Jack because they have only dated a month.  Katie tells Margo that life has taught her that life is too short to wait for anything.  Katie wants to go to the farm to see if she can help Jack.  Margo knows that Katie doesnít trust Carly alone with Jack for too long and wants to go check on them.  Margo advises Katie not to go and add to Jackís stress during this difficult time because Jack and Carly need to be together so they can find their son. 

(Farm)  Katie arrives and tells Jack that all the phones are bugged and she probably shouldnít add to his stress right now so she is going to leave so he can concentrate on finding J.J.  Jack asks Katie not to leave because he needs her with him.  Katie holds Jack and tells him he will find J.J. and she loves his kids as if they were her own so she will do anything she can to help him through this difficult time.  Carly watches Jack and Katie and hears their conversation and she has an angry look on her face. 

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