ATWT Update Monday 7/23/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/23/07


Written By Elayna

Downtown, Allison’s buzzed dealer ‘friend’ is coming onto her in front of his two friends. Allison cozies up to him flirting acting as if she is agreeable to his requests for a private showing. Aaron is around the corner fuming as he watches this. Finally, he can’t stand it anymore and he stalks off. A moment later though, Allison kicks the dealer causing him to double over; Allison smirks at him proud of herself.

At home, Gwen tells a nervous Will that she isn’t sick, but she is… pregnant though. He stares at her for a moment; is this a joke? She would never joke about that. He thought she had a stomach bug. She had been talking with Carly about the kids and it got her to thinking. She sees his concerned look; she thought he would be happy. Isn’t this what they always wanted? Yes, it would be if it was true, but they both know it can’t be.

At WOAK, Maddie and Noah are having trouble with ideas for their short cell phone show. They remark about how Luke is the one with the talent. Luke comes in and excitedly shows them more of his ideas. Noah and Maddie tell him how he is saving the project. Noah wonders where he is getting his inspiration? Luke simply smiles at him knowingly.

At the Farm, the old ‘friend’ of Julia’s, Ava, tells JJ that she knows he has the music box; she hates liars; it makes her mad. JJ’s phone rings and he tries to answer it, telling this woman that it is his mom calling. Before he can answer it though, a man from behind grabs the phone out of his hands. He can have the phone back when he gives the woman what she asked for. Carly is leaving a worried message on JJ’s phone hoping he is on his way over on his bike now because she is ordering the pizza; she is going to order him extra anchovies to teach him not to be late and worry her, she teases. Then she mumbles to herself how they will be eating pizza as his father is making the biggest mistake of his life.

At the Lakeview, Jack is walking with Katie into the lobby; he is waxing on about how beautiful she looks, as she eats it up. Jack seems nervous as he continues to talk, which Katie can’t help notice. He sees a sign about the lounge being closed for a private party and gets angry; this is going to ruin his plan. They should march in there and sit anyway. Katie doesn’t know why he is acting this way until he stops dragging her into the lounge and she clearly sees it is made up for them. He is going to make this the best night of her life or die trying.

Will is worried that Gwen is getting her hopes up. Gwen thinks that God realized he has given them too much bad stuff and is changing it for them now. Will wants assurances that she is really healthy so he calls up his Uncle Bob and asks him to look at Gwen. He will meet them at their home in a moment. She promises Will that she isn’t delusional, but she knows she is pregnant.

Noah and Maddie want to get started on their project now. Luke is secretly happy that Noah admires his work so much, but then he tells them that he has a few things he has to do and takes off. Noah jokes about how Luke is always leaving practically mid sentence.

Allison tells the guy if he comes any closer then she will scream. She is sure that he wouldn’t want the cops to find him with this spilled beer, which he has now gotten on her dress. She made a big mistake when she did that, he tells her. She pretends to shake with fear and tells him to get lost. After they leave, Allison picks up his beer and throws it away. She sees an outfit in a window and smiles as she looks at the stain on her dress; it is a perfect time to shop she says to herself, as she heads inside.

The man that has taken JJ’s phone introduces himself as Silas, Ava’s husband. He was also a friend of his mom. He would like the truth; where is the box? JJ is hiding it behind his back. He claims he doesn’t know where the box is though. The man tells JJ that he knows that it is actually behind his back and he doesn’t want to take it by force. JJ finally gives it up and the couple happily looks at it and opens it. Happiness turns to frustration when they see what they are looking for is not inside. Where is the key, Silas snaps? What key a confused JJ asks? No one is going to leave until they get what they came for.

Katie remarks how romantic Jack is being. They sit at the table, as Jack tells Katie he wants to give her something. She smiles thinking it is the ring, but Jack pulls out his cell phone. Katie looks disappointed. He pulled in a lot of favors to be completely off duty. He wants to see hers. She smiles again as she shows him that her cell phone is off too. No one is going to be able to interrupt them now, as they share a kiss.

Allison comes out in her new outfit pleased with her new purchase. She bumps into an annoyed Aaron. She smiles; she was just thinking of him and thought he might want to go for a walk. Aaron scowls; what was wrong with her other outfit? It seems to be fine for those guys; it grabbed their attention. Was he watching her? He would have thought that three guys would have taken longer, but he guesses that is why she is the professional? Allison looks devastated by that comment.

Bob comes to Will and Gwen’s house; how does she feel, he asks? Gwen tells him that she is great now because the morning sickness has subsided. Bob looks a tiny bit concerned. He answers carefully that most of the times the tests are accurate, but not always. Will is worried that would mean there is something else wrong. Bob knows that she was told after her fall that she probably wouldn’t be able to get pregnant, so he is going to do an ultrasound and exam. They want to rule out a false positive. They will find out in the morning. Will looks nervous so Bob tells him that he will run the tests tonight instead so they know right away.

JJ explains nervously that he doesn’t know about any key. Why would they believe him now since he has been lying all along? Why would he give them the box if he knew about some key? Ava sees his point, but Silas isn’t interested and tells her to shut up. She orders him not to talk to her like that. As they are bickering, JJ starts to leave, but Silas grabs him by the neck and pulls him close. He isn’t going anywhere. If they don’t get the key back, he can’t be held responsible for what happens to him, as he drags him towards the door.

Carly pays the pizza deliveryman and then nervously calls the Farm looking for JJ again. Luke has just walked in and answers. She was looking for JJ, so Luke calls for him. No one is here. Carly explains that she is worried when he gets on his bike at night. Luke tells her that he saw JJ’s bike outside when he came in, so he can’t be on it. Carly seems even more rattled now. She hangs up quickly and looks out the door. She goes to pick up the phone, but then tells herself not to call Jack no matter how scared she gets.

Katie and Jack dance and kiss. They talk about when their relationship began; Jack had been in a rut and had no time to himself with no change in sight. Katie saw him as someone who cared more about himself then others. He didn’t know when it changed - when he started looking forward to their days together. He wants her by his side from now on, which brings them to why he brought her there tonight. He gets down on one knee and holds up a ring box in front of Katie, as she seems to become nervous now. Will she marry him? Katie seems to swallow hard.

Allison stomps away, as Aaron calls after her. How can he tell her that he cares for her earlier and now he feels he can talk to her like that, she growls? He just doesn’t want her to start taking drugs again. He thinks he sees something and that gives him the right to act like she is a whore. He apologizes sarcastically because he saw her with three guys – one who happens to be a drug dealer. He heard her say she wanted to party. She thinks this is actually a good thing because it answers the all-important question – will she ever be good enough for Aaron? She will never be. She is trash. He never said that. She would rather be that then self righteous and smug, as she stalks off. Aaron calls after her, but she doesn’t stop.

Noah tapes Maddie doing the scene Luke wrote named the ‘Invisible Girl.’ She really thinks it was much better in their second taping after Luke made his suggestions. She doesn’t feel like an Invisible girl anymore, and she certainly doesn’t feel like one around him. Noah teases her about how it is because he always wants to touch her. They share a kiss, as Luke walks in. He seems to roll with the punches more this time, and shakes it off. They talk about how they made his changes and how much better it is now. Noah touches Luke’s shoulder as he gives him more compliments, which Luke smiles at.

Jack wonders if Katie is going to give him an answer soon because his knee is getting sore. She wants him to get up, which unnerves Jack. She starts to explain that falling in love with him has been one of the best things that has ever happened to her. Jack interrupts; why does he feel a ‘but’ coming? She is scared. What is scaring her? Is it he? Is it the idea of commitment? She shakes her head no. Brad, Carly or the kids always screwing up their dates for starters. There are complications and they are not going away. That is life though, Jack reminds her. She is worried because Mike was easy and straightforward and she managed to screw it up. Jack’s face drops; after all of this, she is going to turn him down? Katie looks confused.

Silas calls Jack’s phone, but it goes to voice mail. What kind of cop shuts off his phone? Ava tells him to call the mother because she probably knows where he is. Silas calls Carly, who answers the phone quickly thinking it is JJ no doubt. He asks for Jack. Carly explains that he doesn’t live there anymore. He should try the station. He is not interested in that; he has something he wants. Carly doesn’t understand. He suggests she find him fast or he will get mad. He holds the phone up to JJ and tells him to say hello. Carly frantically asks him where he is and if he is ok? JJ can only say quickly that they want a key that he doesn’t know about, as the man yanks the phone away. She has 20 minutes to get Jack on the phone or he can’t be held accountable for what might happen to her son. Carly frantically dials Jack and gets him voice mail. She rushes to the door and runs out.

Will and Gwen walk back in their door quietly. Finally, their mood changes from that to disbelief and then Gwen comments about it is a miracle. They are pregnant, as they hug tightly. She knows they are going to have the most beautiful April ever. She also knew they would always have a family of their own. Barbara knocks and a happy Will lets her in. Barbara is oblivious and tells them she simply came by so Will could have Paul’s watch. Will doesn’t want to talk about this now. An elated Gwen tells Barbara that they have news. They pause for a moment before they blurt out that they are pregnant. Barbara is thrilled and hugs them both. Can she be counted on to spoil her grandchild?

Allison walks into her house mumbling to herself about Aaron. She sits down, then reaches into the trash and pulls out the hidden thrown out vial of Meth. She shakes out a line on her hand and prepares to take a hit, but then decides against it and blows the line into trash instead. Susan comes into the room, sees the vial on the desk and becomes upset.

Noah shows Luke the tape and they are all excited. Maddie thinks they should celebrate by getting some pizza. Luke tries to gracefully bow out, but they try to convince him to come. He is far behind on some things, but he will catch up with them later. If he changes his mind, he knows where to find them. As they are leaving, Noah steps back and tells Luke an idea he has, which Luke loves. After he leaves, Luke sits down and writes.

She is not turning him down, but Jack notes that it didn’t sound like a yes either. She doesn’t want him mad because she is only trying to look out for him. She can do that after they are married, Jack suggests. She knows herself, as she starts to tear up. She doesn’t trust herself to not screw this up. She doesn’t think she is a good catch personally. Jack shakes his head; she drives him crazy. That is another thing; does he want to deal with craziness always? He does want crazy – with her. He can help calm her down when he has to. What if he can’t? Life is going to be hard and they are going to make mistakes. Why is she thinking about this now, Jack bemoans? Katie takes a deep breath and then tells him to forget everything she said before. They will hit the rewind button. She does want to say something first though, as Jack sighs again on his knees. She does love him. Jack takes a deep breath now to clear his mind. Will she please marry him, as he holds out the ring? Carly races in telling him that she needs to talk with him! Jack tells her to leave them alone! He won’t let her do this! She tells him pleadingly that it isn’t what he thinks. Someone has taken their boy; JJ has been kidnapped. Jack looks stunned.

After hearing the news, Barbara thanks them for sharing this with her. She is going to leave now; she will take over their lives after the baby is born, she teases. She explains how alone she felt coming over earlier, but now she feels so filled up. It isn’t just about the baby, but it is about seeing how happy they are; they deserve it. They hug and she heads out. Will wants to go to bed and think of names; he hopes they have a son so he can grow up and marry someone like Gwen.

She thought they had turned a corner. Allison explains things are not always what they seem. If she is talking with three guys, she is not a whore and if she is holding drugs that doesn’t mean she is using again. A crummy thing happened tonight and she was tempted to use, but she didn’t. Susan thinks she knows how she feels. She knows the tricks you tell yourself to convince yourself you can handle things. She has wanted to drink since Emily left, but she knows finally, what her limits are. Susan isn’t sure that Allison is far enough along to do this alone; she thinks she needs a structured environment Allison interrupts bitterly. She just needs to have one person believe she can do this. Susan assures her that she does, but she thinks she shouldn’t do it alone. She needs rehab. Allison angrily tells her that she can do this alone and she is going to prove it; she is moving out! She stomps out, but pauses nervously just outside the door.

Carly promises that this is not a game; she has no time because they said they were going to call the house in a few minutes. Katie tells them both that they all need to get going then, as they rush out.

JJ wonders what is going to happen to him? Nothing will happen if Jack gets him the key. Ava wants him to call back, as Silas snaps at her again. Jack, Carly and Katie race in as the phone rings. Jack picks it up and asks the man where his son is? He is not in charge, Silas reminds him. Right, JJ? What does he want, Jack asks again? He wants the key. What key? There is a key in the music box. He wants it as badly as Jack wants his son back, as he slams the phone shut. A distraught Jack looks nervously at Carly, as everyone stands there speechless.

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