ATWT Update Thursday 7/19/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/19/07


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(Stewart House)  Dusty arrives and asks Susan for a way to get in touch with Emily because he wants to be the one to tell her about Paulís death.  Susan tells Dusty that he is the last person Emily needs to be with when she learns of Paulís death.  Susan asks Dusty to leave her family alone and assures him that if Emily needs comforting, she will be the one to comfort her daughter and get her through the grief of losing Paul. 

(Lakeview)  Allison arrives to apologize for coming down so hard on him about telling Emily about the DVD.  Allison asks Aaron if they could at least be friends but he tells her she has changed too much and he canít be friends.  Aaron tells Allison that his father made him see that he needs to stay in town because he needs to get to know his family again.  Allison tells Aaron not to Judge the kind of person she is by watching her on one DVD, and then she leaves the Lakeview.  Henry and Vienna toast Katieís upcoming marriage to Jack and wish her every happiness. 

(Carlyís house)  Jack tells Carly he is proposing to Katie.  Carly thinks that Jack is proposing to Katie so soon because he doesnít want to admit that he still has feelings for her.  Jack tells Carly she will always have a special place in his heart but he is tired of her lies, manipulation, and general chaos.  He says that with Katie, he feels peaceful and happy and things are easy with her.  Carly tells him to stop before he makes a mistake but Jack insists he loves Katie and he will marry her.  Carly tells Jack they have both tried to be with other people and they always seem to come back to each other.  Jack thinks Carly always promises to learn from her mistakes but she always repeats them.

(Lakeview)  Katie encourages Vienna to rent a building for her spa instead of having it in her hotel room.  Henry also likes the idea and tells Vienna he will help her look for a location for the spa. 

(Yoís)  Allison tells Dusty that Aaron thinks she is a thoughtless selfish slut so she is trying to forget her troubles by drinking.  Dusty thinks that she is just substituting one addiction for another and it is unhealthy.  Allison thinks they should sleep together again to comfort each other and make each other feel safe.  Dusty tells Allison no because he loves Emily too much and things would just be worse if they slept together.  Dusty calls a cab for Allison and makes sure she goes home but she returns to Yoís after Dusty has left to have a drink.  The bartender wonít serve her drinks because he doesnít want trouble.  Allison sees her drug dealer and he gives her drugs but the audience doesnít see if she took them. 

(Lakeview)  Vienna gets a call from Jack asking her to come to the Old Town jewelry store to help him pick out an engagement ring for Katie.  Once Vienna leaves, Katie asks Henry to walk her down the aisle.  He accepts the honor once Katie assures him that she loves Jack and isnít rushing into this marriage. 

(Old Town)  J.J. overhears Jack talking about an engagement ring for Katie on the phone and once he has hung up the phone, an angry J.J. confronts Jack.  Jack tells him that he intended to tell him and his brother and sister the news once Katie accepted his proposal.  Jack tells J.J. that he and Carly will always be his parents but they wonít get back together.  J.J. tells Jack that he is going to go home but he goes to tell Carly the news.  Vienna arrives to help Jack with the ring but first she asks him why he loves Katie so she can pick out the perfect ring for her.  Jack tells Vienna that he was sad for a long time and they started out as friends but he soon realized that he was happier when Katie was around him.  Jack also tells Vienna that Katie helped him lighten up and not take things so seriously.  Jack tells Vienna he thinks that he helps Katie by making her see she must forgive herself for her mistakes. 

(Carlyís house)  J.J. arrives and tells Carly that Jack is going to propose to Katie tonight at the Lakeview and begs her to stop him.  Carly tells J.J. that she still loves Jack but since he doesnít love him anymore, she must let him be happy.  J.J. canít understand why Carly isnít fighting to put her family back together.  J.J. goes to ride his bike and Carly leaves the house, determined to stop Jack. 

(Alís Diner)  Dusty tells Aaron that he should step up and be a friend to Allison if he ever cared about her at all because she could get into trouble again if he doesnít help her. 

(Park)  A mysterious woman asks J.J. if he is Julia Larabeeís son. 

(Old Town)  Jack and Vienna take one more look at the ring he bought Katie as Carly arrives and watches them from a distance. 

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