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(TV Station)  Jack tells Katie that he knows itís sudden and they have not been dating that long but he loves her and he knows she loves him so he asks Katie to marry him.  Katie responds that she is unsure since they still have to deal with the fact that Carly wants him back in her life.  Jack tells Katie that Carly told him she loves him and kissed him but he quickly adds that at first if felt like old times but then the kiss made him realize he doesnít love Carly anymore.  Katie is glad that Jack didnít keep what happened with Carly a secret from her and tells him she is ready to give him an answer.  Jack tells her not to give him an answer until he can plan a more romantic proposal for her.   

(Carlyís house)  Parker arrives for a visit and goes into the kitchen to get a snack.  Once Carly sees the news of Paulís death in the papers, she wonders how she will find the words to tell Parker about Paulís death. 

(Fairwinds)  Craig tries to cover Meg with a blanket so she wonít get cold while Meg calls out Paulís name in her sleep.  Meg awakens and finds Craig standing over her and tells him she has made a decision.  She wants to have their marriage annulled.  Craig doesnít put any pressure on her and goes in the other room to call his lawyer. 

(Lakeview)  Lily and Kim arrive with flowers for Barbara but she smashes them against the wall when she discovers that Lucinda sent them to her.  Lily offers her sympathy to Barbara and apologizes for her motherís flowers.  Kim, Will, and Gwen persuade Barbara to have a memorial service for Paul today.  Gwen and Will walk Lily out and Lily tells them that Jade left town to get a fresh start.  Gwen and Will are happy for Jade and hope she comes back to Oakdale someday.  Barbara tells Kim it is unfair that Paul died when he finally had a good relationship with her and was happy with Meg. 

(Carlyís house)  Carly tells Parker that Paul died and he is very hurt that another person he cares about is gone forever.  Parker tells Carly that she doesnít know what it feels like to lose someone forever. 

(Fairwinds)  Lily arrives to tell Meg about the memorial service for Paul and encourages her to go because it will help her grieve for Paul.  Craig comes back in the room and Lily wonders why Meg is still keeping up this sham of a marriage to Craig.  Craig informs Lily that Meg has asked for an annulment.  Lily is happy with the news and gives Meg a hug and tells her she hopes she will think about what she told her.  Once Lily has left, Craig wonders what Lily wanted her to do.  Meg tells Craig about the memorial service for Paul and, to her surprise, Craig encourages her to go to the service.  Meg doesnít want to cause Barbara more pain but Craig tells her she should go because she loved Paul, too, and she needs to grieve his loss.  Craig tells Meg that going wonít be easy but it will be simpler than not going to the service and wishing she had a chance to say good-bye to Paul. 

(Lakeview)  Vienna tells Henry what Brad did to Katie and that she helped Katie teach Brad a lesson.  Henry wonders why she did that and Vienna tells him she did it for him because she knew that he would want Katie to be happy.  Vienna also asks Henry if it would be okay if Katie was her best friend, too, because sometimes she needs to talk to a woman.  Henry is very happy that Katie and Vienna have become such good friends and gives Vienna a kiss. 

(TV Station)  Carly calls Jack and tells him that Parker took the news of Paulís death very hard and she apologizes for telling Parker the news without him but it was already in the newspaper.  Carly asks Jack to come over and talk to Parker.  Jack hangs up the phone and tells Katie he must go over to talk to Parker about Paul.  Jack reminds Katie that he has three kids with Carly and they must raise them together, so if she decides to marry him, Carly will always be a part of their lives.  Katie tells Jack that as long as they donít keep secrets from each other, Carly wonít be able to come between them. 

(Gwen and Willís house)  Gwen and Will feel like everyone they love is disappearing and they wish that they could turn back time and the people they love could be happy.  Gwen gets dizzy again and Will worries because Gwen is never sick.  Will begins to call his mother to tell her they wonít be going to the memorial service but Gwen persuades him not to do so because Barbara needs them now. 

(Carlyís house)  Jack arrives to talk to Parker and Carly tells him Parker is afraid she will leave again and she did her best to assure him that she made a mistake but she will never leave him.  Carly tells Jack about Paulís memorial service and Jack thinks Parker should decide if he wants to go to the service.  Jack goes upstairs to talk to Parker and Carly tells herself that no matter what Jack says, he still loves her.  Parker decides to go to the memorial service and he asks Jack and Carly to go with him so that they can pretend for at least one day to be a family.  Jack and Carly both know this is important to Parker so they both go with him to the service. 

(Lakeview)  Katie tells Henry and Vienna about Jackís marriage proposal and, even though Henry isnít happy about the news, he hides his feelings.  He gives Katie a hug and wishes her happiness with Jack.  Katie tells Vienna that she thinks Carly knew about Bradís scheme and Vienna thinks Katie should use this information to crush Carly like a bug.  Katie tells Vienna that she doesnít want to crush Carly because she is the mother of Jackís children and they would hate her for hurting Carly.  Katie tells Vienna that Jack has always been honest with her and she trusts him.  Katie also tells Vienna she hopes Carly will accept her and Jackís relationship. 

(Lakeview)  Barbara is not happy when she opens the door to see that Craig and Meg are the first to arrive at the memorial service. 

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