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Meg arrives at the farm with Craig and asks him to let her face her family alone even though he offers to take the blame for everything so her family won’t blame her.  Meg insists that Craig leave her alone so he leaves and Emma comes outside to welcome Meg home.  Meg expects Emma to tell her I told you so.  She tells her mother that she should have listened to her and her entire family who warned her about Craig because if she had Paul wouldn’t be dead.  Emma doesn’t tell Meg anything she just gives her a hug and takes her hand to take her inside and make her tea, toast, and soup.  Meg can’t stand that her mother is being so nice to her after what she did to Paul.  Emma tells Meg that Paul’s accident wasn’t her fault and now she needs to rest and regroup.  Meg tells Emma she must go to Al’s Diner to see if she can get her job back but the truth is that is just an excuse for Meg to get out of the house.

(Carly’s house)  Sage arrives with Jack and is excited about having a girl’s night with her mommy.  Sage asks Carly if she can go upstairs to her old room and once she is gone, Jack thanks Carly for taking Sage on his night so that he can spend time with Katie.  Carly tells Jack it wasn’t a problem because she loves spending time with Sage.  Carly fixes Jack’s shirt collar and tie because it is crooked and Jack feels uncomfortable about Carly’s closeness to him so he thanks her quickly and heads for the door.  Carly tells him to have a good time with Katie and Jack says hello to Lily on his way out.  Lily is positive that Carly has moved on to plan number two to get Jack back with her and even though Carly denies it Lily knows Carly too well.  Carly admits to Lily that this time she is letting Brad do the dirty work required to break up Jack and Katie and she will be the one to console Jack when his relationship falls apart.

(TV Station)  Brad advises Katie not to accept Jack’s marriage proposal because it is too early in her and Jack’s relationship to be getting married.  Katie tells Brad that she and Jack are sure of their feelings for each other and if Jack is ready to propose, then she is more then ready to accept his proposal.  Brad tells Katie that Jack still has feelings for Carly and that is why he won’t propose to her tonight or any night.  Katie thinks Brad is just jealous of her relationship with Jack.  Katie asks Brad to stop playing mind games and just be happy for her and Jack.  Brad assures Katie that he will be there to help her when Jack breaks her heart. 

(Montgomery Enterprises)  Margo stops by to see Craig because she wants to know how he is doing but Craig knows she wants to find out if he killed Paul.  Craig admits to Margo that he lured Paul to the cliff to tell him he had slept with Meg because he hoped Paul would believe the lie and leave Meg alone.  Craig tells Margo he was angry because he saw Meg and Paul kissing after their wedding and they were planning to run away together.  Craig continues his story by saying that Paul didn’t believe for a minute he slept with Meg and he was determined to find Meg and take her away from him.  Craig admits he wanted to kill Paul and it would have been so easy just to let him go because Paul was barely hanging on.  In the end, he tried very hard to save his life because he loves Meg and he could never do something she wouldn’t be able to forgive.  Craig also tells Margo that Meg is drawn to him even if it’s just to try to reform him.  He says that he wants to start a new life with somebody good and he hopes Meg will help him be a better man.  Margo realizes that Craig really loves Meg and he is very lonely to be willing to marry a woman who doesn’t love him.  Margo invites Craig to dinner with her and Tom but Craig tells her to go home be with her husband and be grateful she has him.

(Carly’s house)  Holden calls Lily and asks her to meet him because Meg needs their help.  Lily tells Carly she must postpone their meeting because Meg needs her.  Lily warns Carly to be careful because her plan to break up Jack and Katie may blow up in her face.  Brad calls Carly to tell her Katie is convinced Jack is going to propose to her tonight and she will be heartbroken when Jack doesn’t pop the question.  Carly worries the plan will back fire and Brad tells Carly to stop being so negative.  Sage hurts her knee but the injury isn’t serious and Carly tells her she is just going to have a bruise.  Carly suggests they go to the Lakeview to have dinner and Sage guesses that she wants to spy on Jack and Katie.  Sage thinks that Carly is doing things all wrong and comes up with a better pan to help Carly.

(Lakeview)  Jack arrives and Katie is smiling and looking at her hand wondering how a ring will look on it.  Jack wonders why Katie is acting strangely and tells her they will have to wait a while for their table.  A waiter arrives to give Katie champagne and strawberries and Katie gets even happier at the thought of Jack’s proposal.  Jack tells Katie that he wants to ask her something but he is afraid it is too soon in their relationship.  Jack starts to pull something out of his pocket and Katie thinks it’s a ring and it turns out to be a flyer for J.J.’s baseball team fundraiser.  He then asks her if she could ask the make-up artist at the TV station to donate her time for a silent auction.  Katie is sad but she plays it cool and says she would love to help the baseball team.  Sage calls Jack and tells him that she hurt her knee and he needs to come sing the magic boo-boo song.  Carly gets on the phone and tells Jack Sage insisted on calling him even though Carly didn’t want to ruin his date.  Jack hangs up the phone and tells Katie he must go to Carly’s because Sage is hurt and is calling for him.  Jack wants Katie to go with him but she tells him she must pick up a script at the studio.

(Al’s Diner)  Lily and Holden tell Meg she can stay at their house if she doesn’t want to stay at the farm.  Meg explains to Holden and Lily that she made a deal with God that she would atone for killing a patient by getting Lucinda’s company away from Craig but not only did she fail she lost Paul too.  Lily tells Meg that Paul’s accident wasn’t her fault and she needs time to grieve so she is going to stay at their house.  Meg agrees and watches them leave and then she goes somewhere else.

(TV Station)  Katie cries and tells Brad he was right about everything and Brad holds Katie while she cries.

(Carly’s house)  Jack arrives to sing the magic boo-boo song to Sage who feels better after he sings the song and kisses her knee.  Once Sage feels better, Jack goes upstairs with her to read her a story.  Jack goes back downstairs once Sage is asleep and Carly apologizes for ruining his evening with Katie.  Jack apologizes for being so hard on Carly and tells her she shouldn’t hesitate to call him when the kids need him.

(Farm)  Holden and Lily arrive looking for Meg but she isn’t there and when Faith arrives home from the fair, Holden and Lily tell her Paul died.  Faith cries a little because she will miss Paul but she is more worried about how Parker will handle the news of Paul’s death. 

(Carly’s house)  Carly asks Jack to eat leftovers with her and he accepts since he is hungry and she has become so understanding about Katie.  Brad calls while Carly is setting the table for Jack and Carly pretends she is talking to a designer.  She congratulates Brad because his plan worked like a charm. 

(Fairwinds)  Craig is stunned to arrive home and find Meg there with her suitcases.  Meg tells Craig she couldn’t handle her family and their sympathy for her and she needs a quiet place to stay.  Meg makes Craig promise not to bother her.  Craig tells Meg she can stay as long as she wants and barely manages to hide how happy he is that Meg is staying with him. 

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