ATWT Update Wednesday 7/11/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/11/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, Aaron has caught up with the manager; he apologizes, but he is no longer able to take the job. The manager isn’t amused; is this a joke? A guest vouched for him and subtly suggested they would take their business elsewhere if he wasn’t hired; he has arranged a new schedule around him. Aaron apologizes again; he is leaving town actually. The manager is upset and simply walks away. Holden has walked up behind Aaron and overhears his last comment.

At home, Allison is sitting on the couch crying; she looks at a vase of flowers and thinks of how Aaron showed up at Al’s with flowers for her. Susan walks in oblivious at first talking about the donuts she brought them. She finally sees how distraught Allison looks and asks her what is wrong? Allison jumps up and gives her a big hug.

Downtown, Dusty tries to reach out to Emily but she pulls back. He needs her to give him another chance. Does he want another chance with her sister or her? She knows the answer to that. Is she supposed to forget the fact that he slept with her sister? He already had her sister, what more does he want? He wants her heart not her body.

At the Farm, Jack and Katie are toweling off after their swim in the lake. They kiss and talk some more about how much they enjoyed their time together. Jack has to call Carly to check in about the kids though. She stops him; she has to tell him about the run in she had with her first. She should have told him sooner, but they were having such a nice time. She let Carly get to her, she begins. She told Carly that they were on to her and Brad and they were not going to succeed in breaking them up. She realizes now that she shouldn’t have taken the bait, but she was acting so smug about how different it was with Brad and her this time. She hopes he does not hate her.

At her home, Brad shows up at Carly’s door, much to her dismay; she has work to do. He has tickets to a Sox game. She doesn’t want Katie to tell Jack that they were together anymore because it isn’t working; Jack knows that he is the last Snyder man she would date on the planet. Brad feigns hurt. She thinks it is time for them to give up. Does she want Jack and Katie marching down the aisle? Carly snarls no. Good, because he has a new improved way to break them up.

Jack reassures Katie that he could never hate her. She wouldn’t blame him because of how she acted. She was the old Katie with Carly. Jack explains that he wants the woman in his life to be able to come clean with him about something that she may not be proud of; he wants trust and someone to believe in him. He was always wondering with Carly what she was doing behind his back. Katie can somewhat relate to Carly’s actions when you get cornered. She explains how she felt when she was with Henry and how it made her act. She has come to realize that even if you are scared, honesty is the best policy. They kiss again. Katie asks if he has the urge still to protect Carly in situations like this? He has the urge to protect her and his kids now. They kiss again; Jack thinks the jealousy plan was Brad’s idea though.

Carly is shaking her head; she doesn’t know about any more plans. Is she ok with Jack and Katie going on dates, getting involved with her kids, having sex and having children of their own? Carly is cringing as he goes on. Fine, but she won’t do anything criminal. He agrees that they should stop trying to make Jack and Katie jealous and start to focus more on Katie. Why? They are going to make sure they think their relationship is on shaky ground.

Susan wonders if Allison is ok? Did she and Aaron have a fight? Yes. It is normal considering they are still finding their way back together after so much, Susan reassures her. It is more then that. Susan doesn’t believe it; she knows Aaron loves her deeply because she can still see it in his eyes. Does she want her to talk with him? No. It is her fault.

At Al’s, Holden is sitting having coffee with Aaron. What is going on, Holden wonders? Aaron sadly answers that he just wanted things to work out and for him to be proud. He is proud, Holden answers. Why would he be talking about leaving? To be honest, he and Allison weren’t able to make things work. Why? Aaron apologized, but it is private. What does his break up have to do with staying in town though? He can’t see or be near Allison. Holden empathizes but running away is never the solution. Aaron shakes his head; he needs to go back to Seattle. Holden hopes he changes his mind.

Dusty continues to try to entice Emily; they can still got to Bermuda and she can have her own room, as he reaches out again to touch her arm. She yanks it back; is that how it happened? Allison was upset and he put his hands on her? He sat beside her when Allison was barely managing to make it through detox. She was vulnerable, Emily snarls. They both were, Dusty admits; he made a terrible mistake. He asks for another chance to make this right. Emily shakes her head. It is ok to sleep with an ex porn star, but it was not alright to sleep with an ex prostitute. Dusty reminds her that he apologized for judging her. Emily sneers; is this where she gets the Jennifer speech? He has been ruined for all other women. Dusty tries to get Emily to see what he was feeling. He hadn’t been with a woman since Jennifer and when Allison put her arms around him… his voice trails off. He needed Allison at that moment. He can’t lose her though; he has lost so much and he couldn’t stand losing her now. Emily reminds him that she let her hopes up that they had a future. The do! They may until another broken woman crosses his path. Dusty shakes his head; it is not like that. She, of all people, should know what it is like to ask for a second chance. Emily smirks; is that because she hurt him a long time ago? She knows what she did and she regrets it everyday. Is she expected to let this slide because of that? He is simply explaining that he is not the only one that took a risk; he is scared to lose her. He begs her to give him another chance.

Aaron shakes his head; he wishes he could stay, but he doesn’t think he can right now. Holden explains that he has come to learn that people end up in trouble when they try to handle their problems on their own. His family needs him and he needs them, Holden reminds him. Will he think about it? Aaron slowly answers that he will think about it. He thanks his dad for always being there for him.

Katie wonders why Jack thinks that the campaign to break them up was Brad’s idea? Has she not noticed that Brad wants her? Brad is not the sharpest tack in the drawer so, but Jack cuts off that line of thinking. Look at what he accomplished; he lives there rent free, does practically no chores, talked his way onto a talk program at WOAK with no experience and has gotten a woman who swore she would never talk to him again on his side. Carly’s MO is more that she tries to do the right thing and when it doesn’t work out, she gets herself in deep by taking shortcuts. They can’t make him give up on her. He doesn’t want her to worry. He isn’t going anywhere, except in the next 15 minutes. Why what happens then? He promised Sage he would help her build a doll penthouse. He would like to make plans with her for the next night and they will do something special. She happily accepts the invitation. Jack kisses Katie, as she heads for the door. He reminds her that Brad lost and that is lucky for him. After Katie walks outside, she talks to herself; she is not going to let Brad get away with this, as she picks up her cell phone.

Carly and Brad have formulated a plan; does he really think this will work? Katie will get nervous and Jack will feel cornered; that does not make a good combination, Brad reiterates. Katie is awfully sure of herself in this relationship; Carly wants to knock her down a few pegs. Brad thinks that taking them out of the equation will work to their advantage. She will want to move forward and they will make her think he is having second thoughts. She will crowd him, as she does and that will be that. Brad just wants Carly to make sure that Jack is free this night and he will do the rest. Katie calls Brad and interrupts them. He is thrilled; she is doing all the work for him, he winks at Carly. Katie wants to meet him at WOAK to go over story ideas. Brad agrees and heads for the door; she is walking into it already. Carly reminds him not to screw it up because this may be their last chance. Brad assures her that next week the kids are not the only thing that she and Jack will be sharing, as Carly smiles coyly.

Emily admits that she isn’t the same woman; she didn’t even recognize herself back then. She can’t believe what she did. She isn’t sure that someone can come back from that. That is why they agreed to take their time. Emily starts to cry again; he made her feel what they were building to was possible. It is. She can’t trust or believe in him. It was inevitable; he would let her down or she wouldn’t be able to let him in. They have come back from worse, Dusty reminds her. They can talk this through, he says quietly, as he edges closer to her. They seem to be on the verge of kissing when suddenly Emily sadly shakes her head and rushes away.

Jack is putting some milk on for Sage, as Carly is coming in; she suggests a touch of cinnamon so there isn’t so much cocoa to keep her awake. She has Sage’s nightgown that she forgot. Jack thanks her, but he already gave her a shirt to wear. Carly pretends she is about to leave after she gives him this, but Jack stops him when he alludes to the fact that he knows she and Katie got into it. Carly tells Jack that it wasn’t Katie’s fault; she was being protective, which she totally gets. She hopes she is ok? She is fine. She doesn’t want Katie to take it personally. Everyone knows that Katie isn’t her favorite person in the world, but it really wouldn’t matter who he was dating. She can tell Katie that. It was tough for everyone; she gets Katie because she is no saint because she talks before she thinks too. Jack smiles; you don’t say he teases. She admits that she also hates being wrong, but she was. What does she mean? She was wrong about Brad. They have no business being together, as Jack’s eyebrows rise.

At WOAK, Katie is going over show ideas, as Brad yawns. Does he have somewhere more exciting to be? Does he have a date with Carly? He and Carly are giving it a rest, as Katie looks surprised to hear this. His cell phone rings, as Katie teases him about Carly calling to beg him to go out with her. He answers it and tells the person on the other end that he didn’t order a ring; he must have the wrong Snyder; he is Brad. Katie’s ears perk up when she hears him talking about a ring. Brad cuts the guy off and then pretends to be annoyed telling her that he has an idea for the show; women who are about to be married, who really want to remain single, as he stalks off to get coffee. Katie looks suspiciously at Brad’s phone, which he purposely left behind.

Susan is stunned after Allison has told her tale. Aaron left when he saw her with Dusty? Susan feels sorry because they all seemed content and happy finally. Emily walks in, as Susan opens her mouth, but Emily pleadingly tells her not to say anything. Susan tells her that she loves her…and Allison both, as she walks out the door. Allison tells Emily that she has every right to hate her; she can call her names because it is not like she hasn’t heard them before. When Emily says nothing, Allison asks her if she wants her to leave town? Emily remains silent. Allison pleads with her to say something. Finally, Emily asks why she did it? Does it matter? Yes! Did she sleep with Dusty to get back at her for dragging her back to Oakdale? No, she is appreciative of what she did for her. Better yet, did she do it to get her back because of Chris Hughes? No! It wasn’t her fault that Chris loved her and it was better in the end that they didn’t get married because Aaron was the one meant for her. Doesn’t she mean Dusty? No! Emily starts to get upset; she knew that she cared deeply for him. Allison tries to explain that they were both banged up and exhausted emotionally. They just needed someone to hang onto. She is ashamed because she had no right to turn to him. Emily tells her that can have him because she doesn’t want him anymore. Then Emily starts to sob harder; that isn’t the truth because she still does want him. She doesn’t know if she can get past this. She can because she is the strongest woman she knows, Allison reminds her. She and Dusty both need her; she has to forgive them!

Aaron is back at the Lakeview with the manager. He is thanking him for letting him take his job back and act like nothing happened earlier. The manager smiles; welcome aboard. Dusty walks up behind Aaron and tells him congratulations on the new job, as Aaron’s smile fades into a scowl. They need to talk Dusty tells him.

Katie pauses for a moment with what she is doing, all the while looking at Brad’ s cell phone. Finally, she picks it up and hits the recall button. Someone from a jewelry store answers. Katie is shocked that it isn’t a trick. The man asks her if there were anything, she would like help with? Actually there is, if he could tell her what… Brad interrupts her; what is she doing with his phone?

Carly recounts how Jack warned her about Brad. Did he hurt her? No, nothing like that. It was just a bad choice on her part. He was using her to get to Katie. Jack smiles. She thinks her time is better spent now focusing on the kids. She was thinking that Sage wanted her to teach her how to crochet – maybe they could do it tonight? Jack frowns; that is why they have a schedule, so the kids can get consistency back in their lives. Can’t he make an exception; it is a beautiful night? He doesn’t think so. Carly blows it off; it isn’t a big deal. She will leave some yarn and the instruction booklet; she can call if she needs help. If he ever has something that he wants to do with Katie on a day that he is scheduled to have the kids, he can call her because now that she isn’t seeing Brad, her social calendar has opened up. She has another idea that may be helpful; Sage could call Katie for help too. Jack looks surprised. She figures she will be around. She won’t be tonight. She would be willing to step in if need be though... if he wanted Katie around? Jack stops her; what is going on? Why is she really there? Why is she being so nice about Katie?

Dusty gets why Aaron is so upset, but he shouldn’t take it out on Allison. He is supposed to take his advice now, Aaron asks sarcastically? He was the one that made the mistake. Don’t make Allison pay for it. Aaron angrily tells him that he is so noble, but he knows he is all about looking out for himself. Dusty asks Aaron to give Allison a second chance. Aaron glares at him; he wants him to stay away from him from now on when he sees him; can he respect him enough to do that this time?

An emotional Emily tells Allison that she doesn’t blame her; it could have been avoided if either one of them said no, but she understands that she was vulnerable. She is just having a hard time wrapping her mind around it. She thought she had a future with Dusty. Allison starts to tear up; she still can have that future. Because of her and Dusty, she can’t! Emily starts to get emotional again, as she tells Allison that can’t stand to be around either one of them now, as she rushes out. A devastated Allison watches after her.

Carly tells Jack that she will call first next time. Why is she being nice? It isn’t about her; it is about them being good parents to their children. She didn’t realize the suggestion of swapping nights would be a big deal. It is a beautiful night and she thought she would be doing him a favor. The next time she wants to spend some time with her favorite girl then, he will be nicer. Jack smiles; she drives a hard bargain. He used to love that about her, as they stare at one another.

Katie tells Brad that she didn’t mean to snoop. He tells her that it was a wrong number… but it wasn’t, Katie adds. She realizes he has a bit of a crush, and this phone call closed the door on it. Her cell phone rings and it is Jack wondering what she is doing tonight? Nothing. She thought he was with Sage? The plan changed. He softly tells her that he wants to take her out and show her how much she means to him; he wants it to be a night to remember, as Katie smiles thinking she knows what he is talking about. Meanwhile, Carly is in the background making faces. Katie hangs up and starts to head out. Brad acts annoyed that she runs the minute Jack calls. He was in a bad mood anyway after what he realized. Brad plays dumb; why would he care if Jack bought a ring for himself? He didn’t buy it for himself, Katie answers. He knows that Jack bought it for her. Great, he has a new idea for the show – how much higher divorce rates are getting, Brad snaps. Katie smiles, as she declares that Jack is going to propose.

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