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(Stewart House)  An angry Aaron can’t hold in his anger at Dusty for sleeping with Alison so he asks Dusty to tell Emily the truth.  Dusty is confused and doesn’t know why Aaron is angry with him.  Alison tells Aaron to leave because Emily needs to pack for her trip to Bermuda with Dusty.  Emily and Dusty both want to help mend the rift between Aaron and Alison so they keep pushing the issue until Emily notices the DVD on the table that has the same cover as the movie Alison made with Lance.  Emily guesses the DVD is what the fight was about and puts the DVD inside the player and hits play.  Once Emily sees the DVD, she is stunned but assumes Lance doctored the images.  Aaron tells her the images aren’t doctored and Alison and Dusty slept together.  Emily is hurt and cries a little and asks Dusty to tell her when it happened and he tells her it was in Vegas when he rescued Alison from Lance.  Dusty and Alison try to explain to Emily why they slept together but she refuses to listen and walks out of the house. 

(Branson)  Noah gets ready to tape video of Gwen’s performance although he doesn’t know how he will concentrate on taping video of the performance with everything going on with Cleo.  Luke offers to help Noah, but Noah thinks Luke should go stay with Maddie in case Cleo returns and wants to hurt her.  Cleo, who is dressed like Gwen, tells the stage manager she has lost her voice and it would be best for her to lip sync her song.  The stage manager goes to set things up while Cleo takes the stage and greets the audience and she waits for the CD to start playing.  Maddie arrives at the Lake and unties Will who is desperate to find Gwen before Cleo can hurt her.  Maddie and Will begin to walk fast and Maddie twists her ankle but decides to walk on it anyway so she can help Will find Gwen.  The train is heading for Gwen and Jade as they are still struggling to get free.  The ladies argue a few minutes as they decide who should get free first and untie the other one.  Gwen finally ends the argument by saying that Jade should get free because she almost has one hand free and then try a few minutes later to free her.  Jade tells Gwen that they have been enemies but they were friends a long time ago and she would never leave her on the train tracks so the train can turn her into hamburger. 

(Farm)  Holden arrives home and tells Lily he feels guilty he left Meg in British Columbia with Craig and didn’t bring her home.  Lily tells Holden that Meg wanted to stay there because she believes Paul is still alive and since she loves him, wanted to be there when they found him.  Lily tells Holden about Jade’s arrest and Cleo possibly framing her for causing Will’s car accident.  Lily tells Holden that Luke asked her to pay Jade’s bail and she did, but now she is unable to find Luke or Jade.  Holden is hurt that Lily didn’t call him to tell him about Jade’s arrest.  Lily explains to Holden that she didn’t call him because she couldn’t bear to let him down again.  Lily thinks that Holden hasn’t forgiven her for lying to him when she was taking diet pills.  Holden doesn’t respond so Lily tells him she knows how he feels because he hasn’t touched her since he came in the room.  Lily also tells Holden that they have not been alone together since she got home from the clinic.  Holden tells Lily he is trying very hard to forgive her but he can’t forgive her yet.  Lily suggests they go for a ride around the farm and just spend time together and relax.  Holden postpones the riding date until tomorrow because he wants to talk to Aaron and see how he is doing at his new job. 

(Branson)  Jade and Gwen are relieved when the train heads in another direction but a few minutes later they hear another train.  Jade manages to get free but struggles to untie Gwen.  Jade leaves for a few minutes and Gwen thinks she is leaving her to die but Jade soon returns with a branch to help get the knots out of the rope.  Jade manages to get Gwen’s hand s free but her feet are tied very tightly.  Luke looks for Maddie but can’t find her anywhere and a few minutes later Maddie arrives with Will.  Will asks Luke to call the police about Cleo.  Noah tells Will that Gwen is acting very strangely so Will goes into the director’s booth to watch the performance.  Will and Noah wonder why Gwen is lip-syncing to her song but once Will looks at the monitor he realizes Cleo has replaced Gwen.  Will reminds Noah to call the police and rushes to chase Cleo off the stage.  Cleo takes off running but Will catches her before she can get out of the gate.  Will screams at Cleo to tell him what she has done to Gwen.  Will soon realizes that screaming at Cleo isn’t going to get him the information he needs to save Gwen.  Will tries a different approach and tells Cleo that if she loves him she will tell him the information he needs to save Gwen because loving someone means putting his or her needs ahead of your own.  This approach works with Cleo and she tells Will where she has taken Gwen.  Will tells Luke not to let Cleo go until the police arrive and then he runs to the railroad tracks hoping he is in time to save Gwen.  Maddie feels guilty because she left Gwen alone and gave Cleo a chance to hurt her.  Noah tells Maddie it wasn’t her fault and Luke walks in holding Cleo tightly so she doesn’t escape.  Luke is worried about Jade and wonders where she is and Cleo says that Jade won’t bother them anymore.  Maddie, Luke, and Noah demand that Cleo tell them what she has done to Jade.  Jade runs towards Will when she hears him calling Gwen’s name.  She tells him that Gwen is tied to the railroad tracks and the train is coming toward her.  Will runs to help Gwen but he is struggling to untie her and the train continues to advance.  Gwen tells Will she loves him and begs him to go and leave her before he dies too.  Will refuses to leave without Gwen and unites the last knot.  Gwen and Will roll out of the way of the train and onto the grass just seconds before the train arrives at the spot where Gwen and Jade were tied.  Cleo tells everyone that she wants to help Will look for Gwen but Luke, Maddie and Noah stop Cleo from running away. 

Emily walks around town and eventually ends up outside the Lakeview.  She takes out the tickets to Bermuda and thinks about Dusty.  Dusty arrives and Emily tells him their relationship is over because she can’t forgive him. 

(Stewart House)  Dusty asks Aaron to stay with Alison while he goes to look for Emily.  Dusty explains to Aaron that Alison wanted to tell Emily the truth but he asked her not to because it would hurt Emily.  Dusty also tells Aaron he shouldn’t have slept with Alison and she shouldn’t have to pay for his mistake.  Dusty advises Aaron to forgive Alison if he truly loves her.  Alison ends her relationship with Aaron because the Aaron she once knew would have never ruined Emily’s happiness with Dusty by showing her the DVD.

(Branson)  Gwen arrives just before the end of the show and sings her song and the crowd loves her.  Cleo is taken away by the police as Jade arrives and is hugged by Luke.  The crowd loves Gwen and Andy Williams asks her to sing a song with him.  Gwen and Mr. Williams sing “What the World Needs Now” and after the song is done, Will goes onstage to give Gwen a kiss and a bouquet of flowers. 

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