ATWT Update Monday 7/9/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/9/07


Written By Elayna

Downtown, Emily and Dusty are kissing. What new territory does he want to explore, Emily wonders? He just smiles, so Emily bluntly asks if he means that he wants to sleep with her? Dusty doesn’t want to talk anymore, as he kisses her, but this time Emily wants to know why he wants her? A teasing Dusty tells her that she is hot. Emily seems to want to know this seriously. Dusty simply tells her that it isn’t just physical, but Emily doesn’t seem convinced. She is brilliant, Dusty adds. Emily is surprised by this adjective, so Dusty jokes that she isn’t the sharpest knife in the tool shed actually, but she is still hot. Emily isn’t laughing anymore; she thinks his joking is blowing the moment they were sharing. When Dusty doesn’t seem much more forthcoming about why, she tells him to forget she said anything. Even more frustrated now, she tells him that she isn’t going to sleep with him now and not for the foreseeable future either.

Aaron has Lance on the floor, as he continues to punch him. Allison yells for Aaron to stop because she is afraid that he is going to kill him. Aaron lets up enough for Lance to get off the floor. Not to be outdone, Lance gets in a few good shots – word wise that is - about Allison. He taunts Aaron about the lack of innocence his precious Allison now has. He knows everything that she did, Aaron yells. Is he sure? As Aaron is pushing him out the door, Lance is promising that Allison will regret this. After they close the door, a crying Allison runs into Aaron’s arms.

Just inside the door of the motel room, Luke is standing there shocked to be staring at Noah and Maddie wrapped in sheets in bed. Maddie snaps wondering if he knocked? Luke stutters out an apology, as he turns around, about how he thought it was Will and Gwen’s room. They explain how they switched rooms. Maddie apologizes for snapping; she was just surprised. What is going on? He needs to find Will and Gwen. Gwen is at the rehearsal. Why? Jade did not run Will off the road, Cleo did. Maddie smiles; she realizes Jade is his cousin, but… Luke cuts her off; he has proof in Cleo’s own handwriting. They need to find and warn them before someone really gets hurt.

At the theater, Gwen is irritated that Jade is there in Branson and figures it is just another one of her pathetic attempts to try to hurt her and Will. Cleo would never hurt them. She needs to go home and figure out what it is about her life that makes it so unfulfilling that she needs to do this. Jade snaps that she is just trying to help them. Gwen snaps back that Jade wouldn’t cross the street to help them. Jade doesn’t want to be blamed if Will gets killed then, as she heads for the door. Gwen stops her; she said she had proof? She has her ripped up diary from their trash. Gwen can’t help but make the comment about her sad life if she is going through their trash. Does she want to read it or not, Jade growls? She wants Will no matter how she has to get him, Jade explains. Gwen looks at the pieces of paper that were taped back together and starts to read.

In the woods, Cleo has tied Will up to a boulder. She talks to him softly, as he is unconscious. She tells him that she will kiss the bump on his head when he awakens. She will bring him back some aspirin for his headache that he will probably have, sunscreen since he will be lying out in the sun and she doesn’t want his fair skin to burn and…. tissues since Gwen will be gone. She wanted Gwen to dump him on her way to fame, but it was taking too long. She will be back soon, as she walks off, holding her Gnome closely at her side.

Gwen is reading Cleo’s words about how she was going to take Will the nice way, but now she is forced to do it the ‘mean way’. Gwen is getting more and more upset. She tries to leave a message for Will, but it goes right to voice mail. She is upset because it is her fault that Will is with Cleo today. He didn’t want to spend time with her, but he did it as a favor to her. They have to find him, as she heads for the door. Jade reminds her that they don’t know where he is so she should try to call him again. Gwen calls Will again; we see Will starting to awaken when he hears his cell phone ringing. He struggles to free himself when he realizes he is tied up. He tries to get to his phone with his hands tied but is struggling because the phone is in his pocket. His phone goes to voice mail again, as Gwen tells him to come see her right away because Cleo isn’t who they thought she was. Gwen explains that Will is supposed to meet her there so Jade tells her to wait there and she will go out looking for them. If Cleo gets back she shouldn’t turn her back on her, but Gwen will have more luck with her then she would. She needs to trust her this one time. Gwen wants to come with her at first, but then sees the reason in her logic so she agrees to stay behind and wait. As Jade is leaving the room, Cleo walks up and sees her heading out; she mumbles to herself about all the work she has to do now.

Maddie tells Luke that she will call Gwen to check on her. Noah goes to get Will and Gwen’s key, but his towel drops. They are both embarrassed, but Luke rushes out the door as fast as he can. Maddie reaches Gwen, who tells her that Jade brought pieces of Cleo’s diary, and she can’t find Will. Luke comes back; Will is not in his room. Maddie tells Gwen this and then offers to come wait with her while Luke and Noah got to the Police. Luke isn’t overjoyed about Noah coming with him, but after Noah explains that he knows some of the locals here, Luke agrees that he should come. He will wait outside while they dress, he says somberly. After Luke walks outside the room, he pounds his head gently into the wall.

Allison wonders why Lance won’t leave her alone? He is acting like it is her fault that his business is falling apart. He has been arrested before and managed to land on his feet. Aaron suspects that he may simply like her; did they have something going on? Allison answers quietly that they did once upon a time. Aaron tries to refrain from tossing anymore questions her way; he is proud of her. Why? She turned her life around and that took guts. He wants to change the subject; he got one of her favorite movies… Scream. Allison is thrilled. Aaron suggests they go pop some popcorn and get to it. They kiss again. Aaron leaves the room and Allison does a variation of a ‘happy dance’, which Aaron catches and teases her about. After they leave the room, Lance sneaks in the back door and walks over to the DVD player. He sets the movie up to play and heads back out the door smirking. Aaron comes into the room ready to put the DVD in when a movie starts playing automatically. He is stunned as he looks at the screen. Allison walks in and teases him about starting the movie without her; she then sees that it isn’t Scream. Her mouth drops open, as she stares at the screen. Soon enough though, she yells at Aaron to turn it off! Aaron gets in her way of trying to shut it off; the image quality isn’t the clearest, but it is clear that she is having a good time… with Dusty, Aaron snarls! Allison looks crushed.

Emily explains that for the first time she would like to take things slowly. How slow, Dusty asks? She will know when they get there. Dusty half-heartedly agrees. They hug again, as Emily suggests dinner, movies and ice cream as date options. As Emily is talking, Dusty is behind her kissing her gently on her neck and shoulders. Emily doesn’t take too long before she responds losing her breath as they start to kiss more passionately. Dusty wants her to ask him again, why he is attracted to her? She does. She is a hot blonde, whom he is attracted to in every possible way. He thinks about making love to her all the time. Emily is melting after hearing his words. He goes onto explain that after he lost Jen, his heart was dead for a long time. They kiss again and continue to get swept up in their passion. He jokes; she needs to stop or he’ll have a heart attack. Emily’s resolves fades faster then she can say his name when she tells him suddenly that she wishes they had a dark room with a bed at their disposal this very second. Dusty has an idea; he will be right back. Emily pouts as he leaves.

At the police station, Luke is talking by phone to Gwen telling her that based on what they have, the police wont put out an APB - yet. They are going to head back soon. Noah tells Luke that an officer that knows his dad is going to make some unofficial inquiries. Luke smiles; he was helpful after all. Noah then switches gears; he apologizes for what he walked in on. He realizes it was awkward and what happened between he and Maddie was not planned it just happened. Luke tries to quiet him; he doesn’t need to hear this. Noah feels as if he owes him an explanation because he seems upset. Noah thought he and Maddie were friends, but if something is going on between them, he didn’t know. Luke explains that he is not interested in Maddie, but Noah doesn’t seem convinced. Luke reassures him again; he is not into Maddie. He is not into women; he is gay, he blurts out. Noah is rendered speechless.

Gwen and Maddie are sitting in silence. Gwen wonders where Will is out loud? When Maddie doesn’t answer because she has her mind on Noah and what happened, Gwen worries that Maddie is scared. Maddie wants her to calm down, as she snaps out of it. Gwen then remembers Cleo mentioned going to a Lake. They look at a map and figure out which one she was talking about. Then Gwen remembers about Silver Dollar City too. Maddie offers to go to the Lake while Gwen goes to the other place. After Maddie leaves, Gwen is heading out the door when Cleo walks in. Gwen is trying to calm herself, but her anger is flaring up; what did she do with Will? Cleo doesn’t speak so Gwen demands to know where Will is again? Cleo plays dumb so Gwen snaps for her to drop the act because she read her diary; she knows everything. She grabs Cleo and yells for her talk to her. Cleo gives her goofy smile, acts innocent and tells her that she doesn’t want to ruin Will’s surprise. Where is he? She will do her one better; she will take her to him.

Will is still struggling with his ropes; he yells for someone to help him. No one seems to be around and a panicked Will yells for someone to please help him again!

Gwen and Cleo are walking by some railroad tracks, as Cleo still talks about how Gwen is going to ruin the surprise. Gwen looks down the tracks and wonders what she sees? Cleo mentions that it looks like someone tripped and may be hurt. Gwen goes over to the body laid out on the tracks and sees it is Jade. Just as she is about to ask her what is going on…Jade tells Gwen to watch out, as she is hit from behind and knocked out. Cleo manages to tie them both up to the tracks. Jade is snarling that Cleo is a psycho. Cleo just tells her happily that she was always rude. They will find us, Jade promises. They won’t because she researched these tracks on the internet and they are not used anymore, so they will have all the privacy they want. Gwen asks about where Will is? Cleo doesn’t answer; she brought this on by getting in the way of her destiny with Will. Does she want Will happy, Gwen asks? Of course. Then she must know that if something happens to her, then he won’t be happy. He isn’t going to find out anything happened to her because she is going to simply go away. She has been practicing her handwriting for a long while now and it is finally perfect. He is going to think she left him to pursue her career. He will never believe that. She will help him to understand why she left. When you mess with nature, someone is bound to get hurt. She needs to go, Cleo happily reports. Jade yells that she is going to be arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder if she doesn’t let them go! Cleo talks with her Gnome, as she starts to practically skip down the tracks away from them. Gwen immediately snaps at Jade for being stupid by inciting Cleo by calling her a psycho and telling her that she is going to go to jail. Jade snaps back that at least that got her to talk and they know Will is most likely alive still. Jade wonders if Cleo is really telling the truth; does she think these tracks are as deserted as she claims?

Luke calls the theater and finds out that Gwen is supposedly getting dressed for the concert. He hangs up and an awkward Noah repeats Luke’s words – he is gay? Yes. He never said anything before. He doesn’t exactly announce this, but it it’s not like he is ashamed either. They stare at each other for a moment before Luke tells him not to say it. What? He doesn’t want him to say that a lot of his friends are gay. Noah smiles; he won’t, but they are. They need to head back, Luke offers finally.

Dusty comes back with roses for Emily. She is thrilled. She doesn’t have to sleep with him, but he wanted her to have these. Emily is confused; she thought they were now edging towards that? Dusty tells her to smell the flowers, which Emily does. They smell beautiful! He jokes that she isn’t much of a news reporter. She looks more closely and pulls out tickets to Bermuda. She is overjoyed. They are going on a trip. Yes, if she wants. He figures it is a better date then Al’s. Emily beams.

Allison shuts off the DVD player, as Aaron stares blankly at it. She said there was nothing else that she hadn’t told him; she said there was nobody else. Allison tries to stutter out a reply; she was in a bad place. It must have been more then that since she obviously wanted to remember it since she recorded it. Allison is mortified; she didn’t have anything to do with this; it is not like she wanted a keepsake. They were being spied on obviously. She apologizes for not telling him. How could she not tell him that she slept with Dusty? They were not together at the time and she never thought they would be again. It was an accident. Aaron heads for the door, as Allison cries asking if he just plans on walking out on her? He is not mad; he is hurt. They were broken up Allison tries to justify. She didn’t ask for the names of people he slept with after they broke up because it wasn’t her business. He wouldn’t have told her no one if there had been someone. What happened between her and Dusty was a mistake. How could she sleep with her sister’s boyfriend, Aaron seethes? That was not how it happened but obviously, he is not interested in hearing about it. He wants to know one thing; does Emily know? Allison looks very upset. It would kill her if she found out, Allison explains. Aaron thinks she has a right to know. They were not together at the time. Does she think that Lance only has one copy of this tape? Allison pleads with him to keep this to himself and try to understand. She loves him. Why is she telling him this now? She wants him to have something to hold on with them and give them something to work towards. Does he want to work this out? He doesn’t know. Allison looks devastated but tells him if they are over then she has to accept that, but can he please let Emily stay happy?

Gwen and Jade continue to struggle, as both of their hands are getting bloody. They snap at each other about how Gwen turned her back on the ‘psycho.’ Gwen explains that she thought she was hurt, so ‘excuse her’ she answers sarcastically. She was playing dead to trick Cleo. How was she supposed to know that? Gwen thinks that she feels the ropes loosening, as they continue to struggle. Gwen suggests that they work together so they can get out of this and go find Will. That suggestion last a moment before they are squabbling again. Gwen blames Jade for this since she brought Cleo to town while Jade blames them for not believing her. As they fight though, they continue to struggle to get out of the ropes.

Will is still yelling for someone to help him as he tries to get himself out of the ropes he is tied in. Maddie comes rushing over to him and helps untie him. She heard the story because Jade showed up. Does she know where Cleo is? No. Does he? No, but that is what is unnerving to him.

At the theater, Cleo is back in Gwen’s dressing room. She looks around and talks to her Gnome. The police are going to be looking for her so she has to become Gwen. She starts to undress, but then she notices the Gnome facing her on the table. She smiles and turns him around so he isn’t facing her. She talks to him as she does. Soon, no one will be able to tell that she isn’t Gwen.

Aaron gives Allison a tissue, but then turns to leave. She stops him; one day… as she hesitates… will he be able to forgive her? He can’t even look at her right now. Emily and Dusty interrupt them, as Allison quickly wipes her tears away and puts on a happy face. Emily races to hug her and Aaron. It is a wonderful day. Why is that, Allison asks pretending to be thrilled too? Dusty is taking her to Bermuda. Allison is happy for her. Dusty is standing with Aaron when Dusty addresses him; he wants to know how the bartending goes still. Aaron narrows his eyes and coldly answers sure he will tell him that. Dusty asks him what is wrong, as Allison deflects this line of questioning, but Aaron won’t be deterred. Does he have something to say, Dusty asks? An angry looking Aaron assures him that he has plenty he would like to say to him, as Allison looks fearful and Emily looks confused.

Luke and Noah are standing with the stage manager. Where is Gwen? He hasn’t really talked with her recently, but he is sure that she is getting ready. What about Will? He is sure that he is in the front row. Noah thinks they should go check. The concert begins and the audience applauses, as Andy Williams walks onto the stage to welcome people for coming.

An unstable looking Will stands up, as Maddie suggests that he wait there while she goes to get some water for him. He won’t wait because he has to get to Gwen. What if he collapses? He won’t; they don’t have time because they have to find Gwen, as he rushes by Maddie.

Gwen and Jade are struggling still their hands bloody and sweaty. Gwen wants Jade to stop moving for a moment, but Jade doesn’t think they should or does she want to collapse of heat exhaustion since the longer they are in the sun the more likely that will happen. Gwen shushes her. Does she hear that? It is a vibration. Is it a train, a freaked out Gwen wonders? Jade reminds her that Cleo said this place was practically deserted. There would be a whistle if it were a train. A moment later, they hear an unmistakable noise – it is a train’s whistle. They both start to panic and struggle with a renewed frenzy. They hear a train barreling towards them and we see the train nearing as it crosses a bridge.

Cleo is in full Gwen get-up. She tells the Gnome that she is sorry that she has to leave him behind. She starts to head towards the door when the stage manager intercepts her. Is she ready? A shocked Cleo doesn’t know what to say. She can’t go on right now because she has to gargle she quickly covers. He smiles; that is just nerves because she is great. They are waiting for her. Cleo is stuck in her tracks not knowing what to do. As the stage manager waits for her, Cleo’s only choice is to go towards the stage.

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