ATWT Update Friday 7/6/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/6/07


Written By Elayna

In the small restaurant, Noah and his father dressed head to toe in military garb, sit locked in a tense discussion. He wonders why his son didn’t tell him that he would be in Branson? Does that cell phone he pays for not work? He just didn’t think there would be time for a visit because they are on a tight schedule with this concert. He thinks Noah worries more about his internship obligations then his family. He is very busy at work, as he has a concert that he is organizing today. He is getting paid finally, his dad snaps? He is volunteering so he gains experience and it looks good on his resume for the future. He wants to make him proud. However, his dad is hardly impressed; he is living in a dream world where he will amount to nothing, he bites. He has decided to take actions to stop this; he is no longer going to be paying his tuition to Northwestern, as Noah’s face drops.

At the Motel, Maddie waits on the phone to speak with Casey, but when the operator comes back, she is told that she won’t be able to speak with him. Maddie doesn’t understand; should she call back at another time? The operator explains she still won’t be able to talk with him. His mother says he can get calls, Maddie answers almost pleadingly. She is not on the prisoner’s list of accepted calls. Maddie is still not clear, so it is spelled out for her. Casey has asked that any calls from her be blocked. Maddie looks devastated.

At the Amusement Park, Will takes a couple’s picture outside the little wedding chapel while a giddy Cleo stands close by. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get married there, Cleo asks with stars (or should I say hearts) in her eyes? Will answers that he wouldn’t know since he is already married and it was already the best day of his life. They are interrupted when Gwen calls. She wants to meet back up with him before the concert. Will happily heads off with a somber Cleo in tow, who can’t help but look back and fondly stare at the chapel. After Gwen hangs up, the reporter tells her that he overheard her making plans, but she probably shouldn’t have because she has a reception to go to before the concert. Can’t she get out of it? He doesn’t recommend it since the people putting this on are sponsoring the concert. Gwen sighs.

Somewhere in Branson, Luke and Jade arrive. They want to try to reach Will and Gwen, but Luke’s battery is dead and Jade forgot to bring her phone. How are they going to find them? Jade suggests they hurry because she is sure that if Cleo is willing to run Will off the road then she has big plans.

At the concert hall backstage, the reporter is apologizing to Gwen for keeping her running since she got here with no time to herself. He knows that all of this will lead to a big career for her. Gwen explains that will have to put on hold while she finishes school first. The reporter is sure once she gets a taste of being a big star, she will be more likely to change her mind. Will and Cleo arrive at the tail end of this exchange and Will looks a little uncomfortable, but Cleo looks secretly happy.

At the Lakeview, Dusty and Aaron make small talk after the brunch. Dusty is happy that he and Allison are back together; they are good for each other. Aaron thanks Dusty again for everything he did for Allison in Las Vegas. Dusty has a flash of when he and Allison were in bed together, but he shakes it off and smiles at Aaron. He just wants him to be good to Allison. Aaron returns the smile; he will be because everything is out in the open for the two of them now. Across the room, Susan, Emily and Allison are watching the men talk. Susan remarks about the gorgeous men her daughters have in their lives, as they both tease their mom about her walking them down the aisle already. She is just proud that they got through their issues together; she is thrilled that they relied on each other for help. After Susan leaves to take care of a patient, Allison sincerely thanks Emily again, for what she did for her. Her life would have been a lot worse if she had given up on her. She thanks her also for standing up to Lance as well. Emily doesn’t want her to worry about it; it is over. Allison stares at her for a moment before she tells her that she would never deliberately hurt her – ever. Aaron who is ready to go interrupts them. After they leave, Emily walks over and sits next to Dusty. How was it on a scale from 1-10? Dusty grins; it was great; it is like having chaperones on their dates, he teases? They are dating now, Emily smiles and teases back?

Noah pleads with his dad; he is supposed to be at college in a few weeks. He can’t do this! His dad orders him not to tell him what he can and cannot do! It is his dream, Noah continues. He will not invest in a dead end. He needs to grow up and learn to live in the real world. They are getting free labor from him at WOAK while there is real hard work out there that needs to be done for the country. He comes from a long line of war heroes and hard working military men. He will enlist. He is not going to have his son enter into a world lacking in substance. Noah begs him to listen to him; he doesn’t want a career in the military. His father doesn’t care; he will make sure the military makes a man out of him yet where he has obviously failed to do so. Doesn’t it matter what he wants, Noah asks? He can reevaluate that again after he has done his time in the military.

At the Motel, Maddie sadly tells the operator that Casey wouldn’t block her calls; can’t she just let her talk with him so they can figure this out? There is nothing more she can do, the operator answers sharply before she hangs up. Maddie falls down to the bed, curls up and starts to cry, as she asks herself why Casey is doing this?

Gwen tells the reporter that being a star is not a huge thing for her, as Will comes up beside her instinctively intertwining his arm in hers; whatever she decides, he will be there for her the entire way. Gwen explains that she just found out there is a reception she has to attend before the concert. Will looks depressed. Does he want to go with her? Will tells her that he will catch up with her right before the concert; she should not have to worry about him tagging along; he wants her to have the spotlight so she doesn’t have to worry about him. Gwen suggests he hang out with Cleo. Cleo is more then happy to agree. She will make sure he isn’t bored. Gwen sees the Gnome that Cleo is lovingly holding; what is that? Cleo explains it is a lawn gnome for good luck. She babbles about how she can’t believe Will would buy it for her when it isn’t even her birthday. Gwen smiles and answers that it means Will likes her; Cleo’s grin widens. After Gwen walks away, Will wants to head upstairs and rest, but Cleo asks him to go somewhere with her; it is a surprise.

Emily lights up as she tells Dusty that she is thrilled to know they have moved past friendship, but she wonders how far? Dusty sees real potential for them. He feels that way after everything he knows about her? Yes. She is happy, but she is also worried that if she isn’t careful then she will end up doing what she always does. Dusty doesn’t follow so Emily explains; she will ruin this before it gets off the ground.

At home, Allison and Aaron are kissing in the living room when Susan walks in. It takes her back to when they were in high school. She will see them after work. Aaron tells Allison that her mom gave him an idea when she mentioned high school; Allison teases him because she isn’t putting on a cheerleading outfit. No, he wants to rent movies, pop popcorn and watch them like old times. Allison would love to do that so he heads out to go rent some movies. Not a moment after he leaves, Allison notices Aaron has left his cell phone and she heads out the door to try to catch him. Instead, she finds Lance standing there; he is glad her boyfriend finally left, as he pushes his way inside; Allison looks petrified.

A dejected looking Noah walks into the motel room, as Maddie is lying on the bed crying. What is wrong? Nothing. It must be Casey. Maddie breaks down and explains that Casey wouldn’t take her call. He realizes she didn’t see the extent of what Casey was thinking. She knows what he wrote in the letter, but she figured if he missed her as much as she missed him, then he would talk to her. Noah thinks that he might be embarrassed to talk while in jail. Maddie knows that he thinks he is being noble by setting her free. She is furious that she doesn’t get a say in this. Noah is suddenly mad; she should get a say in her future and Casey is obviously a jerk, who is only thinking about himself. Maddie looks at him and Noah realizes his emotions are showing and influencing him based on his conversation with his dad. Is he ok? He did not have a good day either. He suddenly has an idea; they need to go have some fun!

Luke and Jade are wandering in downtown Branson trying to figure out where to find Will and Gwen. This could take a long time since it is a huge place. They are stopped in their tracks when they see a flyer for the benefit concert at Andy Williams Theater. Luke goes to find someone who can get them directions.

Will and Cleo are walking in the woods. He wants to know what his surprise is? She wants him to take in the beauty that is right in front of him, as she waves her hand around at the pretty scene around them, but really she says it with a double meaning in her mind, as she bats her eyes at him. Will agrees that it is peaceful. He thinks they should head back though, but Cleo wants him to stay for a while; she went on the roller coaster for him. Will agrees and sits down. He notices she is holding her Gnome closely; she should name it. What about Bashful she suggests? Will just smiles. This is the best present she has ever received. Will reminds her that she got that CD from Gwen. That wasn’t as good because this came from him, as Will looks a little strange after that. Will thinks they should go again, but Cleo stops him; she needs to do this first, as she pulls him into a kiss. Will yanks back and tells her to stop, but Cleo assures him that it will be fine. It is not ok, Will yells! Cleo thinks it is because she loves him, as a stunned Will stares at her.

Allison yells for Lance to get out or she will call the cops! He is supposed to be in jail. He just wanted to see the better life she supposedly has now then what he was giving her. She wants to hide out at her mommy’s house and be a kid when he gave her everything she wanted and needed. Allison spits back that he must be meaning drugs and the ability to make her ashamed of herself. They hauled her back here when he provided her the ability to make more money then she would ever know. She has chosen to stay here now with her family. This is how he thanks him? She leaves him high and dry and not to mention the scar he will live with the rest of his life, as he shoves his cheek in her direction. No girls will work for him anymore because they think he is a freak. Allison apologizes for leaving him with a scar, but he left her no choice. He will forgive her if she comes back to Vegas with him and make another movie that she promised. No! Is this about the boyfriend that is at the family dinners? He won’t be trouble for them anymore, Lance answers in a menacing tone.

Noah and Maddie rush hand and hand into the water park; they playfully run through the waterfalls, slide down the slides and try to dunk each other in the water. They are laughing and hugging each other, as they seem to be enjoying each other’s company without a care in the world.

Jade and Luke rush into the dressing rooms off of the theater, only to find them empty. Where is everyone, they wonder? There is only an hour before the concert; they have to be somewhere. Jade suggests that Luke go to the motel and see if they are there getting ready and she will stay there and wait, as he runs off.

Will argues with Cleo; she does not love him! Of course she does! He smiles when he is with her and he doesn’t with Gwen, so she knows how he really feels. Is she crazy? He loves his wife and she makes him happier then he has ever been! He will never return her feelings. Gwen wants a career, but she wants him, Cleo claims. He does not love her, Will assures her! Maybe not yet… not ever, Will corrects. Without skipping a beat, she explains that she knew they were meant to be when Gwen asked her to go to Branson. She realized it was destiny, and that they were meant to be together. “This really is better then pistachios and sprinkles mixed.” Will’s mouth drops open; that is exactly the phrase Jade said when talking about the diary. Cleo smiles strangely; she almost got in the way, but she put a stop to her. Now Jade is in jail and she can never come between them. She protected him from ‘mean’ Jade. Will is dumbfounded. She drove him off the road – that is how she protects him, he screams! She never meant to hurt him; she stayed with him as long as she could. He was unconscious; he could have been killed! She never would have hurt him, she repeats. She is nuts, he screams! She is going to go to the police and tell them what she did. Cleo’s smile fades.

Dusty and Emily are strolling downtown; he admits that he is nervous about their relationship too. If she hasn’t noticed, he isn’t a fan of talking about his feelings. His secret is safe with her. He is the closest she has gotten to perfection in a long while. Dusty admits that he tried to be perfect when he was with Jen because he thought he needed to prove he deserved to be with her. When his son went missing, he forgot how to trust. Trusting her is major to him. She is worth it though.

Elsewhere downtown, Aaron runs into Holden, who just dropped Faith off. He sees he has movies and figures that things must be back on track with Allison. They are back together, Aaron admits. Holden looks worried; what is the rush? They aren’t rushing, but they are happy. He thought she lied to him. Aaron explains that they talked and put their cards on the table. Even though the truth was embarrassing and humiliating. Holden worries if she has told him everything? Aaron is agitated, so Holden explains it is simply because he is being protective because he can’t remember a time when Allison wasn’t lying to him. Aaron assures him that things are fine now.

Allison yells that Lance can forget threatening her because Aaron already knows everything. This is the same guy that kicked her to the curb way back when, he realizes when he places the name. Does she think she is better then him now? No. He was the reason her movies flew off the shelf. She owes him because he invested a lot in her. It would be a shame if her boyfriend knew everything that she did. He does, Allison snaps. They could go through details to check. She wants him gone, but he has other ideas when he shoves her into the wall promising they are far from finished.

At the motel, Noah is shirtless while he dries himself off still seemingly miles away. Maddie emerges from the bathroom in a towel. Noah apologizes and asks if she wants privacy? No. Does he want to talk about what happened earlier with his dad? They had one of their famous dad/son chats. Maddie figures he must be proud, but Noah clarifies his statement; his father could care less about his work in the entertainment business. He sees it as a total waste of time. He told him that he no longer intends on paying his tuition, and he now expects him to enlist since he is part of a family of military men. Maddie tells him how sorry she is. She wishes she could do something for him. He just feels like the bottom fell out of his world. He could relate to Casey pulling the rug out from under her. Casey and his dad are controlling their futures and don’t even think they deserve to have a say in it. Maddie pleads with Noah not to enlist. He admits that he doesn’t know what he is going to do. Maddie helps him towel off his back. Soon they are in close proximity to one another; they hug, which leads to a kiss and soon they are lying down on the bed in each other’s arms.

Gwen walks into the dressing room and is shocked to see Jade. She demands to know what Jade is doing there? Shouldn’t she be in jail? Jade ignores this and pleads for her to listen. They are in trouble! Cleo is really the one that ran Will off the road. Gwen doesn’t want to hear the same old story. Doesn’t she see how Cleo has wormed her way into their lives; she is living in their home and pretending to be her. Cleo wants to be with Will. She is sure that if she is with him now then she is probably trying to make a move on him! Gwen’s smirk has faded a bit.

Cleo is sure that Will wouldn’t call the police on her. They have taken her in because they consider her a friend. Friends don’t run friends off the road, Will shouts. She had to. She knows that he really cares about her because he was the first guy ever to not make fun of how she looks or talks. He has been so nice to her. She made them feel sorry for her, Will explains. An undaunted Cleo continues; he got her favorite soda today without being asked or reminded what it was. She tries to hold onto him, as Will pushes her away and orders her not to touch him! She is nothing to him and she never will be! She is delusional if she thinks otherwise. He loves his wife only!

Emily and Dusty sit on a bench. Emily admits that she is ready to see where this relationship takes them; she wants to make this official. Dusty is glad because he didn’t want to make any assumptions. Emily teases him about how Susan has given them the seal of approval again. They deserve a reward then, Dusty thinks. What does he want? He wants them to do something they have not done before. Emily looks at him coyly.

Allison screeches for Lance to get his hands off of her. She promised she would do more work for him, and he intends to make sure she holds up her end of the bargain. Allison tries to walk away, but Lance grabs her again. She threatens to call 911 when Aaron barges in, grabs Lance from behind and punches him out, as a mortified Allison watches.

Maddie and Noah are lying in bed, covered up only by sheets. They both look uncomfortable. What happened? They don’t know, but… then Luke, who barges in calling out to Will and Gwen, interrupts their thought. An embarrassed Maddie pulls up the sheet to completely cover herself, as Noah looks awkwardly away. Luke looks crestfallen.

Jade demands to know from Gwen if Will is with Cleo? Why should she tell her that? Are Will and Cleo alone? Gwen finally gives her a straight answer – yes they are. Where are they? She doesn’t know. They have to get to him. Why? She will lose him if they don’t, Jade promises, as Gwen is starting to look alarmed.

Cleo wonders how Will can say that he doesn’t love her when he hasn’t even tried; she is offering her body, mind and soul. He loves Gwen and not her. She doesn’t need you, Cleo yells. Will is angry because he reminds her that Gwen went way out of her way to be nice to her. She doesn’t want her pity. Apparently, you want her life though, Will snaps. That is sick! Gwen has everything; it isn’t fair, Cleo snarls. Jade was right because you need help, Will answers. Cleo tries to hang off of Will but he shakes her off. She needs help. Everything I do, I do for you, Cleo responds. Will starts to walk away, as Cleo begs him to stop. He can’t call the police; he can’t do this to them, as she raises up her Gnome and brings it down on Will – see what you made Bashful do, she says next.

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