ATWT Update Thursday 7/5/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/5/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Branson)  Gwen, Will, Noah, Maddie, and Cleo arrive in Branson for the concert to benefit the families of police officers killed in the line of duty.  Noah videotapes everyone’s arrival and gets comments from the group about Branson.  Everyone introduces him or herself and tells the camera what they think about Branson so far.  Cleo is very excited to be Gwen’s assistant and thinks Branson will change their lives forever.  Gwen signs autographs for two fans who recognize her.  Gwen and Will share a kiss and plan to spend some time alone before Gwen’s rehearsal, a fact which makes Cleo very angry. 

(Police Station)  Luke arrives to tell Dallas he saw Cleo throwing out trash that might contain her diary.  Dallas tells Luke he needs solid proof that the diary was in the garbage before he can get a search warrant.  Dallas advises Luke to tell Lily about Jade being in jail because she will need a good lawyer and someone to post bail for her. 

(Farm)  Luke arrives and struggles to find the words to tell Lily about Jade’s arrest for Will’s accident.  Luke tells Lily the entire weird story about how Jade brought Cleo to town to get revenge on Will and Gwen but when Cleo started acting crazy Jade gave her a ticket to leave town but Cleo refused because by that time she was in love with Will.  Luke also tells Lily that Cleo framed Jade because Jade felt badly about her part in bringing Cleo to town and she decided to tell Will and Gwen the truth but they didn’t believe Jade.  Lily finds the story impossible to believe and thinks its time Jade took responsibility for her mistakes.  Luke pleads with Lily to give Jade another chance for his sake and if she won’t do it for him, she should do it for Rose. 

(Branson)  Cleo unpacks her clothes in her hotel room and she takes out a sexy red nightgown and then has a fantasy that Gwen tells her to keep Will busy because she doesn’t have time for him.  Once Gwen is gone, Will tells Cleo he has been waiting a long time to be alone with her.  Will and Cleo then begin to make love and Cleo has a great big smile as she thinks her fantasy will come true very soon.  Gwen and Will arrive and are surprised when Cleo tells them she is sharing a room with them to save money.  Gwen and Will both object and tell Cleo that everyone agreed she would share a room with Maddie and Noah.  Gwen and Will decide that since Cleo has already unpacked her things they will just tell Maddie and Noah to switch rooms and they will be in the room across the hall.  Cleo shows Gwen the basket of fruit the hotel left for her because she is a big star.  Gwen tells Cleo to keep the fruit basket and share it with Maddie and Noah.  Will and Gwen go to their room, and a very angry Cleo tears up the card inside the fruit basket as well as the cellophane on the fruit basket.  Maddie and Noah arrive and see Cleo doing this and wonder if she is mad because she must share a room with them.  Cleo tells them she was trying to open the fruit basket and just made a mess because she is very clumsy.  Cleo is soon happy again when Noah tells her he just got a call from the theater and they want Gwen to go to rehearsal now.  Noah tapes Gwen at the Andy Williams Theater as she explains to the camera about the benefit to help the families of officers killed in the line of duty.  Cleo interrupts Gwen and Will kissing after she is done taping with Noah.  Cleo tells Gwen she might want to try on the clothes she is going to wear for her performance tonight.  Gwen tells Cleo she can try the clothes on later because she wants to spend some time alone with Will.  Will and Gwen are interrupted by Andy Williams who tells Gwen he wants to watch her rehearsal and not to be nervous about performing tonight because she is going to do a great job.  Gwen gets nervous as she looks out onto the huge theater from the stage but then she begins to sing.  Cleo grabs Will’s hand as Gwen begins her song and Will smiles at her, which makes Cleo think Will is in love with her. 

(Police Station)  Jade apologizes to Lily and insists that Cleo is framing her.  Lily tells Jade that Luke explained the whole story to her already and she finds it hard to believe but she will pay her bail and get her a lawyer for Rose’s sake.  Jade promises not to disappoint Lily again or ever make her sorry she gave her another chance. 

(Branson)  Andy Williams tells Gwen she did a great job and a local newspaper reporter named Tim is very impressed by Gwen’s talent and asks to interview her for an article.  Cleo tells Will he must be jealous that a cute guy like Tim is paying attention to Gwen.  Will explains that Tim is just doing his job and he got used to everything when Gwen was doing her demo CD.  Will introduces himself to the reporter and then Gwen tells Will she doesn’t have time to go sightseeing with him because she must give Tim an interview.  Will decides to go sightseeing with Cleo to give Gwen time to finish her work.  Will gives Gwen a kiss and tells her to call him when she is finished working.  Will goes to Silver Dollar city with an overjoyed Cleo who can’t believe her dream of spending time alone with Will has come true.  Will and Cleo ride the Thunderation roller coaster twice and then Will goes to get something to drink for both of them.  Cleo is thrilled when a park worker thinks Will is her boyfriend.  Will arrives with the drinks and Cleo is surprised that Will bought her favorite drink, raspberry tea.  Will also buys Cleo a stuffed animal because she has been such a good sport about riding the roller coaster with him. 

(Will and Gwen’s house)  Luke and Jade arrive to find the trashcan is empty and notice the garbage truck is close by.  Jade tells the garbage man she lost her bracelet and must look for it.  The garbage man explains that they don’t allow anyone to look through the trash because of identity theft.  Jade pays the garbage man some money and she grabs Gwen and Wills garbage.  Luke and Jade go in the house and start taping the diary pages back together. 

(Lakeview)  Lily gives Lucinda a hug and thanks her for never making her feel like an adopted child.  Lily tells Lucinda that she looks at the life Jade had growing up and thinks that is what could have happened to her had it not been for Lucinda.  Lucinda thinks Lily is naive to trust Jade because that young lady is trouble.  Lucinda apologizes to Lily for being so hard on her about losing Worldwide.  Lily tells Lucinda she had every right to be angry with her and once again apologizes for all the pain she caused her. 

(Branson)  Noah and Maddie look at the tape he shot and decide where it fits best in the story.  Noah asks Maddie about her plans for next summer and Maddie gets sad because she says she has no reason to visit Oakdale next summer since she and Casey have ended their relationship.  Noah tells Maddie he doesn’t want to visit home even though his home is very close to Branson.  Maddie asks Noah to leave her alone and once he is gone, she calls the prison to try and talk to Casey. 

(Will and Gwen’s place)  Luke reads the diary page that says that Cleo planted Jade’s bracelet at the scene of the accident to frame her.  Jade asks Luke to go to Branson with her to warn Will and Gwen about Cleo but he refuses to go to Branson with her.  Luke explains to Jade that he has feelings for Noah and it is hard to be around him since Noah is a straight guy.  Luke tries to call Will and Gwen to warn them about Cleo but neither one of them answers their cell phone.  Luke decides he has no choice but to go to Branson with Jade to warn Will and Gwen about crazy Cleo. 

(Branson)  Noah’s dad finds him to say that he has come to look for him so they can talk.  Cleo shows Will a little church she thinks is romantic because a lot of celebrities have been married there.  Will wants to ride the roller coaster again but agrees to go inside the church with Cleo.  Will is looking at the beautiful view of the theme park from inside the church and Cleo tells herself if Will turns to look at her it means he loves her.  Will turns to look at Cleo to tell her to come over and look at the view.  Thinking that this is a sign that he loves her, Cleo decides to tell Will something that is very important. 

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