ATWT Update Wednesday 7/4/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/4/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, Emily and Dusty kiss; she talks about how she never would have believed this would happen a year ago. She then mentions how her mother and she are meeting to work things out. Does she want him to go with her? She would love the support, but she needs to do this by herself this time.

At home, Allison is curled up on her couch crying; she hears someone pounding on the door; it is Aaron wanting to talk. He is not leaving until she opens up because he knows she is inside.

At the Lakeview, Vienna is massaging Henry rather energetically, as he seems to cringe in pain. Once she is done, he seems relieved. Is he relaxed? She feels confident that they are ready to start their new venture. Henry doesn’t answer her. She is happily prancing around the room and she wants Henry to get up and help her, but he can’t seem to move. He is not even sure he will be able to ever again, he adds with a grimace.

At WOAK, Katie is sure that after what she witnessed with Carly, she is more convinced she is determined to win Jack back. Jack doesn’t care because a while back he asked Carly to fix things and she chose Simon; he is now happy with her. Katie is sure that Carly will drive him crazy until he comes back to her. Doesn’t he have a say in this? Why would he want to go back to someone who doesn’t love or trust him enough to share with him what is happening? On top of that, she thought it was ok to abandon her children. The thought of what Carly has planned scares her; why does it bug him so much about Carly and Brad? Jack tries to explain that with the two of them hooked up, his kids will have a lot more to have to contend with. Doesn’t he realize she is with Brad just to make him jealous? What is the next trick up her sleeve?

At the Lakeview, Brad is following Carly around; he can leave because she has a meeting with Lily now. She thanks him for breakfast, but she has things to do now. Does she think their scheme worked? Carly feigns ignorance. She is just having fun, but she has to leave now. Brad pulls her back and into a kiss shocking her, just as Lily arrives. If this is her way to get Jack back it isn’t going to work, Lily says. Carly glares at Brad.

Jack tries to reassure Katie that Carly’s bag of tricks will not work on him. Katie reminds him of the party the previous night as an example. She always has something up her sleeve. People still talk about her scheme with John Dixon to keep Hal from finding out that Parker was his son. Jack’s eyes widen; she had to reach way back to pull that one out. Does she also know that Brad took Parker out of John’s arms and put him into Hal’s thanks to an inheritance, Jack adds? Carly and Brad are all about the money. Katie is just worried the next time Carly’s hits, they won’t see it coming. Jack thinks that she is forgetting what a great team they make. They will outsmart Carly; she is his secret weapon, Jack winks.

Brad snuggles up to Carly from behind playing coy, as Carly pretends she doesn’t understand even though she is clearly aggravated with Brad. What does this have to do with Jack? She saw their picture in the newspaper at the same party Katie and Jack attended – what luck, huh? Did they make Jack jealous? Brad pipes in that he was. Lily wants to talk with Carly, but she has to see Lisa first, so she doesn’t want her to move. After Lily walks off, Carly is clearly annoyed with Brad. Does he know the meaning of subtly? Brad is sure they got to Jack, but Carly doesn’t share his overwhelming positive feelings. They have history on their side that is why it is plausible. Carly pleads with him to let her call the shots from now on. She doesn’t want him to blow this for them. Now Brad is annoyed, what is it with her and Katie? Why do they both think he is always going to blow something? Carly begs him to let her lead, so Brad acquiesces.

Vienna wonders nervously why her Henry doesn’t look happy after her massage? He doesn’t look relaxed. Henry looks unsure how to explain, but Vienna is upset that he looks hurt. Does she not even know her own strength anymore? Maybe she simply needs more practice? Henry jumps back – just not on him. Has he lost trust in her? Henry assures her that is not the case, but he thinks he is going to take a steam for a little while, as he limps out the door.

Allison is crying still. She tells Aaron to go away; she is not the girl he knew before – she no longer exists. She has done porn and drugs; she doesn’t know how he will ever look at her again. They need to talk, Aaron pleads, so Allison finally opens the door.

At Al’s, Emily and Susan are talking; Susan starts by apologizing. Emily doesn’t get why she would be the one to say sorry? She reacted badly. She had ever right to react poorly because she wasn’t raised to act the way she did. She worries that since she wasn’t an available mother because she was drunk all the time, then maybe Emily would have been equipped to handle things better. Emily explains that they are both grown women, and know the difference between right and wrong. They will always be her daughters, Susan adds. Susan apologizes for getting angry and shutting them out. Emily is impressed that she didn’t drink though. Susan nods; she just wants her to know that she and Allison are wonderful daughters. Emily would understand if she weren’t able to look at her the same again. Susan laughs; she would be the last person to judge; when she sees her, she sees a woman who put her life back together against insurmountable odds. They agree they want to move on. Susan teases her; she is glad that she has someone to lean on during this moving on process. How is Dusty anyway?

Aaron admits that what she told him was a shock; the thought of strangers viewing what he considered private with her is something he has to get used to. Allison laments that she thought they were over for good. He is just worried that she also put her body at risk. Allison explains that she has been tested and is fine. She understands that he probably hates her. He smiles; he could never hate her. She tries to explain how she felt like she was suffocating. The Meth made the pain go away. What about now? She can’t say she is cured, but she can say that she takes things one day at a time and she is good today. Aaron is convinced that if anyone can do it, she can; she is stronger then anyone he knows. Allison smiles timidly. Why is he being so forgiving? She didn’t do this to herself, because he did.

Vienna waltzes into the lobby and starts eyeing some men; she spies the bellhop and pulls him with her towards the elevator. She needs him to come to her room and take off his clothes. The bellhop smiles but tries to protest (although it was a terribly weak protest) as she drags him with her.

Jack is cleaning up in the porch on the Farm when Brad teases him; he is in a good mood, Brad notices. It is a beautiful day and he had a nice night at the party last night, he adds into his segue. What is going on with him and Carly? Nothing, Brad answers simply. They hung out for old time sake. Brad wonders if Jack is jealous? Jack turns the tables; he thinks Brad is the jealous one.

Carly is sipping her coffee waiting for Lily to come back when Katie walks in; she sees they are going to bump into each other all day, Katie remarks. Carly plays along; she and Brad were just having fun earlier at WOAK. He has changed though, Carly remarks of Brad. He seems more sincere and serious. Katie scoffs at this, and then she taunts Carly; she knows him a little better then she pretends, afterall weren’t they married? The year she was married three times. Carly’s face becomes tense, but she plasters on a smile. Brad always speaks respectfully of her Carly says, as Katie’s smile fades. Why is she bothering with Brad and his non-existent attention span? Carly shoots back that Brad just needs someone interesting because he seems very attentive when he is around her. Katie suggests that maybe she should reduce the visits to WOAK so Brad can attend to his work since she has all of his attention. Doesn’t Jack visit her, Carly asks? He does, but she can remain focused. Carly smiles; she is so happy that he doesn’t interfere with her work. Katie wants to cut to the chase; she doesn’t want to be involved in Carly’s twisted games. She knows she is trying to push Jack’s buttons by parading Brad in front of him. She shows up wherever they are. Carly adds that she is there to meet with Lily. Carly can’t see why she wouldn’t be thrilled with her and Brad? She doesn’t like to see anyone used. Carly explains that she is using Jack not Brad; she is using him as an example of how to move on. Katie snaps that her and Jack are the real thing, but her and Brad are a sick joke; she is onto her.

Brad admits that he did have a small thing for Katie for short while, but he realized he didn’t want to ruin what he has with his costar; they are oil and water. He wonders why he should chase the horse when he has found greener pastures with Carly? Jack looks frustrated, but then he doesn’t bite even when Brad tries to imply something sexual is going on. He thinks it is sad that Brad is trying to be so convincing, as he walks out of the room. Brad looks beaten but tries to hide it.

Aaron gets that if the man who says he loves her calls her a whore, then he gets the leap for her to give people what she thinks people think of her. Allison smiles; he gets it. He knows what it is like to live down to people’s expectations. Aaron just thinks that Allison needs someone to love and trust. Her smile fades; she trusted the wrong person. Aaron promises that he will never bother her again. She explains that he has been arrested anyway, so he won’t bother her again. Allison notes that they went through so much together and more afterwards. She didn’t expect things to be so complicated and now it is hard to say goodbye. Aaron doesn’t understand. Isn’t he going back to Seattle and she has to stay here and try to stay on the straight and narrow. He wants her to let him decide his future. He wants to stay in Oakdale. He wants to be the person who reminds her what a great person she is. He still loves her and she hopes she still loves her. Allison doesn’t answer, so Aaron assumes that it was the wrong time to bring that up. She doesn’t know what he wants to hear. He will leave if she wants, and Allison still says nothing, as she pulls her hand away. Aaron slowly gets up and heads for the door. Allison stops him; she doesn’t want him to leave. She told him the truth so there would be a chance for them to start fresh. Aaron smiles and then thanks her for trusting him to tell him the truth. They hug and Allison has an image of Dusty and her in bed. She pulls back and admits that she hasn’t told him everything. He knows; she hasn’t said she loves him yet and that is ok. They agree they are both different from whom they were in Seattle; they agree to not make the same mistakes again. He also doesn’t want to ever have secrets between them again, as he hugs her again.

Emily admits that Dusty has been great; look at what he did for Allison. Susan isn’t talking about what he did for Allison. Emily points out that he has given her more support then she deserves. Susan doesn’t want to hear that; she deserves a great guy. Susan admires the way that Dusty came to her and admitted that he judged Emily, but then apologized genuinely. Emily loves that he knows her past and still cares for her. There are no secrets. Susan wants to call Dusty, Aaron and Allison so they can all have brunch. Emily tries to slow her down; she is doing too much; she just wants to take this slow. She doesn’t want to have her future mapped out over eggs. She is content with simply being happy, as Susan is happy for her too.

Vienna is massaging the bellboy. She is glad that he let her practice on him. The man responds by groaning happily. Henry is walking up to the door and hears this. He fumbles to get his key in the door quickly. He rushes in and sees the bellboy there. He snaps for him to get out and he shouldn’t hold out his hand for a tip the next time. After he leaves, Vienna explains what she was doing, as Henry realizes his mistake. He realizes he is jealous; he was just taken by surprise by the Adonis. She reminds him that she was supposed to practice. He would like her to practice on a wrinkly old wart infested man instead. Vienna explains that he likes her massage and she is just trying to make their business perfect; doesn’t he want that, she coos? Yes. She snuggles up behind him; this kind of massage is just for him, as Henry falls happily into her arms.

Lily is overhearing Katie and Carly. Katie orders Carly to stop wasting her time on games. Jack has moved on. Her schemes are not going to work this time. Lily walks over to interrupt. Katie bids them goodbye. Carly angrily snaps, “The witch is already onto her.” What can she do now?

Downtown, Emily is walking with her head down when she bumps into Dusty. He is magical; she thinks of him and he appears. How was it with her mom, Dusty inquires? He has turned her into his biggest fan now; he has a way with Stewart women. They are trying to leave the past there. She has decided she has been her own worst enemy for too long. She feels this is the first time in a long time there is something possible in her life. Optimism looks great on her, Dusty notes. Dusty pulls her in for a kiss. Emily tells him about the Brunch invitation, as a peace offering. Dusty recalls the last time they had a meal with her mom it was very uncomfortable because they were pretending to be a couple. Then Dusty adds that they don’t have to do that anymore. Emily returns his smile.

Aaron promises to never push Allison away again. She is glad for that. Is there anything else she wants to say? Allison pauses and then tells him that there isn’t. Then she adds that she does have one thing – she still loves him too. He kisses her passionately, but soon Allison is pulling back. She wants to take this slowly so there aren’t more mistakes. Aaron is thrilled with this because it is more then he ever hoped for.

At the Farm, Brad sees Katie walk in and teases her saying that he isn’t available because he has chores to do; she is not there for him, as Jack walks into the room; they hug and kiss, as Brad almost gags. She has five tickets to the Fireworks show. He will let the kids know and they will have a blast, Jack happily answers, as Brad cringes. Jack wants to know what she is doing now? Nothing. Brad reminds Katie she has work on her desk, but she tells him that it can wait until the next day, as they kiss again and Brad almost gags again. Jack and Katie go outside to the porch where he asks her if she wants to go to the swimming hole down the road? She nods, but she has to go get her swimsuit. He winks; that is optional, as they run off.

Carly starts about when Jack was taking care of her lip… Lily understands because they were married and will always have a connection. That is not enough to build a relationship on again. It could be a start, Carly adds. There is a problem though. Carly acknowledges there is an obnoxious blonde in the way. Lily doesn’t want her to underestimate Jack’s relationship with Katie. He was alone after she left and Katie became very close to him when she offered him support. Does she think that she should give up on Jack? Lily can’t say. Carly admits that she realizes she still loves him and she knows he still loves her. She just needs to get rid of the obstacle. Lily reminds her that Katie is smart and strong. Then she guesses she will have to outsmart and fight Katie.

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