ATWT Update Tuesday 7/3/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/3/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(On the Cliff in British Columbia)  Meg stands at the spot where Paul fell as if she is waiting for him to return any minute.  Craig arrives and pleads with Meg to go back to the hotel with him so she can eat and get some rest.  Craig is concerned because Meg hasnít eaten or slept since Paul went missing.  Meg refuses to leave until Paul returns because she is sure that he isnít dead.  Craig tells Meg she can return to the spot after she has eaten and slept for a few hours because Paul wouldnít want her not to eat or sleep while waiting for him.  Meg agrees to go back to the hotel with Craig and return when she has rested. 

(Lakeview)  Emily arrives to give Dusty some papers that he needs to look over for The Intruder.  Emily and Dusty both try to avoid the topic of the kiss they shared but each of them recalls the kiss while they talk to each other.  Emily turns to leave and then decides to tell Dusty the kiss they shared was a mistake because she doesnít want to ruin their business relationship or their friendship.  Emily thinks that Dusty kissed her because Willís car accident reminded him of Jenniferís death and he was just feeling lonely.  Dusty admits to Emily that he kissed her because she is a beautiful woman who takes his breath away.  Emily is flattered by the compliment and for a moment considers having a personal relationship with Dusty.  Emily quickly remembers her past history with men and tells Dusty she is a black hole of relationships and she doesnít want him to be hurt by her.  Dusty tells Emily he is willing and ready to have a relationship with her and he doesnít care if he gets hurt.  Emily doesnít think a relationship between the two of them will work and tells Dusty itís best that they end things now.  Emily leaves and goes out into the lounge area so Dusty wonít see her cry but he comes after her and asks her to have a cup of coffee with him so they can talk. 

(Alís Diner)  Aaron stops by with wild flowers for Alison the flowers make Alison sneeze but she thinks they are beautiful.  Alison invites Aaron for a cup of coffee to thank him for the flowers and their date last night.  She takes Aaronís favorite sandwich out of a paper bag.  She had planned to give it to him after work, but since he came by, he should eat it hot.  Aaron goes to wash his hands and Elwood tells Alison he finally remembers seeing her in several porn movies and he asks her for her autograph.  A nervous Alison asks Elwood to leave saying she will give him an autograph later.  Elwood doesnít leave before Aaron returns to the table and Alison escorts Elwood out of the restaurant and tells him not to bother her again or she will tell his parents he rents porn movies.  Alison goes back inside the restaurant and Aaron wonders what was going on with the customer.  Alison lies and tells Aaron that Elwood has been bothering her but then she decides to tell Aaron about her past.  She decides that if they are going to have any kind of future, there canít be any lies between them.  Alison tells Aaron everything that happened after they broke up until the day she returned to Oakdale.  Aaron is sitting in stunned silence listening to the whole story and tells Alison he is very glad she is sober now but when Alison asks if there is still hope to rebuild their relationship, Aaron doesnít say a word.  Alison is hurt and shoves the flowers back at Aaron and tells him he meant to give the flowers to another girl. 

(Farm)  J.J. looks at a picture of Jack and Katie in the paper and tells Jack he is worried that the picture will hurt his mom.  Jack explains to his son that once he and Carly got divorced they both knew that eventually they would date other people.  J.J. wonders if Jack is hurt to see the picture of Carly and Brad that appeared in the newspaper.  Jack explains to J.J. that Brad and Carly are not dating but that she just felt sorry for him because he didnít have a date for the party.  Jack feels uncomfortable having such an adult conversation with J.J. so he changes the subject and they talk about baseball. 

(TV Station)  Carly arrives to invite Brad out for breakfast, making sure to tell Katie not to say a word to Jack because it might upset him.  Carly, of course, knows that Katie wonít be able to stop herself and will tell Jack about her breakfast with Brad. 

(In a hotel room in British Columbia)  Barbara arrives after the coast guard called to tell her about Paulís accident.  Barbara is upset because Meg chose not to tell her Paul was in an accident.  Barbara also blames Meg because she insisted on going ahead with her revenge plot against Craig even though Paul asked her several times to stop.  Barbara understands that Meg loves Paul but knows that love doesnít conquer all.  Barbara tells Meg that she knows that Paul was truly happy with her and that is why it hurts even more that Paul is gone.  Meg tells Barbara not to give up hope because Paul is coming back to them safely.  Barbara asks Meg to go back to Oakdale because if Paul is dead she must deal with it alone.  Meg agrees to go home and honors Barbaraís request.  Meg tells Craig to take her home and then get out of her life forever.  Meg drives to the cliff where Paul died and throws away the necklace that he gave her. 

(Java)  Brad and Carly have bagels and talk about Jack and Katie.  Carly knows that Brad just wants Katie because she is with Jack although Brad insists he cares about Katie.  Brad thinks Carly only wants Jack because she canít have him.  Carly tells Brad that at one time she and Katie were friends until she betrayed her so Brad thinks Carly wants to take Jack away from Katie to get revenge on her.  Carly admits that her plan to get Jack back in her life serves to kill too birds with one stone. 

(TV Station)  Katie is surprised that Jack is very annoyed at the possibility that Brad and Carly might decide to date.  Jack explains that if Brad and Carly decide to date, it could have a bad effect on the kids because Brad encourages Carly to be irresponsible.  Katie tells Jack about the breakfast and that just bothers Jack more.  Jack and Katie decide not to talk about Brad and Carly anymore and leave to buy more newspapers featuring their picture. 

(Lakeview)  Emily and Dusty finally admit that they want to have a relationship although Emily is still worried she might hurt Dusty in the future.  Dusty tells Emily he just wants to take care of her and make her happy.  Emily worries that she isnít good enough for Dusty because she has made so many mistakes.  Dusty tells Emily he has made many mistakes and he recalls having sex with Alison.  Dusty and Emily vow to forget about their past and look to the future and then they share a kiss. 

(TV Station)  Brad and Carly arrive after their breakfast and Jack hopes they both had a nice time.  Jack tells Carly that he is happy she is moving on with her life.  Carly gives Brad a kiss on the cheek and whispers in his ear before he walks her out the door.  Katie tells Jack he was right that those two are partners in crime and now she is sure that Carly wants Jack back in her life. 

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