ATWT Update Monday 7/2/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/2/07


Written By Elayna

Brad arrives at Carly’s home dressed in a suit; he knocks and waits. Soon, Carly opens the door dressed to the nines, which Brad can’t help but notice while his mouth is hanging open. Is this all for him, he teases? She smirks; it is for the cameras; doesn’t he know that presentation is half the battle?

Downtown, Jack and Katie are walking hand and hand after dinner. They gripe about how much they dislike cocktail parties. Jack teases about the food they put on sticks and Katie laments about how she never knows where to put her purse as she is standing up eating. They kiss when a woman walks by with some string bracelets. Katie grins because she loves the concept behind them; she explains to Jack that you make a wish and wait for the bracelet to fall off and then the wish comes true. Jack quickly buys her an orange one and happily ties it around her wrist. What is her wish going to be, he joyfully wonders?

At the police station, Jade is angrily accusing Cleo of setting her up. She ran Will off the road and stole her necklace to place at the scene. Cleo whines about why she would set her up? Jade snaps because she knows what she wrote in her diary. Dallas wonders where this diary is? Cleo explains timidly that it is at work, but they are her private thoughts. Jade snaps that they prove she is in love with Will and wants to get rid of Gwen. Cleo whimpers that she would never want to hurt them; they are her dream couple. Jade whips back around and looks at Cleo, as she says that she knows the real reason Cleo came to town. Cleo pipes in that she came because she heard Gwen sing. That is not the reason, Jade yells. Cleo answered an ad she posted several months ago. She had no life so she came to town. She can prove it if they just find the diary. Cleo tries to stop this by suggesting that Will needs to go home, but Dallas tells Jade she needs proof to back up her claim and it doesn’t seem to be coming from this so called diary. Jade goes onto explain that she was mad at Gwen and sick of her getting away with certain things, so she posted a message on her site to find someone that looked like Gwen; Cleo showed up. Noah sarcastically comments how Cleo could show up thinking she looked like Gwen. She did look nothing like her at first, but she could make herself sound just like Gwen. She bought her clothes and fake teeth so she could pass for Gwen. What was the plan? She would do something bad and Gwen would get in trouble. She goes on; she made the mistake of telling Cleo of the plan and she went crazy. Then she didn’t mind it because she had fallen for Will and this was her way to get rid of Gwen. Jade explains that she realized how insane Cleo was and told her to leave Oakdale; she even bought her a bus ticket, but she didn’t leave. Gwen chimes in that they bought her one too, as Cleo looks increasingly uncomfortable. A tearful Cleo tries to claim this is all because Jade is jealous that Will and Gwen like her. Jade reiterates that this is all in the diary. Noah asks if she is saying that Jade ran Will off the road because they are friends?

A giddy Katie tells Jack that she can’t tell him what her wish is. Jack answers that he will wait for the bracelet to fall off then. They kiss again. Katie sighs; she is not looking forward to sharing the spotlight with his brother. Jack teases that she is lucky that she didn’t have to grow up with him. Katie thinks it was worse on Brad living in the shadow of his brother because Jack is handsome, smart and funny. Jack thinks she is stalling. Katie explains that it is just nice to enjoy a nice quiet drama-less night. Jack apologizes for the problems that have developed since Carly came back. With the kids coming around and Parker acting out less, they may be able to spend more time with Carly. Katie tells him that she is glad Carly is back then. Jack smiles, but he doesn’t buy it. Katie explains that if Carly being back allows them more nights like this, then it is worth it.

Carly claims that this is about her career; she needs to look like a successful designer. The client that rattled off her list of police charges was right; she needs to be seen as someone who can be trusted and worth the risk. Did she figure this out after she found out the Jack was escorting Katie to this party, Brad teases? Carly answers his question with a question of her own; why did he ask her? He felt bad for her after the emotional beating she took with that client. Carly looks at him suspiciously. He admits that he looks good to have a woman like her on his arm. Carly teases him; she will be walking three steps ahead of him.

A police officer walks over to Dallas and tells him that there is no such website, as Cleo hides her smile. Jade yells that there has to be; can’t they check on the computer’s history or hard drive? They can, Dallas agrees, but there is no evidence pointing to Cleo, only to her. He lists off the evidence; her ‘J’ necklace was found at the scene, she broke into Will and Gwen’s home and she threatened Will’s life. They have more then enough to hold her here. Jade pleads with Dallas, as he is leading her into the interrogation room, to believe her. Back in the station area, Noah and Maddie decide to head out, as Cleo is crying about how she really came to Oakdale because of Gwen’s singing. She would never hurt them because they have been so wonderful to her. Gwen has to go to Branson still and Will needs to go to support her. She apologizes with a whimper about her causing these problems. Jade is using her to spoil things for them. Gwen walks over and hugs Cleo to try to calm her down. Does she believe her, Cleo asks Gwen? Gwen tells her that she does, but it isn’t the most convincing of answers.

At Al’s, Noah is asking about everyone’s history with Jade. Maddie explains how Jade wanted Will and how she pretended to be Gwen’s friend, but when that didn’t work, she stole Will, pretended to get pregnant and then blamed an accident on Gwen claiming she miscarried. Noah is shocked by this, but gets things now. Noah thinks that it sounds as if Jade would have it in for Will and Gwen, but he also thinks there might be something to Jade’s account of things. Maddie agrees something sounds strange there, but her views on Jade are skewed so she isn’t the right person to be partial about this. Is there anyone who doesn’t have it in for Jade? Maddie tells him the only person is Luke because they are cousins. He is an extremely fair person. He would listen to both sides and then defend both sides. Maddie worries that Luke is going to get hurt by supporting Jade.

Luke arrives at the station and hugs Jade. She was worried he might not have come. What happened, he asks? Is she in a lot of trouble? Has she been arrested? Jade doesn’t answer specifically, but she does ask him if he remembers when she came to WOAK and asked him if he had seen her necklace a few days ago? Yes. He needs to tell Dallas this. He doesn’t understand why? She is being framed…. by Cleo.

Cleo is walking up to Will and Gwen’s door with them; she reiterates again how she would never hurt them or did she steal anyone’s necklace. They know that. Cleo grabs her head and claims she has developed a severe headache. She is going to head back downtown to pick up something for it. They can’t let her do this. Will offers to go get her medicine and Gwen offers to go with him, as Cleo suggests she should stay at home and rest. After they leave, Cleo rushes inside and takes out her journal. She remembers Will’s accident; she is walking over to his car, touching his face and then methodically dropping Jade’s necklace right by his car. She drops to the couch and quickly starts to write in her journal. She is ecstatic that the necklace implicated Jade, and that they couldn’t find Jade’s website. Jade would have ruined everything if they had seen what she wrote, she bemoans. Jade can’t hurt her now that she is in jail. She has to do one last thing though. She talks outloud now; “Goodbye friend,” she says, as she looks down at her journal. She then starts to rip out the pages one by one.

Jack and Katie walk into the WOAK party, as the photographers rush to take their pictures. They ask questions such as if they are a couple? Katie starts to dodge the question, but Jack takes the reins. They have been friends for a long time, but it has since turned into something more. They are now officially an item, he answers with a chuckle, just as Brad and Carly are walking in unnoticed. Katie and Jack comment about how they couldn’t be happier. Brad and Carly step forward and the throng of reporters finally notice them. Jack and Katie notice them now too, as both of their smiles fade instantly.

Downtown, Will and Gwen are walking around doing errands. She is worried that he might be in pain, but he answers that he is just hungry now. She hugs him tightly and tells him how glad she is that he wasn’t hurt worse; she doesn’t know what she would have done if something had happened to him. He assures her that he is fine, and he is still planning on going to Branson. Everything will be fine now that Jade is going to be charged. He starts to walk again, but Gwen stops him. She has been thinking about what Jade said about teaching Cleo to impersonate her; it is strange that she knew that. Will thinks she must have been following them. Did he take her threat literally? No. Gwen thinks that there is a big difference from Jade being angry with them and becoming violent. She had to forcibly drive him off the road and then leave him for dead. Will agrees it does sound like a stretch even for Jade, but who else would do it?

Luke is stunned by Jade’s story; she purposely searched out a look alike for Gwen because she was mad? She knows it was a mistake and when she saw Cleo, she realized it even more so. If Cleo had been a pretty girl then she would have not reconsidered it? Jade admits that when she gets mad because she has perceived that someone has hurt her, she does dumb things. She is not asking him to understand, but he needs to tell Dallas about the necklace because they don’t believe her. Luke isn’t sure what he can do, as Jade worries that he believes her. He does. She needs him to find the journal because Cleo’s plans are all laid out in there.

Cleo is ripping up the journal pages and putting the pieces in alternating garbage bags. She tells her journal, as if it were a human, that she is so sorry. She continues; if they found it, then they would hate her and it would be like they were back in Turlock. She will never forget her journal, she declares. It is the only one she could talk to and the only one that loves her. She stares longingly at the book and then kisses it. She pulls back from it suddenly and tells herself that Will loves her now and she needs to trust that, as she even more angrily continues to rip the pages out of her journal.

Katie asks Jack if he is ok? Yes. The photographers take Brad and Carly’s picture and then ask for some shots of Brad and Katie. Jack and Carly walk over to one another, as he asks what she is doing here with Brad? He needed an escort, and it wouldn’t look bad for her career. Jack immediately comments about how she shouldn’t be dating Brad. Does she remember the last time? He can do a lot of damage. She will consider herself warned, but she can’t help notice this is the second time he has warned her. Jack just looks back at her. Meanwhile, the photographers are teasingly talking with Katie about her obvious affection for Snyder boys. Katie deflects the question and pulls Brad away. Why did he bring Carly as his date? She was all alone and this may help her job prospects by networking here. She is really networking, Katie remarks sarcastically, as she watches Carly smiling while talking with Jack. Jack gets them drinks, as Carly tells him that it is sweet that he still worries about her. Jack admits that old habits die hard. Carly’s response is that they don’t have to. They both stare at one another again. Across the room, Katie angrily tells Brad that she knows that he brought Carly here to stick it to Jack and her. Brad laughs, as he comments about how stuck Jack looks, as they watch Jack smiling. Katie stomps off. Carly reminds Jack that they share kids and a lot of memories. Katie interrupts; she comments about Carly being there was a surprise. Carly comments about Brad not wanting to arrive at a party empty handed. Jack offers to go get Katie a drink. After he leaves, Carly comments about the bracelet Katie is wearing. Katie remarks that she is surprised she knows about the bracelet, which she adds, Jack got for her. Carly sarcastically answers that you make wish and when the string rots it supposedly comes true. Katie then answers sarcastically that it may not be a diamond necklace, but that isn’t her style anyway. However, she will treasure forever how Jack bought it for her and the look on his face when he put it on her. Carly tries to cover, as she sneers at Katie.

Maddie tells Noah that she hopes Luke comes around after he learns what kind of person Jade is. He is a lot of fun and he has a great sense of humor, which surprises Noah. He mentions how all of them will be off to college soon. Where is he going, Maddie asks? He is going to Northwestern. He had to wait until some finances came through though. She is going to Wesleyan; she knows what he is talking about in regards to finances. She is only going there because she got a scholarship. Noah comments about how he didn’t get a scholarship, but he had some family issues he had to work through first. She should come to visit him in Chicago. Maddie looks uncomfortable and answers that would probably not be plausible since she will be all the way in Connecticut. He wasn’t trying to pick her up, if she is worried about that. Maddie realizes that and half explains that she would love to visit him, just not in Chicago.

Cleo is lastly ripping apart the binding of the journal. She picks up the trash bags and heads for the door when she sees Will and Gwen coming home. She freezes and then quickly runs into their bedroom and hides. Will and Gwen find the door locked and knock calling out to Cleo. Cleo is standing behind the bedroom door rocking up against the door, holding the trash bags close to her.

Carly agrees that Jack is special and she is glad that she has her little bracelet to remind her. She has a reminder every time she looks at her kids, Carly says sticking it to Katie, who looks stung by that reminder. Jack come back and tells Katie that a photographer needs another picture; Katie walks off and Carly asks Jack what it is like to date a superstar? Jack answers that she will learn that feeling too soon. Carly explains that she is not dating Brad, but Jack has wised up a little and tells her that it wouldn’t matter if she were because they are divorced and she can do whatever she wants. Jack walks away and over to Katie where he cuddles up next to her while the photographers take pictures. Carly tries to hide her disappointment in Jack’s last comment. A somber Brad walks over to Carly and asks if she is ready to call it a night? She is, but she plans on doing this with him again really soon, as she smirks in Jack and Katie’s direction.

Noah wonders what is wrong with Chicago? Maddie softly tells him that there are a lot of bad memories there because she grew up there. Noah jokes that they will meet in London then. Noah wants to get her another Mochachino and perhaps to split a Blondie? Maddie is thrilled that they like the same things. She has been lonely in recent weeks and it is so nice to get along so well with someone. He always knows when to listen and when not to pry. He agrees completely because he feels the same way about her.

Jade tells Dallas that Luke had to leave, but he can confirm when she lost her necklace. Dallas is not impressed since she probably told him what to say. She needs him to call Luke and search some more for that website she had. All of that is not going to change the fact that she broke into Will and Gwen’s home and threatened him. The diary will prove her innocence. Cleo won’t give it up, Dallas reminds her. Jade pleads that he needs to do something before she destroys it. Dallas intends on doing something, as he tells Jade that he is placing her under arrest.

Cleo tosses the trash bags out the bedroom window, as Will and Gwen are letting themselves in. She rushes into the living room nervously and apologizing for not hearing them since she fell asleep. They tell her not to worry, as they give the medicine to her. Cleo almost forgets what it is for. They also brought hamburgers. She is appreciative and tells them how good they have been to her. She is going to bake them a lot of cookies to thank them. Gwen reminds her that she told them she had a headache. Cleo covers; she is feeling better. In fact, she thinks she wants to get some fresh air. As she is leaving, she tells Gwen that she washed a specific top for her to take to Branson because she looks so good in it. After she leaves, Gwen turns to Will and tells him that she is convinced now that he was right; Cleo would never do anything that Jade said. Meanwhile, just outside Cleo is collecting her trash bags, looking around suspiciously as she places them in the trashcans. She has reason to be nervous, as someone lurks in the shadows. She turns back around and we see Luke step out from behind the corner and watch Cleo quickly shoving the trash in the cans. Cleo thinks she hears a noise and whips around, as Luke jumps back out of sight.

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