ATWT Update Wednesday 6/27/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/27/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At his home, Will and Jade are getting into it about her role in the fight with Cleo. Jade has threatened to kill him if he calls the police. Will thinks this shows how crazy she is, but Jade is desperately trying to see that she is not the problem; she is trying to help him by tipping him off to how Cleo really is. She screams at Cleo demanding she tell them what was in the journal. Cleo innocently claims that she just talked about how much she loved Oakdale, Gwen’s CD and how nice Gwen and Will have been to her. Jade begs them to look for the diary to prove she is right; she wants to get rid of Gwen to get to him, she yells at Will. A sobbing Cleo falls to the couch crying about how she would never be dumb enough to think that a guy like Will would love her. Everyone looks at one another uncomfortable with this display.

Downtown, Allison is staring in a store window and thinking about her conversation with Aaron. Emily walks up behind her and asks her what is wrong? Allison blows the question off. Emily suggests dinner even though she had ice cream a little earlier with Dusty. Allison smiles; what is up with them? They are just taking it slow. Allison comments about how men are so difficult to deal with and figure out. Emily takes the opportunity to broach the subject of Aaron. Has she seen him? They talked, but he left. He is probably on his way back to Seattle as they talk, Allison says simply; Emily frowns.

At the Lakeview, Aaron is trying to apply for a job as bartender, but the manager almost blows him off. After the manager walks away, Dusty sees Aaron and comes over. Aaron is happy to see him, as is Dusty. What brings him back to town – Holden? That is part of the reason, but he is hoping that this isn’t just a visit, Aaron admits.

In the Honeymoon suite in Canada, Craig is angrily defending himself against Lucinda’s accusations that he pushed Paul over the edge of the cliff. He explains to the officer that he and Lucinda have a contentious relationship. He tried to save Paul, he screams, as he glares at Lucinda, who pretends to act fearful of him. He is volatile, she explains. He drugged his wife, and is now lying through his teeth, Lucinda contends. Craig tells the officer to ask his wife. Lucinda steps in; she asks Meg if Craig was upset with Paul? Yes, Meg quietly answers. Did he let Paul fall from the cliff? Meg just stares and says nothing. Lucinda reminds her that Craig was angry and wanted to get back at Paul. Craig snaps for her to shut up! Meg quietly answers that she just wants to focus on finding Paul. Craig quickly agrees to divert the line of questioning right now. Craig explains again, how he did not push Paul; he slipped. He tried to get to him, but Paul was so angry that he tried to pull him over as he tried to help him. The officer bites that he never mentioned that in his first statement. There is more to this then it appears. He wants to talk with Craig downtown, but Craig shakes him off; he pleads with Meg to tell him what she saw. Did he push Paul off or not, the officer asks? Meg says nothing for a moment while Craig and Lucinda wait. She finally says it is true. Craig thinks that Meg is affirming what Lucinda said and tries to get her to rethink what she is saying, but then Meg clarifies; Craig tried to hold onto Paul, but he wouldn’t accept his help. He would have been fine if his hatred for Craig didn’t get in the way of his desire to let him save him. Lucinda tries to backpedal for her; the drugs are confusing her. The officer decides to take Meg’s word. Meg wants to go back out and look for Paul, but Craig stops her and offers to go look instead. After the officer and Craig leave, Lucinda turns to Meg and shakes her head; she thought she loved Paul? Why would she let his murderer go free?

Allison sadly says she is sure that Aaron left town already. Emily worries that he made her feel badly about the break up? He didn’t do that; in fact, it was her fault. She was the one that slept with someone else. Emily believes she was well within her right to feel isolated and lonely between his mom being sick, him working all the time, and his ex girlfriend hanging all over him. He apologized for all of that. He actually wanted her to give them another chance. Emily thinks that is great. Allison doesn’t because so much has happened since they broke up. She is not good enough. Ever since they started seeing each other, she always felt that she needed to be something she wasn’t. Now, she is an ex porn star and drug user. She doesn’t know how Aaron would handle that, Emily offers. Yes, she does; he would be beyond disappointed. Emily thinks that she could start over – perfect example - look at her life. Dusty apologized to her for judging her. Allison wonders if they are getting serious? Emily explains that they are good friends and that is more then she could have hoped for. Allison comments that she can’t just be Aaron’s good friend. She loves him and can’t lose him again. Emily thinks they should go get dinner, as they both smile.

Aaron asks Dusty to put a good word in with the manager for him. Dusty agrees. Is he sticking around because of Allison? He hopes so, but she hasn’t given him the ok yet. He admits that he misses her. Why did he let her go then? He thought that he would find someone who wasn’t so crazy, jealous or who caused him to worry so much. He realized that he didn’t want easy; he wants her. Dusty thinks Allison needs a good guy like him.

Jade tries another tactic; if Will loves his wife, then he will look for the journal. Cleo pipes in that she loves Gwen and would never hurt her. Jade tells Will that she read that Cleo said she loved him “more then rainbows and pistachios all mushed together.” Does that sound like something she says? Will agrees it does, but he still won’t take her word over Cleo’s. Jade snaps that she is going to put her plan into motion in Branson. Jade appeals to the fact that they used to be friends. Will isn’t swayed. Cleo pretends to need to sit down on the couch, as she pushes the journal further under it. Jade is sure it has to still be in the room so she pulls up the cushions, as Will goes to pick up the phone and call Margo. Jade tells Will that she will go then. Will promises that he won’t let her hurt Gwen, but Jade assures him that this time she isn’t the one who may hurt her. He will be sorry for this, as she leaves. Will apologizes to Cleo. Cleo pretends to be scared and upset; she will bring her journal home from the Lakeview if he needs her to and he can read it all to prove she is telling the truth. Will tells her that she doesn’t need to do that. He needs to go to the police to get a restraining order out on Jade. Cleo secretly smiles.

Allison and Emily walk into the Lakeview and see Aaron sitting there. What is he doing there, Allison demands? He is trying to get a job. He has one in Seattle, Allison reminds him. He quit that one; Dusty is putting in a good word for him now. She tells him that she hopes he is not staying because of her because she already told him goodbye. Aaron smiles, so she angrily tells him that she hopes he enjoys his job and girlfriend because he needs to get one because they have no chances left, as she stomps off.

Meg tells Lucinda that Craig is not a murderer because Paul is not dead. Lucinda softly reminds her that it is probably impossible for Paul to have survived by now. Why would Craig go through drugging her, sending fake messages to save Paul in the end? Paul was not hanging off that cliff by choice. She can’t let Craig go free. She told the truth, Meg snaps. The plan all along was to manipulate Craig to get the Company back. Paul could have possibly died for this. Meg sadly says that she couldn’t lie anymore. Paul was on the cliff because she insisted that they do it her way; she wanted to marry Craig even though Paul begged her not to go through with it. What happened to Paul was her fault, as Meg starts to break down again. Lucinda shakes her head and tries to comfort her. She did a noble thing. It is not noble to lie, manipulate, scheme out of revenge, Meg bites. Craig comes back in wanting to talk with Meg, but Lucinda does not plan on leaving her alone with him. Craig explains that he brought back a captain to show her something. The man holds out to her what they found, as Meg starts to cry. She recognizes her grandmother’s necklace. She takes it from him and instantly starts to sob uncontrollably, as she almost collapses. Craig orders Lucinda to get water while he tends to her. Is it Paul’s, Craig asks? Through tears, she explains that it is hers; she gave it to him before the wedding. She repeats the phrase ‘he promised’ over and over. Craig stands up and looks at her hurt. They finally get Meg calmed down. Lucinda growls that he could have handled that better since he knows what Paul meant to her. Craig shoots back that he had no idea since they said they found a woman’s locket. Meg is still adamant about them getting back out there to look for Paul. The locket could have fallen out of his pocket; it does not prove he is dead. The locket washed up on shore so Paul could have as well. The captain thinks that if Paul hit where the shore and rocks were then there would be no hope, but Meg refuses to hear this. They need to go search some more. The captain explains that they don’t have the manpower or resources anymore. Meg whips around to face Lucinda. Can she do anything? Lucinda thinks she may want to face the facts. Meg then whirls on Craig and pleads with him to do something. Craig stares at her for a moment and then agrees to pay any cost to continue the search. Meg throws herself into his arms, as Craig coldly glares at Lucinda. Meg’s cell phone rings and she rushes to answer it calling out Paul’s name. It is Holden, as she tries to hide her disappointment. Lucinda takes the phone and goes to talk with him to explain what has happened. Once alone, Craig asks Meg when she gave Paul the necklace? She tells him that she gave it to him before the wedding. What was she talking about when she mentioned a promise? Meg tries to divert this line of questioning. He said he would go find him. He will, but he needs her to be honest and tell him everything. Meg takes a breath and then explains that the promise was she would come to him after the wedding so he could give her locket back and they could start their new life together. Craig stares for a moment before he promises to find Paul; he won’t let her down. After he leaves, Lucinda comes out of the room and tells her that Holden wants to come take her home. Meg growls that she isn’t leaving without Paul. Then she remembers Barbara; she can’t hear about this until after they find Paul and bring him home. Lucinda promises to take care of it. Meg thanks her for being here for her. Lucinda apologizes for upsetting her earlier. She understands why Meg wants the lies to stop. This whole ordeal is heartbreaking, but one good thing did come out of it, she was able to get Worldwide back. Meg’s eyes narrow. She suggests Meg might want to sign the Company back over to her so it is one less thing she has to worry about. Meg looks furious after this.

Allison runs into Dusty and is mad that he is helping Aaron get a job. Why would it be such a bad thing if Aaron were here, Dusty wonders? Then she would bump into him constantly. They were good together, Dusty reminds her. What happened after they broke up would disqualify her from being good girlfriend material. It would be wrong for him to judge that. Allison coldly reminds him that he judged Emily. Add to that, they slept together. Dusty wonders why she is bringing that up? He thought they weren’t going to talk about that again. If it was so innocent, then what is the problem talking about it, Allison sarcastically wonders? Some people would not understand, Dusty explains. Allison snaps that the next time he wants to help her, he just should wait for the desire to pass.

Aaron doesn’t understand why Allison is acting like she hates him? Emily tries to explain in general terms how tough the past couple of months have been. Is she seeing someone else? No, Emily answers. He needs to talk this over with Allison though. Dusty comes back over and tells Aaron that he put in a good word for him. He is appreciative. After he leaves, Dusty tells Emily that Allison is mad at him for helping Aaron. Emily apologizes on her behalf; she has quickly forgotten how much he did for her in Vegas. Dusty asks why she keeps bringing that up? Emily doesn’t mean to, she just was trying to help him not get involved in another one of their dramas. Emily then quickly says that she should leave, but Dusty wants her to stay.

Cleo tells Noah that she needs to lie down. Noah mentions that Gwen told him to get some press clippings at the house. Cleo tells him that she doesn’t know where they are and with Will gone, she is at a loss. Then she suggests that he take her clippings. He is surprised that she has a folder full. Cleo covers by saying that she has them as Gwen’s assistant. She is quick to get rid of Noah now. After she practically shoves him out the door, she goes and pulls her journal out from under the couch. She is talking to herself in a weirdly calm way; Will is right about how Jade needs to be stopped, but a restraining order isn’t going to do half the job she can, she says with a strange smile.

Meg walks to the end table and pulls put the contract. Paul is missing and all she can think of is her precious contract, Meg snarls. Lucinda explains that she was just pointing out that one good thing would come out of this nightmare. She has always been straightforward about what she wants. She doesn’t care if Paul or Craig dies or if she can’t live with the consequences, Meg snaps. Lucinda tells her there is nothing she can do to convince her otherwise. Does she want the Company, Lucinda wonders? Of course, she doesn’t want the company, Meg yells. Lucinda explains that she is not a nurse with empathy for people. She is a pragmatic businesswoman. Lucinda tells Meg that if Paul weren’t to make it, then something that they all agreed upon that is good should come out of this; she was just trying to settle this. Craig walks back in the door at the end of this conversation and watches them. Meg shakes her head in disbelief. She will settle this alright, as she starts to rip the contract apart to Lucinda’s surprise. Craig can’t help but look pleased.

At Al’s, Aaron rides up on his motorcycle and sees Allison outside looking as if she has been crying. He jokes with her saying that he is the one that should have been crying after how she blew him off. She just thinks there is no sense in starting something that won’t work out. Aaron pretends to understand and then tells her that she isn’t the only reason why he stayed in town, as he lists off his family members. That is seven other reasons, as Allison smiles. There is also another reason… his bike that Emma took care of for him. It has been lonely without him. Allison laughs; she is surprised he kept it. Aaron remarks that he obviously has trouble letting go. He owes it to his bike to ride it. Does she want to see how fast it goes…for old times sake?

At the Lakeview, Emily and Dusty are working on some newspaper business. They talk again, about how Allison is too young to be this closed off. She deserves a second chance in life and love. Everyone deserves one, Emily quietly says as they hold each other’s glances. They try to start talking about business again, as they both reach for a folder at the same time and touch each other’s hands.

Will is in his car leaving a message for Gwen; he doesn’t want her to get upset, but Jade is becoming a problem again. He hangs up and looks in his rear view mirror, as he becomes concerned when he sees car headlights getting really bright and close.

Allison unconvincingly tells Aaron that she can’t go with him; she promised her manager she would cover a shift if it got busy. Aaron looks through the window and comments how there is not going to be a rush since there is one customer in there. She needs to come take a ride with him; it will be a rush. Allison considers it for a moment more before she grins and agrees. He hands her a helmet, which she teases him about just happening to have. He is psychic. Where are they headed, she asks? They can go anywhere she wants.

Emily and Dusty are finishing up their work, and Emily seems as if she wants to head out quickly. She leaves Dusty with a quick good night and leaves. Dusty watches after her looking confused.

Lucinda comments that she could have her lawyers draw up new documents. Meg growls that she shouldn’t waste the trees. Get out, she snaps. Lucinda heads for the door, sees Craig and smirks. He calmly comments about how it hurts to lose something you love. She answers him by suggesting in time, Meg will come to her senses. He started this and when she realizes all of this, she won’t want anything from him, then it will be over for him and she will get her Company back. Lucinda walks off after this. Craig watches as a distraught Meg holds onto the locket that was found in the lake. He tells himself for her not to count on it.

Will is still watching nervously in his rear view mirror. The headlights are back close behind him and then suddenly his car is hit from behind causing his car to swerve off the road.

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