ATWT Update Monday 6/25/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/25/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Carly and Parker are talking about getting ready for the barbeque. She is wondering if he knows where the board games are? He looks surprised by this question; how long are JJ and Sage staying? He thought it was just to eat. Carly explains that she was hoping that after they eat, they could hang out, watch videos and play games. Parker tells her that he can’t do that because he told his friend Todd he would come over. Carly slits her eyes and asks him suspiciously when these plans were made? Before he can answer, Carly gently reminds him that JJ is sorry and that he should try to forgive him. Parker makes a sarcastic remark back about how he is sure that JJ is sorry. Jack, Sage and JJ show up just then. Parker is happy to see Sage and tells her that he has been working on fixing her dollhouse. He ignores JJ though. After the kids leave the room, Jack and Carly remark about how this afternoon is going to be a rocky. Jack thinks it is time to head out right after, but Carly tells him quickly that she has plenty of food.

At home, Cleo is excitedly talking with Gwen about accompanying her to Branson. Gwen shares her excitement. Cleo is looking through some catalogs for a new outfit and Gwen offers to help. Cleo tells her that she wants to look hot. Gwen smiles and tells her that maybe she will find a guy there and fall madly in love. Cleo glances longingly at a picture of Will on the end table and agrees. Maddie interrupts them when she comes in looking sad. Cleo babbles on about Branson and Gwen’s CD, as Maddie seems to try to appear happy. When Gwen mentions wanting to write to Casey and tell him the news, Maddie says that she can write now because he can get mail finally because she just got a letter from him today, as she falls to the couch emotionally and starts to cry.

At the honeymoon suite, Lucinda quietly lets herself into the room where Meg is lying on the bed by using her American Express Card. She sees Meg on the bed and calls out to her; when Meg doesn’t answer or move, Lucinda rushes to her side and feels for a pulse. She sees that she is alive and breathes a sigh of relief, but wonders out loud what Craig did to her?

At the cliffs, Paul demands to know what Craig did to Meg? Craig menacingly waves the gun at Paul and tells him to back off. Did he hurt her? He might have just a little, but if he did it was Paul’s fault because he was hurt when he saw them at the church. Where is she, Paul yells? Craig tells him that he does not intend to tell him so he can go rescue her. He will never see her again. Paul tells Craig that he will find her himself, as he pushes by him. Craig orders him to stop or he will shoot. Paul doesn’t listen so Craig shoots the gun, as a stunned Paul is hit on the side and falls to the ground.

Meg awakens coughing, as Lucinda goes to get her some water. Meg is confused when she sees Lucinda. What happened, she asks? Lucinda doesn’t know because she just got there. They grew worried and started looking for her after she was a no show at her own reception. Does she know where she is, Lucinda wonders? Meg thinks for a second and then answers that she is on her honeymoon. Where is Craig, Meg asks? Lucinda doesn’t know. She actually thought she would find Paul here. A distraught Meg panics when she asks where Paul is, as things start to become less hazy?

Paul tries to steady himself, as he tries to pull himself up from the ground. Craig taunts him, as he says that must have hurt. Why doesn’t he finish him off? Craig sneers that if he wanted him dead then he would be dead; that was deliberately a graze wound. What does he want? Craig snaps that he wants Paul to live a long life with his failures. There was Jennifer, Rosanna and now Meg, he taunts. What did he do to her? Craig continues without answering; Paul used Meg as a pawn in their game, and if he isn’t careful, Meg could wind up like Jen or Rosanna. What is he planning? Craig answers that he and Meg are going to live a long life without Paul’s interference. He wants Paul to disappear from their lives forever. What if he doesn’t, Paul wonders? Then, he will come up with another plan, Craig answers coldly.

Maddie explains to Gwen and Cleo that when Casey finally got the ability to write, he told her that when he got out, he was not coming back to Oakdale. Gwen looks stunned; what about his family? Apparently that doesn’t matter to him, as does the fact that she is there either. Cleo asks why Casey is saying this? Maddie sadly answers that apparently he has decided that he is not good for her. Gwen doesn’t understand. Maddie explains that Casey was talking like this a little before he left, and they argued about it, but she thought it would be fine. Gwen promises they will figure this out. Cleo adds that she should just forget him because she is so cute that she could get anyone. Maddie looks worse after she says that and answers that she doesn’t want anyone else. Cleo realizes she probably shouldn’t have said that and offers to go get tissues and some ice cream, but Gwen asks her if she can talk with Maddie alone? Cleo takes the hint sadly and offers to leave for a while. After she walks out the door, a disheartened Cleo watches them hug through the window.

Jack tells Carly that he can’t stay. Carly quickly asks him if he has plans with Katie? No, she is out of town. Does he have to work then? No, but he doesn’t think they should confuse the kids. It would be sending the wrong message. Carly reminds him that they have seen them arguing a lot recently; that is not showing them the right message either. She pleads with him to just agree to this. They have been going about this wrong. Jack seems bothered by the implication that he alone, has not been handling their kids well. Carly clarifies that she was not talking about him, but the two of them together. They need to unite and work together to be great parents. They aren’t together anymore though. They still share kids though, Carly continues. Jack seems to soften, as he asks if she really thinks that holding a barbeque together is a good example of a united front? He is the grill master afterall, Carly teases, as Jack agrees laughing. She will make her potato salad she smiles. Jack agrees finally and tells her that he will go start up the grill.

Gwen thinks that Maddie should just give Casey some time. She should keep writing. Maddie explains that Casey told her that he would not open any letters from her or write again. Gwen is annoyed; he is acting like a jerk; when he went to jail, it didn’t just affect him, so it isn’t right for him to end their relationship without giving Maddie and option to talk about it. Gwen is sure that Casey has not stopped loving her. Maddie can believe that, but she admits that doesn’t really help. She wants to change the subject; she wants to hear about her CD. Gwen doesn’t think it is the time considering. Maddie thinks it is. Has she been to Branson before? No. Is she scared? Yes, she is terrified to get up onstage and sing before a crowd. Maddie is proud that she finished the CD after everything that happened with Adam. Gwen wonders quietly if Maddie still thinks about it? Yes, she does, Maddie answers. Gwen admits that she thinks about it a lot too and still feels horrible about what they did and the choices they made. Maddie recalls how fearful she was to tell Casey. She was so shut down when she met him, but he teased, flirted, annoyed her and then won her over. He saved her, and she just wishes she could save him once as well. She doesn’t want to lose him, but she thinks she already has. Cleo has quietly walked into the living room, as Gwen and Maddie are talking in the other room. She listens as Gwen tells Maddie that she needs a break; she should come to Branson with them, as Cleo looks instantly upset.

Parker is talking with Sage about her dollhouse, as JJ sits close by. JJ wants to help as Parker snaps at him. Sage decides to leave. After she leaves, JJ sincerely apologizes; he didn’t mean to get him in trouble. Parker snaps that he really knows that he did. Why did he do it? He blamed him for them not being able to see their mom. He really didn’t mean for all the bad stuff that happened. He just wanted them all together as a family like they are today. He is his brother and what he did was stupid and wrong. Meanwhile, Carly and Jack are watching them from outside on the porch. Carly reports to him that JJ looks nervous and Parker looks stubborn. Jack explains that he coached JJ on how to apologize, but he didn’t get to Parker to coach him on how to accept the apology. Carly smiles; she coached Parker on how to take it easy on JJ. They both grin, as Jack holds onto Carly’s arm, which is not lost on her.

Meg asks when the last time was that Lucinda saw Paul? She saw him when he was hiring a PI to find her. She offered her services, but Paul wanted to go it alone. It didn’t help that they were fighting as usual. She changes the subject though; what happened to the contract, Lucinda asks? Meg tries to think for a moment before she tells her that she doesn’t remember. Lucinda is frustrated. She has to recall this. Meg snaps that she is doing the best that she can considering that she was drugged. The last thing she remembers is going to bed after Craig wouldn’t let her call anyone. Did they have sex, Lucinda inquires? No, Meg snaps sharply. She is dressed for that it would appear. They only slept in the same bed – nothing else. Lucinda changes the subject again; when did Craig find out? He saw her and Paul at the church. Lucinda shakes her head; they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another for a few more hours? Craig blames Paul, Meg recalls. He also knows about the fake calls regarding Rosanna. Lucinda shakes her head. Where is the contract then? She doesn’t know. He gave her tea and wouldn’t listen to anything she said about Paul. She begged him to leave Paul alone. Craig wouldn’t until he found out if their stories matched. He said he needed closure, Meg explains. With growing anxiety, she realizes that Craig probably went after Paul.

Paul tells Craig that he is not going to walk away from Meg. Paul wonders if Craig is delusional enough to think that if he were out of the way that she would then love him? She did marry him, Craig reminds him. She agreed to marry him because she wanted him to sign over Worldwide. She does not love him, and he knows that since he said that he heard them in the church talking about running away. With Paul gone, Craig is convinced Meg would be free to love him. Why couldn’t he just leave Meg alone, Craig wonders? He did leave her alone, and it was the hardest thing he ever had to do, but she came back to him willingly without him asking her to. She can’t stand him Paul taunts Craig. Craig lies to him, as he toys with Paul; why then just hours ago did they make love? Paul’s eyes narrow, as he remarks that he doesn’t believe him. She was shy at first, but after he found her sweet spot, she started to come around, Craig toys with him. She would never sleep with him willingly, Paul answers. Did he threaten her? He provided her with some incentives, Craig sneers. Craig explains that when she found out that he knew, Meg wanted to keep Craig from going after Paul, so she made love to him so he wouldn’t kill him. Paul looks distraught.

Meg explains how furious Craig was; she has to find Paul first. She has to get her phone, but when she stands up, she becomes woozy and has to sit back down. Lucinda gets her cell phone. Meg distractedly asks Lucinda why she and Paul fought? Lucinda explains quickly that he thought she was more interested in the contract rather then her well-being. Meg is preoccupied because she sees that there is a record of a text message having been sent to Paul; she did not send one though. She realizes Craig sent this to Paul pretending to be her; it reads that she wants Paul to meet her at the cliffs. Lucinda wonders where that is? She has to get there, Meg declares, as she stands up but almost immediately collapses onto the floor.

Maddie explains that although she appreciates the offer, going to Branson won’t get her mind off of Casey. Cleo smiles. Gwen asks her to reconsider because she wants her there and Will loves her as one of his best friends. Maddie doesn’t think it will be helpful for them to watch her be depressed. Gwen continues; she needs moral support. Cleo is quietly talking with herself praying that Maddie says no. Maddie again tells Gwen that it isn’t a good idea, as Cleo jumps up and down in the other room. Gwen pretends she is going to drop it when she starts to mumble about how they are supposed to be ‘BFF’s and she can’t believe she is going to do this to her. Cleo looks nervous again; she waits for Maddie’s answer and is devastated when Maddie finally agrees. Cleo throws up her hands in disgust and stomps out the door unnoticed.

Jack realizes that he is holding Carly’s arm and pulls back. He wants her to leave the boys to work it out and come with him to man the grill. Inside, Parker tells JJ that when his mom died, he didn’t want him around either. He prayed that he would not come to live with them, but he never lied or manipulated the situation. Jack and Carly interrupt them when they come in commenting about how it may rain so they have to eat inside. JJ and Parker act cool with one another and then both excuse themselves. Carly is happy thinking they are working through it. Jack is glad he stayed. Carly asked him what he said to JJ to coach him about making the right kind of apology? Jack tells her that he told him to be genuine and sincere. He should admit that he was wrong and mean it. Carly apologizes warmly; she is sorry that she hurt him and the kids and she means it. Jack stares at her for a moment and tells her that he is sorry too. Later, they are playing a board game with JJ and Parker. JJ is on Carly’s team and Parker on Jack’s. JJ and Carly win, but Parker mumbles under his breath that JJ is a cheater. JJ screams back that he is not! Parker yells back just like he isn’t a liar. Before Carly and Jack can do anything, the boys are up and shoving one another. They fall to the ground before a horrified Jack and Carly can split them up. As they are trying to get them to their separate corners, a punch is thrown and Carly is hit, which stuns her.

At Al’s, Cleo is sitting at a table feverishly writing in her journal when Jade walks in and quietly sits at the counter behind her. She watches Cleo as she writes. Cleo is angrily writing about how the trip to Branson is off. How could ‘G’ want ‘M’ to come instead? Since when is ‘M’ also, best friends with ‘W’? She just wants to be alone with ‘W’. She wants to be there for ‘W’ while ‘G’ is busy becoming a big star. Jade continues to watch how Cleo is acting and writing. Cleo writes a bit more in her journal before she puts it away and heads out, as Jade follows secretly behind her.

At WOAK, Gwen and Maddie tell Noah that she is going to Branson with them; he is excited. Is she Gwen’s assistant? Gwen explains that she is there for moral support, but Cleo is still her assistant. Gwen goes to call Will, as Noah starts to fill Maddie in about Branson, but she doesn’t seem to be listening. He wonders where her head is? Is she thinking about Casey? He knows what they can do to make it better for her; they can make a video diary while they are in Branson for Oakdale Today, but also send some of it to Casey. They can film her at the amusement park, rock climbing, nature walks and at the concert. Wouldn’t he love that? Maddie agrees that Casey would love it; it is just too bad that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, as she walks off. Noah follows after her.

Craig continues to hold the gun on Paul. He needs to leave or he will kill him. Paul reminds Craig that if he does that, then he will sure lose Meg forever. Craig taunts him more about how he need not tell him what his wife would handle or not because he knows her intimately. Paul takes this opportunity to hit the gun out of Craig’s hand. They struggle, as Paul is able to throw Craig close to the cliff’s edge. Craig crawls back and they fight some more. Paul gets the upper hand, but soon Craig gets it back when he sucker punches Paul. Paul loses his footing and heads over the side. He struggles to hang on with his hands. Craig stands over him; he really needs to stop trying to kill him because it never ends up going well for him. He lifts his foot up and prepares to step down on Paul’s hands.

Noah tells Maddie that Casey is an idiot for letting her go. Maddie asks him to just try to keep her from crying on the trip, as Noah readily agrees to this. Gwen comes back; Will is getting off of work now and they want to all go to dinner. Maddie tries to back out, but Noah and Gwen won’t let her. Gwen tells them she is going to go call Cleo and ask her.

Cleo is back at Will and Gwen’s. She is folding laundry, but she is angry, as she slams things around. She talks to herself about how they will be sorry for making her love them. Gwen calls and Cleo is cold to her. Gwen explains that she wants to thank her for letting her talk with Maddie alone. She hopes she didn’t sound rude? Cleo gives her quick answers; she wasn’t. She tells her how Maddie is going to Branson and that they are all going to dinner to celebrate. Cleo quickly tells her that she will see her later then. Gwen stops her; is she ok? She is fine. She assumes she still wants to go to Branson too, Gwen asks? Cleo’s face lightens up; she wants her to still go? Gwen tells her that of course she does; she was one of the main reasons this happened, and she also promised to be her assistant. Cleo can barely contain her excitement. She is thrilled that she is still invited. Gwen tells her to meet them at Al’s right now. An ecstatic Cleo hangs up and practically runs out the door to meet them, as she talks to herself that she read this all wrong.

Once Cleo is gone, Jade uses the spare key and lets herself into Will and Gwen’s. She heads right for the table where Cleo has left her bag and journal. She opens it up and starts to look it over; it reads, “Pretty soon it will be just ‘W’ and me.” “I just want to be with ‘W”. She thumbs ahead a page or two and reads another passage, “I tried to get ‘W’ away from ‘G’ the nice way, but that didn’t work, so now I have to do it the mean way!” Jade puts it down, smirks and says to herself that Cleo is so busted.

JJ and Parker apologize first to Carly since she got hurt and then to Jack. Jack tells them to go upstairs. Jack quickly attends to Carly’s cut lip. He hopes it doesn’t stings, as he puts medicine on it. He is disappointed; he thought he taught her how to block a punch he teases? He did, but not when you don’t see it coming, Carly teases back. They both laugh; he obviously taught their boys to fight dirty. They laugh again. She thanks him for distracting her while he fixes her up. Jack and Carly seem to be leaning in towards one another posed to kiss, as they hold each other’s looks.

With contempt, Craig tells Paul it would be unsportsmanlike to kick someone when they are down. Paul spits back that he already shot him in the back, as Craig snickers. Craig sits down next to a struggling Paul; he should just let go. He needs to accept Meg is his wife now. Paul continues to egg him on; she will never love him, he promises. Craig looks around and then shakes his head, as he reaches out his hand. What is he doing? He thinks he would rather have him alive and miserable then simply dead. Paul reaches up and tries to pull Craig off balance. He should have killed him while he had the chance, Paul says through gritted teeth. Craig yells that he is going to take them both down. Paul thinks the world would be a better place, as they continue to struggle. Lucinda and Meg are running towards the cliffs. They see Craig lying on his stomach reaching over the side with Paul nowhere in sight. Meg instinctively cries out.

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