ATWT Update Friday 6/22/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/22/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Suzanne

Allison is shocked to see Aaron but gives in to hearing him out. They speak fondly and with remorse about the last months of their relationship. Both filled with regret for the way they reacted to the other and both filled with regret over the relationship ending. Allison plays along fondly and without callous but when Aaron tells her he has come back to win her heart back Allison becomes confrontational. Allison is insulted that he believes after all he did to her he thinks he can simply ask for a second chance and get it. Allison storms out of Al’s more angry than ever at Aaron.

Emily asks Dusty over and over about what happened in Las Vegas. Dusty avoids direct comment. Finally both are off the hook when Emily is due to meet with a photographer she is hoping to employ for The Intruder. Dusty sits in on the interview and the two gush when the interview goes exceptionally well and they are complimented on how well they work together. After the interview Dusty suggests they blow off the rest of the day and spend it together having fun. Emily gives in and they share ice cream cones in Old Town full of smiles and admiration for each other.

Paul waits clasping a locket of Meg’s in his hand. He is praying for any news on Meg’s whereabouts. Craig and meg argue with all the truths on the table. Craig blames Paul for all of Meg’s behavior. Meg begs Craig not to go after Paul, she tells him everything was her idea. Craig pretends to play the hurt yet understanding jilted lover. With his back to Meg, Craig drugs a cup of tea that he turns and hands to her. He decides to rehash his hate and blame of Paul as Meg sips her tea and tries to justify Paul’s innocence. Meg becomes groggy and collapses into Craig’s arms. He lays her on the bed and sits by her side until it is time for him to leave. Craig sends Paul a text message telling him “meet me at Shadow Cliffs. Hurry!” Paul hurried to get directions to this Shadow cliffs and soon is running down a rocky path to the cliff side screaming for Meg. When he gets to the cliffs meg is not to be found but Craig reveals himself to Paul and pulls a gun on him. Meg, back at the hotel, awake, confused and dazed but staggers out of the room.

Gwen busts through the door of her and will’s home in pure excitement. Her CD is finished. Will and Cleo are thrilled to hear the news and believes she should call Noah to set up some promotion for the CD. Noah comes by the house after getting a call from Gwen agreeing to participate in a large benefit concert for fallen officers. Noah has big news, it’s not just a benefit concert, there will be a lot of publicity and interviews so Gwen should seriously consider hiring an assistant. Gwen wants will but he is more committed to being the husband of a star not an assistant. Gwen, grateful for all Cleo has done to make this happen, turns the offer to her new found friend. Cleo is more than happy and willing to accept. Will isn’t as thrilled as Cleo and Gwen seem to be. Later after checking in with Noah Gwen learns that Kim is so excited that she wants to send a WOAK camera crew to Branson to capture every moment of Gwen’s rise to the top.

Cleo is at Gwen and Will’s home sitting in their bed with one of will’s shirts over a pillow placed beside her on the bed writing in her diary. She writes that she is happy for Gwen but hopes that Gwen will be so busy Will, will turn to her for affection.

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