ATWT Update Thursday 6/21/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/21/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Suzanne

Aaron catches up with Holden and then Lily.  Aaron expresses his guilt and sorrow over his break-up with Alison.  Aaron seems unsure how the relationship got away from him but one thing he does know is he thought he knew Alison but found out he didnít know her at all.  Holden is worried about Meg and still angry with Lily for not telling Holden that Megís marriage is a sham.  Aaron sets out to find Alison after learning that she is working at Alís again.

Alison and Dusty get back to town but Alison wants to talk about the night they spent together.  When Dusty downplays their experience as if it was nothing, Alison is hurt but doesnít show it.  Dusty wants to rest and feels Alison should go home to Emily who knows they are due back in town.  Emily walks up just as Alison exclaims that she may never be able to face Emily again.  Referring to having sex with the man she knew Emily was interested in, Alison makes a quick excuse when asked what she meant by the comment.  Alison explains her reaction to seeing Emily as simply being ashamed of the horrible things that Alison said to Emily before leaving for Vegas.  Emily tells her no worries.  All their secrets and problems are out on the table and they are working to improve their lives and everything will look up from here. 

Alison excuses herself to go beg for her job back at Alís.  Dusty and Emily talk.  Emily is so happy with the way everything has turned out and how trustworthy Dusty has become for both and her little sister.  Dusty tries to avoid the compliments about what a wonderful man he is but Emily insists on gushing over him.  The manager of Alís is reluctant but hasnít had any luck replacing Alison yet so he gives her her job back and asks her to start tomorrow.  Alison runs into Aaron outside of Alís. 

Paul hires a P.I. to track down Meg and Craig.  While the P.I. is at work, Paul pretends to be Holden and calls local hotels claiming Meg left important asthma medicine behind after leaving for her honeymoon.  Paul is unable to turn up any trace of Meg with this tactic.  He is consumed with worry.  Lucinda shows up pretending to want to help search for Meg.  Paul soon learns she just wants to be there in case the contract turns up that would turn Worldwide over to Meg while searching for the missing bride.  Paul becomes angry but decides to allow Lucinda to use any recourse she may have to locate Meg. 

Meg slips out of bed to try and sneak a call to Paul but Craig stops her before she can get the number dialed.  With Meg rested, Craig tries to cash in on the sex he missed out on the night before due to Megís exhaustion.  Meg puts him off with one excuse after another.  Craig sees through Megís excuses and odd avoidance.  Craig does not tip his hand letting Meg know that he saw and heard her with Paul just after their ceremony.  Craig and Meg start acting coy but when Craig does call her out on her behavior, Meg becomes defensive and drops the act of friend or possible wife.  Craig reveals his issue isnít with her it is with Paul.  Craig blames Paul for Megís behavior and for losing Meg all those months ago.  Craig is ready to go after Paul for revenge and closure.  Fearing for Paul, Meg decides she has only one option.  She offers herself sexually to Craig if he will leave Paul alone. 

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