ATWT Update Wednesday 6/20/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/20/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

Paul knows that Meg is in danger when she doesn’t show up at the reception and he keeps having visions of Meg in danger. Paul sees a rocky cliff and a body falling over. Lucinda is concerned at first but does get on board with Paul’s concern. Feeling that meg only married Craig for her Lucinda tries to help locate her, offering to payoff an air traffic controller for Craig’s flight plan. The air traffic controller learns, after making some phone calls, that the original flight plan was slotted for Seattle but in mid-air they changed destinations. The exact destination there is no record of but from the best that they can determine the flight went to the Vancouver, Canada area. Paul sets out to save Meg, no matter the cost.

Inside a Cliffside honeymoon suite Craig tries to spoil Meg though he sees her discomfort and knows her heart is not with him or their new marriage. Craig doesn’t tip his hand rather he leaves Meg a series of off handed hints that he will never let her go and if she tries anything she could meet her demise on the beautiful yet dangerous cliffs. Meg pretends she is over whelmed and exhausted and wants to only shower and go to sleep. She will have to pass on the customary wedding night sex. Craig gives her a white nighty he had intended her to wear for their wedding night. After showering Meg wears the lingerie but insists she can only sleep. Craig smiles and pretends to be okay with Meg’s emotional and physical distance. Allowing her to lie down to sleep, Craig lies beside her watching her every blink and breathe.

After weathering a storm and great emotional trials, Carly and Jack return to Carly’s house in Milltown with Parker. Parker stops in the doorway. Both parents are concerned that he won’t enter but he explains he didn’t realize how much he missed the old house. Carly is touched, she understands as she felt the same when she came back. Parker feels at home and comfortable for the first time in months. Parker asks to spend the night. Jack allows it just for tonight and agrees to go get some of Parker’s belongings and return. Jack warns Carly that Parker is liable to do anything so she must watch him like a hawk.

When they are alone Carly tries to talk to Parker who isn’t interested in talking. Seeing that she isn’t getting anywhere with her first born son Carly tries a more emotional approach. Carly plays a CD that she used to play for Parker when he was younger to comfort and soothe him. Parker listens but runs out of the living room but not away from the house. Leaving the front door open Parker sits on the porch lost in thought and deep feelings. Carly panics and runs out the door after him believing Parker had run away but when she finds him on the porch she is through speaking and tells him she is just going to sit with him. The silence doesn’t last long, Parker speaks up and reveals all his built up feelings. All his issues comes down to how much he missed Carly when she left and how hurt he was by her leaving them behind. Carly is crushed but promises no matter what she will never leave them again and he can treat her any way he wants if it makes him feel better. Parker gives in to being the son that Carly has adore since the day he was born and still does.

At home in Mill Town, Carly and Jack arrive with Parker. He stands hesitantly outside the door. They worry he is ok? He just didn’t realize he missed the place as much as he does. Carly empathizes – she missed home as well. Jack watches them both as they admit to this.

At Al’s, Katie leaves a phone message telling Jack that she is glad he found Parker and that if he wants, he can meet her at Al’s. Then she must figure she sounds too pushy, so she adds that is only if he wants to. Then she adds that he can call her if he wants as well. After she hangs up, she grumbles to herself about her babbling message. Her phone ringing interrupts her thoughts. She answers it hopeful that it is Jack, but it is Kim and her disappointment shows. She listens as Kim tells her that she has a job she hopes she is up for.

At WOAK, Luke is carrying a box of videos when Noah asks if he can help? As Luke is putting them down though, he drops the videos. Luke is aggravated, as Noah stoops down to help him. As they are collecting the videos, Luke touches Noah’s hand; he instinctively snaps back. What is wrong, Noah asks?

At the Lakeview, Paul is growing more upset that Meg is not answering her phone. He is sure that Craig figured out something. Lucinda thinks Craig would have called off the wedding if he had known, but Paul thinks it may have happened afterwards. She still wants to believe that Craig is keeping Meg to himself before the reception so h needs to make himself scarce. A manager from the Lakeview interrupts them; it would seem that the Montgomery’s wouldn’t be coming after all, as Paul and Lucinda stare at one another.

Meg and Craig arrive at the Lodge/Mansion for their honeymoon. Meg wants to know why they are here? Craig is playing the innocent game. This is their honeymoon, Craig answers simply. Meg pretends to be annoyed that she didn’t get to dance at her own reception, not to mention family and friends will be missing them and worried; it is rude. He answers that he is sure they will forgive an impatient groom; also, he instructed a manager to tell their guests what happened. What about Lucinda, Meg pushes? She will have to wait, Craig snaps, but then recovers with a forced smile. A broker interrupts them telling Craig she needs to have him sign some papers. Craig excuses himself, as Meg quickly checks out the door once he leaves. She whips out her cell phone, but she can’t find a signal. She walks around the room, pleading with her phone to work. She finally gets a signal and starts to make a call right as a smirking Craig walks back into the room surprising her.

Paul is interrogating the manager; where did they go? Why was it a secret? The man explains that Craig asked it to be this way. Lucinda realizes what this means as does Paul. She tells the man to go inform the guests. After he leaves, Paul mumbles how he should have taken Meg while he had the chance. Lucinda offers her help in any way she can. Paul looks at her seriously and restates the obvious in his mind; Craig didn’t whisk her away because he couldn’t stand to wait to go on his honeymoon; he took her away to punish her.

Craig takes Meg’s cell and puts it down on the table; he knows whom she was going to call, as he hesitates for affect, but her mother is being told of their change of plans as they speak. Meg pretends that is what she is worried about. The only people that know they are there are themselves, the broker and the pilot. Meg snaps that she feels that is irresponsible. What if there was an emergency? Craig calmly asks her if it is that bad to be alone with her new husband? She pretends that she hates to be in the dark; Craig quickly answers that he does too, with a funny look in his eyes. Doesn’t she trust him? That is what marriage is about. He trusted her with his heart and fortune, as Meg slightly squirms. He wants to show her something, as he heads out on the balcony. She follows him slowly eyeing the phone as she passes it by.

Maddie walks over to where Luke is with Noah. She needs to head over to Old Town to make some copies because she thinks she jammed the copying machine. Luke quickly suggests that Noah accompany her. He can stay and help clean up, as Maddie agrees, but Luke won’t take no for an answer. Maddie shouldn’t go by herself, Luke says. Noah agrees and off they go as Luke watches. He is annoyed, as he mumbles to himself.

Parker wants to make sure he is definitely not being sent away. Jack reassures him that he isn’t. Carly never wanted him to go anyway, as Carly smiles at Jack appreciatively. Carly adds that they will work through this together. Parker wonders if he can spend the night? Jack reminds him that he can’t avoid JJ forever. He knows, but he just wants a little time. Jack agrees. After Parker heads upstairs, a giddy Carly remarks that she doesn’t even have a toothbrush or anything for Parker to sleep in. Jack tells her that he will swing by the Farm and bring that stuff back. He reminds Carly that everything isn’t perfect still; Parker was still very quiet on the way home; he is still a very angry kid. She realizes that. He wants her to watch him and if she feels he is going to run, then she needs to call him; she agrees – she won’t mess this up. After Jack leaves, Carly makes Parker a sandwich and talks with him about JJ. He feels badly and didn’t mean to get anyone hurt. Parker is still annoyed; he almost got him sent away. Carly thinks she knows why he did it; he was scared and angry. He probably knows how that feels. Carly suggests they play some music; she found this CD that he used to love. The music starts to play, as it registers with Parker. When he was younger and afraid of thunderstorms or monsters under the bed, this song would make him feel safe. She lets him sit and take it in as she goes and gets some juice for him. After she leaves, Parker listens for a second before he stands up and races towards the door. When Carly comes back in the room and sees him gone, she panics and heads for the open door. She finds him just outside sadly sitting on the porch. What is wrong? When he doesn’t answer, she tells him that she will sit beside him and not say anything. After a moment, an emotional looking Parker looks at her and tells her how sorry he is.

Jack rushes into Al’s just as Katie is preparing to leave. She is happy to see him and that they found Parker. He tells her that Parker is staying with Carly since he is upset with JJ. He has to grab some stuff for him and heads back to the house. Katie tries to hide the disappointment. She didn’t know he had to go back, as Jack starts to explain why he does. Katie stands telling him that he doesn’t owe her explanations; she doesn’t want to be another obligation. He grabs her tightly; he likes that he feels obligated to her. Did Brad tell her that he called the Farm? He mentioned it, but he didn’t get into specifics. Brad told her not to wait up. Jack smiles; he didn’t mention that he wanted to talk with her personally? Katie realizes Brad did it again. He spins it to make her feel that he and Carly… her voice trails off. Jack reminds her that Brad is a master at twisting things. She has nothing to worry about. The time he is spending with Carly is about Parker. He would like to go home with her still; he also has the next day off and he thought they could spend the day together and go to Parker’s game. Katie smiles broadly; she would love that, but tomorrow she is leaving, as Jack’s face drops.

Jade comes to see Luke at WOAK; she was wondering if he has seen her ‘J’ necklace? She is worried that she lost it. Luke thinks she should check with Faith and Natalie because they may have borrowed it. They didn’t. Luke seems preoccupied, which isn’t lost on Jade. Is he ok? He is just tired and wants to go home. Jade isn’t buying it. There is something else; she can hear it in his voice. Luke stalls and then tells her that it is happening again – he is falling for the wrong guy!

In Old Town, Maddie and Noah run into Elwood; Maddie is noticeably uncomfortable as she introduces them. He asks about Casey, as the awkwardness gets worse. She hasn’t been able to talk with him. Elwood talks about getting a new roommate, but that noone would be as cool as Casey. After he leaves, Noah comments on how tense it seemed. Did they use to date? No. He is just a reminder of some bad times in regards to her boyfriend. Noah remembers the video he received by accident. Why couldn’t he go to the prom? Where did he go? Maddie stalls for a moment and then admits that Casey is in prison, as Noah looks stunned.

Paul is sitting in a pew at the church, as he pleads for a sign. Where is she? She is in the hands of a monster, he comments to himself. He takes out the necklace that Meg gave to him and holds it. He sees a vision of a cliff and falling rocks, as he starts to panic.

Craig is staring off into the distance commenting about how beautiful their view is. It is called Shadow Cliff and it has the steepest drop in the area. Meg looks nervous as he talks. He wants her to stand beside him and admire the view, but Meg is hesitant. He urges her to look, as he pulls her to him. Look at the drop below them. One could just free fall, like in life. You think you are on solid ground and then everything you believe and trust is swept away. Meg looks increasingly uncomfortable; she tells him that she wants to go in. He pulls her tighter and puts his arms around her neck from behind. He wants her to get the full effect. Is she scared, he taunts her? He will never let her go. As he tries to kiss her, Meg pulls away and walks quickly inside. Craig stalks after her. What is wrong? It is her vertigo, Meg claims. He would never let anything happen to her, just as he knows he can trust her, he continues to toy with her. They will stay inside then. He has a surprise for her anyway. Meg is fighting the urge to show her true feelings, as she tells him that she isn’t sure that she is up to it. Craig thinks she will enjoy this one.

Paul is on his way out of the church when Lucinda shows up. She knows he needs some leads so she talked with some of her contacts; a man walks in behind and she introduces as Bill Martin. He is an old friend of her pilot. They would like information on two people that left from the airport tonight; the bride was most likely taken against her will. They need a flight plan of all planes and people that would fit that description. The man shakes his head; he can’t do that. Why? Do they know how many laws he would be breaking by doing that? Lucinda saunters up close to him and asks him frankly how much it would take to make it legal?

Maddie has told Noah about Casey being in jail. It is so hard for her not to be able to write or hear his voice. It is obvious how much she really misses him, Noah remarks. The hardest part is that she doesn’t even know how he is coping. She thinks of him all the time and she knows it is so much worse on him. She looks at his face and then apologizes for involving him in her issues. Noah doesn’t mind; he is amazed that she never let on about this before considering how she is. She has no choice; she has to be strong because Casey is the one that needs her to not fall apart. Casey is a lucky guy. Maddie doesn’t understand that since he is in jail. Noah clarifies it; any guy would be lucky to have a girl like him. Maddie stares at him, but then quickly decides they need to head back as she gets up.

Luke explains to Jade how after Kevin, he promised himself that he wouldn’t fall for a straight guy again. She thought he didn’t even like him? He was probably in denial. Jade smiles; the heart wants what the heart wants. Is he sure he isn’t gay? Luke nods assuredly; if he likes anyone, it is Maddie. He needs to deal with this somehow. Jade just doesn’t want him trying to turn off his feelings again; the last time he was drunk all the time. Luke is mumbling to himself that he needs a productive way to deal with this. Suddenly, he has an idea; she is a genius. He sits down at his computer and starts to type. He has just the thing.

Katie admits that while she loves her work, she doesn’t want to fly across the country right now. She has to go convince a celebrity to make a surprise appearance on her show. Can’t Brad do this? She smiles; this would require finesse. Enough said. It is bad timing, but it would help the show. Jack assures her that it has to be done then, but he will miss her. They kiss, as Katie remarks that he will be too busy to miss her when he is shuttling the kids to see Carly. He only wants to be with her, he reminds her. They both comment about how they are happy the other one puts up with their craziness. He needs to go get Parker’s stuff, as he stands. He surprises Katie when he holds out his hand and asks her to go with him, which she is more then happy to do, as they head off.

Carly accepts Parker’s hug happily, but he never has to apologize. JJ was right, he explains. He didn’t even give her a chance, and he was always on her case by saying mean things. Carly explains that she deserved his anger because she did a horrible thing when she left. Then she came back just when he was starting to cope. Parker explains that he wanted to make her feel badly for turning her backs on the people that love her. He wanted to make her feel what it is like to have someone turn their back on you… so she wouldn’t do it and leave again. She promises that she will never leave again. She hurt her family when she did that and it is unforgivable and all he said was justified, but she will never leave him again. Parker hugs her tightly, as Carly smiles warmly.

Bill tells them that his contacts told him that there was a flight plan for Seattle, but it changed midway. After more checking, they figure the plane went somewhere into Canada – perhaps Vancouver. Lucinda thanks him, as he asks for discretion. She readily agrees; it is a start.

Meg explains that she wants to freshen up, but Craig thinks she looks great and will look even better in this, as he hands her a box. Meg opens it to find a white somewhat sheer negligee. She swallows hard, but tries to hide her contempt. He has been picturing her in this since he bought it for her. Meg asks him quietly if he would be offended if they just went to sleep instead? She is tried and overwhelmed from the wedding and travel. Craig holds her look and with an ice-cold response, he asks her what she thinks?

Maddie and Noah return and Luke is feverishly typing at the computer. He finishes up and tells them that he had an idea for their project and ran with it. They are excited to hear this. Luke sets up his story by telling them it is about a gir,l who has been burned by love and does not want to fall in love again. She always falls for the wrong guy. Maddie wants to just read it, as she steps over and sits in front of the computer with Noah looking over her shoulder.

Jack walks into the house and sees Parker asleep with his head in Carly’s lap; he is stunned and speechless. Once they start to talk, Parker awakens and asks to go upstairs. He hugs both Carly and Jack before he leaves. Jack is amazed; it has been months since he has gotten one of those. When he left, he was worried Parker would bolt and it is as if he did a 180. Carly smiles. She explains how she played some music that he felt safe with when he was younger and then his emotions started welling up and poured out. Jack finally closes his mouth, and when he does, he opens it long enough to tell her that he owes her an apology. He was angry with her and it got in the way of his remembering that she is a great mom. It is amazing what she did with him. Carly is so appreciative of his words. She was wondering if she could do a barbeque with them soon? He will get his schedule so they can work it out, he quickly tells her. The kids missed and needed her. He is glad that she is back. Carly is so happy to hear him say these words to her. They hold each other’s looks until Katie walks in surprising them. She seems to notice something was going on, but she tells Jack that Parker’s glove was in the car and she thought he would need it. Jack seems to be talking fast and more then normal as if he is guilty. Carly summons up the strength to thank Katie for looking after her kids even though she wants her gone. Katie offers to wait in the car, but Jack quickly says he has to go too, as he says his good byes and leaves.

Maddie tells Luke that she loves his story, as Noah agrees. He is a great writer. He really gets into the characters. He makes her feel as if she is eavesdropping on someone’s life. Noah agrees; who is his inspiration? Luke grins and answers that he doesn’t know.

Meg walks out wearing her negligee and makes a beeline for her cell, but Craig walks in from the balcony and stops her. She walks over to the bed and puts it on the bedside table. She looks great. She appreciates him understanding that she is tired. She gets into bed and pulls the covers up tight around her creating a buffer, as Craig lies beside her; they have a lifetime of wedding nights. Meg looks stressed as she looks at her cell phone on the table and Craig watches her.

Paul is in his car driving; he is telling someone that he needs to get to Vancouver that night. They seem to be not agreeing that is possible. Paul promises to pay double or triple. He needs to get there as he can as he slams the phone down. He talks to himself as he promises Meg that he is coming for her.

Katie waits with self doubt about Jack being with Carly. She leaves him a pathetic desperate message rambling trying not to come off as insecure as she is. She waits at Al’s for some time hoping Jack will meet her. Jack arrives just as she is leaving. Before Jack arrived Kim called to let Katie know she is to leave town tomorrow to convince a celebrity to be a guest star on Oakdale Now. When Jack sits with her he puts all her worries at bay, for now. Jack tells her she is the only woman that he wants to be with. Katie is willing to accept that. Jack explains how he must take some of Parker’s belongings back to Carly’s house but after that he would like to spend the night with Katie, who is an all too welcoming hostess. Jack insists Katie accompany him back to Carly’s.

Parker dozes with his head in Carly’s lap when Jack returns. Jack is surprised, expecting to walk into a civil war. Parker awakes and is headed off to bed in his room. Before exiting for his room Parker hugs both Carly and Jack and tells them that he is sorry and he loves them. Jack is astounded at the progress Carly has made. Jack realizes in an instance that Carly is a good mom and always has been . Jack compliments Carly’s mothering skills and that the kids really want and need her. Carly takes the compliment and is touched that Jack would take the time to tell her so. The sentimental mood is squashed when Katie bounces through the door with Parker’s baseball mitt. Though Carly is hurt she suppresses her feeling for jack and thanks Katie for watching Sage and JJ. Katie is polite in return.

Luke rushes to bring bins of old video tapes into a viewing room at WSPR and stumbles with them dropping them everywhere. Noah jumps right in to help pick them up. After brushing Noah’s hand Luke realizes he has fallen for the intern. Maddie enters the room frustrated that the copier is broken and must go to the copy center in Old Town. Luke insists that Noah accompany Maddie since the hour is late and it would be safer for her to have an escort. In Old Town Maddie is uncomfortable when they run into Elwood. She tells Noah seeing Elwood is just a reminder of a bad time in her life. Maddie opens up finally confessing to Noah where Casey is and her anxieties over his absence. Noah listens as a true, concerned friend. He is falling for Maddie.

Jade drops by the station to see if Luke has seen her “J” necklace. Luke dismisses her search as one of the twins probably took it. Jade sees that Luke is rattled and asks what is on his mind. Luke is frustrated that he has once again fallen for a straight guy. Jade becomes concerned because last time Luke drank excessively. Luke is frustrated but upbeat, determined to reroute his feelings for Noah into something positive. Then it hits Luke his diversion from his feelings for Noah is going to be in writing a talent he has been trying to exercise. Luke gets to work and by the time Maddie and Noah return Luke has a typed outline of a touching love story written and ready for them to read. Both are impressed and moved by the storyline. Replacing himself, a gay male with a straight female. The story is about the woman’s resistance to accept love because she has been burned so badly in the past by a love she could not have. When asked who his inspiration was Luke just smiled and said “ no one”

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