ATWT Update Monday 6/18/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/18/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the church, Meg is standing quietly before the altar.  Emma comes in and comments about how the bride is usually the last one to the ceremony.  Meg suggests that she is simply there to think, but Emma wonders if she is there to pray?  Emma slowly tells Meg that she realizes she said she would stand by her, as her voice trails off.  Meg thinks she is trying to back out.  Emma wants to remind her that it isnít too late. 

At the Lakeview, Paul is speaking on the phone to someone about how he will be calling them the minute Meg and he are ready to leave.  A knock at the door interrupts him; it is Lily.  Paul sees she is dressed up on her way to the wedding and teases her.  She wanted to come by to see how he is?  Paul diverts the question; where is Holden?  He is boycotting the wedding.  Paulís calm demeanor confuses Lily, as he offers her a drink.  Why is Holden more upset about this then he?  What is going on?  Paul stares for a moment and then answers that tonight is the beginning of the end for Craig Montgomery. 

At Worldwide, Margo is helping Craig with the finishing touches on his tux; is he sure that he wants to do this?  He loves Meg.  She knows that; her concern is that Meg will never love him back.  She does and will Ė in her own way.   Margo is still upset about the exchanging of papers at a wedding.  Cue Tom coming in with those papers.  They are all set to be signed.  Next cue Ė Lucinda.  Craig smirks; he sees she has come to see him sign the papers?  She has so little faith; he is afterall, a man of his word, as Lucinda sneers in return. 

Downtown, Faith is talking with JJ.  He admits that he moved the gun so Parker would get in trouble; he never imagined anyone would get hurt.  She reminds him that he never admitted to it even afterwards.  He was upset because Parker is doing his best to make everyone upset so they canít be a family anymore.  Faith understands, but Parker is going to be sent away for something he didnít even do.  He has to tell them what happened; he canít because he is afraid then he will get sent away. 

At the farm, Carly reaches for Jackís hand; they can do this together.  Parker has never needed them more.  Jack disagrees; his delusions of a family are never going to be realistic; he needs to face the truth, as Carl looks sad.  Katie bursts in, but when she sees she has clearly interrupted something, she apologizes.  Carly sarcastically remarks about her enjoying her brotherís wedding since he is clearly not thinking of Rosanna.  Jack explains that they are talking about Parker being sent away.  Katie apologizes to them both that they have to go through this.  Carly answers that it is made all the harder since she knows this is not the right decision.   

Craig icily asks Lucinda if she is worried that this is a scheme?  If it is, she plans on telling the blushing bride that he did not go through with it.  He takes Tomís pen and jokes about it not being invisible ink.  He signs it and holds it up for everyone to see.  Craig then goads Lucinda about the fact that she shouldnít be so confident about Meg signing the Company back over to her.  She may get the taste of running it and not want to give it up.  Lucinda smirks; she doesnít go back on her word.  Craig agrees; you can always depend on Meg. 

Lily is worried; Craig is all about revenge Ė look how long he waited to get her mother back.  Paul plays coy about their plans, but Lily has figured it out.  He is not going to forgive this.  It is a lot more personal what Meg is doing.  She strongly suggests to him that they should forget about what they have in store for him and think of Megís well being. 

Meg stresses that she has not changed her mind.  It is for her family.  Emma acknowledges that she would cheer if Paul took him on in a back alley or she in a Board Room, but a church is sacred and she is playing with fire. 

Faith assures JJ that they wouldnít send him away.  They are doing it to Parker.  He has been in trouble for months, Faith reminds him.  JJ thinks that it is worse for him because he is the good kid that they trusted because he never did anything wrong.  They will hate him.  They donít hate Parker.  Is she going to tell them?  No.  JJ seems to breathe a sigh of relief.  Faith continues; she wonít tell because he is going to.  He doesnít know if he can.  He will when he sees what he is putting Parker through. 

Jack reminds Carly that the decision has been made.  Carly thinks they should talk more in private, but jack doesnít think so; he is going to run some last minute errands with Katie so Carly has some time with Parker.  After they leave, Carly is muttering something to herself about Katie showing up there with the perfect amount of concern.  Parker walks into the room and remarks about her sounding crazy.  She wants to talk with him about his attitude; if he changed it and started helping her prove that he was telling the truth, it would be better for everyone.  Parker doesnít see the point; he is going away so what does it matter anymore?  He heads out to put his stuff in the car, as Carly calls after him that this situation doesnít make any sense.  Then she sees Parker and JJ walk up to one another standing very close with obvious frustration on each otherís faces.  She stands off to the side to quietly watch them interact.   

At Alís, Jack apologizes for dragging Katie into his drama with Parker.  She wants to be there to support him through this.  He wonders if she should get to the wedding?  She is going because she was begged to, not by choice; they wonít notice her missing.  Jack is bothered by how adamant Carly is about this being a bad choice regarding Parker.  Katie reminds him that Carly hasnít been around.  Jack talks about Carly and Parkerís special connection.  Katie thinks that is why Parker is taking it worse then the others.  Jack canít shake the feeling the something is wrong with how determined Carly is to get him to believe Parker.  Katie hates to say this, but she wonders if Carly is trying to get on Parkerís good side by trashing Jack and agreeing with Parker at all costs?  Jack doesnít believe that; he feels that something isnít right either, but he doesnít know what it is.  He feels he screwed things up with Parker when this all went down.  Maybe Parker would rather be at this camp then a part of the family?  Katie doesnít believe that.  Jack thinks that something is wrong below the surface Ė he just canít put his finger on it. 

Carly watches and listens as the boys talk shortly.  Parker warns him not to touch anything of his; he thinks JJ is finally happy that he got his wish Ė him gone.  After Parker stalks off, JJ sees Carly.  She would like for them to talk.  She realizes Parker is hard on him.  It will probably be easier after he is gone; she baits him.  No, he answers quickly.  She used to think that Jack was wrong for sending Parker away, but now she might agree with him.  No, JJ answers again.  It is not about the gun, but rather it is about the fact that Parker is lying.  She understands the toll lying takes on someone; they feel really badly about themselves and it doesnít go away, she continues staring intently at JJ.  He squirms under the conversation.  He would like to change the subject.   

At the Lakeview, Paul is meeting with Lucinda.  The papers were signed; she witnessed it herself.  Paul worries it looks suspicious for her to be there, but Lucinda thinks if she didnít show up, that would look worse.  She has a newfound respect for him and empathizes with him having to watch Meg Ďmarryí Craig.  She will never forget what Meg did for her; if there is anything they need in the future, she wants them to ask.   

Meg is standing nervously at the altar when Craig walks in; he thinks she looks radiant.  Isnít she supposed to keep him waiting though?  Meg doesnít dance around it when she says straight forward that she isnít about to act like the blushing bride considering their trip to the altar isnít exactly traditional.  Craig reminds her that church is not a place to lie so he wants to be perfectly honest; he loves her and only wants to make her happy.  Meg admits that the enormity of the situation is hitting her now.  Craig lightens the situation by remarking it is only until death do us part.  Meg doesnít see the humor.  He has something that may cheer her up, as he shows her the papers.  Her face changes; it is done.  She holds out her hand, but he thinks that it would be better for him to hold onto them until after the reception.  Megís face drops slightly.  She has no pockets afterall.  He will keep them in his breast pocket and when he makes his vows and puts his hand to his chest, he will feel them.  Meg looks stressed, so she covers and claims that this is not the conversation she saw herself having with her soon to be husband.  Craig admits that they have a unique relationship.   

Lily is upset that Lucinda let this happen.  Lucinda reminds her that Meg is a big girl and if she wants to get marriedÖ this is not a marriage, but more like a human sacrifice.   

Paul is back in his room; he takes out Megís necklace and holds it tightly.  Suddenly, he sees a vision of Meg in a wedding dress with Craig looking upset.  Paul realizes he must have the rings, as he races out the door. 

Craig just wants Meg to think of this as her perfect day.  Emma saves her when she suggests she come with her to wait.  Does she want to see the rings?  No.  She will wait, Meg answers, not really showing interest.  He has one more thing to tell her, as he asks for one more minute.  Meg begrudgingly gives it to him.  He reaffirms his love and that if she gives him a shot, they could be happy.  Does she agree?  Meg answers that she is nervous for the ceremony, but she feels without a doubt that come tomorrow, she will be the happiest woman alive.  She walks away feeling as if in a twisted way, she was telling the truth considering she thinks she will be with Paul.  Craig misinterprets it as a compliment to him and their relationship and smiles broadly. 

Katie doesnít think Jack blew it with how he handled Parker.  Jack thinks that Parker defied him deliberately because he pushed him too hard.  Katie offers to go back to the farm with him.  Craig wonít even know she never showed.  She doesnít want him hurting because of this.  Jack doesnít see how that can be avoided as they head out.   

Carly thinks that JJ really wants to talk about the gun incident.  JJ nods; why does Parker have to screw everything up?  Carly has to ask him somethingÖ did Parker lie?  JJ stalls for a moment and then answers softly that he lied.   Just then, Jack is walking in with Katie.  Carly tells him they need to talk Ė alone.  Jack doesnít want Katie to leave, but JJ reiterates her request, so Katie tells them she will wait outside.  After she leaves, Carly gently prods him to talk.  Finally, JJ admits that he left the gun out.  Jack thinks he is covering at first.  JJ explains that he wanted Parker to get in trouble, but he never meant for anyone to get hurt.  Jackís face drops as he realizes what this means.  He hugs JJ, but tells him that he is disappointed in him for lying.  Is he going to send him away?  No.  What about Parker?  No.  He has to go tell Parker the story though because he deserves to hear it from him.  He will be mad, but they will work it out.  JJ agrees and heads out to talk with his brother.  After he leaves, Katie comes back in.  What is going on?  Jack is staring at Carly, who in turn is staring intently back at him.  She was right all along.  He owes her a big apology. 

Back downtown, Paul races to catch up with the jeweler; he needs to see the rings he gave back to her. She canít help him because she has already sold them.  Paul looks nervous.  Whom did she sell them to?  She canít tell him that.  Paul urges her to reconsider because it is a matter of life and death.  She canít say the name, but he had a vintage watch to die for.  Paul seems to know whom she is referring to.   

At the church, we see Craig fumbling with that watch, as he has Margo hold the rings.  Is he worried?  He is just half expecting Paul to show up in the eleventh hour to try to stop his wedding.  He thinks though that window maybe closing rapidly to his delight.   

In the pews, Emma is talking about how hard it will be when the minister asks about someone objecting.  Lily tells her how sorry she is.  A Board member sits down behind them and taps Lucinda on the shoulder; he is happy to see her and misses her also.  Lucinda coyly tells him that it wonít be long.  Lily isnít happy when she hears this; she sarcastically comments that she is happy to see everything is working out for HER.  How about for Meg?  Cue the music, as Meg appears in the door. 

Carly explains that his apology isnít necessary.  It is; he didnít believe her or Parker.  Katie is watching uncomfortably off to the side.  He is glad that she got through to him.  Katie chimes in that she is going to head to the wedding to let them work through this.  Jack says his goodbyes and is about to kiss her, but he stops himself.  Carly sees this and suggests that he walk her to the car.  She will be inside when the kids come back.  They are about to do that when JJ comes charging back in; Parker is gone, he yells!  Everyone is shaken, as Carly and Jack go into parent mode; they will call around to Paul, Alís and Faith.  JJ explains that it is worse; there is a note.  It reads in part that they got their wishí they wanted him gone and he is; they shouldnít try to find him because they wonít.  Jack and Carly stare nervously at one another. 

Paul is in Old Town; he has a vision of the rings and Meg in her veil.  Craig lifts it and stares at a very unhappy looking Meg.  Paul races from the bench. 

At the altar, Craig hands the rings to Margo, as he watches Meg in the doorway.  The music starts, as Craig beams in delight but Meg looks uncomfortable.

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