ATWT Update Thursday 6/14/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/14/07


Written By Elayna

At home, Cleo is sharing in Gwen’s excitement as she prepares for her meeting with the record producer. Gwen is nervous because it has been a long time; Cleo assures her that she was born to do this. Gwen becomes distracted as she tries to find her lucky earrings that Jen gave her before she died. Cleo, who had picked up her bag, pulls them out from inside, and holds them up; are these the earrings she is looking for? Yes, but what is she doing with them?

At the hotel, Allison is worried about the blood in the room. There is a knock and she starts to freak out thinking it is Lance coming back. Dusty explains that it is the police, which doesn’t help Allison’s state of mind. Why would he call them? They have to tell them what happened. They are going to charge her with killing Lance. Dusty tries to calm her down by reminding her that Lance walked out of his own volition, as he goes to let the police in.

At the police station, Craig arrives to see Margo, but she is irritated with how he treated Katie when she brought her by the other night. He had a ‘thing’ with Meg. Has the wedding been called off, Margo matter-of-factly asks? Craig is saddened that she would jump to that conclusion.

At the Farm, Meg is trying to reach Paul by cell phone, but is not able. Emma walks in and finds her pacing among multiple wedding dresses; Craig’s staff sent them over; Emma is not impressed. Craig also moved up the date, which pleases Emma even less. Why is she rushing this? What is the difference if it is sooner or later, Meg asks? It shouldn’t matter… if she is in love with the man she is marrying. Meg stumbles out a response; Craig loves her. Emma gets that; why is she marrying him though?

Downtown, Paul is on the phone asking someone about how long Meg has to stay married in order to get Worldwide back? He seems happy with the answer, as he hangs up. He then overhears a woman telling their worker about the flowers they need to get prepared today for the Montgomery wedding. Paul asks if she is talking about Craig Montgomery? She is; he has moved up his wedding to today.

Craig wonders why Margo would assume his wedding would be off? He is a bad bet for a husband, Margo sarcastically answers. Craig gets that she is miffed with him; he will apologize to Katie. He came by to give her a boutonnière, as his best person. He also wanted to let her know the wedding is now this evening; Margo is shocked; they have a fight and now the wedding has been moved up? They didn’t have a fight persay; Barbara got involved and tried to appeal to Meg about Paul. Margo thinks he is trying to make it so Meg doesn’t leave him for Paul. Craig admits that might be part of it. He doesn’t want anyone changing her mind. He wants things to be ok for her, but her family is staying away because of him; he just wants everyone to put aside their feelings and come together for Meg. He just wants to see Meg happy. Margo can honestly see how taken with Meg he is; he really clearly loves her.

Emma keeps pushing; why won’t she tell her the real reason she is getting married to Craig? Meg takes a deep breath and blurts out the truth. She is marrying him to get Lucinda’s company back; Emma is stunned. He isn’t going to simply hand over her Company. Meg explains that Craig asked her to marry him, and she said no, but then he sweetened the deal with Worldwide, so she agreed. Emma scowls, as Meg tells her that she has heard all the objections, but she is doing it. Do Lily and Holden know? Yes, as does Lucinda. How could they let her throw away her life? Holden and Lily demanded she rethink this. Emma is furious that Lucinda would be allowing Meg to sacrifice herself to get her Company back. She feels this is wrong on so many levels; what about her own feelings? Meg reminds her that he stole Lucinda’s Company and used Lily and Holden and their family problems in the process. He also hurt her. Why would she ever allow herself to be tied to a man with no conscience? Doesn’t she want to be happy? Meg explains that marrying Craig will make her very happy because of what it will do for everyone in her family and herself. Paul interrupts by calling her cell phone. He overheard a florist talking about the wedding; it has been moved up to today? Meg quietly tries to explain how she tried to reach him, but the way she sees it, the faster this happens, the faster this will be over. Paul sees her point, but he wants her to meet him at the church. She has to meet Craig there so she isn’t sure they should, but Paul is persuasive and soon she is heading out the door. She asks Emma to not tell Craig where she went, but she doesn’t want to be a part of this, as Meg understands, but as she is heading for the door, Emma reminds Meg through tears that no matter what she is there for her, as Meg hugs her tightly. Meanwhile, Paul is on the phone making a reservation for him and Meg; he wants one-way tickets out of Oakdale.

Cleo covers and says that she found her earrings in between the couch pillows and put them in her bag for safe keeping because she doesn’t know where Gwen keeps them. Gwen seems suspect; she never would have left them on the couch because she always puts them away. Cleo sees this reaction and comments that she probably then just knocked them off the table herself. Gwen tries to ignore this conversation, as Cleo assures her that she didn’t mean to upset her, especially as she is trying to prepare for her meeting. She would never steal from them especially after how they took her in. Gwen blows it off and tells her that she needs to leave; she will see her later. After she leaves, Cleo talks to herself; someone put those earrings in her bag; someone doesn’t want her here.

The police take down the information that Dusty gives them on Lance. They will investigate, but they would like them to stick around town for a few days. Dusty wants to call Emily to tell her that she is alright, but Allison balks. Why? She is going to worry if he doesn’t. Allison explains that she is embarrassed because when she found out what Emily had done, she said some terrible things to her. Dusty is sure that it is ok. How can she judge her sister when here she is attacking her sleazy movie producer? Allison can’t stand to be in her own skin right now; she feels as if there is blood all over her even though Dusty tries to explain that it has been washed all off; Allison tells him that she can feel it on her and she has to get it off, as she rushes to get in the shower to wash off blood that is no longer there.

Meg arrives at the church, sees all the decoration and flowers that Craig has set up. Then she sees Paul and happily rushes into his arms. Paul wants her to run the minute the vows are said; he will be waiting just outside the door. Meg laughs; as much as she would like to do that, Craig would catch up with her. She will wait to sneak out until the reception when it is less obvious. Paul can’t wait for them to be able to start their new life together; they are going to be living on an island off of Sicily. He spoke with his lawyer; there is no fine print as to how long Meg has to stay married to him in order for her to get Worldwide back. She can get an annulment via an Italian fax machine, he adds with a chuckle. Meg is happy too; she only wants to get married one more time for real. Speaking of their wedding, did he ever get rid of the rings he saw that were connected to a bride screaming?

Cut to Craig, showing Margo his new purchase; he bought these wedding bands from a jeweler in Old Town.

Paul explains that he took the rings back to the jeweler in Old Town. Isn’t he worried about the next couple that purchases them? No, because he knows that the bad luck was connected to them only. Meg tells him that when they get married, she wants it to be real and forever. Paul promises that he will never hurt her again. They hug tightly.

Craig explains that he bought them on the same day a man brought them in to return them. Margo sighs loudly; he seriously bought rings that someone else returned? That is bad karma; he has to tell Meg. Craig smiles; he will do that on their fifth or tenth anniversary. He couldn’t resist because they were simple, elegant and classy – just Meg’s speed. Margo can’t help but believe in what her brother feels.

Back at the church, Meg and Paul are kissing. She is worried that Craig will find them there. Paul thinks they can pretend that he is trying to convince her to come back to him, but Meg doesn’t think it is going to fly because anyone with half a brain is going to take a look into her eyes and see how in love with him that she is. He has to go. Paul reluctantly agrees, but is thrilled with Meg’s words. As he is going he reminds Meg to get Craig to sign the contract before they get married otherwise they will have a problem. As he is saying those words, she hears Craig calling out to her, as Paul sneaks out the back. Meg greets Craig and Margo. Why does she look like something is wrong? Does she not like the flowers? Meg pretends that she does like everything that he did. Why doesn’t she look happy then? She is just nervous, she guesses. Did he get the rings? Yes. What about the contract? It will be fine. Meg presses; they did move up the ceremony. It will be fine…what is wrong Craig snaps? The priest interrupts, as Margo watches them interact with a strange look on her face.

Downtown, Cleo runs into Jade purposely. Jade is unhappy to see her, but she pretends to be surprised to see her still in town. Where is she working? Where is she staying? Cleo thinks she knows since she broke into where she was staying to try to frame her. Why is she mad at her? In order for that to happen, she would have to think about her – she doesn’t. She put Gwen’s earrings in her bag to make Will and Gwen mad at her. She doesn’t get why she is trying to ruin this for her? She thinks of Jade as her first best friend because she is thankful that she introduced her to Will and Gwen. Jade is far from moved by these words. She would never tell them that she brought her to town to sabotage their marriage; she just wants her to leave her alone. Jade sneers that she doesn’t believe her.

Craig probes Meg further; why does she look so sad? Is it because of Lily not being her Matron of Honor? Meg nods; Margo reassures her that she will now be a part of their family. Meg pretends to appreciate the sentiment. Her family can’t get past what Craig did, but the contract being firmed up would help. Craig answers coldly that the contract will be signed, sealed and delivered before the vows. Meg seems relieved, as Margo watches them some more and doesn’t seem to like what she sees. Craig reassures Meg that noone will love her as he does, and he promises that she won’t be sorry that she married him, as he goes in for a kiss, Meg backs away. She quickly covers and kisses Craig on her own terms. Margo scowls when she sees this.

Dusty leaves Emily a message letting her know that Allison is alright. He calls to Allison through the bathroom door that her breakfast is there, but she doesn’t answer. Finally, two calls later, Allison answers that she still can’t get the blood off. Dusty lets himself into the bathroom and opens the bathroom curtain. She is frantically trying to wash off blood that isn’t on her. Dusty pulls her in and hugs her, as he wraps a towel around her. A moment later, they are in their robes on the bed. Dusty wants her to try to get some rest, but she can’t. What is happening to her? He explains that when someone is detoxing sometimes you have delusions and paranoia. It happened with Jen. It will go away. She needs to rest, but Allison tells him that she still can’t get the thought out of her head at what she did to Lance. Dusty climbs into bed with her and holds her, as he suggests that she think about the people she loves. Soon, Allison is resting her head on his shoulder and drifting off.

Cleo is trying to explain how Will and Gwen have come to like her; she was even an intricate part in Gwen becoming a star again, as Jade snarls. It is a real problem when she lets herself into their home. Jade indignantly answers that she did not do it. Cleo reminds her that she is the only one mad at them. She needs to stop this, Cleo advises. Is she threatening her, Jade asks?

Craig and Margo are at the Lakeview now. Craig talks of details of the honeymoon and then casually mentions Meg’s rule of no sex before the wedding. Margo teases him; she now gets why he moved up the date. She thinks they need to talk. Craig sighs; she is worried about him. She saw Meg flinch when he went to kiss her. She did not! She is a cop; that is her job to watch people’s reactions to things. The no sex before marriage is a recent development and she did not flinch! She knows why he wants to marry Meg, but does he think that she will learn to love him? Craig thinks that she will. Margo knows it is about love for him, but it seems about a business deal for Meg.

Paul and Meg are back talking at the church. Is she sure that she can do it, Paul asks? Is he talking about leaving Craig? No, he is talking about leaving her family and the town she grew up in. He is leaving his family too. It is not the same. Pail explains how when Barbara married Craig, he vowed he would never let anyone hurt him again, but in the process he hurt many others – like Rose and Jen. He will not miss whom he turned into. Suddenly, Paul has a thought; he wants her to forget revenge and getting even. He wants her to leave with him right now.

Jade is trying to walk away, as Cleo angrily stops her; she needs to stop messing with her. Jade sneers that Gwen and Will are not going to stay dumb enough to think much longer that she is their friend. She knows the real her.

Craig fully gets that Meg is not in love with him – yet. She is too honorable to be marrying him for any other reason though. He is confident in time she will learn to love him as much as he loves her. Margo shakes her head nervously; she hopes he is right.

Paul wants her to leave with him and not look back. She would love that, but she has invested too much time into this. It will only be a few more hours. She needs to finish this for Lucinda, Lily and herself. Meg takes off the necklace she is wearing; she wants him to hold onto it; it was her grandmother’s and she sees it as a sign now. She thought she had lost it, but opened a drawer and found it today out of the blue. She feels that way about them; she thought she had lost him, but here they are back together. Their relationship is more precious to her then ever. When she comes back to him, she will be free to be his wife and they will never be apart again. Paul promises that he will be waiting for her, and he will take her away from Craig and marry her finally.

Dusty and Allison are in bed asleep. She turns over and faces him, as she starts caressing him. Dusty responds still seemingly asleep. They pull in close to each other, all while their eyes are closed and start to kiss, but soon, they are kissing passionately.

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