ATWT Update Wednesday 6/13/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/13/07


Written By Elayna

At WOAK, Maddie, Luke and Noah are reading a memo from Kim about them getting involved with a project that has them producing a show. Luke is a bit overwhelmed, Maddie is intrigued and Noah runs with it. He suggests that they produce small shows and stream them onto people’s cell phones. Maddie is interested, but Luke doesn’t see much to this idea. Noah coyly mentions how Maddie could be a whiz at this considering what he already saw from her via the cell phone. Maddie blushes.

At home, Cleo is writing in her journal about making cookies for ‘W’. She is delusional about what Will and Gwen think about her. She is sure that Gwen’s music will take her far away from Will and then everyone will get what they want.

Downtown, Will and Gwen are kissing outside the bookstore where he works. Barbara interrupts with good news; she thrusts into their hands a business card. Gwen recognizes it as a well-known music producer. Barbara explains that she has spoken with him already and he has agreed to help her finish her demo. Will is thrilled, but Gwen seems a bit reserved. Things are moving fast, she admits. She doesn’t know if she is ready. Will reminds her that this is her dream and her big shot; she needs to grab onto this; her family and friends are all behind her in support. Gwen smiles and then agrees to give this a try, to the relief of Will and Barbara.

At the Lakeview, Paul and Meg are happily kissing in his bed when they hear the door rattle, as someone tries to come in; Paul is out of bed in a flash and heading for the door to block the entrance, as Craig is rushing in. He demands to know where Meg is? He rushes by Paul and calls out to Meg looking in the bathroom and in the hall, as Paul nervously stands there.

Gwen hugs Barbara thanking her profusely for her support and help with this. She is so appreciative that she believes in her. Barbara is glad to see her happy; she wants her to call the producer immediately because he is waiting. After Barbara leaves, Gwen asks Will about their plan for school and a normal life? He explains that some people are just not destined for that kind of life; he doesn’t mind living outside the box. Gwen wants to go tell Maddie the news. Just as she is about to leave, Cleo arrives with cookies. She was in the neighborhood and she just baked them. Will takes them and heads back to finish up at work with a suggestion that Gwen tell her what happened. After he leaves, Gwen shares her news; she is finishing her demo, and she has her partly to thank. She kept at her to do this and then spoke to Barbara on her behalf. Cleo is ecstatic. She wanted to find a way to pay them back for their kindness. Gwen explains that she was on her way to tell her friend Maddie the news. Cleo comments about how nice it must be to have friends to share your accomplishments with. Gwen takes the bait and asks her to go with her; Cleo readily agrees practically skipping off with her arm and arm.

Noah continues to tease Maddie about the video he got from her; she explains again, how the message was meant for Casey. Noah starts videotaping her on his phone. The camera loves her, he adds charmingly. Luke seems irritated by the way Noah is acting with her. Noah doesn’t seem to notice, as he takes the idea and runs. They could do two minute segments and stream them online. Luke is not sure that is enough to keep people interested. They would feature Maddie since she is so comfortable doing that to begin with. She already captivated him. Luke rolls his eyes. Noah thinks all that is left is to find a writer for these episodes, who can hook them. Maddie looks past him and at Luke. She has someone in mind, as Luke realizes what she is saying, as he starts to shake his head.

Craig continues to rush around Paul’s room frantically and angrily calling out for Meg. Paul reminds Craig that Meg doesn’t go for her man throwing temper tantrums. Is he worried that Meg stopped by for a ‘quickie?’ He wouldn’t have to beg for it that is sure, he taunts. Craig thinks he shouldn’t invest so much time in trying to change her mind because he won’t. Paul plays along; he did, but Meg told him that she is staying put because noone knows the real Craig. Craig calms down; maybe he was wrong about Meg being here. Paul tries to usher him out quickly, but Craig is suddenly not in a rush. He is wondering why Paul was content living out in the woods, but now he is residing at the Lakeview? Paul eyes the open window. Meanwhile, Meg is terrified, as she stands perched on the window ledge high above the city clad only in Paul’s shirt. Inside, Craig continues; he is sure that he is up to something. Paul jokes; he was about to take a shower, if he wants to stay? Craig ignores this; how long does he intend to keep tabs on him and Meg? Paul tries to not engage him and tries to get him to leave. He is obviously there to rub his face in the fact Meg is with him, but he is not biting. Craig explains that he is here to help Paul let go. Meg is frozen with fear on the ledge, but she finally slowly sinks down to her hands and knees and attempts to crawl towards the window. She looses her balance and her leg drops off the edge. She tries to muffle a scream, as she pulls it back up and shimmies even closer to the building.

Luke tries to talk Maddie out of this idea of him writing the episodes. She reminds him that he is the best writer she knows. He half heartedly comments about the writing contest a few months back, but he is sure they need someone much better, but Maddie is sure he is perfect. Noah starts brainstorming about the main character, as Maddie pipes in and soon they are writing the ending based on a Hitchcock movie they are both familiar with, as they laugh and Luke doesn’t get their draw to old movies. Gwen interrupts, followed by a stand offish Cleo. She has news; she is going to finish her demo. Maddie is thrilled for her, as she hugs her. Noah introduces himself and then Gwen introduces Cleo; she is the one who got the ball rolling. Maddie hugs Cleo next and tells her how they all owe the fact that she was able to get Gwen back into singing. Cleo is tickled that Maddie responds to her like that. Unknown to the others, Jade comes around the corner at that moment when Maddie is greeting Cleo this way thanking her. Jade is clearly bothered by this display for obvious reasons in her mind.

Craig explains that he is not fooled into thinking Paul is looking forward to a future without Meg. Paul wants him to leave or he will call the Police; that will put a crimp in his wedding plans. Craig remarks that his bitterness is showing. He should just go back to the woods and live out his days there. Paul goads him by saying that the woods are full of danger versus Oakdale where he is happy now. Craig sidles up close to him and remarks quietly that the woods won’t be half as dangerous as here if he tries to stop his wedding to Meg. With that, Craig leaves. Paul races to the window and climbs halfway out calling for Meg, who is staring blankly down off the ledge in a trance. He has to call to her multiple times before she realizes he is there. She is clearly terrified, as a tear rolls down her cheek. He wants her to take his hand, but she is afraid. She tells him through tears, that if she dies, she wants him to know how much she loves him. Paul tells her that he can’t hear her; she needs to come towards him and repeat it. He offers his hand telling her to take it. Finally, Meg does and he pulls her to him. She collapses into his arms sobbing. He loves her too, he says quietly. Meanwhile downstairs, Craig bumps into Barbara coming back in. He thought she had to speak with Meg since she practically dragged her out by her hair. Where the hell is Meg? She doesn’t have time for him or to keep tabs on Meg, but she sees that he is attempting to treat his fiancée like a poodle on a leash, Barbara taunts. She will buy him and Meg a Rhinestone leash for their upcoming nuptials. Her wit has improved with age, Craig shoots back. She is sure that he has blackmailed or pressured Meg somehow, but she wouldn’t cave. Did she put in a good word for her son? She doesn’t speak for him. She is intrigued that Meg seems to want to reform him. Craig thinks that sounds like fun to him. Suddenly, Barbara seems interested in keeping Craig with her by inciting him. She throws Rosanna and Johnny in his face. He can’t help but notice that earlier she didn’t want to spend one second with him and now she is chatty. Why is that? Where is Meg?

Cleo tries to remain humble even though she is giddy over the attention and adoration. How does she know Gwen? Cleo mentions she heard her sing. Gwen adds that she is a friend from out of town. Luke mentions he has to get going. Noah tries to joke with him about picking up with their plans later, but Luke isn’t too receptive. Noah hears Maddie and Gwen talking about her singing and intercedes; he knows people in that business from being all around. He just got an email from a friend from Branson, Missouri. He was talking about a Benefit concert that will be taking place there. He could make a call; that may be just the exposure she needs to start off. Gwen and Maddie are thrilled about that. Gwen involves Cleo in this when she asks her opinion. She is thrilled to be included; she is meant to be a big star and this will start her on her journey to achieve this.

Downtown, Luke sees Jade; he thought they were meeting at the studio? She was there, but she left after she saw everyone fawning over Gwen. Luke doesn’t want to head down that road right now. Jade tries to illicit some information about Cleo; where did the strange friend of Gwen’s come from? He doesn’t really know, and while he admits she is strange, she was involved in getting Gwen back into her demo, so she must be tight with her and Will. Jade continues; why is this girl in Oakdale? Luke doesn’t know, but he is interested in why Jade cares.

Paul and Meg are sitting on the edge of the bed. Meg thinks she has to leave because it will be worse for them if she disappears for much longer. Paul doesn’t want her to leave; this affects Meg. She doesn’t want to either and he is making this tough, but this will only be going on for a bit longer. She promises this will be one of the last times she leaves him. She kisses him tenderly and heads out the door.

Barbara jokes about Craig’s insecurities causing him to have to keep tabs on his fiancée… especially since everyone knows this is a sham of a marriage. Craig notes that when Barbara’s defenses go up she is trying to hide something. He will find out what she is up to! Meg gets off the elevator behind them and sees Craig giving Barbara the third degree. She tip toes behind him and sneaks into another room. Meg walks up behind them and pretends she just came out of the other room; she innocently remarks that she was freshening up when Craig demands to know where she has been? Why didn’t she answer her phone? She was in the restroom. Barbara wishes them well sarcastically and heads off. Craig wants to know why Barbara wouldn’t have told him that is where she was? Meg thinks she simply likes torturing him. He was worried she may have had a change of heart. She did, as Craig’s face drops. She adds that she is now more convinced then before that they will be good together. Craig apologizes for anything Barbara may have put her through. She didn’t do anything to her because she can handle her. Craig touches her face and quickly wonders why she is so hot and flushed?

Barbara is upstairs with Paul hearing the story of how Craig barged in while he was there with Meg. She is amazed to hear their close call and how Meg had to flee to the ledge. Barbara is now glad that she was trading insults with Craig so Meg could get back downstairs. Paul is thankful she did that. Barbara reminds him how lethal Craig is; they shouldn’t be playing this cat and mouse game with him. Paul explains that as soon as Meg marries him and she gets the Worldwide back, she will leave him and they will disappear. Barbara is worried; there is no witness protection that could keep Craig from finding them. Paul explains that they are not relocating just because of Craig, they have both made wrong turns here; they want a fresh start. Barbara is sad; she has lost Jennifer and Johnny, and now they are leaving. Paul wants her to take comfort in the fact that he is finally happy. Paul reminds her that Meg has now crossed a line with Craig and there is no turning back. Barbara is worried about the fall out. Paul smiles at the thought of Craig’s life falling apart.

Meg covers by claiming that she got a little hotter under the collar then she originally let on. She needed to go for a walk to regroup. Barbara blames him for Jen, Johnny and Paul. Craig figured that Paul’s name would come up. She promise that she isn’t going to let Barbara heap guilt down on her. Craig seems appeased, but comments that he hates when she doesn’t answer her cell phone. Did he think she was going to run away, she jokes? He had a fleeting thought that she would with Paul because he still wants her. Meg plays innocent; she hopes when they get married, his feelings on that matter will disappear. Craig switches gears; he wanted to surprise her; he has a pastry chef from Chicago meeting them at the house for a tasting. Meg feigns excitement. She suddenly has a big appetite and plans on sampling them all. Craig coyly answers that he has an appetite for something and it isn’t dessert; he wants her tonight. Meg swallows hard, as she does her best to hide it.

At Al’s, Cleo and Gwen grab a table to get some food, as they make small talk. Her friends impress Cleo; they are just out of high school and they are already working at a TV station. She mentions Noah in passing wondering about him. He is a hunk and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Gwen teases her about developing a crush. He would never look her way, Gwen answers. Besides, he and Maddie seemed to be flirting. Gwen explains that was not what she saw because Maddie is completely in love with someone else. Cleo casually mentions how it will be tough on her when she becomes famous and has to leave everyone behind.

Jade continues to try to dig up what Luke knows about Cleo’s relationship with Will and Gwen. Doesn’t he think it is weird how this girl latched onto them? They seem to like her. Why does she care? Jade prattles on about her contempt for Gwen when Luke cuts her off; he doesn’t feel like listening to another ‘Gwen bashing’. Didn’t they meet up to relax and listen to music at Crash? Jade apologizes saying that she knows they had those plans, but she has to take care of something she forgot. Luke isn’t happy she is bailing, but tells her that he will see her later. Jade mumbles to herself abut Cleo needing to leave town now before she ruins her life.

Maddie is standing next to Noah staring into space. He teases her about being able to collate safely on his own. She apologizes, as they start to talk about the concert. She saw his resume and knows he has traveled far and wide. He admits to being an Army brat, but Maddie thinks he is being humble because she saw that he worked on productions, set design, acting etc. He seems to blend in wherever he goes. Noah answers that it is people like her that make it easy. He is so happy that he feels that he can talk with her so easily. Point and case about the old movies they can relate. He smiles almost in a flirting manner, as Maddie smiles back.

Gwen assures Cleo that offers coming to her won’t change the relationship she has with her friends. They are very important to her and she plans on keeping them close. Will comes in fresh off work. Did she tell Maddie the news, he asks happily? She did and she was happy for her. Will thinks this is cause to celebrate. They should break out the champagne. Gwen mentions that Cleo and she were going to get burgers. Besides, she doesn’t even know she wants to do that for fear of jinxing things. Cleo pipes in that she has waited a long time for this and should allow herself to be happy. She doesn’t want to tag along anyway because she has to work. She sends them on their way with no guilt of leaving her there. After they leave, Cleo whips out her journal and starts to write more stuff that is delusional about her close relationship with Will and Gwen. She also mentions how Gwen introduced her as the force behind her career getting back on track; they loved her. Then her attention turns back to Will. She is not even jealous that he left to go celebrate romantically with Gwen because she knows that someday soon, he will be all about her, she writes of her fantasy life.

Jade sneaks up to Will and Gwen’s house and takes the key from beneath the house plant and lets herself in. With a flashlight, she sneaks into their bedroom and over to the jewelry box. She takes out a pair of nice earrings and walks into the other room with them. She walks over to Cleo’s bag and deposits them inside with a smirk; that should do it, and she heads out the door.

While Barbara understands why they feel they need to do this, she doesn’t think all the preparation in the world will keep them safe. Doesn’t he realize that Craig is probably anticipating them making a move? Paul explains that Meg thinks she has a plan for this. Barbara thinks Craig may have a plan involving Meg. They can’t be naïve; what makes them think that after she and Craig are married that he won’t have a plan to keep her? She carries the scars from Craig with her everyday and they are no different. For affect, she asks him to remind her how long Rosanna has been in a coma? He has back up plans for his back up plans; he doesn’t want her to worry. Once they do this to Craig, he will be powerless and he will never be able to tough Meg again.

Meg explains that they are sticking to their deal; they are not sleeping together until they are married. Is she trying to make him want her more? She isn’t trying to play hard to get, she pretends, she just wants to wait. Craig teases her; she wants to torture him. She holds him back by claiming that anticipation will make the heart grow fonder, but then keeps him in line by claiming that once they are married, she has every intention of showing him how much she wants him as well. Craig surprises her when he says that he wants to move the wedding up then. Meg stammers about them being able to do that. He has made so many plans. Craig wants her to leave the details to him. He can make her Mrs. Craig Montgomery in 24 hours. Meg teases him by saying that she hadn’t decided if she wanted to take his last name. She sees Craig’s face and then asks him what he thinks of Meg Snyder-Montgomery, as Craig’s face lights up? Meg tells him that if he can work his magic, then tomorrow will be their wedding day. She hugs him, as they both look like they have ulterior motives on their minds.

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