ATWT Update Tuesday 6/12/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/12/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Old Town)  Paul tells Barbara that Meg is marrying Craig and she figures out that it must be a set-up because he is so calm.  Paul confirms it is a set-up but it was Megís idea to get Worldwide back for Lucinda because she feels responsible for Craig taking the company away from Lucida.  Barbara wonders if Paul will be able to endure seeing Craig marry the woman he loves.  Paul admits it will be tough but it will be worth it once he and Meg are married. 

(Lakeview)  Lily feels ambushed when Craig asks her to be Megís matron of honor.  Lily tells Craig no and Holden arrives a few minutes later and says there is no way that Megís family will participate in this sham of a wedding.  Meg pleads with Holden to support her decision even though he doesnít agree with it because they are family.  Holden still refuses to have any part in the wedding and he and Lily leave a very sad Meg.  Craig tries to cheer her up by telling her he is now divorced from Rosanna.  Meg breathes a sigh of relief because when Craig said that he had cleared the last obstacle to their wedding she thought he meant he had killed Paul.  Meg uses the opportunity to make it clear to Craig that he canít hurt Paul either before or after the marriage or she will put an end to their deal. 

(Alís)  Diner)  Morgan wonders why Parker isnít eating his fries or listening to a word she has said to him.  Parker explains that he left without permission and now his brother will most likely tell on him.  Morgan doesnít want Parker to get in trouble because of her and offers for her mother to drop him home.  Parker refuses, saying he wants to stay at Alís for a while because things are boring at home.  Parker also tells Morgan that J.J. and Sage want things to go back to normal with his parents but he understands that will never happen and he wishes his mom would just leave again. 

(Farm)  J.J. goes outside after he hears Faith screaming in pain because the BB went off and shot her in the arm.  J.J. sees the gun and remembers he put it on the porch so that Parker would get in trouble.  Faith asks to call for help so he rushes into the kitchen to call Jack on the phone. 

(Police Station)  Carly refuses to allow Jack to send Parker away to the camp that his therapist recommended for him because she insists that Parker just needs love and understanding to get past the anger he feels toward her.  Carly thinks that Katie put the idea in Jackís head to send Parker away so that they could spend more time together.  Carly also thinks Katie told Jack not to allow her to see her kids.  Carly reminds Jack that Katie has also made mistakes and she shouldnít be allowed to make decisions about her kids since she has never been a mother.  A nervous J.J. calls Jack and asks him to come right away because Faith has been shot and there is blood everywhere.  Jack and Carly rush to the farm and Jack asks Katie to call Holden and Lily with the news. 

(Lakeview)  Meg wonders if the decision to divorce Rosanna was hard for him.  Meg also asks Craig to be honest with her when he answers the question.  He tells her it was hard because he loved Rosanna and he hopes someday she will get better but he loves her now and needs to move on with his life.

(Police station)  Katie informs Margo that Faith was shot accidentally and Jack went with Carly to the farm.  Katie also informs Margo that Carly and Jack had a huge fight about their kids.  Margo advises Katie not to get involved in Jack and Carlyís fights about their kids.  Margo also tells Katie about Craig and Megís wedding and asks her to attend as a favor to her.  Katie agrees to attend the wedding and then the two sisters decide to have a girlís night out. 

(Farm)  Jack and Carly arrive and Jack sees that the BB just grazed Faithís arm and he puts antiseptic on the wound as well as a bandage while Carly calms Faith.  Jack wonders what happened and Faith explains that she tripped on the gun that was by the door and the gun went off.  Carly and Jack congratulate J.J. on calling for help so quickly.  Parker arrives and is worried about Faith and Jack yells at him for not putting the gun away.  Parker insists that he locked the gun away as he was told but Jack doesnít believe him since he left the house without permission.  Parker asks Faith if she believes him, but the look in her eyes tells him no and he is very hurt.  Carly goes inside with Parker and tries to get him to calm down and try to figure out what could have happened to cause the accident.  Carly tells Parker she believes him but he shouts that he doesnít care if she believes him; he just wants his family to believe him.  Carly goes outside and tries to persuade Jack not to send Parker away to camp but Jack says he has tried everything and feels like a failure as a father so he is left with no other option than to send Parker away to the camp the therapist recommended and it isnít her decision to make because he knows what is best for Parker.  J.J. tries to apologize to Faith and tell the truth but everyone just assumes he is apologizing for not being able to open the first aid kit.  Faith thanks him for being her hero.  She leaves with Holden and Lily to get checked by Bob Hughes. 

(Lakeview)  Barbara arrives insisting she needs to speak to Meg who agrees to talk to her.  Barbara walks with Meg to the elevator and soon the elevator doors open and Paul grabs Meg and takes her upstairs to his room.  Paul and Meg steal a few moments and make love while Craig is waiting for her downstairs.  Craig asks a waiter if he saw Barbara go upstairs to her room with Meg since he is worried Barbara might says something to hurt Meg.  The waiter informs Craig he saw Barbara leave the hotel alone.  Katie and Margo arrive and tell Craig they are both going to the wedding.  Craig excuses himself and goes to the desk.  Katie calls Meg to tell her about Faith, but Meg ignores her ringing cell phone.  Craig asks the desk clerk if he saw Barbara go up to her room and the desk clerk says he saw her go to the elevator with a woman and then he isnít sure which way they went because he wasnít paying attention.  Craig pays the desks clerk to give him the key to Paulís room and then goes upstairs and puts the key in the door.

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