ATWT Update Monday 6/11/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/11/07


Written By Elayna

At home, Will and Gwen are going about their daily business when Will stops and asks Gwen if she hears something? She hears nothing. That is the point. She smiles; he scared her. He returns her smile; he is just happy that Cleo is not there and they have some time to themselves. They would like to enjoy this alone time, as Will pulls her in and kisses her passionately.

At the Lakeview, Cleo is standing at her maid’s cart when Barbara wanders by on the way to her room. Cleo stops her and asks her if she knows who she is? Barbara has no idea. Cleo nervously introduces herself as the one that was impersonating Gwen. Barbara is agitated with her instantly; she pulled a ‘vile stunt’. She knows Lisa, who runs this hotel, and she will talk to her about who she employs. Cleo stops her; Will and Gwen have been so nice to her; they are the ones that got her this job; she owes them so much. Barbara relaxes a bit, but seems surprised to hear that Will and Gwen are handling it this way, but she goes with the flow. Cleo admits that she was waiting for her to so they could talk. Barbara is vaguely interested in why she wants to talk with her. Cleo explains that she has come up with a perfect way to thank Will and Gwen for all their kindness, but she needs her help.

At the hotel in Las Vegas, Allison comes out of the shower still upset with the news about Emily. Lance wants her to forget about it. She is having a hard time because she feels like there is a hole in her now. He wants to be her family, a smarmy Lance answers. She continues as if Lance is interested (he is not); she was just getting comfortable in her life and routine in Oakdale. She was thinking about her future. He is thinking of her future too; he knows that Oakdale was the farthest place from where she can get what she wants. They didn’t appreciate her there like he does; he can bring her right to the top. Allison smiles hopefully. A knock interrupts them. It is a man Allison used to work with named Rex. She is flustered as to what he is doing there? This is about her future and it is starting now. Allison is confused, so Lance explains that they are going to shoot a small part for a movie tonight. Allison is taken aback and tells them that she can’t do it.

At the farm, Parker is pushing it by snapping about the fact that Jack threatened to send him away if his attitude doesn’t improve. Jack angrily answers that he isn’t giving him a choice. If he can’t control himself and Jack can’t control him, then he will find someone who will. Parker sneers that he knows all about these places called the “Hoods in the woods.” He doesn’t care; he just wants Jack to stop pretending that they are a real family when they aren’t. Jack thinks he might better appreciate the family he has if he goes away. Carly and JJ rush in, as she is angrily telling Jack that Parker is her family too and no one is going to send him away as long as she is around! An irate Jack wonders where she gets off issuing orders? He is threatening her son. Jack and Carly wisely decide to take this conversation outside away from JJ and Parker. As soon as they get outside, Carly is adamant that he has gone too far. Jack thinks she doesn’t get the core of the problem here or how it is quickly spiraling out of control. She is not helping by acting this way. Carly wants to know what happened this time? He explains that Parker neglected to do his chores, stole the key to the cabinet and went target shooting with the BB gun. Carly is surprised, but he knows how to use it because he was taught, correct? That isn’t the point; he was told to never use it unless with a parent. Carly thinks Parker simply needs understanding. Jack smirks; this isn’t about if she thinks he isn’t listening to him. It is about her. When she abandoned their kids, she lost the right to express an opinion. Carly screeches, no! She came back for them and she is never leaving again. She did not give up the right to speak up when she has an opinion about her child. She doesn’t care if he likes it or not. Inside, JJ snaps at Parker blaming him for their parents fighting again. It is all because she felt she had to stick up for him. Parker quietly answers that it is too late. JJ doesn’t think it has to be if he just gave their mom a chance.

Cleo apologizes for impersonating Gwen, but she is glad that she got to meet her because she is such a great mom. Barbara would rather Cleo cut to the chase. Cleo understands; she had been listening to Gwen’s demo and thinks it is incredible; she has a gift and she thinks she should share it with the world; Barbara agrees. She doesn’t understand why she gave it up still even after talking with Will about it, but they both agree that Gwen shouldn’t give up her dream; Barbara agrees again. She thinks that they should convince Gwen to change her mind about finishing the demo. She thinks the idea should come from her though. Barbara smiles; she agrees and tells Cleo that, as she heads off.

Will and Gwen are at home in bed after making love. Will is glad that Cleo has the job because it gets her out of the house so they have alone time. Gwen teases him; she wants him to admit that Cleo is growing on him; she isn’t as bad as he originally thought it would be because he is a softy after all. Will smiles; she is right; it isn’t as bad as he thought, as they kiss again.

Allison thought Lance wasn’t going to toss her right into this aspect of acting again. Lance asks Rex to get some coffees, which he begrudgingly does after reminding him when he gets back he wants to work because his time is money. She feels he sprung this on her, but he knows she was born ready, he says trying to charm her. She doesn’t want to do this anymore. Is this about her sister? She helped her kick Meth and she started thinking about what her life could be about. Her life was good with him; he took care of her, he pretends. She isn’t so sure; she was high all the time and he made all the decisions. He did that because he knows what it takes to make her a star, he softly says alluringly. She doesn’t want to work in that way anymore though! Lance tries another way; tonight is a last time thing; it is really for an honest movie. He has a new distributor named Manny, who will be the bridge for her to break into real films; she will be the next Julia or Scarlet. The next time she won’t even have to take a glove off. Allison seems appeased slightly. Her eyes widen; does he mean it? Has he ever lied to her before? Allison then mentions that she could see in Rex’s eyes that he was high and she doesn’t want to deal with that anymore. Lance quickly promises to keep that away from her. Allison agrees just as Rex is coming back in. They make small talk as he is undressing; Allison asks about Manny. Rex smirks; he is the best porno manager on the net. Allison whirls around on Lance; he swore to her that it wasn’t like that. Lance is now angry; he is sick and tired of catering to her and having to explain himself, as he slaps her hard across the face. Right after, Dusty is pounding on the door demanding that Lance open it up right now or he will break it down!

Will and Gwen are cuddled up together when there is a knock. He thought she said Cleo was not going to be around for another hour. She isn’t, as Gwen keeps kissing him. They hear Barbara call out to them, as they both giggle. Gwen tiptoes out of the room unseen by Barbara to go get dressed as Will answers the door. Barbara sees she interrupted something, but claims it is important, as Gwen joins them soon after. She wants to talk with them about something, as Will and Gwen look nervous. She teases them; it is about something good. She is involved with a charity called Watch Keepers. An organization started for families of officers, who lost their lives in the line of duty; Will and Gwen know about them. She told them that she was going to share a portion of the proceeds from her upcoming line with them. Will and Gwen are happy to hear this. They would like to give as well; could they give $100? Barbara was hoping they could give more. They are strapped though. She doesn’t mean that way. She was thinking that they could give a portion of the proceeds from Gwen’s demo, which will turn into a platinum record. Gwen’s mouth opens. That part of her life is over. Will wonders if it has to be? He knows there are bad memories, but she worked so hard on it and the songs are her own. This could be her chance to reclaim her life in that area. Barbara mentions that she knows how much Gwen loved Hal; she could do it and dedicate it for him. She could finally put this all to rest and at the same time help a special organization. Gwen understands and would love to do it, but she needs to think. She is going to go for a short walk to think things through. After she leaves, Barbara is worried that she upset her. Will explains that she didn’t. The stuff with Adam is there still; it is just beneath the surface. She just wanted to do something for her. Will appreciates and understands, but wonders if she came up with this idea on her own? She would like to take full credit, but she can’t. He would have to give some of the thanks to Cleo. Will knowingly half smiles.

Jack snaps that Carly has some nerve talking to him about parental rights. She is still their parent, she points out. Jack reminds her again that when she left, they only had him. It was hell getting them through the past few months. He only got Parker to start to come out of his shell, only to go severely backwards when… he pauses and then continues... she came back. She is adamant that she won’t turn her back on them again. Parker may never allow her back into his life and she will have to accept that. Carly carefully reminds him that she is technically his only biological parent; this is not going to end well if he keeps making decisions that affect him without her consent. Jack smirks; is she threatening him?

Lance grabs Allison from behind roughly covering her mouth; he orders Rex to bring her into the bathroom and keep her quiet. He opens the door and finds a furious Dusty demanding to know where Allison is? She isn’t here; for all he knows, she could be getting her nails done, he adds flippantly. Dusty doesn’t like this answer as he scowls. He turns away from Lance throwing him off, then turns back quickly and starts wailing on him. Lance falls to the floor and Dusty continues to kick him until he is unconscious it seems. Dusty is surprised when Rex races out from the bathroom and hits him over the head with a broken bottle knocking him unconscious. Allison races out of the bathroom and screeches about what he did to Dusty? Lance, who just came to, and is woozily getting up, threatens Allison that it isn’t half as bad as what they will do to her if she doesn’t do as they say. Allison whips out a straight edge razor and holds it out at them; they need to stay away from her! Lance tells her to calm down and then orders Rex to take care of her. Instead, Rex tells him that he is done with this circus and is out of there, but not before he reminds Lance, that he owes him money for this. After he leaves, Lance angrily asks Allison if she has any idea how much time, effort, money and drugs he wasted setting this up? He lied to her; she was never going to be legitimate, Allison screams! Lance demands the razor, but instead, Allison takes a swipe at him and he falls to the floor clutching his face.

Carly calmly explains that it isn’t a threat, but she will be a part of her children’s lives. She is back now for good because of them! Jack sneers; first, she had to leave because Simon was her great love regardless of what it was doing to the kids and now, she is back because of her children because she couldn’t stay away. It is all about her as usual. He is not being fair! She needs to go, he thinks. She will go, but she will be back; there is nothing he can do about that. She will not tolerate taking the backseat in her kid’s lives. Jack heads back inside as JJ wonders what happened? He needs to get to work. JJ thought things were going to be worked out? This is all Parker’s fault. He can’t deal with this now because he doesn’t have the time, but can they be trusted not to kill each other while he is gone? Yes. Jack also wants JJ to promise to not make unplanned visits to Carly until they are all on the same page. JJ reluctantly agrees. He turns to Parker; he is still on notice; he needs to do his chores, put away the BB gun where it belongs and no more fighting. Parker just nods. After Jack leaves, JJ growls at Parker that he will be sorry.

Will admits that Cleo is a strange girl, but in this instance, he seems to owe her. She does seem to be sensitive to Gwen. Cleo is outside the door, secretly watching them through the window. Barbara can’t help but wonder why they took her in? Will is not sure there is an easy answer for that. Barbara thinks that it is just like them to do overly nice gestures for someone like Cleo. They both hope that Gwen goes along with her idea. Barbara adds that it would mean a lot to Hal. Barbara heads out, as Cleo hides. After she leaves, Cleo comes out and watches her leave. She rubs her eyes in order to make herself look worried or upset. She walks in nervously, as Will asks her what is wrong? She hems and haws, then explains that she might have done something bad. Will nervously asks what that might be? She tells him that she talked with Barbara about Gwen’s demo. Will answers that he knows. Is he mad? No, and in fact he thinks it might be a good idea.

Jack hurriedly walks into the police station to meet with Tom. He appreciates this considering he gave him no notice. They go sit in the interrogation room. Jack admits that Parker is having a hard time. He finally had gotten him on an even keel when Carly breezed back in. He wanted to talk about something that he should have taken care of before. They talked about adopting him before, but the timing was wrong with Hal’s death and all. He has been a full time dad to him, but he never got around to signing papers. Tom thinks that was not smart considering. Why does it suddenly matter? Jack admits that he and Carly are not seeing eye to eye on anything, especially how to handle Parker. He wants legal authority so he can make the best decisions for Parker. They are interrupted when Carly comes barging in with an officer hot on her tail. The officer apologizes. Carly interrupts; he might as well call him off because there is no way she is going to leave and let Jack take her children away!

Cleo is thrilled that Will is not mad. His mom came up with a way to help Gwen with her demo via a charity. Cleo excitedly tells him that she can’t wait to hear Gwen sing, but then adds, when she hears Gwen’s CD. Will takes this opportunity to ask if they can send it to an address? She will have one tomorrow because she plans on talking with Lisa tonight. Will is glad, but he is a little more understanding of her need to stay here until she gets her first paycheck now after what she did for Gwen. An overwhelmed Cleo hugs Will tightly, but then realizes what she did, as she apologizes. Before she pulls away, she closes her eyes and enjoys the moment a second longer though.

Parker and JJ are hanging out in the kitchen not talking when Parker’s acquaintance from school, Morgan, shows up. She was dropped off by her mom to look at the horses. Parker tells her that is fine. When her mom picks her up in a little bit, does he want to go get ice cream with her? Parker agrees commenting loudly that he would love to get out of here. JJ scowls. Parker tells her that he will meet her outside after he takes care of something. He goes over to the cabinet and puts away the BB gun, as JJ stands behind him. He reminds Parker that they were told to stay put. He doesn’t care; is he going to snitch? Parker heads out, as JJ glares after him. JJ looks at the cabinet and then remembers Jack saying that if Parker didn’t straighten up then he would send him away. He takes the key, opens the cabinet, takes out the BB gun and starts to walk out the door with it.

Carly tells them that she was looking for Tom and his office told her that he was here. She sees Jack is already on him, but she wants to talk with him about regaining custody of her kids. Jack laughs, as Tom tells them that he isn’t going to represent either one of them. He should be used as a last resort. They need to start thinking about their kids, because the road they are going down could tear their kid’s lives apart. After Tom leaves, Carly angrily yells at Jack that she can’t believe he is doing this to her! She came back for her kids only. Did he forget that he left them too? He most certainly did not; he left her; the kids knew exactly where to find him, as opposed to when she left, with not so much as an email address. Since coming back she has done everything he has asked including groveling. This is how he pays her back? He turns on her. He is doing this for the kids, he yells back. He can’t trust her, either can Parker. She may never get through to him, and she will have to get over that. She has to wonder if it is Parker’s anger that is creating this or his?

Lance looks up bleeding from the face. He can’t believe Allison did that! He wants her to give him the razor now! He rushes her and grabs her around the waist, but she struggles and cuts him again. He pulls back and yells out in pain. She will pay for that, as he races out the door! Allison throws the razor down and rushes to Dusty’s side, pleading with him to wake up. He finally does with a start. He sees her covered in blood and demands to know what happened? Allison stutters out words like razor, had to do it, but she didn’t meant to. Dusty grabs her and hugs her tightly, promising that everything will be ok. Is she cut? She barely can shake her head. Where is Lance? She sobs as she answers that she doesn’t know. Dusty hugs her again.

Cleo curls up on the couch and starts to write in her journal again. As we start to hear her words, we see that she is delusional again. She writes about how it is working out with ‘W’ and ‘G’. Also, that ‘W’ is starting to see her as someone who wants the same as him. They could be great partners; she feels as they bonded. She really believes now that one day it will just be about them only.

Jack reminds her that she left Parker and he isn’t forgetting that. It isn’t about his feelings. He doesn’t get to dictate the terms of her relationship with her own children. She will see him in court first. Jack laughs; there is no court that would side with her based on her record. Carly begs to differ; the courts hold a biological parents relationship high. He has never tried to turn Parker against her; in fact, he has defended her to him. Carly sarcastically answers that is so big of him. He must feel important holding all the cards, but there is one card he doesn’t hold; she gave birth to Parker. She intends to go after what she feels she should have. He may have gotten her off the hook legally, but it seems he still wants her to pay. Jack looks confused. Is this personal because she left with Simon? They were already divorced. She reminds him that he came to her and asked her to give them another try before she left and she said no. Jack smirks; this is not at all about that! He doesn’t love her anymore. Even as defiant and angry as Carly is with Jack, she shows a faint pain when Jack says those words. She recovers; she won’t let him take away her kids. If he is looking for a war, then he should bring it on!

JJ is pacing holding onto the BB gun. He asked for it, he mumbles in reference to Parker. He finally lays the BB gun right up next to the door and walks back in the house. Faith walks into the Farm from the outside looking for Parker. She finds the kitchen empty and quickly heads back outside towards the barn. However, as she rushes by the door where JJ rested the BB gun, she trips over it sending it to the ground and getting hit by a BB in the process. Faith also falls to the ground yelping in pain clutching her arm and shoulder.

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