ATWT Update Friday 6/8/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/8/07


Written By Suzanne

At home, Susan confronts Emily about what is going on with Alison, who just left with Lance. Susan demands to know who Lance is and what he meant by Emily turning tricks. Emily tries to make excuses and dismiss her concerns because she just wants to go find Ali, but Susan won't be deterred. Susan tells Emily that she knows she was a prostitute and wasn't just following a story like she said. Emily is forced to admit it. Susan wonders how this could happen and peppers Emily with questions about why she did it. Emily tries to explain why. She says she felt loved and in control. Emily compares it to Susan's drinking. Susan keeps asking her about Alison and Lance. Emily tries not to tell her about it, but Susan doesn't believe her explanations. Susan demands to know, so Emily reluctantly tells her that Alison was involved with pornography and that she was on drugs. She adds that Lance is her movie producer. Susan is livid that they kept all of this from her. Emily thinks she really didn't want to know. Susan blames herself for being a bad mother. Emily tells her that it's not her fault. She tells her mom that she is worried about Alison.

Dusty calls around and figures out that Lance skipped town with Alison. He leaves a message for Emily about what he learned. He is at the Lakeview, so he runs into Cheri. Dusty demands to know what she did to get back at him. She won't tell, so he threatens to take her to the police. She says she just told a man from Vegas that Emily had been one of her girls. They argue about what she did. She can tell by his face that what she did really hurt him. Dusty goes to see Emily, but Susan blasts him as soon as he walks in the door for his part in all of this. Dusty tells Susan that it wasn't his place to tell her about Emily, and Alison didn't want to hurt her, so they just focused on getting her clean. Susan is not completely mollified by that. She doesn't want Dusty involved any more. Emily sticks up for Dusty, saying he helped get Alison off Crystal meth. Susan gets angry and leaves. Emily fills Dusty in what happened earlier. Emily gets upset, so he holds her in his arms, comforting her. Emily is worried about both Alison and her mom. She says her mom acts angry but is really very fragile. Dusty assures her that he will go to Vegas, find Alison, and bring her back. Emily thanks him profusely.

J.J. finds Carly in their old house. She is holding her head because she's hung over, so he asks if she has a headache. She wonders how he got there, but he tells her that he was next door at the Lebo's house when he saw her pull up. She hugs him and tells him that she missed him so much. He tells her that he feels the same way. She can tell something is wrong, so he confides that he'd hoped that he could see her more. He blames Parker for that. She tells him that it's not because of Parker. She explains how difficult the last year has been for Parker. J.J. points out that these same things have been affecting him, too, and yet he hasn't been acting out like Parker has. Carly tells him that's because he learned to talk about his feelings. She reminds him of awhile back when they didn't get along, either. J.J. says he's sorry about that, but she just tells him that this should help him understand what Parker is going through. She advises him to give it some time.

Lily arrives to surprise Carly with a welcome back. J.J. leaves to go get his baseball cards from his room. Lily and Carly catch up on what's been going on with Carly. Carly confides that she really misses Simon, but she also can't stand to see Jack with Katie. Carly still blames Katie for what she did to her and Simon. Lily explains how Katie and Jack got involved. Lily advises her to get over it all and try to get back to normal with her children. Carly agrees. She wants to start by giving the house a makeover so that it will be a new home for her and the kids. She knows this will take money and doesn't think anyone will give her a job because of her record. Lily offers to back Carly in her own design business. Carly thinks that would be bad for Lily's reputation, but Lily replies that her reputation is already shot. She tells Carly about what happened with Craig and the diet pills. Carly is shocked but sympathetic. She knows how easy it is take the wrong path. Carly says that at least Lily didn't leave her children behind, but Lily tells her that there is more than one way to leave your children behind and that Carly should ask Faith about that. Lily tells Carly optimistically that they are all starting over. Lily says she's tried to forgive herself and asks if Carly has. Carly says she's not yet ready to try. Lily says she has to set her priorities. Carly can tell by the way Lily is talking that she has been to rehab. Lily says that her family is her first priority, but they can't be everything, so her therapist has advised her to start working again. She also thinks it would be good for Faith to see her starting over. Carly admires her courage. They agree to work together.

Later, Carly and JJ chat some more. She asks if Parker is still into baseball cards, but JJ replies that Parker thinks they're stupid, like he thinks everything is stupid nowadays. JJ wonders if she's mad at him for blaming Parker for messing everything, but she assures him that she's not. She wishes Parker wasn't so angry, but he can't do anything about that. They say, "I love you" to each other. Carly agrees to give JJ a lift home. He hopes Parker won't be there.

Holden and Faith prepare to go to a movie. Holden wonders where the snacks are that Faith was going to bring, but she lies that she ran into Morgan and Rachel and they were starving, so she gave them the snacks. She says she'd rather not go to the movie any more because Morgan told her it was boring. Holden says they don't have to go. Faith wonders why he doesn't want to go, so she asks him what's wrong. Holden tells her that he's worried about Meg because she is marrying Craig. Faith is shocked because she was going to marry Paul, and she knows that Meg loves him. Holden confesses that he doesn't get it, either, and that's what is bothering him. Holden invites her to Al's, and to the bookstore, but she'd rather go to dance class. She says she will phone if she needs a ride back, so he agrees.

Parker is with his friend Parker at the mall. She wants him to hang out for a while, but he has to get back to the farm. She asks him about taking care of the animals on the farm and hopes she can come over sometime and help out with the horses, since she loves horses. He says that would be fine. She walks with him toward where he has to go to meet her mom.

At the TV station, Brad and Jack argue about Carly. Jack is annoyed that Carly got drunk after spending time with Brad. He claims it's only because of the kids, but Brad thinks he's just jealous. Jack laughs and says it's just because Brad is not the right person for her, after what happened with Simon. Brad brings up Katie, but Jack tells him that she's none of his business. Katie comes up and tells Brad, too, that it's none of his business and to back off. She accuses him of continuing to try to come between her and Jack. He denies it, but she knows it's true. Brad keeps insisting that Jack is the one that still has feelings for Carly. She blasts Brad for spying on them at the station and then reporting them to Kim. Jack is steamed to learn that he did this and calls him a peeping tom. They all argue. Brad explains that he just happened to go to the studio and found them. Brad leaves them. Jack praises Katie for how she told Brad off. Katie confesses that it seems that Jack does still care about Carly. Jack assures her that his feelings for her are history. She wonders why he cares about who Carly sees. He says he really doesn't, it's just that he let Brad goad him. Katie agrees that Carly can push her buttons, too, when she asked about the kids. The discussion turns to Carly and the kids. They agree to ignore Carly and Brad. They kiss. Jack gets a phone call from Emma about Parker, so he has to rush off.

Katie and Brad prepare to work. They make jokes about the pie she pushed his face into. She thanks him because every time he tries to make trouble for her and Jack, it brings them closer. He doesn't look too happy about that.

Jack goes home to find Parker pointing a loaded BB gun at him as he walks in. He yells at Parker for playing around with it. Parker says it's only a BB gun, but Jack says it can still do damage, and it might have been JJ or Sage walking in. He points out that's why Emma keeps it locked up. He demands to know where Parker got the key. Parker says he knows where Emma hides it in the cupboard. Jack is annoyed that he stole the key and broke the rules not to shoot the gun without adult supervision. Parker says sullenly that he is not a baby. Jack is not so sure because he got a phone call from Emma that Parker didn't do his chores today. They keep arguing. Jack can tell something is bothering Parker, so Parker tells him that he hates it when his mom shows up somewhere and pretends to be friendly. Jack asks where she showed up, so Parker tells him that he ran into her at the mall and then had to pretend to be with some girl that he barely knew. Jack expresses his sympathy but tells him that not doing his chores and shooting cans is not the way to deal with it. Parker, walking away, tells him to let him know when he has a better idea. Jack calls him back to put the gun back and give him the key. Parker asks him flippantly what he will do about it if he doesn't do what he's told. They argue and end up shouting at each other. Jack eventually threatens to send Parker away. Carly and JJ arrive right before that and hear the arguing.

Alison and Lance arrive in their Las Vegas room. She admires how great the lights are on the Strip. She is still angry at what Emily did. She thanks him for sticking around, even though she pushed him away. She is cheered up when he tells her that he made reservations at the Diamond Club. She goes to take a shower, but first he flirts with her. When she leaves, he phones someone to tell them that he brought Alison back, she's looking better than ever, and she has no clue.

Lily and Holden chat about her business with Carly. He wonders if it's a good idea for them to work together. She assures him that it is and she is thinking with a clear head (unlike when she was on the pills). He thinks it won't be so easy, and she agrees that it won't be. She begs him to be on her side. He tells her that he always is and concludes that maybe this will work.

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