ATWT Update Thursday 6/7/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/7/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

Alison defends Emily as Lance throws insults about Emily’s previous indiscretions around in the dining room of the Lakeview.  Emily stands by speechless as Alison screams at Lance to stop saying untrue things and to leave.  Lance slowly breaks the news to Alison in front of Emily that Emily once accepted money for sex.  Alison struggles to digest the truth as Emily admits to what she did after Lance leaves them.  Alison bounces between anger, hurt, and betrayal.  After learning how Emily discovered Alison was doing porn, she storms off swearing that she is going to return to Las Vegas with Lance and take her life back.  Emily tries to stop Alison but it’s too late.  Alison panics to get out of the house before Susan arrives home.  Alison will not explain why she is leaving as Susan overwhelms her with questions.  Lance comes to the door to help Alison with her bags and diverts all questions back to Emily “…unless she is too busy turning tricks.…”  Alison and Lance leave.  Emily rushes in too late to stop Alison from leaving.  Susan turns her tirade of questions on Emily who just stands there and tears up.

JJ and Parker argue over a small insignificant issue but the argument turns to a physical fight that Faith breaks up.  Faith tries to referee the brothers that have issues over Carly’s return.  Faith is quick to side with Parker and be the understanding and listening ear that he wants and needs.  When Parker tells Faith he likes her because she understands him, Faith misunderstands how Parker likes her.  Faith assumes that because they both like each other they are going out.  Parker lets her down easily but it still hurts her feelings. 

Jack drops by the house in Mill Town to talk about visitation with the kids, as he and Carly had agreed to the day before.  Carly is passed out on the couch and empty beer bottles are all over the place.  Jack is rude and angry with Carly.  Jack eases his tirade and fills Carly in on the happenings of the children.  Carly asks Jack to do her a favor by keeping Katie away from the kids until they get used to Carly being back.  What good rapport Carly had earned disappears after asking that of Jack.  Jack defends Katie and her relationship with the kids in Carly’s absence. 

Carly goes to Old Town to buy aspirin for her hangover headache.  Carly fumbles with the childproof top spilling some of the tablets.  Parker walks up and assumes Carly is pill popping.  Carly explains herself then pushes Parker to spend some time with her.  Parker sees some classmates and uses them as an excuse to get away from his mother.  Parker wastes time with the school kids but hurts Faith when she comes around the corner and sees Parker hanging out with a female classmate. 

Kim has to address a complaint against Katie for acting “inappropriately” at the station after hours with a male companion.  Kim warns that this behavior cannot be condoned.  Katie wonders who it could be that would have lodged a complaint against her.  Brad arrives to shoot the pie bake off contest promo and gives himself away as the tattler.  Katie doesn’t say anything at first but everyone knows she knows who complained when Katie smashes Brad’s face into a pie.  Katie goes to Old Town to replace the destroyed pie and runs into Carly.  Carly confesses to asking Jack to keep Katie from the kids.  Katie gets an attitude, does not accept Carly’s apology, and refuses to fill Carly in on the kids as she had offered the night before. 

Jack goes to the station to confront Brad about spending the evening with Carly.  Brad doesn’t think it’s any of Jack’s business but when Jack is insistent that Brad stay away from Carly, Brad accuses Jack of being jealous. 

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