ATWT Update Wednesday 6/6/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/6/07


Written By Dani

Cleo cleans and tries to impress Gwen and Will. Will asks her to please just leave everything as it is. Alone in the house Cleo pulls the demo CD of Gwen’s and listens to it. Gwen is uncomfortable when she comes home and hears the music. Cleo tries to compliment Gwen on what a wonderful singer she is but Gwen doesn’t want to hear it and forbids Cleo from listening to the demo ever again. Cleo irritates Will with her persistent questions about why Gwen didn’t finish the demo and why she doesn’t sing anymore. Will makes excuses and he too forbids Cleo from listening to Gwen’s music and talking to his wife about singing. Cleo writes in her diary that she has a plan that will make everybody happy.

Holden and Meg argue over her marriage to Craig. Meg is unhappy and nervous but feels it’s the only thing she can do to try and right the wrongs Craig has forced on her and her family. Emma walks in and wants to know what they are arguing about. Meg will not fess up to what is going on, Holden tells Emma. Emma stays calm and does not want to isolate Meg but does warn her daughter that she should marry for love and no other reason.

Craig is at the police station trying to convince Margo he has made a serious change for the better. Margo is reluctant to listen and believe the words from her devious brother. Craig asks that Margo stand up for him at his wedding. Margo wants no part of it but gives in and agrees.

Meg goes to work at Al’s and is met by Craig and Margo. Craig is anxious to share the wedding details he has taken care of with his bride-to-be. Meg close to becoming emotionally unstable does not want Craig to do all the planning behind her back. She also adds that she would rather have a small wedding at the farm . Craig wants to spoil Meg, not really caring Meg gives into whatever makes Craig happy.

Emily is angry with Dusty and Allison for not sharing with her that Lance is back in town. Dusty tells her he took care of the Lance situation and for her not to worry. Emily doesn’t want to stick around to chat, she is still upset with Dusty for saying he could never really be involved with her. Lance has missed his flight because the limo service was late so he is forced to take a later flight and wait in the lobby his ride to the airport. Cherie spies Lance and moves in to pitch her business. Lance isn’t interested he wants to get out of town because of dusty. Cherie is intrigued they have a common enemy. Cherie fills Lance in on Emily’s former hobby. Allison and Emily enjoy lunch and chatting like girlfriends at the Lakeview. Lance uses the information from Cherie, to coax Allison back to Vegas with him. Allison defends Emily as Lance insinuates that she isn’t as wholesome as she is presenting herself to be. Allison is confused but stands by Emily. Cherie and Dusty run into each other in Old town. They exchange unpleasantries then Cherie warns Dusty she has just what she needs to bring him down for ruining her business. Dusty jokes, “going down is more her line of work.”

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