ATWT Update Tuesday 6/5/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/5/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

Katie and Jack kiss and joke about the stress balls that Jack bought each of them.  They decide to call it a night after a disastrous date.  Katie is full of energy and is going to the station to do some work.  Jack goes in and settles the kids.  Katie can’t concentrate and just stares at her cell phone and wishes she were with Jack.  Jack nurses a beer at the farm wishing he were with Katie.  Jack decides to go to the station with carryout from Al’s.  Katie is so happy to see him and impressed that he remembered little details that she had told him in the past about her eating habits.  As they eat Jack asks what she is working on.  Katie explains she is looking for pie recipes.  Jack makes a joke but she explains they are having a pie contest tomorrow on the show.  Katie puts Jack to work baking a homemade pie for a security guard she promised a pie to if he let her into the studio after hours.  Jack helps but gives Katie a hard time for wasting their time alone baking a pie.  After the pie is done Jack lifts Katie onto the counter on the set of ‘Oakdale Now’ and they begin to make out and have sex. 

Carly hates herself and what she has let herself become in the eyes of her children, especially Parker with whom she has always been close.  Brad tries to help her and insists she stop beating herself up.  Brad tries to change the subject by suggesting they get out of Yo’s and go somewhere “nice” to get to where they know this is going.  Carly pretends to flirt back but pushes Brad off his bar stool and onto the floor.  Her answer is “NO!” to hooking up with Brad.  Brad gets serious and tries to comfort Carly, but she realizes she is bringing Brad down and he is out looking for a good time.  She leaves to go home but forgets her keys.  Brad doesn’t stop her at Yo’s, rather he picks up a six-pack and follows Carly home.  Carly isn’t happy to see him but he lets himself in and plops down on the couch refusing to leave until Carly lets him be her friend.  Carly is resistant, believing Brad isn’t capable of being a friend to anyone, least of all her.  Brad wants to prove her wrong.  He tells her to grab a beer, sit down, and talk to him, like the old days.  Carly does grab a beer and sits but she expresses her self-loathing.  Brad recognizes it and calls her out.  Brad tells her that she will never get through to Parker as long as she is acting guilt-ridden.  She needs to be herself, because her kids love her for the gutsy woman she is. 

Brad moves on telling her she needs to remodel or get out of that house.  Carly proclaims her love for the house and all the memories she has in that house.  Brad believes she suffers from Stockholm syndrome, as she has spent so long trying to make Jack happy she believes that is what makes her happy.  Carly gets upset and throws Brad out.  Before he leaves, he tells her she needs to get out from living under Jack’s shadow. 

Carly is haunted by Brad’s good advice.  She hears his words playing through her head.  Finally, knowing Brad is right, she throws “Jack’s” chair out into the night, out of sight.

Brad goes to the station in frustration and walks in on Katie and Jack having sex. 

Holden and Lily are standoffish with the overanxious Craig.  Lucinda is excited for Meg to return and accept Craig’s marriage proposal.  Paul bursts into the celebration and demands that Meg not marry Craig.  Meg asks him not to do this but Paul persists.  Meg and Paul go to his suite where he is in a fury, yelling his disappointment at her.  Meg tries to explain but Paul will not listen.  Paul gives her an ultimatum.  She must choose him or Craig, because he is through playing games with Craig.  Meg does finally explain and Paul agrees to go along with the sham marriage after seeing how important it is to Meg to make Craig pay for hurting her. 

Meg returns after being phoned by a very uneasy Craig who wants her back at the table.  Craig and Lucinda wait for her response.  Meg accepts and says she will marry Craig.  The union could be bittersweet for Lucinda.  While Meg was talking to Paul, Craig broke the news that Meg would receive Worldwide/ Montgomery Enterprises not Lucinda.  Lucinda is shaken at first but has faith that Meg will restore the company to its rightful owner.

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