ATWT Update Monday 6/4/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/4/07


Written By Elayna

Paul is on his way back to Oakdale from picking up some items from the cabin. Meg calls, in a slight panic asking him to meet her at the Lakeview. Paul is glad to hear from her and very anxious to talk to her as well. Paul makes her promise not to leave until he gets there. Meg is startled by Craig followed by Holden and Lily. Meg agreed to have dinner with Craig but was surprised to see Holden and Lily, especially after she learns Craig invited them. Holden and Lily are not pleased to spend an evening with Craig but stay to hear out the purpose for the evening. Craig tells them before they are seated that he has asked meg to marry him. Meg, hasn’t given Craig an answer yet, so she is really confused about the celebration, as Craig is calling it.

Holden is adamantly opposed to Meg even thinking about marrying the man that hurts everyone around him. Plus, Holden adds, just yesterday she swore her undying love for Paul. Meg doesn’t give details but asks almost begs Holden no matter what to please just go along with what ever she tells Craig.

Lucinda arrives to everyone’s surprise. Lucinda is thrilled for the married-couple to be. Lily, being as gullible as always, goes a long after very little explanation on Lucinda’s part. Lily encourages Holden to listen to Meg and just let her be. Lily explains that if Meg marries Craig Lucinda can have Worldwide back. Holden is furious they would throw Meg out there as the sacrificial lamb. Craig is anxious to pop the top on a bottle of Champaign. Paul walks in just as Craig and the family start to toast. Lucinda tries to stop Paul and reason with him but Paul insists on going to Meg. Paul bursts in to the dining room just as Craig officially asks Meg to marry him with a glass of Champaign in his hand.

Henry drops by WOAK to visit good friend Katie but finds a sad Brad that is feeling sorry for himself. Henry recognizes that Brad has been bitten by the Katie bug. Henry is high on life and full of love, ready to help Brad through something Henry has lived for years. Henry drags Brad to Yo’s for a beer. Henry begins to make way lifting Brad’s spirits. Coaching him, “the next hottie that walks through the door is yours” Henry makes brad repeat that “The next hottie is mine” over and over and over until he has the old Brad confidence back in his voice. With his work done Henry leaves to join his Swedish beauty. Brad is back and ready to claim the next hot babe that walks through the door.

Jack talks with Parker who refuses to respect or spend time with Carly. Jack defends Carly so much so that Parker questioned why Jack would defend her so fiercely, unless he still loves Carly. Jack doesn’t respond and gets back on track. Finally they agree parker will spend time with Carly for JJ and Sage’s sake.

Carly and Katie are at the farm arguing over who has rights in the children’s lives. Katie is smug and believes Carly owes her. Being the mother hen that she is Carly’s feathers are a little more than ruffled over Katie’s attitude. There argument turns to very heated yelling. Carly makes it clear under no circumstances will Katie act as her children’s mom. Jack and Parker walk in and Jack sides with Katie asking Carly to leave. Jack and Katie go for a walk by the pond and JJ and Parker fight about what they want for Carly and Jack. Jack is glad that Katie held her own with Carly. Katie thinks that maybe they have finally found each other for a reason.

Carly walks into Yo’s. Brad turns ready for his hottie to walk through the door. Both know the potential that each other can be to get what they want. After small talk, brad offers to take her to a hotel with Champaign and the whole nine-yards so they can “go the whole-nine yards” Carly is hesitant at first but agrees after taking a short walk down memory lane, remembering how good they were together when they were married.

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