ATWT Update Friday 6/1/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/1/07


Written By Dani

Allison stumbles upon Susan who is waiting in Old town for Dusty. Allison sits and speaks with her mother until Dusty shows up. Allison’s attention is quickly diverted when Lance shows up with a DVD in hand to show Susan. Allison begs him to not do that to herself or her mother. Lance has one condition, Allison has got to return to Las Vegas with him and get back to work. Lance admits he made a lot of money off of her but this is personal too. Allison tries to be strong and send him on his way, but lance has his ace in the hole. The truth about what Allison was doing while away from Oakdale. Susan verbally attacks Dusty for supposedly using Emily and taking advantage of her. Dusty doesn’t reveal the truth but defends himself without hurting Emily. After speaking with Susan Dusty walks up on Allison and Lance obviously not having a pleasant conversation. Allison begs Dusty for his help but he believes that Allison is putting on an act and trying to hook up with Lance. Allison is sincere that she wants to stay clean and for Lance to go away so dusty goes to the Lakeview to take care of Lance.

Lance is at the counter to extend his stay but Dusty slips into the conversation and makes it clear if Lance wants a career he will leave town now and leave Allison alone. Lance tries to put up a fight but gives in and agrees to leave Oakdale. Dusty returns to Allison who is waiting nervously for news. He assures her Lance is gone but if Lance gives her anymore trouble for her to call dusty right away. Allison, finally sober and clean, recognizes what a really great guy Dusty is and tells him so. She also sees that there is something there between him and Emily and encourages dusty to go for it. Allison is also forming her own crush on Dusty.

Maddie and Luke are hard at work at WOAK awaiting the arrival of the intern that is suppose to be working with them. Luke is getting frustrated. Noah, the new intern, arrives and is shocked to meet Maddie in person. She is confused, she has never met him before. Noah shows Maddie a video clip on his cell that she had mistakenly sent to him that was intended for Casey. They joke and discover right away they have a lot in common including their mutual love of classic movies. Luke isn’t quite as amused but does check himself when Maddie points out what a jerk he is being.

JJ and Sage work to complete a box of photos and cards they have collected and saved for Carly. Carly arrives ready to and excited to be spending the evening with her children. Jack is dressed for a date with Katie. Parker will not pull his nose out of a hand held video game to give Carly the time of day and makes very smart remarks to Jack for dating Katie. Sage and JJ are tickled to be spending time with their mother. Parker continue to be a smart mouthed kid and give Carly a hard time. Carly accepts that he is angry and has a cross to bear but will not accept the way he had treated Jack. Parker has had enough and leaves without comment. Carly has already called Jack once to question him about medicine that sage claims she needs and doesn’t want to call again but does after Sage tells her Parker has runaway before.

Jack is having his own problems Katie still isn’t completely okay and secure with Carly being back in town. Her doubts are really recognized when she sees an inscription on the back of Jack’s watch “With all my love, Carly. ”Just as Jack calms her down and gets her back in the mood for a date Carly calls. Jack snaps at her and then feels guilty. Jack and Katie together decide they are friends first and foremost but they have an amazing sex life, so they will be friends with benefits. Katie decides to go with Jack when he is needed to locate Parker. Meeting at the farm, Jack and Carly set out to locate Parker and Katie stays with Sage and JJ. Katie is great with them .She is caring, their friend, and familiar with Carly’s kids.

Jack is just going through the motions looking for Parker, knowing that he is not in danger. Carly is panicked and confused as to why Jack is so calm. Jack explains Sage was right Parker has done this before, but he isn’t running away he is running for Jack to find him. Carly is really confused when Jack’s first call is to Faith. Jack tells carly of the close bond Faith and Parker have formed. Parker sits alone at Al’s. Jack feels it’s best if Carly let them speak alone. Jack believes Parker has acted out because Jack is now dating Katie. Parker corrects him, he likes Katie, it’s Carly. To Jack’s surprise parker confesses he couldn’t stand to spend one more moment with Carly, that is why he left.

Back at the farm Katie is handling the kids with ease. This upsets Carly who gives Katie a firm warning, she can date Jack but she will not play mother to her kids. Carly adds, she knows what Katie did to get her locked up before she left town and she knows what Katie is.

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