ATWT Update Thursday 5/31/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/31/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Lakeview)  Paul holds Megís wedding ring and gets a vision of him lifting Megís veil and placing the ring on her finger, as she screams, ďNo, Paul.Ē  Paul is very troubled by this vision and begins trying to figure out the meaning of the vision.

(Old Town)  Lucinda encourages Meg to marry Craig and divorce him in six months time so that she (Lucinda) can establish herself as president of Wordwide again.  Meg refuses to lie to Craig by pretending to be in love with him and she doesnít want to marry a man she doesnít love.  Lucinda points out to Meg that Craig can be very dangerous when he is angry and if she refuses his proposal and he discovers that she and Paul are going to be married, she and Paul will never be happy.  Lucinda knows that Meg has a dangerous choice to make, but marrying Craig is the only way she can have a future with Paul in the long run.  Lucinda doesnít think that Craig will go through with his threat of sending her to jail for poisoning him because he doesnít have any proof she tried to kill him.  Lucinda also tells Meg that if Craig tries to send her to jail she will make sure to kill him this time.

(Hospital)  Tom arrives in Craigís room because he was told a patient needs legal advice.  Once he knows the patient is Craig, he starts to leave the room until Craig tells him he really needs his help on a family matter.  Craig explains to Tom that he has some papers he plans to have Meg sign but he wonít do it until Tom makes sure the legal language is correct.  Tom looks at the contract and is amazed by what he sees.  He wonders if Craig is sure about what he wants to do.  Craig explains to Tom that this is his way of making amends to his family as well as Megís family for all of his mistakes.  Craig hopes the gesture will make Margo and Katie proud of him so that he can be a part of their lives again.  Tom agrees to look over the contract more carefully and make sure things are proper but he warns Craig that if he gets him involved in something illegal, then he may never have a relationship with Margo again. 

(TV Station)  Brad arrives early, for once, and is surprised when Katie isnít at the station yet.  He wonders what could be so important that Katie would be late for work.  Kim laughs and tells Brad he is early and she will tell him when Katie gets there to film the promotional commercials.  Brad tells Kim that he is worried about Katie because she has been acting differently and her work is substandard lately.  Brad also tells Kim that Katie is dating Jack and once Jack goes back to Carly he will have a very depressed co-host and the show will suffer.  Kim smiles and tells Brad to worry about his own career and let Katie handle hers. 

(Katieís place)  Jack and Katie kiss on the couch and she tells Jack she wants to sell the house because she feels she needs a fresh start in her life.  Jack thinks that is a good idea because the house is filled with too many memories for her.  Jack tells Katie that he felt the same and that is why he was going to sell his house before Carly came back home.  Katie wonders if Jack still wants her to go to J.J.ís baseball game with him because she doesnít want to make things too awkward for the kids now that Carly has returned home.  Jack tells Katie his kids still like her and they wonít stop liking her just because Carly is home.  Jack and Katie kiss and the phone rings.  It is Carly calling because she wants to see him right away to figure out as schedule for how to share the kids.  Jack doesnít want to leave Kate but he gives her a kiss and goes to meet Carly at the house. 

(Lakeview)  Paul arrives to talk to Barbara about the vision he had that he will hurt Meg and insists he must protect her.  Paul describes the vision to Barbara and she thinks he is just nervous and advises him to exchange the wedding rings from his near wedding with Meg for new rings and then the visions will go away.  Paul decides to take his motherís advice and leaves much calmer because he talked to her. 

(TV Station)  Brad asks Katie how things are going with Jack and she smiles and says things are fine.  He tells her that even Kim thinks Katie looks happy and relaxed.  Brad and Katie film the commercials for the show and after they are finished Brad is annoyed Katie didnít stick to the script and seemed way too happy.  Brad again warns Katie that Jack will always be with Carly but Katie is determined to be happy with Jack no matter what obstacles come her way.  Brad tells Kim Katie was off her game.  Kim tells him that Katie was great and he seemed a little off his game and itís time he get back on track.

(Carlyís house)  Carly apologizes to Jack for interrupting him and Katie last night but she had to see for herself that what Brad told her was true.  Carly tells Jack that it really hurt to see him with Katie at first because it took her by surprise but she is glad Katie makes him happy.  Jack thanks Carly for her blessing and reminds her he doesnít need her blessing.  Jack also reminds Carly that they should work out a schedule and make sure that the needs of the children come before her own needs.  Once they have worked out a tentative schedule, Jack tells Carly he and Katie will be at J.J.ís baseball game tonight and she can come if she wants to see the kids.  Carly tells Jack she went by the farm to see the kids and she ran into Parker and told him she wonít have to go to jail.  Jack tells Carly she should never see the kids without his permission and he will be the one to explain things to the children. 

(Hospital)  Craig shows Meg the contract in which he gives Worldwide to her as soon as they get married and makes it clear she can do whatever she wants with the company.  Meg tells Craig she needs time to think and accepts a dinner invitation from Craig so she can give him the answer to his proposal at dinner. 

(Alís Diner)  Jack explains to the kids that Carly is back to stay and they will get to see her but they will live at the farm with him.  Katie arrives and Parker is happy to see her but J.J. wonders why Katie is still around if Carly has come back home.  Parker is happy to see Katie and tells Jack he never wants to see Carly again. 

(Lakeview)  Meg arrives to talk to Paul but he isnít home and Barbara tells her she would be happy to help in any plan to torture Craig.  Barbara also tells Meg that she is very happy she and Paul are getting married.  Meg decides to leave and talk to Paul later since he isnít home. 

(Old Town)  Paul gets new rings for his wedding with Meg and is relived when he doesnít get any visions when he holds them. 

(Alís Diner)  Carly arrives to get something to eat and J.J. and Sage run to give her a hug.  Sage wants her mommy to tuck her in and read her a story.  Jack sends the kids with Katie to pick out dessert so he can talk to Carly alone.  Carly pleads with Jack to let her spend time with the kids and offers to make dinner for everyone and then she and Jack can read Sage a story.  Jack tells Carly that he doesnít trust her to be alone with the kids at her house so she will spend the night at the farm with them while he spends the night at Katieís house. 

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